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10 Proven Ways To Make Your Resume Better

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In this article we have collected the 10 best resume tips to help you make your resume even better. Up your game and use these resume tips next time you are applying for a job.

1. Use keywords in your resume

You should always use keywords in your resume whether or not your resume is viewed by a human or applicant tracking system (ATS) software. Just make sure that you don’t overdo the buzzwords and end up ‘keyword stuffing’ your resume. If you have no idea what keywords you should use check the job ad keywords are often used in the job ad itself.

2. Customize your resume for each position

Depending on the job, your resume should emphasize different points. Focus on what makes you qualified for this job, instead of simply spamming the same general resume to many different positions. Focus can be very powerful.

3. Use a professional resume format

Make sure that your resume is easy to read and properly formatted. Of course, visual appeal is no substitute for compelling content and to make sure you have both you should consider using a resume template that has all the formatting done for you so that you can concentrate on the content.

4. Your resume should be easy to read and typo-free

If the person reading your resume finds too many typos or ungrammatical sentences, they may think that you’re either too lazy to look over your resume or too illiterate to realize your errors. Make sure that everything—spelling, grammar, flow—is impeccable.

5. Include accomplishments

Since your prospects want to know whether or not you can help them make (or save) money, list accomplishment in your resume rather than duties. How was your performance in numbers at your last job? How much money did you save the company? How much work were you able to get done in one day? Include numbers, facts and the benefit.

There’s no reason to list your job description, the HR reps already know the basic duties of your job. Give them something objective to look at as to why you were great at what you did in your previous job.

6. Add a cover letter

Roughly 50% of human resources reps refuse to even look at a resume if there is no cover letter. To be on the safe side, assume that one is expected, so always include it unless if the job ad specifically says not to include one during the application process. To help you with the process, all LimeResumes template packages come with matching cover letter and reference page.

7. Use a value statement

Have a statement at the very top (after name and contact information) that sums up how your successes add value to the prospective role.

8. Always be professional

Stay focused on the job and try not to deviate too much into personal matters. Some people may call discussing personal qualities, politics or negative aspects about past work “unprofessional,” but it’s not just that—it’s irrelevant. Your prospective employer likely only cares about what will make you qualified for the job and what you can do for them.

9. Know what the reader is looking for

Research the requirements of several opportunities and get an idea of what they are looking for in terms of focus, branding and even keywords. They are looking for certain key points. Take some time to understand their needs, and focus on communicating how you will fill them.

10. Make your resume flow

Instead of just listing random bits of fact make sure that your resume has a good flow through all your skills and knowledge. Of course, don’t write your resume like a novel, but make sure that your bullet points flow in a time-line, and demonstrate how you’ve grown over years of experience.

Ready to get your resume up to date? We offer selection of resume templates from modern resumes to classic resumes that are ATS-friendly.

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