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12 Modern Resume Templates

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Modern resume templates are great when applying for jobs in the creative field such as marketing, graphic designer, web designer, interior designer, etc.

Even when not in the creative field, when you go to an interview you should always leave behind something that sets you apart from other applicants.

These kind of resumes will make you memorable. Here we have listed 12 modern resume templates where you can easily fill in your information and save yourself some time.

1. Modern resume with charts

Resume template with charts

This modern resume comes with donut charts and this type of resume is great for web designers and marketers. You don’t necessary need to use the charts to show case your skills but for example a marketer could visualize their success with previous projects. View Resume

2. Minimalist resume design

Resume template 23

This minimalist but modern resume design is great for those more conservative jobs. View Resume

3. Resume with photo

Resume template 28

Photos are not for every resume but if you are applying for a particular job where you are asked to provide a photo, this is the resume to go with. There are also differences between countries: in Germany, France and majority of Asian countries you would include a photo on your resume when in US, UK and Australia it’s not recommended. View Resume

4. Resume design with photo

Resume template 05

Yet another resume with photo. Resume templates are flexible and if you like the design but not the fact that the template has a photo, well you can always delete the photo. View Resume

5. Modern resume design

Resume template 32

This resume is great for example designers. You could print a pattern or design to the other side of the resume if you are mailing it out. View Resume

6. Resume template

CV Template for Word

Resume template with a monogram and icons. Great thing about PDF resumes is that you can make links clickable. View Resume

7. Multi page resume

Modern resume template 41

2 page resume template for those applying for higher positions. Most of the resumes you can add more pages easily but there are also some templates that come with more than one page. View Resume

8. Resume template with charts

Resume template 44

2 page resume design with charts. Show case your skills or success with charts. View Resume

9. Creative resume

Creative resume template for Word

Creative design for creative professions. View Resume

10. Creative resume

Creative resume template for iWork Pages and Microsoft Word

Another creative resume with monogram. View Resume

11. Resume design with monogram

Resume template 24

Resume with a creative monogram. Use it as a 1 or 2 page resume. View Resume

12. Feminine resume design

Modern resume template 45

Resume with feminine design. Of course the colors are fully editable and you can turn this resume to something else. View Resume These were our resume recommendations for creative fields. I hope that you found something you like.

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