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Customer Service Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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Imagine applying to every customer service job you can find but struggling to land a single interview, even after hundreds of applications.

You start to wonder if your customer service resume is the problem.

Knowing how to write a resume may seem trivial, but it could help you land your next job.

Many job seekers struggle with what to write in their resumes.

Luckily, you can check out multiple examples of resumes to help write yours.

Keep reading to learn what goes into a good customer service resume and how to draft one for your next job application.

5+ Best Customer Service Resume Samples For 2023

Before you apply to your next customer service role, consider some examples of good resumes for the industry.

Whether you’re new to the industry or looking for a promotion, you need to develop a suitable resume.

Here are some specific ideas based on the type of customer service job you’re applying for.

Customer Service Resume Example 1

Customer Service Resume Example 1

Why We Suggest this Resume

No matter what position you want, you should consider a general customer service resume. Then, you can at least get your first job in the field. You can always customize the resume to each position, but this will give you a starting point.

  • Type of Resume: General Customer Service resume example
  • Best For: Job seekers who want general resume guidance to build on

Why This Resume Works

This resume works very well for a variety of customer service positions.

It starts with relevant work experience, and each position lists specifics. The example tasks relate to customer service and use action verbs to explain how the position helps you now.

Meanwhile, the projects and skills also relate to customer service and will come in handy. You can place that experience in a good place for employers to catch.

Following this resume sample is an excellent choice for people with some industry experience.

You’ll start with customer service roles you’ve had. Then, you can fill out the resume with projects and skills to showcase more of what you can do.

It also gives room for licenses and certifications for relevant software. While customer service may not have specific requirements, you can use this section to set your resume apart. You can also use this general resume as a template throughout your career so that you don’t have to start from scratch.

Customer Service Manager Resume Example

Once you gain some experience in the customer service world, you may want to move up the ladder.

Getting a managerial position requires a more specific customer service resume.

Consider what you may want to include.

Customer Service Manager Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it highlights the experience and skills that impress a hiring manager looking for someone to fill a managerial role in customer service.

  • Type of Resume: Customer Service Manager Resume Example
  • Best For: Customer care personnel applying for a managerial role
graphic image showing customer service manager resume example

Work Experience 1

  • Helped train new customer service employees regarding company policies and communication standards.
  • Maintained a good schedule to help customers efficiently without making them feel rushed.
  • Learned new ways to communicate with customers and provide helpful customer service.
  • Used technology to help automate basic customer service tasks to help the team save time and money.
  • Answered questions from other customer service representatives when the manager was unavailable to keep work moving.

Work Experience 2

  • Spoke on the phone with customers to help answer more complex queries and solve problems.
  • Transferred customer calls to the department that could offer more assistance than a general customer support line.
  • Learned how to provide customer service via phone, chat, and email and managed various responses throughout the workday.
  • Improved response times to keep customers from experiencing long wait times on the phones.
  • Developed a chatbot to answer basic inquiries on the company website to reduce active customer calls.

Project Experience

  • Helped the manager create a more efficient employee schedule to ensure proper coverage of the phone lines.
  • Created a set of default responses for customer service reps to use to help speed up response times.
  • Worked with management to upgrade computers and phones to increase efficiency.


  • Time management
  • Works well with people
  • Able to adapt to new technologies
  • Understands data
  • Teamwork


  • X State Univ.: Master of Arts in Communication
  • X State Univ.: Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Hubspot certification
  • Monday.com certification

Why This Resume Works

This resume works well for a customer service manager role for a few reasons.

First, it covers work experience, skills, and projects related to the industry.

However, it highlights how that experience can help the applicant manage a team.

It also includes experience working with a manager and skills that help managers run their teams more efficiently.

All of the skills are essential for a manager, and the education level is higher than that of a general customer service resume.

The added education can help you stand out from other candidates for a manager role.

Finally, the licenses cover programs that help with customer service and scheduling, both of which are frequently part of a manager’s job.

You should model your resume after this when moving to a managerial role.

Be sure to highlight how your current experience and skills have helped you with this type of position, specifically.

Any experience working with people can also come in handy.

Customer Service Specialist Example

A customer service specialist is similar to a representative but may have more responsibilities.

While a representative can answer basic inquiries, a specialist might focus on one area of the company and can solve more complex problems.

Customer Service Specialist Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

A customer service specialist has more responsibilities than a customer representative. This resume focuses on a specific type of customer service and can be customized to fit any department.

  • Type of Resume: Customer Service Specialist Example
  • Best For: Applicants that have specialized in a specific type of customer service.
graphic showing a customer service specialist resume example

Work Experience 1

  • Trained to assist customers with problems related to returns to offer more assistance than a general representative.
  • Worked with managers and other employees to offer more advanced help to customers.
  • Took phone call transfers from general customer service reps to ensure customers got the help they needed.
  • Contacted customers after a phone or chat exchange to ensure the company fixed all of the issues with their order.
  • Assisted other customer service team members regarding customer problems and complaints.

Work Experience 2

  • Worked with managers and other representatives to resolve as many complaints as possible within a day.
  • Learned how to provide basic support to various departments of the company and speed up response times to customers.
  • Reviewed and followed customer service phone and chat scripts to ensure responses stayed on brand.
  • Asked for help when unable to answer a customer’s question or resolve their complaint alone.
  • Trained on phone and chat support to help the team assist more customers and avoid wasting time during the day.

Project Experience

  • Drafted customer service response scripts for specific complaints, such as billing, refunds, and delayed orders.
  • Helped train other customer service representatives on how to solve particular problems.
  • Organized a list of phone numbers for different departments to help facilitate phone transfers.


  • Learns quickly
  • Able to stay calm when speaking with difficult customers
  • Can empathize with others
  • Works well with a team
  • Good at managing time


  • X State Univ.: Bachelor of Communication with a minor in Finance

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Hootsuite certification
  • Quickbooks certification

Why This Resume Works

This resume works because it shows your ability to focus on one type of customer service.

As a customer service specialist, you might offer more advanced help than a representative.

Typically, that help will be for a particular department.

For example, a minor in finance can help you get a job resolving billing problems.

The same is true of certification of accounting programs, such as Quickbooks.

You can be a specialist for a number of departments, so tailor your resume to the specific area you prefer.

More generally, it helps to showcase that you can handle advanced problems.

Being patient and knowing how to stay calm are two vital skills when assisting troublesome customers.

You may want to model your resume after this one for a specialized role.

That way, you can highlight specific areas of your experience accordingly.

Then, you can save time for potential employers, and they can understand how you’ll help them in the role.

If you have other industry experience, note that on your resume.

For example, if you want to work on customer service for billing, share the financial experience you have.

Entry-Level Customer Service Resume Example

If you’re new to the customer service industry, you can still get a good job.

However, you may need to do more finessing to tailor your resume to your career shift.

Consider the following example to inspire your next resume.

Entry-Level Customer Service Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

You can still secure a job even if you are new in the job market. You can customize this resume according to previous experiences and showcase what you can do in customer service.

  • Type of Resume: Entry-Level Customer Service Resume Example
  • Best For: Beginners or graduates applying for entry-level jobs in customer service
graphics showing an entry level customer service resume

Work Experience 1

  • Communicated with customers to schedule dog sitting and dog walking sessions based on changing availability.
  • Negotiated pay rates for work completed as well as set payment due dates to ensure the client would pay.
  • Organized client contact information and used the records as soon as problems arose with the dogs.
  • Provided toys and treats to dogs to ensure they had a good time and avoided problematic treats that could have caused health issues.
  • Worked with clients to schedule future sessions to work with the schedules of both parties.

Work Experience 2

  • Answered customer questions about the contents of popular menu items to ensure customers followed their dietary restrictions.
  • Offered refills regularly and asked if the customer needed help with any other part of their order.
  • Directed customers to the restrooms, dining area, and other important parts of the facility.
  • Followed script when taking orders in the restaurant, over the phone, and through the drive-through.
  • Helped other coworkers when they got busy with their positions to ensure the restaurant kept operating efficiently.

Project Experience

  • Organized customer contact information into a database for easy reference for future contact with the customer.
  • Updated response scripts to include new menu items and other specials to help coworkers assist customers.
  • Developed a schedule that included essential customer service tasks to complete each day, week, and month.


  • Able to multitask
  • Knows when to ask for help
  • Willing to help when possible
  • Excellent at time management
  • Works well with people


  • X State Community College: Associate of Arts

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Spanish translation certificate
  • Cisco voice certification

Why This Resume Works

Switching to the customer service industry can be an excellent decision, but it can be hard when you don’t have industry experience.

Fortunately, you can tailor your existing resume to showcase how your prior jobs will help you.

Under both job descriptions, you’ll notice the emphasis on helping people.

Instead of sharing how you can train dogs, for example, share how you can work with their owners.

That will help a customer service manager understand how you can assist their customers.

The skills section is another amazing place to showcase what you can do.

Being able to work with others is a vital part of an entry-level customer service job.

Having certification in another language or on how to use office phones can also set you apart.

You should model your resume after this sample if you’re new to customer service.

Focus on what you have worked on and how that experience has prepared you for your next job.

An entry-level job won’t require much experience, but showing what you have can help you stand out.

Customer Service Supervisor Resume Example

After some experience working as a customer service assistant, you may want to move into a supervisor role.

You’ll be above most representatives but below the manager, so you’ll have some responsibilities but can still receive help when you need it.

Customer Service Supervisor Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

Once you have gained several years of experience in customer service, you can start applying for supervisor roles. This resume is suitable because it highlights previous experience and skills.

  • Type of Resume: Customer Service Supervisor Resume Example
  • Best For: Customer service personnel looking for a supervisor experience
graphics showing a customer service supervisor resume

Work Experience 1

  • Filled in for the manager when the manager was out of the office, including in the evenings and weekends.
  • Assisted other customer service representatives with basic customer questions and complaints.
  • Optimized customer service response times to minimize time wasted for employees and customers.
  • Developed a list of phone numbers for representatives to use when they needed more specific assistance.
  • Trained new customer service representatives on how to use the system and help solve basic complaints.

Work Experience 2

  • Learned how to provide customer support on the phone, through chat, with email, and in social media private messages.
  • Wrote a list of scripts for phone greetings and to help answer popular customer questions.
  • Developed a knowledge base to add to the company website for basic inquiries to help save time.
  • Assisted customers with simple problems and referred them to other departments when necessary.
  • Received customer service training to learn how to talk to people and empathize with them while solving their problems.

Project Experience

  • Created a basic weekly schedule template for the managers and supervisors to use to schedule customer service personnel.
  • Helped create a more efficient training manual for new customer service representatives to use.
  • Worked with the development team to create a fully-automated chatbot to answer simple customer questions.


  • Able to work with people
  • Good at managing time
  • Learns new software fast
  • Speaks multiple languages
  • Can speak calmly to customers and employees


  • X State Univ.: Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Monday.com certification

Why This Resume Works

When applying for a customer service supervisor role, you need some experience in the industry.

That way, you’ll understand how to help any future employees you supervise.

Your resume is the perfect place to show that you can do that.

If you ever had the chance to work with your supervisor or manager, share that. Include any projects or initiatives you implemented.

That can help show you’re self-motivated, which is helpful in a supervisor position.

Like a manager, you should also be comfortable running a team and working with others.

If the manager is ever gone, employees will look to you for help.

That means you need to show that you can offer assistance when necessary.

You should model your resume after this one if you’re looking to move up from a representative to a supervisor job.

Be sure to focus on your work experience, certifications, and skills that will help you assist the manager in running the customer service department.

Common Skills & Action Verbs To Include on a Customer Service Resume

As you review some customer service resume examples, you may notice a trend in the skills section.

Regardless of the role, customer service is a very person-focused department.

That means you need to work well with others and have similar skills.

Similarly, you’ll notice these resumes use a lot of verbs.

A good action verb or two can help you showcase specific duties in your prior jobs.

Consider the following skills and action verbs you should include on your resume.

Common Skills for Customer Service Resumes

  • People skills
  • Works well under pressure
  • Able to stay calm
  • Patience with others
  • Can handle rude responses
  • Learns quickly
  • Active listening
  • Conflict resolution
  • Empathy
  • Time management
  • Phone etiquette
  • Dependable
  • Negotiation skills
  • Microsoft Office
  • CRM software
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Good with technology
  • Relationship management
  • Able to think quickly
  • Great at making decisions

Common Action Verbs for Customer Service Resumes

  • Optimized
  • Trained
  • Increased
  • Developed
  • Created
  • Organized
  • Negotiated
  • Communicated
  • Automated
  • Assisted
  • Directed
  • Arranged
  • Eliminated
  • Influenced
  • Proposed

Tips for Writing a Better Customer Service Resume

If you want to increase your chances of landing a good job, you should consider tips to help write a better resume.

Then, you can use that document to help hiring managers to understand how you can help them.

Keep the following things in mind when writing or updating your customer service resume.

Start With Your Objective

First, you may want to go over a few examples of resume objectives.

Your objective goes under your contact information, and it tells the company what kind of job you want.

Each resume you send should state the specific job title as the objective.

That can tell the company that you aren’t just sending a generic resume to everyone.

It only takes a couple of seconds to update the objective.

If a company uses software to filter out resumes, having the exact job title could help you get through that round.

On the other hand, if your resume doesn’t have the exact title, the hiring manager may never look at your application.

Tailor It to the Job

Not only should you edit the objective for each job, but you should edit other parts of your resume accordingly.

Consider some of the duties listed in the job posting and whether you’ve done anything similar before.

If so, edit the list of duties for your recent jobs.

Showcase that you’ve done a specific task rather than leaving the description general.

You can even use this editing process to help get remote customer service jobs.

If you have experience working from home, make that clear on your resume.

Showcase Your Best Qualities

Your resume is an excellent place to show off the best parts of yourself.

From your work experience to your skills, focus on what you’re the best at.

The more you can show that off in the resume, the better a hiring manager can get to know you before an interview.

If that happens, they can focus on asking you other things, such as the question “what does customer service mean to you?” 

You won’t have to waste time going over your top skills or the duties you performed in a prior job.

Of course, you may cover those things, but you won’t have to do so in detail.

Be sure you list your top skills or work experience first so that they’re more noticeable to the hiring manager.

Keep It Short

If you’ve worked in customer service for a while, it can be tempting to write a long resume.

Try your best to avoid that temptation and keep your resume between one and two pages.

A long resume can be a turnoff to employers, so they may not read any of your resume.

If you have more experience than can fit, get rid of the less relevant details.

Eliminate positions you held more than five years ago and any that have nothing to do with customer service.

You can also remove unrelated skills and education to help focus on what is relevant.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you review suitable customer service resumes, you may still have questions about how to create yours.

What should I include in a customer service resume objective?

You should start by listing the specific job title.

After that, mention a couple of skills you’ll use that you have.

Finish off the section with details on your goals for the position and how you’ll reach those goals.

Do I need a customer service cover letter to apply for a job?

Some customer service jobs will require a cover letter but not all.

Review the application requirements to learn if you need a cover letter for the position.

If so, write a unique cover letter.

Similar Resume Types To Reference

You may want to review other resumes to help learn how to write one for customer service.

If the examples above aren’t much help, consider other types of resumes for inspiration.

  • Cashier Resume: A cashier resume is very similar to an entry-level of general customer service resume because many job duties overlap.
  • Retail Resume: If you’ve worked in retail, tailor or retail resume to showcase how you’ve helped customers solve problems or reach a goal.
  • Entry Level Resume: When applying for your first customer service job, you may want to follow an entry-level resume template.

Wrapping Up

Reviewing some customer service resume examples is vital if you want to get your dream job.

A suitable resume could mean the difference between an interview and your resume landing in the trash.

Be sure to consider what customer service job you’re applying for.

Then, you can write your resume so that it highlights relevant experience and skills.

When you’re ready, you can submit that resume and have a good chance of getting an interview or even the job.

Do you have any thoughts on customer service resumes?

Comment below with your questions or experience on this subject.

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