How It All Got Started...

A while back I was looking for a new job and needed to update my resume so I was searching through Google for some inspiration.

I was looking for a template that I could use as a framework to save time but all the resumes that I found were just missing something or were poorly formatted, so after searching for a while I decided to design my own from scratch.

It was a journey and took a lot of time to get it just right but I finally created a resume that I was happy with and ended up getting lot of compliments from the hiring managers. My resume landed me several interviews and finally a job!

Since I was already very knowledgeable with Word and enjoy the design process I decided to open a webshop on Etsy and offer the kind of designs that I think the marketplace was lacking. Two years from that I decided to open LimeResumes.

Since then, LimeResumes has expanded with the purchase of, but we continue to operate the LimeResumes brand to power our resume template store.


Okay, time for a new Job

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    Our goal is to make the whole process easier for you

    We want to make easy and affordable resume makeovers accessible to everyone whether you are an established professional looking to update your presence and personal branding or a recent graduate needing an entry level resume. Our goal is to design resumes where hiring managers can find important information fast and they want to spent more than 6 seconds looking at it.

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    Need Help with Job Hunting?

    Aside from providing professionally designed resume templates for Microsoft Word, you can find job search and resume writing tips from our blog that will help you create a job winning resume. All of our resume templates are crafted with love and I hope to make the job search a bit easier for you. You can always contact us for help.


The Team


Prof. Ron Stefanski MBA

founder and managing editor

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