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Academic Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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If you are an academic or hoping to teach or study in academia, you likely know the challenges of finding a good position within this area. The education sector is relatively competitive, and though it appears primed for change, it will likely remain so.

In any competitive job market, there are specific measures you can take to improve your chances of getting accepted or hired. Knowing what to list on an academic resume and how to highlight your strengths will improve your chances of getting hired.

Let’s find out how you can optimize your resume for the position you want.

Academic Resume Examples

The best academic resumes are concise and clear and communicate your strengths and experiences in a favorable light. They delve more deeply into your educational experiences than a traditional resume might. Academic resumes enhance your strengths as a teacher or student to help you get the desired position.

You can use the examples of resume outlines below to finetune your resume. We gathered examples that adhere to industry specifications and best practices. This can boost your chances of gaining entry into the academic field of your choice.

High School Academic Resume Example

If you are currently in high school, you may need to write an academic resume, also known as a Curriculum Vita (CV), for college applications.

This resume must showcase your academic interests and expertise. Most colleges won’t expect you to have the same qualifications as an advanced academic. Even so, you’ll still have to tailor your resume to adapt to the demands of a competitive landscape.

High School Academic Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

If you are currently in high school, you may need to write an academic resume for college applications. This resume shows experience in athletics, creative writing, and computer technology. All of these areas show commitment and passion.

  • Type of Resume: High School Academic Resume Example
  • Best For: High school students applying for college
graphic showing high school academic resume example

Work Experience 1: Founder of Creative Writing Club

  • Job Description: Founded the creative writing club for students to share best practices and tips for publications. They expanded the organization to include chapters across the state.
  • Results: Over 12,000 students have joined the CWC across the state. The CWC has helped publish the work of over 5,000 students.
  • Additional Competencies: Managed club operations, planned events, and ran the organization for three years through high school.
  • Other: Organized trips, promoted the organization, and helped other chapters set up and launch their endeavors.

Work Experience 2: Internship at Literary Magazine

  • Job Description: Assisted with office management tasks at a famed literary magazine, communicated with contributing writers and teams, and planned events.
  • Results: Logged over 20k data entries, restructured the data management system, and assisted in over 20 publications.
  • Additional Competencies: Planned and executed monthly exhibits and events.
  • Other: Offered a full-time position as a result of my exemplary work. Contribute regularly to the magazine.

Project Experience

  • Volunteer Tutor: Tutored over 200 inner-city kids in English and creative writing, improved average scores by 15%.
  • Robotics Club: Founded and managed the Robotics Club at school with over 20 members and participated in monthly competitions.
  • Athletics: Avid surfer and paddleboarder, three years on the varsity soccer and volleyball teams.


  • Organization and Leadership
  • Motivation (Self and Others)
  • Committed and Passionate
  • Well-rounded
  • Wide Range of Interests
  • Hard Worker


  • High school (include graduation year and GPA)

Licenses & Accreditations

  • CPR/AED Certified
  • Earned a 99% on the Carnegie Dale customer training as part of my part-time job.
  • Certified PADI scuba diver

Why This Resume Works

This applicant needs more formal experience. However, their resume shows their varied interests and passions. This applicant demonstrates consistency across multiple areas of interest. They show experience in athletics, creative writing, and computer technology. All of these areas show commitment and speak to their drive and passion.

Even if you lack experience or credentials, you can positively portray your many interests. Having a diverse set of activities is evidence of character attributes such as diligence.

This resume also works because the writer focuses on relevant experiences and jobs in their application. Although they mention having worked at a part-time job, they decide to focus only on academic positions.

Consider curating your resume to fit the needs of each application you are submitting. Most admissions officers are looking for certain specific attributes, so this can boost your chances.

Lastly, this writer isn’t afraid to mention their non-academic interests. This can be an advantage in a world where young people are frequently encouraged to focus only on serious endeavors. Consider naming the unique qualities and quirks that set you apart from others since this can make your application shine.

College Academic Resume Example

Academic resumes typically highlight your academic competencies in and after college. The best resumes naturally prioritize relevant experience. They also adapt each entry for the particular job or position.

Whether you’ve just graduated from college or are still pursuing your degree, you can use this resume example to guide your application process.

College Academic Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is highly effective because it highlights the applicant’s competencies well. It prioritizes educational achievements and industry-related positions that make this resume stand out.

  • Type of Resume: College Academic Resume Example
  • Best For: College graduates and those still in college
graphic showing college academic resume example

Work Experience 1: Science Fiction Podcaster

  • Job Description: Produced over 200 weekly podcasts with over 3,000 listeners, created social media marketing campaigns, and developed email marketing campaigns.
  • Results: Decreased churn by 20% with my social media marketing campaign, interviewed industry-leading experts, and amassed a following of 200,000 on social media.
  • Additional Competencies: Planned and executed industry events and collaboratively organized an exposition at the Art Museum.
  • Other: Maintained the podcast through all four college years and trained a successor to replace me.

Work Experience 2: Full-Semester SEO Project

  • Job Description: Created a website and blog to assess SEO performance for a class and continued to maintain the blog after the class ended.
  • Results: Amassed over 100,000 views and 10,000 subscriptions, launched a podcast (detailed above), ranked in the top 3 in Google for 60% of the target audience.
  • Additional Competencies: Used SEMRush to identify topics with high traffic and leveraged SEO techniques.
  • Other: Won an award for my work and received honors on my related thesis project.

Project Experience

  • Sporting Goods Employee: Worked at a sporting goods store and created an SEO blog that gained over 10,000 followers, increasing sales by 20%.
  • Landscaping: Co-founded and led a landscaping business for four years through high school and early college.
  • Building Blogs: Built and launched blogs for over 30 clients over four years.


  • Data-driven
  • Analytical and Critical Thinker
  • Creative
  • Determined & Committed
  • Excellent Collaborative Skills


  • Bachelor of Science: Majored in Business Administration at the University of Florida with a GPA of 3.87 (2015-2019)
  • Minor in Computer Science: Earned a GPA of 3.98 and created a capstone project on SEO.
  • High School Diploma: Graduated from Pinellas High School with a GPA of 4.0 and a National Merit Scholarship.

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Professional Certified Marketer
  • Certified SCRUM Master

Why This Resume Works

This resume is highly effective for several reasons. First, it works to highlight this author’s competencies well. The applicant prioritizes listing their educational achievements and industry-related positions.

Although they’ve worked in formal occupational settings, they prioritized their entrepreneurial achievements. Remember to list your relevant achievements first. Many employers and recruiters will scan resumes rather than read them at length.

Additionally, this resume creates a narrative arc throughout the author’s experiences. One can see that the applicant began with an interest in business and started to focus on SEO and marketing later on in their academic career.

Some of your accomplishments may not pertain to your area of prospective employment. You can still list them to create a similar story across your resume.

Lastly, this author makes up for their lack of credentials with certifications. Even if you lack experience or education, you can get certificates online or in person to boost your application.

Academic Tutor Resume Example

Academic tutors typically assist in educating and tutoring young people in high school or college. Some academic tutors work at the graduate level and specialize in certain tracks or degrees.

If you plan to apply for a position as an academic tutor, you can use this resume example to optimize your own.

Academic Tutor Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This sample provides a high-quality example of an academic resume. It leverages essential keywords optimized for resume scanners such as TESOL and ESL.

  • Type of Resume: Academic Tutor Resume Example
  • Best For: Academic tutors tutoring young people in high school or college
graphic showing academic tutor resume example

Work Experience 1: Introductory Composition Teaching Assistant at FSU

  • Job Description: Taught writing and introductory composition courses to undergraduates at FSU for two years while obtaining my MFA.
  • Results: Boosted average GPA by .5 and assisted over 700 students with coursework and additional requirements.
  • Additional Competencies: Graded hundreds of essays a week and assisted with managerial tasks and office duties.
  • Other: Planned and delivered a dozen lectures while the professor was out of the classroom.

Work Experience 2: Writing Tutor at The Writing Center

  • Job Description: Provided personalized writing services to over 500 students at The Writing Center at Ohio State University.
  • Results: Boosted average composition grades by 15% and wrote recommendations for over 30 students.
  • Additional Competencies: Ran a social media marketing campaign that attracted over 100 new students to the Center.
  • Other: Planned and managed monthly author readings and lectures at The Writing Center and documented all events for social media.

Project Experience

  • Publications: I published eight pieces over six publications across Ohio, earning over 5,000 followers on social media.
  • English Language Tutoring: Volunteer tutor at the Day Laborers Center and worked with over 30 people to finetune their resume and cover letter writing skills.
  • Curriculum Design: Worked closely with the committee to develop a new composition curriculum for all first-year students.


  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Diligence and Punctuality


  • Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing: Obtained a master’s degree from Ohio State with a GPA of 3.95 and published eight essays across local publications.
  • Bachelor of Arts in English: Obtained a bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University with a GPA of 4.0.
  • High School Diploma: Obtained a high school diploma with a 3.89 GPA. Earned valedictorian and delivered a speech at graduation.

Licenses & Accreditations

  • TESOL Certified
  • Certified ESL instructor
  • Certified high school English teacher in Florida

Why This Resume Works

This sample provides a high-quality example of an academic resume. It leverages essential keywords optimized for resume scanners. For example, the author explicitly names specific certifications and competencies. They use industry-specific terms like TESOL and ESL.

In doing so, they display their industry knowledge and enhance their appeal to prospective employers. You can quickly obtain relevant certifications online to boost your resume similarly.

This writer also provides quantitative evidence for their accomplishments. They do this by listing successes and improvements in useful statistics. Using quantitative measures to list your accomplishments is ideal. It allows your employer to envision your direct impact and leaves little room for interpretation.

Lastly, this writer demonstrates a long-standing commitment to writing and teaching writing. They have obtained degrees in this area and worked in similar fields. If you can start with small industry-specific jobs and tasks and build your way up, you can appeal to even the best schools and employers.

Academic Projects Resume Example

If you want to write a project-based resume, you may wish to consider changing the “work experience” headline to “projects.” This will help you better focus on your achievements. Alternatively, you can highlight your competencies in academic consulting or project-based work.

Academic Projects Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume example works well because it enhances the applicant's competencies. It also shows that the applicant is familiar with technology and business.

  • Type of Resume: Academic Projects Resume Example
  • Best For: Students who want to write a project-based resume
graphic showing academic project resume example

Work Experience 1: Education Consultant

  • Job Description: Assisted over 150 schools in implementing new technology and resources and worked one-on-one with thousands of teachers on training.
  • Results: School performance scores grew 5%, and student score averages grew 15%.
  • Additional Competencies: Researched and introduced new technologies to the company, drew up reports, wrote briefs, and led bi-weekly meetings.
  • Other: Created a marketing campaign, attracted dozens of new high-profile clients, and recruited three new members to our team.

Work Experience 2: Research Assistant

  • Job Description: Assisted lead researchers in business and marketing in conducting studies, drawing reports, interpreting data, and publishing results.
  • Results: Boosted productivity by 30% and worked on over 30 research projects over two years.
  • Additional Competencies: Assisted in managerial, office, and event planning tasks.
  • Other: I worked as a research assistant in business school while maintaining high grades and performance evaluations.

Project Experience

  • Masters’s Thesis: Studied over 40 products to determine the efficacy of assistive technology in high school classrooms.
  • Business Tutor: Tutored other students in the business program. Received a nomination to tutor from a renowned professor.
  • Curriculum Writer: Developed a curriculum to help teachers leverage new assistive technologies and educational products.


  • Creativity and Marketing Skills
  • Leadership
  • Patience
  • Diligence
  • Organizational Skills


  • Masters in Business Administration: Obtained a master’s with a GPA of 3.9 and a capstone product on assistive technology in classrooms.
  • Masters in Information Technology: Obtained a master’s with a GPA of 4.0 and a thesis project on assistive technology in classrooms.

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Certified IT Expert with five years of experience
  • Certified Agile Trainer
  • Certified Project Manager

Why This Resume Works

This resume example works well because the author found a way to discuss and enhance their competencies. This person is familiar with technology and business, and they have found a position that appeals to both those areas of interest.

Even if your interests are different from one another, you may be able to find or invent a position that caters to your particular capabilities.

Additionally, this writer chose to pursue a dual graduate degree. They also obtained numerous certifications. This highlights their diligence and commitment to the field. They also itemized each of their degrees to enhance their resume further.

You could separate jobs and degrees into two or more bullet points if you have multiple responsibilities. This can enrich your relevant experience.

Lastly, consider citing your years of experience in each field as this writer does. This can enhance your credibility and make you more appealing to prospective employers.

Academic Advisor Resume Example

Academic advisors often work in universities, programs, or schools to help guide students to success. They usually specialize in academia or particular fields. They leverage that knowledge to help people make better decisions about their academic and professional futures.

If you want to become an academic advisor or currently work in this field, you can use the resume example below to optimize your resume.

Academic Advisor Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is ideal because it balances personal attributes with professional qualifications and it highlights the passion for social justice and educational access.

  • Type of Resume: Academic Advisor Resume Example
  • Best For: Academic advisors looking for opportunities to guide students to success in schools and universities
graphic showing academic advisor resume example

Work Experience 1: Academic Advisor

  • Job Description: Maintained advisory relationships with over 250 students to develop plans for success through and beyond college continuously.
  • Results: 40% of the graduating class obtained jobs before the end of the year, and 20% went on to get graduate degrees.
  • Additional Competencies: Provided tutoring and mentorship and improved GPA scores by up to 20%.
  • Other: Planned and executed events for the school, including a career exhibition twice a year and a monthly meet-up.

Work Experience 2: LGBT Student Success Coach

  • Job Description: Worked at an LGBT advocacy center to tutor and mentor LGBT students in high school.
  • Results: Met with over 1,000 students and helped boost average grades by 10%. We have improved school attendance by 13%.
  • Additional Competencies: Planned and executed events for the center, including a monthly community outreach program with students.
  • Other: Started a GoFundMe for low-income graduates and students living at the center and raised over $20,000.

Project Experience

  • Volunteer Advisor: Volunteer with a local homeless shelter to help residents find jobs and opportunities.
  • Volunteer Tutor: Volunteer tutor at a local middle school. I have worked with over 100 students to develop their math and writing skills.
  • LGBT Advocate: Worked closely with LGBT students to help them develop their post-collegiate prospects. We worked with the school to create an advocacy program for allies.


  • Motivated
  • Problem-Solving and Creative
  • Critical Thinker
  • Honest and Communicative
  • Methodical and Organized


  • Masters in Counseling: Currently working towards a master’s degree in counseling and advising at the college level.
  • Bachelor of Science in Education: Obtained a degree in secondary education from Pepperdine College with a GPA of 3.9.
  • High School Diploma: Graduated with a 4.0 GPA and a presidential award and qualified as a semi-finalist for the National Merit Scholarship.

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Certified Curriculum Designer
  • Certified Secondary Teacher in Louisiana and Massachusetts
  • Certified in Microsoft Office

Why This Resume Works

This resume is ideal because it balances personal attributes with professional qualifications. The writer highlighted their passion for social justice and educational access. They also discussed their technical capabilities, forming a well-rounded picture of their abilities.

Consider introducing your interests without compromising your professional profile. This humanizes you and allows prospective employers to get to know you.

As this writer does, you can also curate your “skills” section to reflect the most-desired competencies within your given field. Consider researching keywords that pertain to your area of expertise.

Lastly, this applicant cites concrete examples, key figures, and statistics. This bolsters their claims and lends credibility to their application. You should always try to quantify your results so your employer can better visualize your successes.

Common Skills & Action Verbs To Include On an Academic Resume

Most employers and academic institutions use resume-screening products or services. These tools help them weed out the least relevant resumes.

To bypass these measures, you’ll want to optimize your resume. You can use industry specifications and include particular words and phrases to enhance your chances.

The list below includes your academic resume’s essential action verbs and skills.

Common Skills for Academic Resumes

  • Patience
  • Organization
  • Technical knowledge
  • Diligence
  • Commitment
  • Grit and Resilience
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Critical-Thinking Skills
  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Determination
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Delegation

Common Action Verbs for Academic Resumes

  • Managed
  • Planned
  • Executed
  • Orchestrated
  • Initiated
  • Strengthened
  • Attained
  • Achieved
  • Taught
  • Guided
  • Advised
  • Researched
  • Analyzed
  • Computer
  • Introduced

Tips for Writing a Better Academic Resume

Writing an academic resume can pose a challenge to those unfamiliar with the structure and content of such documents.

However, even if you lack formal experience or credentials, you can still improve your chances of landing a job or position in academia.

If you’re looking for even more resume-writing tips, consider the resume best practices included below.

Think About Structure

What sets academic resumes apart from others is their structure.

If you’re writing an academic resume, you’ll want to prioritize your experience and credentials related to the field you wish to enter.

To that end, consider adding your educational information first and your work experience later. Alternatively, highlight the projects that pertain to your prospective position.

Consider Your Audience

Academic resumes are different because they are for academics rather than employers. To write the best possible resume, put yourself in the position of the person reading it. What would you want to find in an applicant? How can you enhance your qualifications to appeal to your audience?

Include a Cover Letter

Most academic positions require a cover letter, but even if they don’t, it is still a good practice to write one to send along with your resume. Cover letters allow you to expand on anything that you weren’t able to get to in your resume. They make a strong first impression with your professionalism and writing skills.

Talk To Other People

The job market is often fraught with secrecy. However, it’s essential to talk to others who understand what you are working on and struggling with–particularly in academia. Consider speaking with others who have applied to similar positions before. You can also find resume writing services if you need to brush up on the fundamentals.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might still have trouble putting together your academic resume. If so, consider the following answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Is a CV an academic resume?

A CV is akin to an academic resume. These documents typically portray a history of your educational achievements and interests.

Regular resumes highlight your work-related competencies. People often use CVs and academic resumes to gain entry into educational programs and positions.

What is a good example of an academic resume?

You can find excellent examples of academic resumes in this list. Good academic resumes feature your work experience, relevant project experience, skills and competencies, educational background, research background, and licenses and accreditations. Consider using one of our five academic resume examples to guide your thinking.

Similar Resume Types To Reference

If you are a student, your resume may look different than those of academic professionals. However, you can still create an academic resume to help you get on-campus jobs.

Here are a few different types of resumes that may help you with your job applications.

  • High School Student Resume: High school students often need more formal experience to write resumes. You can use this list to write a better high school resume or help someone else do the same.
  • Student Resume: Students must write strategically to highlight their strengths and competencies. Consider learning more about student resumes before writing or submitting yours.
  • College Application Resume: When you apply to college, you’ll need to include a resume. This guide can help you hone your resume-writing skills for that explicit purpose.

Wrapping Up

If you need to write a good academic resume, the best way to do so is to check out some high-quality resume examples. Hopefully, this guide has empowered you to create a better resume and highlight your skills.

If you’re still having issues, we are always available to help. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and feel free to share this article with others if you enjoyed it. Good luck!

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