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Acting Coach: Job Description, Info, and Job Openings 2022

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Do you have real-world experience on the screen or stage?

Do you want to share your passion for acting with others?

In that case, you might consider a career as an acting coach.

Acting coaches need to be experienced, and they need to have strong communication skills.

Read on to see if this career is a good fit for you!

Acting Coach: The Basics

An acting coach is someone who trains actors.

They work across all parts of the entertainment industry, including film, television, and theater.

What is an Acting Coach?

An acting coach is someone who’s experienced at acting.

They’ve performed on the stage, screen, or both, and they know what they’re doing.

They act as mentors for child actors and as trusted advisors for professionals.

What is an Acting Coach Called?

An acting coach can also be known as a drama coach.

What Does an Acting Coach Do?

Acting coaches have two primary roles.

First, they help with the “art” side of acting.

Depending on their personal philosophy, they may teach actors the method acting process to get in touch with their characters.

Second, coaches provide technical training.

Like all industries, film, television, and theater all have their own jargon.

Even if you’re the most gifted natural actor on the planet, you still need to learn the trade.

Work Opportunities in the Acting Coach Industry

First things first.

If you want to become an acting coach, you need to live in the right area.

For the most part, that’s going to be New York or Los Angeles.

That’s where most professional actors live.

As the saying goes, “Fish where the fish are.”

Acting Coach Job Description

Most acting coaches train actors for film and theater.

However, other individuals may need acting classes.

For example, singers often hire an acting teacher when they film a music video.

CEOs and public speakers also hire coaches to help them deliver more effective speeches.

Top Acting Coach Jobs and Careers

Besides acting coaching, there are some related careers worth considering:

  • A vocal coach is similar to an acting coach but teaches people to sing.
  • A director oversees the staging of an entire performance, including the actors.
  • An intimacy coordinator works with actors during romantic scenes to ensure that the performers are comfortable.

Where Can an Acting Coach Work?

Most acting coaches work as freelancers.

More successful coaches work at an acting school or open their own.

Coaches can also work directly for a movie studio or theater company.

What It’s Like to be an Acting Coach

So, what is life like for an acting coach?

Let’s talk about what your workday might look like.

Is Being an Acting Coach Hard?

Acting coaching isn’t hard in the sense that ditch digging is hard.

That said, you need to be able to dedicate your full attention to the actor’s performance.

You also need to have good people skills.

You also have to be able to deliver constructive criticism without discouraging your students.

Is an Acting Coach’s Job Stressful?

Most of the work takes place in a one-on-one setting or an acting studio.

It’s far less stressful and frantic than many jobs in the entertainment industry.

The most stressful part is finding enough clients to pay your bills.

Common Acting Coach Work Day

Your work day will depend a lot on what you do.

Teaching group acting classes is different from offering private coaching.

Acting Coach Tasks & Duties

You’ll need to help each student hone their acting craft.

This means tailoring your work to people of different acting skill levels.

You’ll also need to teach students the technical side of show business.

Acting Coach Work Hours & Schedule

Most young actors have day jobs, so expect to do most of your work on evenings and weekends.

Then again, there are exceptions.

Acting Coach Dress Code

There is no dress code for acting coaches.

You don’t want to look like a slob, but even jeans and a tee shirt are fine as long as they’re in good condition.

Does This Career Field Embrace Work/Life Balance?

In general, yes.

But if you’re a high-powered coach who works for a major professional actor, expect there to be a lot of travel.

Acting Coach Salary & Income

Coaching is an exciting career and can provide a sense of personal fulfillment.

But will you be able to pay your bills?

Let’s take a minute to talk about the money.

Do Acting Coaches Make Good Money?

“Good money” is a relative term.

When compared to the average American, acting coaches have a higher salary.

However, they also tend to work in New York or LA, where the cost of living is high.

The further you’re willing to commute, the more bang you’ll get for your buck.

How Much Do Acting Coaches Make?

According to Glassdoor.com, the average acting coach earns $68,663 per year.

The majority earn in the range of $43,000 to $133,000.

The highest-paid coaches earn $285,000 per year, while the lowest-paid earn $31,000.

Keep in mind that the top earners are working for big stars.

Overview of the Acting Coach Industry

Before you go into any field, it’s wise to evaluate the state of the industry.

What are the job prospects over the next decade?

And what kind of career can you pursue?

Here’s a quick overview.

Acting Coach Field: Career Progression

Some coaches advance their careers by working for a film studio.

This is a very competitive niche, and you’ll need a bit of luck to break through.

Is an Acting Coach a Good Career?

Like acting, coaching can be incredibly rewarding on a personal level.

Also, like acting, there are more aspiring coaches than there are successful ones.

Acting Coach Job Outlook

The job outlook for acting coaches looks better over the coming years.

As a result, now is a better time than any to go into the business.

Demand for Acting Coaches

Demand for acting coaches tracks with demand for actors.

The more actors there are, the more potential clients you’ll have.

Acting Coach Facts

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for actors and actresses will rise by 32% between 2020 and 3030.

That’s a huge increase in demand compared to the 8% predicted growth among all jobs.

Jobs Related to Acting Coach

There are plenty of jobs related to acting coaching.

Here are a few:

  • Actors are the actual performers in the performing arts. A good acting coach should be an experienced actor.
  • Playwrights write scripts for stage plays.
  • Creative directors set the look and feel for any creative work, not just performances.

Requirements, Skills, and Education Required for Acting Coaches

Like any career, becoming an acting coach requires certain skills.

Let’s talk about those.

Who Should Consider an Acting Coach Career Path?

If you want to be an acting coach, you need to be passionate about film, television, or theatre.

Who Should NOT Consider an Acting Coach Career Path?

If you easily get frustrated with bad performances, acting coaching is not for you.

Is it Hard to Become an Acting Coach?

To become an acting coach, you need to develop a reputation as a good actor.

You need to have enough respect among your peers to get referrals.

What Do I Need to Become an Acting Coach?

Technically, nothing.

In practice, you’ll need to have some acting experience and some contacts in the industry.

Requirements for Becoming an Acting Coach

There are no official requirements for acting coaches.

What Skills Does an Acting Coach Need?

You need to be a good actor with strong people skills.

What Education Does an Acting Coach Need?

Officially, none.

That said, most coaches have some formal training.

Can You Become an Acting Coach Without a Degree?


But it helps if you’ve taken an acting lesson or two.

What Experience Does an Acting Coach Need?

You need extensive acting experience to become an acting coach.

Acting Coach Education & Schooling

While acting coaches don’t require a degree, there are some reasons you might want to get one.

What is Taught in an Acting Coach Course?

Aspiring acting coaches can study acting, film, and other performing arts.

They may also major in education if they plan on being teachers.

How Long Does an Acting Coach Course Take?

A bachelor’s degree normally takes four years to earn.

Acting Coach Education Options and Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree

A BA in acting or a related field can help you grow your skills.

Master’s Degree

An MFA can boost your credentials even further.

Schools for Acting Coaches

The two best schools for acting coaches are the Juilliard School in New York and Yale University’s David Geffen School of Drama.

Both offer degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Become an Acting Coach

There’s nothing stopping you from becoming an acting coach whenever you want.

You just have to take

Steps to Become an Acting Coach

First things first.

You need to learn to act.

This means taking classes, applying yourself, and becoming a working actor.

If you’re able to manage that, build your social network as widely as possible.

Eventually, you’ll have respect in your community.

You can start offering coaching and ask your contacts for referrals.

Current Career Job Openings

Are you ready to become an acting coach?

Here are some jobs you can apply for right now:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth paying for acting classes?


Acting classes don’t cost more than a community college course, although private acting lessons cost more.

Many studios will let you attend a single session for a small fee.

That way, you can see if the studio is a good fit for you.

Do acting auditions cost money?


While acting classes cost money, auditions are free.

If someone is charging money for an opportunity to audition, run away.

It’s a scam.

An agent charges money and helps you get auditions.

But you only pay your agent after you’ve gotten a paying gig.

You don’t pay them upfront.

Wrapping Up

Becoming an acting coach isn’t easy.

The hardest part is the first part, becoming a professional actor.

Once you’ve got some industry experience, going into coaching will be much easier.

If you’re already working in show business, so much the better.

You’re that much closer to achieving your dream.

Acting coaching can be a rewarding career.

For one thing, you get to spend your work day doing something you love.

For another thing, you get to help other people who share the same passion.

If that’s something that appeals to you, what are you waiting for?

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