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Administrative Assistant Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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When applying for an Administrative Assistant role, you’re essentially trying to showcase your multitasking ability.

The job involves completing multiple tasks, from filing reports to making and receiving phone calls. It can often be challenging to fit all your experience into one or two pages.

Lots of applicants face this issue when creating their administrative assistant resume. Luckily, the resume writing process doesn’t have to be so tasking.

Your main points of focus should be writing a compelling summary, listing a couple of your most recent and relevant work experiences, and diving into your hard and soft skills.

Plus, you’ll have better chances of getting a callback by injecting common skills and action verbs into your resume.

How to Write Administrative Assistant Resume Objective?

Objective of an administrative assistant resume is the main part of the resume.

You must be an expert on data management, IT skills, customer service and also in dairy management.

Beside this you have to do scheduling meetings and preparing agenda also.

Your knowledge can solve some big administrative problems.

Have to conduct research on behalf of your manager.

As administrative assistants have to handle many roles so communicating your versatility in positive light is also very important.

Some Sample Resume Objectives of Administrative Assistant

  • Searching for a job in administrative assistant post where I can explore my views in this field.
  • Looking for a work in administrative position where my experience in this field can utilize.
  • To secure a position in administrative assistant post in my workplace in the corporate world.
  • Seeking a work in top administrative company to utilize my valuable knowledge on administrative field.
  • To obtain a responsible position in administrative assistant post to help my company in growth.

How to Write Administrative Assistant Resume Skills?

Skills are very important in this kind of job.

You must have an administrative power to control your office.

You must have a clear idea of Microsoft office, Outlook, Excel and Access.

Beside this sometimes you have to conduct research on behalf of your manager.

You should have a good typing speed also.

You have to do office management and project management and fixing agenda for others.

With all of those skills you should have a good knowledge in computer basics and time management.

You should add those points which given below with your skills in your administrative assistant resume.

Some Sample Resume Skills for Administrative Assistant

  • Skills in administrative field with the experience of administrative manager for last 5 years.
  • Maintain time schedule.
  • Ability to type 60+ words per minute.
  • Skills to provide training and orientation for new staff.
  • Experience to conduct of research on behalf of senior manager.
  • Capability to supervise other staffs in the house.

These are very few skills which you have to write in your administrative assistant resume.

Then you can compare your resume with our sample resume. 

Administrative Assistant Resume Examples

Administrative Assistant roles typically juggle several tasks to keep an office’s flow going.

From multitasking to organization skills, your resume should showcase your high-level competence in the field.

Keep your description relevant to the position when writing your work experience. That way, you’ll heighten your chances of a callback.

Without further ado, here are some examples of Administrative Assistant resumes from different professional outlooks.

General Administrative Assistant Resume Example


XX, Any Street, Detroit, Michigan, 48201
[email protected], (012) 345-6789

Searching for a job in administrative assistant post where I can explore my views in this field.


  • Conducting research on behalf of manager.
  • Experience in administrative field for last 3 years in a leading company.
  • Skills to provide training and orientation for new staff.
  • Effective organization skills.


  • Typing speed of 60+ wpm.
  • Can do all Microsoft office operation.
  • Can use any type of new office software.


Orange import and export, Detroit, Michigan

Administrative Manager

  • Contacted with clients in every month.
  • Solved administrative problems.
  • Achieved employee of the month, in June, 2013.
  • Gave the company annual $5m turnover.

Wars Pvt. Ltd., Detroit, Michigan

Administrative Intern

  • Did several administrative work and projects.
  • Prepared a skill test for training of new staffs.
  • Did project and office management
  • Prepared a website for sales benefit of the company.


  • Two years o diploma course on administrative jobs from Michigan Technology University, (2006-08)
  • Bachelor degree on accountancy from Michigan University, (2003-06)


  • Certified course on Microsoft Office, Photoshop and other useful computer topics.



Administrative Assistant Resume Example 1

In this example, we’ll highlight an entry-level administrative assistant position. It’ll be ideal for fresh grads or those still gaining a footing in this industry.

Administrative Assistant Resume Example 1

Why We Suggest this Resume

As an entry-level position, you need to appeal to potential employers to stand out from candidates. This resume provides a detail-oriented outlook on work experiences.

  • Type of Resume: Administrative Assistant Resume Example 1
  • Best For: Fresh graduates or those still gaining a footing in this industry


I am currently pursuing the Administrative Assistant position as a fresh graduate. I look forward to applying my experience and skills to fulfilling the role’s requirements.

I am seeking a position with responsibilities ranging from filling out, scanning, and copying paperwork to acting as the office communicator.

Work Experience 1

Worked at Staffingly as an Office Executive Assistant

  • Answered and received multiple calls. Corresponded and sorted phone calls to superiors. Directed outgoing and incoming communication with office management.
  • Managed critical reports for department timesheets for leadership. I transcripted memos, letters, and other correspondence by carefully editing and drafting relevant documents.
  • Performed regular calendar maintenance and resolved scheduling issues by coordinating with other executive assistants.
  • Followed other office management functions, such as department invoicing, payroll time submission, and ordering and maintaining office supplies and equipment.
  • Communicated with office management regarding project status and information requests from employees.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Temple University Hospital as Summer Assistant

  • Provided clerical assistance and data entry services to office management.
  • Connected clients with the relevant stakeholders to assist them with requests and information.
  • Supported visitors and guided them through the hospital.
  • Collaborated with nurses and other medical professionals regarding patient requests and appointments.
  • Filed the necessary paperwork relating to patient check-ins and check-outs. I managed client surveys and feedback to better the hospital’s services.


  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Slack
  • Quickbooks


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Thomas Jefferson University


  • Office Assistant Advanced Certificate from Delta College

Why This Resume Works

The resume provides a detail-oriented outlook on your work experiences.

As an entry-level position, you need to appeal to potential employers to stand out from candidates. For this reason, mention skills hiring managers need, such as Microsoft Suite or Slack.

Most Administrative Assistant job descriptions will stipulate the need for this software knowledge.

Apart from that, the summary displays your enthusiasm to pursue the role and outlines the primary responsibilities expected of you.

Administrative Assistant Resume Example 2

The resume example is perfect for those with about two to three years in the industry.

It’ll showcase a deeper understanding of the role and its multi-faceted requirements.

Administrative Assistant Resume Example 2

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume combines expertise from an analytical and communicative standpoint. It also highlights the applicant's competence in vendor communication, executive support, and confidential correspondence.

  • Type of Resume: Administrative Assistant Resume Example 2
  • Best For: Those with about two to three years of experience in the industry


Administrative Assistant with over three years of experience in the industry. I bring knowledge of relevant software, calendar organization, and communication skills.

My experiences in the field extend from contrasting markets, mainly education and transportation.

In turn, I’m adaptable to organization specialties. I accumulated an in-depth knowledge of relevant software tools, such as Google Workspace and Trello.

Work Experience 1

Worked at Los Angeles Community College District as Administrative Assistant

  • Assisted in filing and processing essential student documents before, during, and after the semester.
  • Facilitated the entrance of exchange students by guiding them through the necessary paperwork requirements.
  • Received and answered several phone calls regarding inquiries and requests. I corresponded messages to leadership and heads of departments.
  • Organized the district’s calendar and scheduled events and appointments requested by the management.
  • Ordered and recorded the intake of supplies and equipment demanded by heads of departments and student requests.

Work Experience 2

Worked at LA Metro as Administrative Intern

  • Was responsible for collecting and compiling data to prepare narrative and statistical reports for management use.
  • Assisted in graph, poster, and program preparation. I supported the corporation through analytical work.
  • Organized managerial calendars and correspondence. I oversaw incoming and outgoing phone calls and communicated voicemails to relevant employees.
  • Proposed new ideas to achieve facilitated workflow for administrative assistants.
  • Collaborated with employees during meetings and recorded their minutes to distribute for later reference.


  • MS Office Suite
  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Google Calendar
  • Quickbooks


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Cal State


  • Administrative Support Certificate from Lone Star College

Why This Resume Works

The resume combines diverse responsibilities to broaden your horizons in the field. The document combines expertise from an analytical and communicative standpoint, which is the best of both worlds for the role.

The summary displays your motivation in learning and building your skill set in the software aspect.

Comfortable using these tools is a significant asset in the application process. The resume displays your competence in vendor communication, executive support, and confidential correspondence.

Administrative Assistant Resume Example 3

You may be applying to be an Administrative Assistant but haven’t gained much experience in the field.

In this instance, you’re not necessarily a fresh grad, but you’ve worked in other areas. You can use these other areas’ skills and make them relevant to the applying role.

Administrative Assistant Resume Example 3

Why We Suggest this Resume

Although this resume does not include administrative assistant experience, it still encompasses relevant experience. Human resources and secretarial jobs align well with administrative responsibilities.

  • Type of Resume: Administrative Assistant Resume Example 3
  • Best For: Those who have experience in a different field applying for admin assistant roles


With over five years of relevant experience, I am skilled in prioritizing tasks and finishing them on time.

I enjoy organizational work, such as planning events and trips. I am a resourceful employee with a keen analytical eye regarding budgetary considerations and crafting reports. I am competent in correspondence through multiple channels.

Work Experience 1

Worked at Buffer Insurance as Secretary

  • Transcribed, took notes, and distributed meeting records to attendees for their reference.
  • Greeted and directed incomers to the needed department. I also scheduled them for appointments when needed.
  • Complied with the $3,300 annual budget for office supplies and equipment. I kept a record of all purchased and returned items.
  • Prepared memos, drafts, and narrative reports for office management. My typing speed remained consistent at 80 words per minute, allowing me to complete tasks on time.
  • Managed correspondence through incoming and outgoing phone calls, emails, and letters for all departments.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Clayton Services as Human Resources Intern

  • Responsible for creating PowerPoint and necessary documents for HR management. Received positive feedback for documents curated.
  • Conducted administrative duties like scheduling, scanning, printing, copying, and handling paperwork for HR staff.
  • Assisted in organizing company retreats by adhering to the organization’s annual budget.
  • Communicated with applicants and responded to frequently asked questions while referring to my superior’s advice.
  • Collaborated with other interns to create a seamless workflow comprised of sheets and organized docs. We also integrated new software into the company’s system, such as TravelPerk for work trips.


  • Organization
  • Collaboration
  • Microsoft Office
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Event Coordination


  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management from Texas Woman’s University


  • Human Resources Certification Institute

Why This Resume Works

Although the resume doesn’t include Administrative Assistant positions, it still encompasses relevant roles. Human resources and secretarial jobs align well with administrative responsibilities.

The occupations involve communication, organizing events and travels, and keeping tabs on office equipment.

Aside from that, the resume’s summary sums up your experience level and qualifications, which will push employers to read further into your document.

Administrative Assistant Resume Example 4

Applying for senior positions requires you to showcase your hard and soft skills through work experience.

Your responsibilities should display a strong work ethic and initiative to climb the employment ladder.

Administrative Assistant Resume Example 4

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume provides hiring managers with lots of relevant experience in the administrative assistant field. It also uses appropriate action verbs, such as handled, created, and supported. 

  • Type of Resume: Administrative Assistant Resume Example 4
  • Best For: Administrative assistants with more than five years of experience


I’ve gained over six years of experience as an Administrative Assistant. Throughout my experience, I’ve achieved multiple successes, such as cutting labor expenses and saving time on event planning. I have also increased guest and caller satisfaction by 20% in my previous work experience.

Work Experience 1

Worked at the NYC Department of Social Services as Administrative Assistant

  • Escorted visitors to designated meeting points while recording them and providing visitor badges. I ensured that each incomer carried their identification.
  • Triaged complaints, received phone calls, and routed them to the appropriate employee. I used a professional voice while responding to all callers resulting in high positive survey ratings.
  • Provided appropriate information to inquiring callers and incomers.
  • Compiled spreadsheets, presentations, documents, reports, memos, and correspondence to assist the commissioner.
  • Complied with administrative duties ranging from copying, scanning, faxing, and distributing external and internal mail and other documents.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Robert Half as Administrative Assistant

  • As the first point of contact, greeted and handled visitors with their requests or inquiries. Connected them with the appropriate party and directed them to the scheduled meeting points.
  • Supported employees with projects such as trip preparation and event organization. Assisted by creating spreadsheets and documents outlining expenditures.
  • Responded to incoming and made outgoing calls to the necessary parties. Scheduled multiple appointments and maintained a strict record of each through a concise spreadsheet system.
  • Navigated through paperwork by faxing, filing, copying, and scanning documents and allocating them to the appropriate department.
  • Created presentations for several departments for several purposes, such as budgetary plans or onboarding recruits.


  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Calendar
  • Slack
  • Organization
  • Knowledge of Content Management Systems


  • Bachelor of Science in Business from New York University Stern


Why This Resume Works

The resume provides hiring managers with lots of relevant experience in the field to read through.

It also uses appropriate action verbs, such as handled, created, and supported. The work experience tailors most job descriptions offered for the role.

Each point is concise and reader-friendly.

Plus, the summary covers two important details, how long you’ve worked in the industry and why you’re an ideal fit for the job. The excerpt also quantifies your achievement, backing up your candidacy.

Administrative Assistant Resume Example 5

Luckily, most administrative roles carry similar responsibilities.

Some differ from others, but the main objective is to achieve office efficiency, resolve client complaints, and plan office events.

We suggest using this resume if you’ve had previous experience in matching roles.

Administrative Assistant Resume Example 5

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume provides multiple quantified evidence of the applicant's successful experience. It substantiates the skill set and highlights achievements, allowing the applicant to stand out among other candidates.

  • Type of Resume: Administrative Assistant Resume Example 5
  • Best For: Administrative assistants with previous experience


I offer seven years of experience in the business administration field. I’m highly knowledgeable about modern software tools for office efficiency. My customer service skills have boosted successful client communications. I also bring leadership quality and training ability to retain recruits.

Work Experience 1

Worked at the University of Utah as an Office Assistant

  • Responded to student and parent inquiries and requests. Scheduled appointments for clients and reduced the wait time by over 15%.
  • Kept a record of all office equipment and communicated with the maintenance department regarding any changes needed. Collaborated with the finance department and maintained an annual budget cost of new tools at $3,500.
  • Negotiated with complaining clients and provided exceptional customer service to de-escalate situations.
  • Managed the office calendar and scheduled a monthly meeting for all corresponding departments. Plus, Organized virtual meetings. Staff-wide conferences consisted of over 100 employees.
  • Saved the company over $5,000 on contracted human expenses by developing an organized filing system.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Burston Real Estate as Executive Assistant

  • Tracked and managed client invoices and payments and assisted tenants during payment.
  • Provided training to 20 administrative assistant recruits in the department. I facilitated the training process by providing trainees with hands-on tasks such as managing paperwork and assisting employees and clients.
  • Created a new interactive filing system, which decreased and optimized the file retrieval process by over 20%. I communicated with all departments to develop a central database for all files.
  • Based on the feedback surveys, received a 5-star rating for customer service to tenants.
  • Scheduled open houses, departmental meetings, office events, fairs, and trips through an efficient cloud-based system. The system reduced scheduling time by over 20%.


  • Organization
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Database Management


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah


  • Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)

Why This Resume Works

The resume provides multiple quantified evidence of your successful experience. It substantiates your skill set and highlights your achievements, allowing you to stand out among other candidates.

The summary offers a concise preface of the benefits of hiring you. The experiences presented align well with administrative duties and boast actionable and solid work ethic quality.

The skills provided are also commonly found in administrative job listings. In turn, the keywords will give more recognition to your resume thanks to applicant tracking systems.

Common Skills & Action Verbs to Include On an Administrative Assistant Resume

Deciding on the skills and action verbs to include in your resume is no arbitrary choice.

You wouldn’t want to boast a long list of skills that only fluff up your resume and provide no real value.

Instead, you want to focus on the keywords that trigger applicant tracking systems.

Common Skills for Administrative Assistant Resumes

  • Calendar Management
  • Ability to operate scanners, projectors, copiers, and printers
  • Data Entry
  • Database Management
  • Supply Management and Inventory
  • Record Keeping
  • Microsoft Office
  • Customer Support
  • Filing Knowledge
  • Organization
  • Planning
  • Prioritization of Work
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Time Management
  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Independence
  • Tech Savvy
  • Phone Etiquette

Common Action Verbs for Administrative Assistant Resumes

  • Supported
  • Organized
  • Assisted
  • Planned
  • Managed
  • Communicated
  • Collaborated
  • Decreased
  • Oversaw
  • Boosted
  • Provided
  • Optimized
  • Enhanced
  • Answered
  • Guided

Tips for Writing a Better Administrative Assistant Resume

Despite the wide availability of resume-writing services, they may not offer the authenticity for you to shine among others.

For this reason, we’ve included some tips to help you gain a competitive edge in the talent pool.

Focus on Writing a Compelling Summary

While compiling your resume outline, writing a summary will give hiring managers a first impression of your accomplishments.

Your points of focus should stress the years of experience you’ve accumulated and why they make you a fit candidate for the role.

Additionally, your expertise should remain relevant to the query.


For instance, here’s an exceptional example of a summary for an administrative assistant:

“Gained over ten years of experience as an administrative assistant. My software expertise extends to tools like Microsoft Suite and Google Calendar.

I am experienced in drafting, editing, researching reports transcribing letters and memos. My communication skills have allowed me to apply positive phone etiquette and increase customer service ratings by over 20%.”

In the example above, the summary showcases an abundance of skills employers are likely seeking. Here’s an example you wouldn’t want to follow.

“I am an Administrative Assistant seeking a role to apply my communication and record-taking skills. I hope to increase the hiring corporation’s efficiency.”

In this summary, you’re barely displaying your expertise and what you have to offer to the hiring agents.

While you’ve mentioned a couple of skills, the text doesn’t discuss the actions you’ve completed to gain them. Plus, the concluding statement lacks depth as well.

If you’re hoping to increase efficiency, briefly mention how you would. It could be through optimizing the file retrieval process or automating administrative tasks.

Emphasize the Accomplishments

While you can mention your day-to-day tasks in your work experience section, don’t forget to back them up with accomplishments. For instance, you’ll want to write points like:

  • Able to reduce time consumed when trip planning after introducing a software tool to streamline the process.

In this instance, you’re highlighting your tech-savvy approach and planning efficiency. Now, discussing other responsibilities is also critical such as “greeting and guiding visitors to their designated meeting points.”

You can try to approach each point with an accomplishment boost by turning it around to “I successfully assisted visitors and gained a five-star rating regarding their experience through surveys.”

Another point you need to focus on is quantifying your accomplishments. Numbers may often speak louder than words.

For example, rather than say, “I oversaw training and onboarding,” you can say, “I trained and integrated 15 new employees in the company’s workspace. I increased employee retainment by over 5% through my onboarding methods.”

Not only do the numbers look good, but they also support your statement, leadership, and training skills.

Consider the Applicant Tracking System

With over a -10% employment growth for Administrative Assistants, attaining a role in the field is becoming increasingly challenging. In turn, the job can be highly competitive, and you may face a lot of applicants.

Employers don’t usually scour through hundreds of applications nowadays. They prefer to optimize the process by using an applicant tracking system.

The system detects relevant keywords and action verbs that’ll make you fitter for the company’s standards.

Your cheat sheet will be the job listing. Look through the document for keywords you can integrate into your resume.

It can include hard or soft skills, such as Microsoft Office or communication. In addition to the skills, you also need to look for industry-specific keywords.

The top industries hiring are government organizations such as healthcare and educational companies.

Aside from that, you may also stumble upon private companies, such as staffing or HR corporations.

With that in mind, you can use words like “patients” and “insurance companies” for healthcare organizations.

Education-based companies like universities may target other words like “students” and “academic.”

Choose the Right Type of Resume

The definition of a resume encompasses a brief description of your qualifications. That said, there are several types of resumes you can choose from to fit your situation. It can be a combination, chronological, or skills-based resume.

The chronological resume places your most updated work experience at the top. You can use this document to call attention to a recent and relevant Administrative Assistant work experience, especially if it’s a notable company.

As its name suggests, the skills-based resume prioritizes the transferable skills you can offer. It places less emphasis on your past work experience. Subsequently, it’s perfect for fresh graduates with little current career growth.

You can include industry-specific skills such as problem-solving, communication, and time management.

Lastly, a combination resume is a mixture of skill-based and chronological resumes. It shows a synergetic application of your skills to your work experience, making it one of the better options.

It’s best used by senior applicants or those applying for managerial positions.

Review Your Resume

Grammatical mistakes tend to create negative first thoughts for your hiring manager. Proofreading, editing, and reviewing your resume is crucial. You can enlist one of your friends to assess it for you to have an extra set of eyes.

While looking over your resume, make sure you keep your statements concise. If the document exceeds two pages, then you need to shorten it. Take out irrelevant work experiences and cut off any fluff descriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from that, here is a couple of the top frequently asked questions.

What are the Top 3 Qualities of an Administrative Assistant?

The top three qualities of Administrative Assistants are problem-solving, time management, and confidentiality.

Assistants with problem-solving skills are less likely to rely on management intervention and can handle all minor issues with clients and visitors.

Time management is critical, especially since you’re also managing other senior employee time schedules. Maintaining confidentiality is an essential quality since you may be handling sensitive information.

How Should I Write an Assistant Resume Objective?

Your assistant resume objective should briefly highlight your career goals, skills, and assets.

When writing it, keep the text relevant to the role’s requirements. Include your accomplishments and valuable qualifications.

Before writing the objective, read through the job listing once more to craft an ideal response that fits the company’s needs.

Similar Resume Types to Reference

Check out other roles with similar resume structures below.

  • Medical Assistant Resume: The job instructing patients regarding the post or pre-op care. Occupants also conduct laboratory tests and keep the area sterilized.
  • Receptionist Resume: Similar to Administrative Assistants, Receptionists also complete administrative duties, but their primary role involves a front-desk operation.
  • Executive Assistant Resume: The position handles higher-level administrative tasks, such as CEO assistance.

Wrapping Up

Administrative Assistants carry several responsibilities, from paperwork filling to handling phone calls. Creating a successful resume needs you to include quantifiable data, relevant hard and soft skills, and compelling work experience points.

The samples will guide you through writing the winning points and making you stand out among other candidates. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to share the article.

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