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Animal Breeder

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Do you love animals and want to work with them?

Are you patient, detail-oriented, and have a passion for animal husbandry?

If so, then a career as an animal breeder may be the perfect fit for you.

What is an Animal Breeder?

An animal breeder is someone who mates animals in order to produce offspring with desired characteristics.

Animal breeding works with a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, and reptiles.

It is a combination of science and art. Breeders must understand animal genetics as well as have a keen eye for which physical traits are desirable.

What is an Animal Breeder Called?

An animal breeder is often referred to as a breeder.

What Does an Animal Breeder Do?

Animal breeders work to improve the characteristics of animal populations. They achieve this by breeding individuals with desired traits.

This can involve working with a variety of animal species, including cows, pigs, chickens, horses, and dogs.

Animal breeders may work on farms, in animal shelters, or in laboratories.

Work Opportunities in the Animal Breeder Industry

Animal breeders work in various settings, including animal sanctuaries, zoos, farms, and ranches.

Some animal breeders may also work in laboratories or other research facilities.

Animal Breeder Job Description

Animal breeders usually do the following:

  • Select animals to be bred based on desired characteristics
  • Breed animals using artificial insemination or other methods
  • Keep records of animal pedigrees and breeding histories
  • Monitor the health of animals
  • Supervise animal care staff
  • Train animals for shows or other performances

Top Animal Breeder Jobs and Careers

The top careers of animal breeders include:

  • Cattle Breeder
  • Pig Breeder
  • Poultry Breeder

Jobs Related to Animal Breeder

There are many different types of jobs that relate to animal breeding, including:

Where Can an Animal Breeder Work?

Animal breeders typically work in animal shelters, kennels, or animal control facilities.

They may also work for pet stores, animal rescue organizations, or veterinary clinics.

Some animal breeders work as self-employed contractors.

What It’s Like to be an Animal Breeder

Animal breeders are responsible for the care and breeding of animals.

This can include anything from dogs and cats to more exotic animals like reptiles or birds.

Moreover, animal breeders must have a strong knowledge of animal care and husbandry.

This includes an understanding of animal behavior.

They must be able to provide the animals in their care with the proper nutrition, housing, and exercise.

Animal breeders must also be able to identify and select animals for breeding purposes.

This requires an understanding of animal genetics and pedigrees.

Animal breeders must be able to maintain accurate records of the animals in their care.

They must also be able to work with other professionals, such as veterinarians and animal behaviorists.

Is Being an Animal Breeder Hard?

Animal breeding is a complex and meticulous science.

Animal breeders must have a thorough understanding of animal genetics. This includes reproductive physiology and animal husbandry.

Breeding animals is not for everyone. It requires hard work, dedication and a love for animals.

Is an Animal Breeder’s Job Stressful?

Animal breeders must be able to handle stress and work long hours.

They also need to be able to make quick decisions and be comfortable with change.

Animal breeders must be able to handle stress and work long hours.

And they must be comfortable with making quick decisions and changes.

Common Animal Breeder Work Day

A typical day for an animal breeder may start early in the morning and end late at night.

Animal breeders typically work long hours, including weekends and holidays.

Activities and duties include:

  • Inspecting animals for signs of illness or injury
  • Administering vaccinations and other medical care
  • Maintaining records of animal pedigrees
  • Selecting animals for breeding
  • Overseeing animal births
  • Weaning animal offspring
  • Socializing young animals
  • Transporting animals to and from shows or sales
  • Cleaning animal pens and cages
  • Ordering supplies
  • Supervising staff
  • Attending conferences and workshops

Animal Breeder Tasks & Duties

Animal breeders typically have a variety of tasks and duties.

Some of these tasks include:

  • Studying animal genetics
  • Planning animal breeding programs
  • Maintaining animal health records
  • Selecting animals for breeding
  • Supervising animal births
  • Caring for animals
  • Monitoring animal growth and development
  • Evaluating animal health
  • Selling animals
  • Marketing animal breeding programs
  • Researching animal nutrition

Animal Breeder Work Hours & Schedule

Animal breeders typically work long hours.

They may start as early as 5:00 a.m. and work until 10:00 p.m.

This schedule may vary depending on the animal’s needs and the breeder’s personal preferences.

Animal Breeder Dress Code

Animal breeders typically dress in casual clothing.

However, they may need to wear protective gear when working with certain animals, such as gloves.

Does This Career Field Embrace Work/Life Balance?

Animal breeding is a demanding career, and those in the field often work long hours.

That said, many animal breeders can achieve a good work/life balance.

In fact, many animal breeders can set their own schedules and work from home.

Do Animal Breeders Make Good Money?

Animal breeders can make a decent living, particularly if they are able to specialize in a particular animal or type of animal.

How Much Do Animal Breeders Make?

Breeders can earn between $50k and $75k annually.

The median annual salary for animal breeders depends on where you live.

In Idaho, for example, it’s just under $52k. But in Ohio, the median income is over $77k a year.

Overview of the Animal Breeder Industry

image showing an animal breeder holding piglets

Animal Breeder Field: Career Progression

Most breeders enter the profession through an animal husbandry or veterinary technician program.

Some animal breeders may start their own business.

To become a breeder, you must first understand the animal reproductive process.

You also need knowledge of animal anatomy and physiology.

Is an Animal Breeder a Good Career?

Animal breeders are in high demand due to the growing popularity of animal-assisted therapies.

There’s also a need for more service animals.

A wide range of career options are available to animal breeders, from working in a kennel to breeding show dogs.

Animal breeders can also work in zoos or wildlife parks, where they help to maintain the animal population.

Animal Breeder Job Outlook

The job outlook for animal breeders is good, with a projected growth of 87 percent by 2029.

The animal breeding industry is expected to grow in the coming years as the demand for animal products increases.

Animal breeders play a vital role in the animal agriculture industry.

They are responsible for the health and welfare of the animals they breed.

Animal Breeder Facts

Animal breeders work with various animals, including dogs, cats, horses, and livestock.

They are responsible for the health and well-being of the animals in their care.

Animal breeders must know about animal husbandry, genetics, and health.

Requirements, Skills and Education Required for Animal Breeders

In this section, I will go over some of the key requirements, skills and education that animal breeders need.

Who Should Consider an Animal Breeder Career Path?

If you love animals and animal husbandry, animal breeding may be the right career for you.

The best animal breeders are passionate about their work and excellent at animal husbandry and care.

They are also patient, detail-oriented and excellent record keepers.

Who Should NOT Consider an Animal Breeder Career Path?

You shouldn’t become an animal breeder if you don’t love animals.

Animal breeders must have a genuine passion for the animal kingdom and a strong desire to help preserve animal populations.

Is It Hard to Become an Animal Breeder?

Yes. You should also be prepared to work long hours, as animal breeders often need to be on call 24/7 if an animal needs assistance.

Animal breeders must also handle the emotional stress of the job, as they will see animals die and be born regularly.

What Do I Need to Become an Animal Breeder?

To become an animal breeder, you must have a deep love and understanding of animal husbandry.

You will also need to be able to work with a wide variety of animals, as breeders often specialize in specific animal species.

In addition to these personal qualities, you will need to complete a few key steps to become an animal breeder.

Requirements for Becoming an Animal Breeder

First, you will need to obtain a high school diploma or equivalent.

Although you may be able to find some entry-level positions without a diploma, most animal breeders have at least a high school education.

Next, you will need to complete a formal animal husbandry program.

Many programs are available. But choosing one accredited that offers hands-on experience is essential.

This will give you the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in the field.

After completing an animal husbandry program, you may want to consider obtaining certification.

This can be from the American Kennel Club or another similar organization.

Again, this is not required. But it may give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs.

Finally, you will need to gain experience working with animals.

You can do this through internships, volunteer work, or entry-level jobs.

Once you have years of experience, you will be ready to apply for animal breeder jobs.

What Skills Does an Animal Breeder Need?

Animal breeders require specific skills to be successful.

They must have a deep knowledge of animal anatomy and physiology to understand how to best care for their charges.

They must also be able to keep meticulous records to track the progress of each animal’s development.

Patience and a gentle hand are also essential, as is the ability to work long hours.

Animal breeders must be dedicated to their work to achieve success.

What Education Does an Animal Breeder Need?

Animal breeders typically need at least a high school diploma.

However, some jobs may require postsecondary education, such as an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in animal science or a related field.

Animal breeders typically receive on-the-job training, lasting from several months to a year.

Can You Become an Animal Breeder Without a Degree?

Yes, you can become an animal breeder without a degree.

However, animal breeding is highly specialized.

Most breeders have at least a bachelor’s degree in animal science or a related discipline.

What Experience Does an Animal Breeder Need?

Anywhere from nine months to a couple of years of experience working with animals is generally required to become an animal breeder.

Many breeders start as animal husbandry technicians or assistants, working their way up the ladder.

Animal Breeder Education & Schooling

When you take an animal breeder course, you will learn about animal husbandry and the principles of animal breeding.

You will also receive instruction on how to care for animals and keep them healthy.

In addition, you will learn about animal nutrition and how to select the best food for your animals.

Animal breeding courses typically take two to four years to complete.

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s degree programs include animal sciences, animal husbandry, or a related field.

These four-year programs offer classes in animal biology, nutrition, physiology, and management.

Master’s Degree

Master’s degree programs are typically four years in length.

They offer animal breeders the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of animal breeding. For example, animal genetics or animal nutrition.

Schools for Animal Breeders

Schools for animal breeding programs include:

  • Hinds Community College
  • Kishwaukee College
  • Lake Erie College
  • University of Nevada: Reno

Steps to Become an Animal Breeder

Those who wish to enter the field of animal breeding may follow these steps:

  1. Get a degree in animal science or a related field.
  2. Work as an assistant animal breeder or in a related position.
  3. Attend animal breeding seminars and workshops.
  4. Join an animal breeding association.
  5. Obtain a license if required in your state or country.

Current Career Job Openings

There are many animal breeder openings, including careers in Florida, Missouri, and Iowa.

Frequently Asked Questions

image showing the work of an animal breeder - dogs laying next to their mother

What is a specialist breeder?

A specialist animal breeder is an agricultural worker responsible for artificial insemination.

They also provide care and management of animals.

This produces offspring for specific purposes.

These purposes may include making food, animal fibers or pelts, or for use in medical research.

Who is the father of animal breeding?

Jay Lush is the father of animal breeding due to his work in the early 1900s with animal populations.

Wrapping Up

Although animal breeding is a long and complicated process, the end result is often worth it.

Animal breeders can produce some of the most beautiful and unique creatures in the world.

If you’re interested in animal breeding, there’s a lot to learn, but the rewards can be great.

Get started by researching and finding a reputable animal breeder to work with.

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