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Apple Internship: Types, Positions, Pay, and How to Apply

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Apple is one of the largest tech companies in the world. It’s also one of the most successful corporations on the planet irrespective of the industry.

In turn, you may be wondering what an Apple internship is like.

Read on to find out more about the internships that Apple offers.

We’ll also talk about what to expect should your application be successful.

Does Apple Have an Internship Program?

Apple does indeed offer many internship programs.

These programs offer interns the opportunity to learn and better themselves.

They do so by exposing interns to the inner workings of one of the world’s largest companies.

Apple gives interns access to some of the latest technologies.

This gives them the tools to enable them to make a strong impression.

Types of Internships Offered by Apple

You can classify the internships Apple offers into three main categories:

  • Student Internships: Offered to college students looking to get hands-on experience in the tech industry.
  • Summer Internships: These are three-month internships at least and are offered between May and August.
  • Part-Time Internships: These are longer internships that span over the course of six months or more.

How Many Interns Does Apple Have?

Apple offers internship programs all over the world.

The exact number of interns currently hired at Apple isn’t known.

However, the company is estimated to have only 18 open positions for student interns in the United States.

Apple Internship Positions

Here are a few departments in which you can work when you’re interning at Apple:

Software Engineering

Apple offers plenty of internship opportunities in its software engineering department.

This internship offers applicants the chance to work with some of the world’s top software engineers.

The company seeks out individuals with a strong background in back-end programming for this role.

If accepted, these individuals work with the company’s software team on upcoming projects.

Hardware Engineering

Apple also offers students that are majoring in electrical engineering the chance to join the company’s hardware engineering department as interns.

The company gives successful applicants the chance to work with Apple’s full-time engineers.

The work involves the electrical systems and components that make the iPhone, iPad, and Macs tick.


Apple’s major success is not only due to its world-renowned portfolio of products.

It’s also a result of the company’s uncanny ability to market those products.

The tech giant is known globally to have one of the best marketing departments worldwide.

Interning in Apple’s marketing department will allow you to see how they do it.

You’ll also get to put forth your input on how Apple can make its marketing strategy even more effective.

What Does an Intern at Apple Do?

The daily tasks you’ll find yourself engaging in as an Apple intern vary depending on the department you’re interning in.

A software engineering intern can expect to be heavily involved in back-end development.

This involves working on some of Apple’s most popular apps such as Siri and Apple Music.

An intern in Apple’s marketing department will be involved in brainstorming sessions for Apple’s campaigns.

They may also work on the design of Apple’s packaging.

Who Does Apple Target For Internships?

When recruiting interns, Apple is on the lookout for motivated individuals that have a passion for the field that the department they’re applying for an internship in operates.

The company is usually searching for younger applicants.

This includes fresh grads and those approaching the end of their collegiate journey.

What Is an Apple Internship Like?

So, what can you expect from an Apple internship? What’s it really like? Let’s dive into it.

Apple Internship Process

The first step of the process of getting accepted for an internship at Apple is applying for it.

You’ll want to apply pretty early if you want to improve your chances.

The application window for Apple’s summer internships starts in September.

After you’ve applied, Apple contacts you for an interview if they’re interested in learning more about you.

You can expect to hear back from Apple within one or two months of your interview date.

Is it Hard to Intern at Apple?

The answer to this question is most definitely yes.

When you apply for an Apple internship, you’re competing for a spot with thousands of other applicants.

So, your resume really needs to stand out if you want to have a chance of them calling you back for an interview.

What Notable Projects Can Interns Potentially Work On?

Apple offers its interns the chance to work on actual current projects that the company has in its pipeline.

These projects can include tweaking the software and hardware of Apple products.

They can also revolve around integrating the software of all products in the Apple ecosystem.

How Many Hours Do Apple Interns Work?

Generally speaking, you’ll work 40 hours per week as an intern at Apple.

The number of hours you’ll work per week may vary depending on the position you’re interning in.

It’ll also depend on the department involved.

Apple Internship Benefits

There’s a reason why internship opportunities at Apple are highly sought after.

Interning at Apple is a valuable learning experience in more ways than one.

For starters, Apple allows interns to immerse themselves in the company’s culture.

Being exposed to such a work environment early in your career can go a long way.

Additionally, internships at Apple allow you to work with accomplished professionals in the fields of engineering and marketing.

You’ll work on projects that result in releasing products to the market.

Furthermore, Apple interns get the chance to develop their network.

They also have a great piece of work experience to add to their resumes.

What Do You Learn in a Tech Internship?

Interning at any company in the tech industry in general allows you to gain a lot of experience in software and hardware engineering.

It gives you the chance to develop your skills and knowledge when it comes to creating system software and applications.

Additionally, you learn how to maintain applications through updates and debugging.

Are Apple Interns Paid?

If you’re wondering whether Apple pays its interns, the answer is yes.

In fact, Apple pays interns quite well.

You can expect to earn between $30 and $40 an hour.

This can add up to around $6500 per month

Requirements for Getting an Internship at Apple

Let’s dive into the education and skills you’ll need to have to get accepted for an internship at Apple.

The exact acceptance rate of Apple internship applicants isn’t readily available.

Yet, it’s likely to be very low.

This is due to the large discrepancy between the volume of applicants and the number of available positions.

Suggested Areas of Study for Apple Interns

As with any tech company, the main fields that the company’s operations revolve around are software, hardware, and electrical engineering.

In turn, these are the majors you should be aiming for in your undergraduate or postgraduate education.

When it comes to Apple specifically, the company relies heavily on its marketing department for its success.

Therefore, Apple is always offering internships to marketing majors.

This allows them to benefit from the fresh and creative perspectives interns may offer.

Does Apple Care About GPA?

You’ve probably heard this before: “GPA doesn’t matter”.

This may be true in certain respects. Yet, saying that GPA is completely insignificant would be inaccurate.

Companies like Apple receive countless internship applications every year.

It’s definitely likely that recruiters don’t read every single one. Thus, having a high GPA is a great way to make your resume stand out and get read.

However, your GPA matters less once you’re shortlisted for an internship position at Apple. This is when you’re competing with only a handful of other applicants.

At this stage, Apple’s recruiters are looking for the most passionate and driven applicants, but they’re not necessarily looking for the ones with the highest GPA.

Recommended Skills for Apple Interns

Let’s start with the obvious.

If you’re applying for a software engineering internship at Apple, you’ll need to have enough technical skills. These include fluency in at least one of the programming languages Apple uses.

Adequate knowledge of operating systems is also good to have. However, technical skills aren’t the only ones Apple is looking for.

They’re also looking for applicants that have great critical thinking and communication skills.

Does Apple Background or Drug Test Check Their Interns?

Apple does conduct background checks on internship applicants.

These procedures aim to shed light on the applicants’ educational, employment, and criminal history.

If you’re informed by Apple that they’ll be running a background check on you, this is usually nothing to worry about.

In fact, it’s a sign that they’re taking your application into serious consideration.

On the other hand, Apple does not drug test interns.

However, it does require them to sign an agreement that they won’t use drugs during work hours or at the Apple premises.

An intern may be drug tested if Apple deems that there’s reason to believe that they’re violating this agreement.

Do Apple Interns Get Hired?

Sure, Apple internships pay well, but are they a viable path to landing a full-time job at the company?

An internship at Apple can definitely end up landing you a full-time job there.

This isn’t a guarantee though.

The supply of jobs at Apple is much smaller than the number of people competing to secure them.

Therefore, you need to really make your mark during your time interning at the company to sway them toward the decision of hiring you full-time.

Even if you don’t end up getting hired at Apple, it’s not the end of the world.

Having an Apple internship in your resume will definitely make it easier for you to get hired elsewhere.

How Do I Get an Internship at Apple?

The best place to look for internship opportunities at Apple is the company’s website.

By visiting the careers section of the Apple website, you’ll have access to listings of all the openings the company is offering.

This involves both local and overseas opportunities.

These listings are very detailed and include all the information you’ll need on the description of the position.

They also cover the position’s roles and responsibilities, as well as the prerequisite skills and education needed.

Interview for an Apple Internship

Once you’ve submitted your application, you can expect to go through the following process if you get a response

  1. A phone interview with a recruiter from Apple
  2. A phone interview with an employee in the department you’re applying for an internship in
  3. An all-day on-site visit including 3 interviews with various members of the Apple organization

What Should I Wear to an Apple Internship Interview

While you may be tempted to go for the traditional interview outfit of a full suit and formal shoes, this usually isn’t the best option.

You’re better off going for a smart casual outfit.

An example of this would be a dark shirt, khakis, and semi-formal shoes.

How to Answer “Why Do You Want to Work at Apple?”

What the interviewer is looking for when they ask this question is whether you’ll be a person who’s passionate about, and loves their job if they hire you.

A good place to start your response is to showcase your knowledge of the company’s history and its products.

You can then build on your answer by highlighting your skills and experience and explaining why the company is a great fit for you.

How Do I Prepare For an Apple Internship

There aren’t many companies in the world like Apple.

So, you’re unlikely to have any past experience to refer to when preparing for an internship there.

Your best course of action is to familiarize yourself with the company’s software and products as much as you possibly can.

You should also fine-tune your skills before you start your internship to hit the ground running and make a positive first impression.

Is Apple a Good Internship?

An internship at Apple is an experience that only a few people get to have each year.

It offers many benefits, the first of which is being exposed to the work environment and culture of one of the world’s most successful companies.

Additionally, you’re compensated extremely well for your time.

You also get the chance to learn from some of the world’s top experts in their respective fields.

An internship at Apple is an experience you shouldn’t pass up if you get an opportunity to have it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Apple internships:

Does Apple Hire International Students?

Apple does offer internships for international students.

These internships are paid and any student with a valid F-1 visa is eligible to apply.

Does Apple Require a Cover Letter?

Including a cover letter with your resume is a good idea when applying for an Apple Internship.

It gives you a better chance to have your application stand out from the rest.

Wrapping Up

An Apple internship is probably the most sought-after one in the world.

The company is known worldwide as one that has a unique work environment, and that reputation is well-earned.

Interning there is a valuable learning experience that you should definitely go for should you get the chance to do so.

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