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5 Benefits of Creating an Online Portfolio

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Online portfolio is something that has increased in popularity in recent years and isn’t set to slow down as more recruiters are searching the web for talent. Of course, the recommended web address for anyone wishing to represent themselves online would be ‘yourfullname.com’ as this will be the easiest address for people to find you and rank number one when searching online. But why should you have your resume online?

Online Portfolio Gives You Freedom to Express Yourself

Sometimes a paper resume can be somewhat limiting as it is widely suggested that no more than 2 sheets of paper are used. However, you have complete control of your website and therefore what recruiters find when they search your name. You can have a biography section that allows you to go into more detail as well as use more of your personality; you can have a history section where you discuss your education and previous employment; you can even have a portfolio section showing your work as well as feature published work.

Ultimately, you have a lot more freedom with an online portfolio when compared to a paper resume but what other benefits are there?

Adds Value

You can only give a recruiter a certain amount of information through a paper resume and cover letter when applying for a job; however if you add a link to your website, you can show them lot more. Whether they want to know more about you or look at some of your work samples, it will all be available for them to view on your website. Online portfolio is a great way to also show that you take your career seriously.

A website can give you a huge advantage at the moment because not everyone has one; this means that other applicants won’t even be able to show recruiter their work unless they get an interview where you will already be one step ahead.

Easy to Share

Have you ever run into someone and wished you had a copy of your resume? Now, you don’t have to worry as all you have to do in this situation is give them your web address. You could print up some business cards with a link to your online portfolio as an addition to your contact information.

Passive Job Hunting

By having an online portfolio recruiters can find you without even actively searching for a job. With online applications, you know that you won’t get anywhere without actively applying but when having an online portfolio recruiters will be able to search and find you whether you are seeking employment or not. This can vastly increase the opportunities that come your way!

Great Tool for Self-Evaluation

Having everything laid out in front of you is great for a recruiter but it can also serve an important purpose for you too. You will be able to see the skills you have developed along the way as well as some areas that may need improvement. Even if you just need a little confidence boost, just visit your site and view your accomplishments. You can use your online portfolio as your master resume where you list all your work experience. It’s then easier to pick the right bits and pieces when sending out a tailored resume.

Online portfolio is a great way to improve your online presence. Sure there is LinkedIn but your online portfolio doesn’t need to be a LinkedIn alternative but rather an addition to your online presence.

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