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Bicycle Mechanic

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A bicycle mechanic is responsible for repairing and servicing bicycles and may also work on other types of vehicles similar to bikes.

They service and repair different kinds of bicycles, and they replace parts that are broken, worn, or defective.

What is a Bicycle Mechanic?

Bicycle mechanics are responsible for road bike maintenance and repairing bicycles.

They may also be called upon to perform bicycle-related tasks, such as fixing seat posts or tubes.

A bicycle mechanic’s job is not only to keep bikes running smoothly but also to keep cyclists safe by properly adjusting their bikes.

What is a Bicycle Mechanic Called?

The bicycle mechanic’s job is important because some industries depend on well-prepared bikes.

Other names for bicycle mechanics:

  • Bicycle Repairer
  • Cycle Mechanic
  • Service technician

What Does a Bicycle Mechanic Do?

A bicycle mechanic repairs bicycles and may also work on related equipment such as brakes and derailleurs.

They may also be responsible for maintaining the bicycle shop’s inventory of bikes.

They may work on various types of bicycles, from a BMX to a mountain bike.

Work Opportunities in the Bicycle Mechanic Industry

image showing a bicycle against a plain wall

Bicycle Mechanic Job Description

Bicycle mechanics are responsible for fixing and maintaining bicycles.

Therefore, bicycle mechanics must know both repair and maintenance procedures for bikes.

They need to have familiarity with safety regulations.

For example, some bicycle mechanics need skill to adjust brakes, or lube gears and derailleurs.

They might work in a local bike shop repairing electric bikes or adding an accessory to a motorcycle.

Top Bicycle Mechanic Jobs and Careers

Bicycle mechanics are needed in several industries that use and sell bicycles.

For example, here are a few related jobs a bike mechanic might do:

  • Fleet Bicycle Mechanic
  • Bicycle Shop Mechanic
  • Large retailer Bicycle Assembl

Where Can a Bicycle Mechanic Work?

A bicycle mechanic can work at bike shops, mechanics, or repair shops.

Large retailers that sell bicycles may employ a bicycle mechanic to assemble bikes for display in the store.

Additionally, police and parks departments with cycling officers may employ a professional bike mechanic to maintain department bicycles.

Current Career Job Openings

Job openings for bicycle mechanics are found in recreational bicycling regions across the nation.

Look for a place with biking trails and bicycle-friendly streets.

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What It’s Like to be a Bicycle Mechanic

Is Being a Bicycle Mechanic Hard?

It’s not hard for cyclists who work on their bike.

They need to work with a variety of different tools like Park Tool and know how to use them properly.

Is a Bicycle Mechanic Job Stressful?

Repair work of any kind can be pretty frustrating sometimes.

Dealing with customers upset about their bicycle repairs takes patience.

Troubleshooting issues and not finding a solution to a problem can also be stressful at times.

Common Bicycle Mechanic Work Day

A typical day for a bicycle mechanic may involve inspecting bikes for problems, cleaning them, adjusting brakes and gears, and installing new parts.

Mechanics may also work on bikes in the shop or field.

In addition, bicycle mechanics also perform some customer service.

Bicycle Mechanic Tasks & Duties

The typical bicycle mechanic’s work day typically begins with a walk-through of the shop to assess the day’s needs, including checking the condition of bikes, examining parts, and making repairs as needed.

They are the person to perform wheel building, repair hubs and spokes, and adjusting brakes or gears.

Bicycle Mechanic Work Hours & Schedule

Bicycle Mechanics’ work hours may vary depending on where they work.

However, they usually will work regular business hours.

Bicycle Mechanic Dress Code

Bicycle mechanics work with tools, oil, and grease and may get dirty.

They wear what any repairman or mechanic would wear.

Other mechanics may choose to wear a t-shirt and jeans.

However, it’s always essential to wear comfortable shoes because bicycle mechanics are often on their feet.

Does This Career Field Embrace Work/Life Balance?

Bicycle mechanics have a lot to offer regarding work/life balance.

They often work short hours and can take time off for family or recreational activities.

Bicycle mechanics are often riders themselves, so they also enjoy time off from the bicycle workshop.

Bicycle Mechanic Salary & Income

Bicycle mechanics living in areas with more cyclists will have more business.

Recreational areas with many bicyclists need more bicycle mechanics to perform maintenance and repairs.

Some times of year will be better than others because of the seasonal demand for bicycle repair.

How Much Do Bicycle Mechanics Make?

Bike mechanics can expect to make as low as $24,000 and as high as $65,000 per year.

This depends on experience, specialty, location, and if someone works independently or in a shop.

Overview of the Bicycle Mechanic Industry

image showing a bicycle mechanic working on a bike wheel

Bicycle Mechanic Field: Career Progression

People already involved in cycling often make the best mechanics because they have a thing called passion.

With years of experience in the bicycle industry, professional mechanics can troubleshoot any issue with your bike, from broken spokes to flat tires.

Many mechanics start as cycling enthusiasts and gain knowledge from their experience with bicycles.

Mechanics can start by working in a shop as an apprentice to learn the trade skills, earn a certification, then move on to repairing bikes independently.

Is a Bicycle Mechanic a Good Career?

A bicycle mechanic is a promising career for someone who loves cycling.

It’s also suitable for anyone with excellent problem-solving skills and who loves troubleshooting problems.

Bicycle Mechanic Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, projected employment growth for the bicycle repair industry is higher than average from 2016 to 2026, indicating a good outlook.

Demand for Bicycle Mechanics

The demand for bicycle mechanics continues to grow with many factors contributing, including more people getting involved in cycling.

Employer demand will continue to grow.

Bicycle Mechanic Facts

Many bicycle mechanics join the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association to help develop their industry knowledge and stay current.

Jobs Related to Bicycle Mechanic

A bike mechanic can work in many applications, and the customer service or sales requirement usually varies by setting.

  • Bicycle Shop Mechanic
  • Large Retailer Bicycle Assembler
  • Fleet Bicycle Mechanic
  • Bike shop owner
  • Bicycle designer
  • Cycle event consultant
  • Bicycle courier
  • Outdoor Activities Instructor

Requirements, Skills, and Education Required for Bicycle Mechanics

image showing a bike chain and gears

Who Should Consider a Bicycle Mechanic Career Path?

Bicycle mechanics must have knowledge of both repair and maintenance procedures for bicycles and familiarity with safety regulations.

Bicycle mechanics must have strong problem-solving skills, as they must be able to diagnose problems with bicycles and engines quickly and accurately.

Who Should NOT Consider a Bicycle Mechanic Career Path?

Do not become a bicycle mechanic if you are not good at problem-solving.

Also, you should not become a bike mechanic if you don’t want to work with your hands and get dirty.

Is it Hard to Become a Bicycle Mechanic?

It is not hard to become a bicycle mechanic if you love bicycles and enjoy solving difficult or complex problems.

Requirements for Becoming a Bicycle Mechanic

A bicycle mechanic typically receives training in basic bicycle repair and often works under the supervision of a more experienced technician.

Bicycle mechanics also need to have a good eye for detail.

They need to be able to diagnose problems and figure out what needs to be done to fix them.

What Skills Does a Bicycle Mechanic Need?

Bicycle mechanics must have knowledge of both repair and maintenance procedures for bicycles and familiarity with safety regulations.

Some bicycle mechanics may also be able to adjust brakes, gears, and suspension.

However, they need to have the patience to complete the job right.

What Education Does a Bicycle Mechanic Need?

Many experienced technicians did not need formal education but knowledge on the job.

Beginners learn the relevant skills and knowledge through apprenticeships.

Can You Become a Bicycle Mechanic Without a Degree?

To get a job as a trainee mechanic, you need experience and enthusiasm for bikes.

It is possible to start as a trainee without qualifications, but people with qualifications are preferred.

What Experience Does a Bicycle Mechanic Need?

Bicycle mechanics need to have some experience in bicycling and mechanical repairs.

They may already be a cyclist.

Some bicycle technicians learn to repair bicycles through an apprenticeship, but most complete courses where they are certified to perform bicycle repairs.

Bicycle Mechanic Education & Schooling

image showing a bicycle mechanic working on a bike wheel

What is Taught in a Bicycle Mechanic Course?

Bicycle repair courses will break down the mechanics of a bicycle.

It also teaches about equipment and tools used for repairs.

Courses a bicycle technician might take include bicycle repair and service, suspension tuning, spoked wheel lacing, and bicycle assembly.

How Long Does a Bicycle Mechanic Course Take?

Bicycle repair programs can last from a couple of weeks to several months.

Bicycle Mechanic Education Options and Degree Programs

Bicycle mechanics can earn certificates that validate their education and experience.

In addition, they can earn additional certificates for continued education.

Schools for Bicycle Mechanics

United Bicycle Institute welcomes beginners and novice bicycle mechanics to expand their knowledge and skills in bicycle repair.

Barnett Bicycle Institute was a top school for bicycle repair but is permanently closed according to a Google search.

Steps to Become a Bicycle Mechanic

Learn about bike repair skills by talking to this bike shop owner.

Some bike repair shops focus on particular brands.

Others focus on preventative maintenance and travel with professional sports or racing teams.

Gain experience and decide what your specialty is.

Frequently Asked Questions


How profitable is a bike shop?

Depending on the location, bicycle shops can be very profitable.

They make an average of 40% profit on cycling-related products.

How much does it cost to maintain a bicycle?

On average, maintaining a road bike can cost $100 to $300 per year.

More expensive bicycles will cost more to maintain because of the cost of parts.

Wrapping Up

Being a bicycle mechanic requires some ability to work with tools and machinery.

You also need knowledge of bike assembly and how to fix common bicycle problems.

For experienced cyclists looking for a career change, becoming a bicycle mechanic may just be something you have skill to do.

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