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A welder is someone who joins separate pieces of metal together using a variety of different methods which include Arc and Tig welding. In all types of welding, intense heat melts two touching or very close edges of metal and bonds them together. A good weld creates a very strong join capable of holding very […]

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is a professional event planner who will use expert knowledge of the wedding industry to plan a couple’s wedding. This role can include planning every event from the engagement right up to the honeymoon, including pre-wedding parties and post-wedding lunches. A wedding planner’s primary goal is to feed inspiration, advice and support […]


A watchmaker is somebody who makes or repairs watches. A person skilled in horology is responsible for the concept, design, build and after-sales care of wristwatches for men and women. The manufacturing aspect of watch production can range from small cottage-industry, self-employed watchmakers (the traditional one-man band), through to the big-name established timekeeping brands with […]

Warranty Specialist

A warranty specialist is a particular type of clerical officer who is specially trained to administer all aspects of the warranty policy of an organisation. Warranty specialists are professionals that can be found in almost any service industry but predominantly within the motoring sector. A warranty specialist’s primary role is to administer warranty claims that […]


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