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Warehouse Assistant

Warehouse assistants control the flow of stock through a warehouse, monitoring goods in and out, safely and efficiently moving and handling items and keeping stock records. The UK is home to thousands of warehouses operated by everyone from multinationals to one-man businesses. These facilities range from state-of-the-art chilled storage units to draughty barns. Millions of […]

Waiting Staff

Waiting Staff are often the first port-of-call within a business in the hospitality industry, making this a very important role within the workings of the company. Waiting Staff provide a link between the customers and the management, as well as between the customers and the kitchen/bar. The role is often fast-paced and tiring, you may […]


A volunteer performs services for a charity, community or non-profit making organisation and will not normally be paid, although out-of-pocket expenses may be reimbursed. Many charities rely heavily on volunteers, whether this involves performing administrative tasks in an office, manning their shop or working in the field. Other organisations such as schools and hospitals also […]


Volcanologists are scientific researchers who study the properties of volcanoes and develop the science of predicting volcanic eruptions accurately. Volcanoes are the results of fissures in the earth’s crust, from which magma, gases, rocks and ashes can erupt. There are about 1500 potentially active volcanoes around the world. Some of them, like Etna and Stromboli […]

Voiceover Artist

Voiceover artists provide the voice for animated films and television shows, narrate documentaries, and do voiceovers in television and radio commercials. Voiceover artists provide voices for animated characters including those in feature films, television programmes, animated short films and video games. They also use their talents to do voiceovers in radio and television commercials, audio […]


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