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CIA Internship: Types, Positions, Pay & How To Apply

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A CIA internship is a premier opportunity for individuals passionate about keeping their nation safe.

There are endless pathways and specialties within the CIA, making it a plausible choice for a large group of individuals with varied interests and talents.

Does the CIA Have an Internship Program?

The CIA has an extensive internship program that spans many different fields.

They offer internships specifically for students currently in university and for those outside of the education realm.

Their internship positions receive pay, meaning they can be relied upon for income while interning.

A CIA internship can launch you into your professional career, whether that is at the CIA or elsewhere.

Interning at the CIA will meet you where you are and consider your specific talents when evaluating if you are a right fit for the position.

The application time can be lengthy, but the reward is worth it.

Types of Internships Offered by the CIA

The CIA offers varying types of internships to suit the needs of those working in these positions.

Read below to learn more about these individual internships.

Student Internships

Student internships at the CIA are focused on equipping current students with the tools and resources to succeed in a highly competitive space vital to the safety of the United States.

This opportunity is available for undergraduate and graduate students looking to supplement their educational careers.

There are restrictions like your major and the institution you are attending.

Summer Internships

Summer internships are available at the CIA.

However, they are less abundant than other internship varieties.

Checking frequently on the current internship opportunities using the CIA Careers website is the best way to secure your ideal summer CIA internship.

Offerings may be few compared to those during the regular calendar year.

Part-Time Internships

Due to the nature of the internships available at the CIA, most of them will be very demanding of time.

However, there are occasionally part-time internship opportunities available to interested parties.

Use this tool to search for positions based on hours.

How Many Interns Does the CIA Have?

The current number of interns at the CIA is unknown.

However, we can assume there are quite a few.

The basis of this assumption is the sheer size of the CIA as an entire organization.

Additionally, thousands of interested individuals apply for these internships!

Although we do not have access to a concrete number, we assume that there are many interns at the CIA.

The CIA Internship Positions

The CIA is frequently updating its offered internship positions.

Due to this, the current internship positions that we list here may expand in the future.

Similarly, some internship positions we mention may cease to exist with future developments.

Regardless, this serves as a look into the type of work the CIA is interested in from their interns.

You may be surprised at the variety of fields the CIA has positions!

They are not only looking for those minded in traditional CIA roles but in all types of individuals to assist in the CIA career ecosystem.

Avoid counting yourself out before looking at what they offer!

Here we have listed a few CIA internship positions

Law Clerk

Law clerk internships at the CIA require assisting attorneys in whatever capacity they need.

This responsibility includes intelligence matters, routine/daily practices of an executive agency, and national security law.


Auditor internships at the CIA analyze internal programs at the CIA and attempt to maximize efficiency and overall improvement.

Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence analysis internships at the CIA are team-oriented and study various kinds of information to evaluate what action is appropriate.

These assignments are needed to aid those such as the President, National Security Council, and other policymakers.

Directorate of Operations

Directorate of operations internships at the CIA are focused on international developments.

They also study human intelligence derived from these events.

There is not a wide array of information available on this position because of its covert nature.

What Does an Intern at the CIA Do?

Interns at the CIA typically work on teams with other CIA employees.

They study under individuals in higher positions than them, working side-by-side to increase the efficiency and safety of national operations.

Who Does the CIA Target for Internships?

The CIA primarily utilizes internships geared towards those in the educational realm.

This strategy allows them to provide opportunities for those who may be interested in a CIA career after their education or those interested in related fields.

Interns will typically be young, intelligent, and driven in their studies.

Most internship positions are the CIA are catered toward student groups such as:

  • Recent Graduates
  • Students Graduating Soon
  • Students Who Have Already Graduated

How Is a CIA Internship?

Interning at the CIA is not an easy task. Interns must be dedicated and highly skilled in their specific field.

These requirements of interested parties contribute to the highly competitive nature of achieving an internship at the CIA.

Interns will likely be exposed to sensitive material and be in spaces only accessible to those working in government positions.

The CIA Internship Process

As mentioned above, the CIA internship application process is highly competitive.

The application must be completed at least a year in advance from the desired time of interning.

This time restraint can make it troubling to decide on a whim.

This practice encourages applicants to be highly interested before deciding to apply.

Is It Hard to Intern at the CIA?

The difficulty of interning at the CIA is more strenuous than other internships available.

However, it may not be difficult in physical labor but more in mental and emotional work.

The CIA deals with sensitive matters that may be stressful for unprepared individuals to take on.

What Notable Projects Can Interns Potentially Work On?

Interns at the CIA have the potential to work on some sensitive and important projects within the United States government.

This work is vital to keeping the nation and its citizens safe.

How Many Hours Do the CIA Interns Work?

CIA interns typically work full-time hours.

Full-time is considered 40 hours a week.

CIA Internship Benefits

The main benefit of having an internship at the CIA is the prestigious nature of getting the role at such a high-level organization within the United States government.

Additionally, they provide paid time off, federal health and life insurance, credit union, child care, retirement, and health care.

What Do You Learn in an Intelligence Internship?

Intelligence internships are rich with information to learn and lessons to carry through professional and personal life.

The experiences had through interning at the CIA will play a significant role in shaping the rest of the lives and careers of interns.

Are the CIA Interns Paid?

All internships at the CIA are salary positions.

Not only are they paid, but the payments are more than other similar internships.

This payment is due to the strenuous labor required and the rigorous entrance into the program.

How Much Are CIA Interns Paid?

CIA interns earn a median of around $50,000.

This salary is low compared with the cost of living in Washington, D.C.

However, you may be able to find affordable accommodations through the organization.

Requirements for Getting an Internship at the CIA

Getting an internship at the CIA is very competitive compared to most other internships in similar fields.

Applicants must be intelligent, hard-working, and impressive in all realms.

CIA Internship Acceptance Rate

Less than 1% of all applicants receive acceptance into the CIA internship program.

This percentage is an astonishingly low acceptance rate.

It goes to show how picky the CIA is when choosing interns!

Suggested Areas of Study for CIA Interns

The CIA has stated that the most desired majors for their CIA student interns are in the realms of science and technology, digital innovation, support, and analysis.

Does the CIA Care About GPA?

The CIA has a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.

However, you will most likely need a GPA much higher than this one to gain entrance into the program.

This GPA requirement is due to the competitive nature of admissions and the priority on intelligent individuals.

Recommended Skills for CIA Interns

CIA interns should be intelligent, devoted to the safety of their nation, have high levels of integrity, and be supportive of working in a diverse and inclusive atmosphere.

Does the CIA Background Check Their Interns?

The CIA has a lengthy process of vetting all of its employees.

This screening is especially vital within an organization such as the CIA, where important information is constantly running through the inner workings on all levels.

Does the CIA Drug Test Their Interns?

The CIA is a drug-free workplace. This mandate includes the use of marijuana.

No drug use of any kind is allowed for employees.

You will be drug tested to accept an intern position at the CIA.

Do CIA Interns Get Hired?

Interning at the CIA is a pathway to landing a career within the organization.

Just because you work as an intern at the CIA does not mean that you will be guaranteed to be employed by them in the future.

However, if you build a strong reputation and show your potential, it is more likely than if you had never interned with them.

Are CIA Interns Paid?

All CIA internship positions have a salary.

How To Get an Internship at the CIA

Focus on having good grades throughout your educational career if you want to get an internship at the CIA.

Also, prioritize finding a field that the CIA utilizes that would be a good fit for yourself.

Avoid any legal trouble that could show when you receive screening as an applicant.

Where To Find CIA Internship Opportunities

CIA internship opportunities are on the official CIA website.

They are updated frequently.

Therefore, check regularly for new positions.

Interview for a CIA Internship

If your application is selected, you may receive a request for an interview.

These interviews take place in Washington, D.C.

What Should I Wear to a CIA Internship Interview?

Ensure you wear the appropriate interview attire; it should be professional.

Your appearance should be put-together.

During an intern interview, ensure that your hygiene is exceptional.

Although your intelligence and dedication are what you bring to the team, you must make a solid first impression.

How to Answer Why You Want to Work at the CIA?

You will likely receive the common interview question of why you want to work at the CIA.

If you receive this question, be honest!

Tell them about your relevant passions and devotion to the safety of the United States.

How Do I Prepare for the CIA Internship?

Focus on making good grades in school, staying out of legal trouble, and building an impressive resume.

You will have to put your best foot forward for an internship at the CIA.

Is the CIA a Good Internship?

In short, yes!

CIA internship opportunities are excellent.

An internship at the CIA is impressive and immensely enriching.

Upon finishing, adding this experience to your resume shows dedication and high honor.

The positive reputation is a primary reason they are so difficult to land.

Thousands of interested people apply every year. Very few get in because of how sought-after the positions are.

Is an Internship at the CIA Worth It?

An internship with the CIA is the most beneficial for those interested in the operations of the CIA.

Interns will likely have to relocate for the position.

However, with the provided salary and experience, most individuals will find this internship incredibly worth it.

Similar Programs To Check Out

There are also similar programs to the internships at the CIA that are worth considering.

Read more below about other internships that may pique your interest.

FBI Internship

The FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation, offers full-time internships that are paid and come with impressive experience.

They primarily focus on summer internships for students.

SpaceX Internship

SpaceX, an innovative company that focuses on space travel, offers paid internships at several locations across America.

These internships are highly sought after by those interested in the space field.

They are competitive to gain admission.

NASA Internship

NASA, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, offers internships similar to SpaceX in the regard that they focus on space.

They offer internships to university students and those still in high school!

This offering is a rare find for organizations of such a large size and high prestige.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we’ve addressed some frequently asked questions regarding CIA internships.

Does the CIA hire international students?

No, the CIA only hires United States citizens.

They also consider applicants that have dual citizenship.

This is due to the nature of the CIA being an intelligence agency for the United States.

Does the CIA require a cover letter?

Yes, the CIA requires a cover letter.

This task should not be too daunting!

Cover letters address why you want to work at a specific business and why you are an ideal candidate.

Consider a cover letter an opportunity to vouch for yourself and your best skills.

Wrapping Up

The CIA offers phenomenal internships to highly qualified and skilled individuals.

They are worth looking into if you are interested in the organization or the field in which you want to work in at the organization.

We wish you luck in your search for the perfect internship opportunity!

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