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CNA Interview Questions and Answers

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Duties performed by a CNA professional are very important for the general healthcare.

Before appearing in the job hunt, a CNA needs to clear CNA certification.

Have you cleared the certification and are on the lookout for a rewarding CNA job?

Then you should prepare well for the interview.

Right from crafting a resume to confidently answering the questions in the interview – everything falls under your job search preparation.

Though there is an abundance of jobs for CNA professionals, but if you desire to get a job in a desired location for a leading healthcare organization then you have to prepare well.

Earlier, the tricks of preparing a CNA resume have been discussed in details.

Now let us ponder over another important CNA interview phase which is CNA interview questions.

Suggestions and Not Sure Shots for CNA Interview Questions

CNA Interview Questions

In this regard it is safe to say that interviewers shoot questions at random and often no one can predict what they would ask you on D-Day.

But there are more often than not some common CNA interview questions that you have to confront.

Let us take a look at these.

Question 1: Can you tell me something about yourself?

Answer: If you are asked such a question in the interview do not go about telling the interviewer about your educational qualifications and school history.

Rather try to tell them about the experiences and how they will make you a great CNA.

You can say “I am an easy going person who gets along with the people very well.

This characteristic of mine has made me team player at all previous jobs.

As a sales person in my last job I communicated effectively with the public and went that extra yard to help my fellow workers and customers.

I am very happy to have an opportunity to apply such skills and an inherent caring attitude to the job of a CNA professional.

I will always try to assure that all patients feel at home and are adequately cared for.

I have worked in two jobs during my CNA training and these have given me a confidence to multitask and yet provide best care to patients.

I have a positive attitude and high energy levels.”

Question 2: Why do you want to work in the capacity of a CNA?

Answer: You should try to show your passion to work in the healthcare sector with your own personal touch.

You might answer “Since my childhood days I wanted to work in job where I would help others.

Thus I wanted to enter in the healthcare industry right from early life.

When I was young my grandmother became severely ill and she could not care for herself.

So, my family contacted a health agency to hire a nursing care for her.

My grandmother’s health status has improved considerably after a nurse came about and I was very grateful to her.

It was at this point that I found joy in caring for others as a Certified Nursing Assistant.”

Question 3: Why are you leaving the last job?

Answer: You should never start cursing the last organization as soon as this question comes up.

It gives a negative impression about you.

You should try to portray the bad experiences as a step forward by saying “I learned a plenty everyday in my last job.

These skills will help me provide better patient care in your present organization.

I know if I work with you as a CNA I will be able to learn wider range of things every day.”

Question 4: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Answer: This is a tricky question.

You do not want to say that you will not be working with them, and yet show them your motivation to achieve greater goals.

If you are looking to grow in your nursing career then you can say “I would like to pursue the career of CNA for few years to gain working experience before embarking to become a Licensed Private Nurse (LPN) degree.

I know I have the scope to learn from a hospital like yours with such a great reputation.

Five years from now I would dearly love to work as a LPN or RN for your facility.”

Question 5: What are your positive character traits that make you suitable for this job?

Answer: Don’t give a generic answer to this question.

Rather than giving a generic answer such as “I am a great communicator with an attention to details” you can rather start a personal story.

“Since my childhood I have been a person who has gone that extra mile to help others.

When others fail, I give it 110% and achieve success.

When I was working during CNA training I had formed a bonding with an elderly patient.

One morning while caring for her I had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right, though her vital signs were perfectly OK.

So, I went ahead and talked to my supervisor.

When the doctor turned up and checked minutely he found out that that lady was ill all day.

My attention to details helped the patient recover quickly.”

It can be hoped that with the help of these samples you will be able to come up with flying colors in your next interview no matter what CNA interview questions you are bombarded with.

You can download the ‘Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers’ for better interview preparation.

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