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Amazon Background Check: How They Work & How to Pass

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In 2021, Amazon had a total number of 1,608,000 full and part-time employees.

In fact, Amazon has a larger workforce than competitor companies, including Alibaba and Alphabet.

During the Amazon hiring process, they’ll conduct background checks on all applicants.

To get accepted into your job at Amazon, you need to pass all the background checks.

In today’s article, we offer an in-depth guide about the Amazon background check and what to expect.

Amazon Background Check Basics

Amazon runs background checks as a safety measure.

It’s a crucial step to place every employee in the position they fit in.

Do You Need to Do a Background Check to Apply at Amazon?

Yes, when you apply for Amazon jobs, you’ll find that you need to authorize them to conduct the check.

Amazon can’t conduct a background check without your consent.

That said, if you’re applying for the job online, you have to agree to a background check to complete the application process.

In some jobs, you don’t have to agree to it online, but you’ll probably have to do it later.

If you don’t agree to the background check, chances are Amazon will reject your application.

Positions That Require a Background Check

Here are some examples of positions that require a background check:

●     Customer service positions: Background checks are crucial because you’ll be dealing with customers and their personal data.

●     Corporate positions: You need to protect Amazon’s property, data, and valuable information.

●     Customer fulfillment positions: To protect Amazon and other third parties from any kind of damage or theft, background checks must be conducted on applicants for these positions.

Can You Work at Amazon Without a Background Check?

Most jobs at Amazon will require a background check, while others jobs, such as higher management, won’t need one.

More importantly, if you deny Amazon’s request to conduct a check on you, your application will get rejected.

Who Runs the Background Checks?

Depending on the country you’re in, Amazon usually uses third-party companies to conduct background checks for them.

These companies include Sterling Infosystems Inc. and Accurate.

What Does the Amazon Background Check Look For?

The Amazon background check looks for any criminal convictions, including misdemeanors or felonies, in the past 7 to 10 years.

To pass the Amazon hiring process, you need to have a clean record.

Criminal Background Check

Almost any background check will include a criminal history check.

The main purpose of the criminal history is to show if the applicant has been convicted of a crime.

The criminal background will also show the following:

●     Arrests

●     Pending criminal charges

●     Warrants

●     Court Records

●     Incarceration

●     Sex Offender Registry

Driving Record

This check is mostly done if you’re applying to a position that requires driving a vehicle, like delivering shipments.

The driver record includes information about the driver and their history, such as current and resolved suspensions.

Additionally, it contains any citations, violations, or other significant entries.

Typically, minor incidents like speeding tickets will only last around three years on your record.

On the other hand, DUIs and serious records can remain for more than a decade.

Vehicle Report

For Amazon Flex and similar positions where you’ll be using your personal vehicle, Amazon might request a vehicle report.

It includes information about the vehicle’s ownership.

More importantly, it encompasses any report of accidents or vehicle alterations.

Will They Check My Credit?

Usually, Amazon will check your credit history.

It’s a record of your ability to repay debts, in addition to loans and bankruptcy.

However, there’s nothing to worry about since it’s just a way to understand your financial behavior.

How Far in the Past Does the Background Check Go?

Typically, background checks cover seven years of criminal records.

They can cover up to 10 years or more though, depending on the type of background check and the state laws.

Some state laws limit employers to a seven-year look-back, while other states don’t have any limitations on the look-back period.

What Do I Need to Supply For the Amazon Background Check?

Amazon will require some basic information, along with your Social Security number and your consent to conduct the background check.

Most of the information you supply for the Amazon background check is already in your application form.

In other words, you need to make sure all your information is correct, or your application might get rejected.

This info includes:

●     Full Name: Your full name as it is on your government identification card.

●     Date of Birth: Your date of birth as it appears on your government identification card.

●     Social Security Number: Your Social Security number as it appears on your Social Security card or any bank statement.

●     Address: Your address as it appears on your ID card.

●     Contact Information: Valid contact information.

●     Consent Form: Sign the consent form to agree to the background check.

Do Amazon Background Checks Cost Anything?

If you’re applying for a position at Amazon, you won’t need to pay for the background check.

Unless you decide to run your own background check, you don’t need to pay any fees for the background check.

How Long Does the Amazon Background Check Take?

The background checks are extensive and can take anywhere from one week to four weeks, so you need to be patient.

However, if you don’t have any news after four weeks, you should contact Amazon.

In some cases, missing information or inconsistencies from different sources can cause a delay.

How to Check the Status of Your Background Check

You can easily check the status of your background check by accessing the applicant portal of the agency.

Moreover, you could check your email, as the company might send you a link there where you can access the status of your background check.

It can be one of the following:

●     Pending

●     Awaiting Documents

●     Suspended

●     Complete

●     Clear

●     Consider

●     Dispute

What Each Status Means

Naturally, each one of these statuses has a different meaning.

While the hiring manager will likely contact you if you need to take action, it can still be helpful to know the meaning of each status.


This means that the company is still running the background check and gathering information.

No action is needed on the applicant’s side.

     Awaiting Documents

The background check company requires authorization or documents from you.

There will be an email sent to the applicant and/or the hiring manager explaining the exact documents.


In case the documents aren’t sent to the company in the set time, the background check will be suspended and will need re-opening.


The background check is done and sent to the hiring manager for their review.


The background check passes the criteria set by the hiring manager.


This means the background check might’ve passed the criteria, but needs review from the hiring manager for other records.


The applicant disputed the background check.

What Happens If I’m Rejected?

If Amazon rejects you based on the background check, they’ll likely inform you of the exact reason.

Some offenses in your background check are red flags, while others can be overlooked if you contact the hiring manager.

Your background check will likely stay with Amazon and its affiliate companies.

This means if you apply for another position, they’ll already have all your information.

How Can I Avoid Rejection?

The surest way to avoid rejection is to check your background before Amazon does!

This way, you won’t need to hide anything during the interview process.

Furthermore, if the background check shows inconsistencies during your interview or in your resume, even if it’s a small detail, most hiring managers will automatically reject you.

You should also be realistic when applying for jobs since some positions are stricter than others.

Is a Rejection Final?

No. Thankfully, you can dispute the results of the background check.

Then, the hiring manager can re-evaluate the decision.

Appealing a Rejected Amazon Background Check

You’ve probably invested a lot of time and effort in the Amazon application process.

Therefore, it can be discouraging to lose a job over a detail in the background check.

Usually, Amazon gives you a period called pre-adverse action where you can appeal your case.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Obtain a copy of your background check from the Consumer Reporting Agency.
  2. Find the error on the background check, and obtain the correct information.
  3. For example, you can get a credit report, verify your education information with your school, or contact the courthouse for an error in your criminal background.
  4. Then, you can contact your hiring agent with the corrected information.

Why You Should Dispute a Rejected Background Check

Many scenarios might require you to dispute a background check.

It doesn’t mean you’re hiding facts, but errors can happen.

In other words, the company running the check can simply make a mistake that leads to your rejection.

Additionally, the information on the background check might just be wrong, or it might even belong to a different person!

The Chances of Getting Amazon’s Decision Reversed

This depends on the reason for the rejection.

If there was an error in the background check, or if the detail was insignificant, the hiring manager can reverse the decision.

However, time is the deciding factor.

So, if you didn’t dispute the background check quickly enough, Amazon can move on to another suitable candidate, even if your appeal is valid.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do Amazon background checks happen?

Background checks are usually a one-time occurrence.

Whether you’re hired or not, you probably won’t have to do another background check for Amazon.

Does Amazon hire felons?

Amazon is open to hiring felons.

You need to have a good record since your last conviction though, and your felony should have nothing to do with the position you’re applying for.

Is an Amazon background check confidential?

Amazon background checks are completely confidential.

In fact, you have to sign a privacy notice when applying to Amazon, which notifies you of how Amazon shares your information.

Typically, your background check is only shared with Amazon and its affiliated companies.

Does Amazon also drug test employees?

Yes, most positions require a prior drug test, though Amazon can overlook some drugs, such as cannabis.

However, if the position you’re applying for is regulated by the Department of Transportation, you shouldn’t have any drugs in your system.

Additionally, if you get the job, you can expect to undergo regular or random drug tests.

Wrapping Up

The Amazon hiring process requires a background check from the applicants, especially for corporate and customer service positions.

It’s a simple way to ensure the safety and privacy of Amazon’s data and properties.

You can use the services of a background check company to make sure that everything will go smoothly with Amazon’s check.

If your records are clean, there’s nothing to worry about.

Hopefully, you’ll get accepted into your new job with no problems.

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