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AutoZone Background Check

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The AutoZone hiring process includes a background check.

With an AutoZone background check, the company examines your past to uncover any issues that may impact your employability.

Your criminal record, driving record, and employment history may influence your ability to get hired.

Here is what you should know about AutoZone hiring, including the AutoZone background check and the rest of the steps involved in getting a job with the company.

AutoZone Background Check Basics

The background check is just one of several steps in the AutoZone hiring process.

Each application is prescreened to ensure that the applicant meets the basic requirements of the job.

Applicants who pass the prescreening process are scheduled for an interview where they sign a consent form for a background check.

The consent form allows AutoZone to run a background check to determine if you are a good fit for the job.

Do You Need to Do a Background Check to Apply at AutoZone?

A background check is necessary for all applicants who apply at AutoZone.

Whether you plan on working a retail position at an AutoZone store or a corporate position at an AutoZone office, the company will run a background check.

Positions That Require a Background Check

  • Retail Sales (Store Position): Employers use background checks to avoid hiring those with violent criminal records or sexual offenses as a way to maintain a safe workplace. Poor financial history, such as bankruptcies, may also raise red flags, as this may increase the risk of retail theft.
  • Driver (Store Position): Drivers must possess a clean driving record, as they are responsible for driving company-owned vehicles.
  • Store Management: Store managers require a background check and retail experience. Due to the responsibilities of the job, any criminal conviction could hinder employment opportunities.
  • Corporate Position: Corporate positions at the company’s headquarters in Tennessee may require a background check, but there is a lack of information available on these positions.
  • Field Management/Sales: Sales positions require background checks to avoid hiring anyone with a violent criminal record or sex offender status.
  • Distribution Center/Warehouse: Workers at AutoZone warehouses must pass a background check but may still receive an employment offer with a criminal record. Drug tests may be needed for certain positions, such as supervisor roles.

Can You Work at AutoZone Without a Background Check?

An AutoZone hiring manager is unlikely to hire an applicant without completing a background check.

As AutoZone does not sell franchises, all retail stores and warehouses are company owned.

All managers must follow the same hiring practices, which involve running a background check.

Who Runs the Background Checks?

AutoZone uses a third-party service to run background checks.

The typical background check includes a review of information available through public records.

However, running a background check requires time and resources, which is why AutoZone and most other employers rely on third-party agencies to run the checks.

What Does the Background Check Look For?

A background check reviews several areas of your background:

  • Criminal records
  • Driving record
  • Credit history

A background check is also necessary for identity verification.

The company uses your social security number to verify the personal information provided on the application and ensure that you are legally able to work in the United States.

Criminal Records

A background check includes a review of criminal records.

Most background check organizations start with a search of the National Sex Offender Registry.

The FBI provides background checks for federal charges.

The company will also review state and county records.

Criminal records may include misdemeanor and felony convictions and pending charges.

Acquitted charges and dismissed charges may also appear on the background report.

Driving Record

Employers are unlikely to pull driving records for positions that do not involve operating a vehicle.

For example, the driving record should not matter for retail positions, warehouse jobs, and corporate positions.

However, AutoZone drivers are likely to need a clean driving record.

Credit History

Companies can review an applicant’s credit history but not view their credit score.

Financial trouble could indicate that a candidate is at higher risk of committing company fraud or theft.

Will They Check My Credit?

Federal laws permit employers to review an applicant’s credit report during the hiring process.

Employers cannot view your credit score or income.

However, they can review your credit accounts, payment history, bankruptcies, and past work history.

How Far in the Past Does the Background Check Go?

The background check may look five to seven years into your past.

Most states in the US have laws that govern how far back a background check can look.

This “lookback period” is typically seven years but may be shorter or longer in some states.

What Do I Need to Supply for the AutoZone Background Check?

Before running a background check, AutoZone needs your authorization and several personal details.

Without certain information, the company that runs the check cannot complete the process.

Some of the details needed for AutoZone to complete a background check include:

  • Full Name: Your legal name as it appears on your ID.
  • Date of Birth: Your birthday as it appears on your ID.
  • Social Security Number: Your government-issued social security number. Without an SSN, you cannot work.
  • Address: Your current address.
  • Contact Information: You may need to provide a phone number and email address. The company will use your email address to send you an update on the background check status.
  • Consent: You need to consent to the background check if you want to complete the hiring process.

Do AutoZone Background Checks Cost Anything?

The background check does not cost the applicant anything.

AutoZone pays a third-party agency to run the background checks.

The average cost of a background check is between $20 and $100.

The agency running the check needs to pay to access various databases and records, including national criminal databases and local court records.

How Long Does an AutoZone Background Check Take?

The average waiting time for a background check is about three to five business days.

Some of the reasons that an AutoZone background check may take longer include:

  • Incomplete information
  • Incorrect information
  • Weather delays
  • Court delays

The most common causes of a delayed background check include incomplete and incorrect information.

If you, the hiring manager, or a staffer, enter the wrong information, the background check is likely to take longer.

How to Check the Status of Your Background Check

You should receive an email or a phone call after the company has completed your background check.

You can also contact the hiring manager if you have not heard back after two to three weeks.

Different Statuses for Background Checks

If you contact the background check company or hiring manager, you may receive an update on the status of the report. Common statuses include:

  • Pending. The company is waiting on additional information or backlogs.
  • Suspended. The company requires additional information from you.
  • Completed. The check is complete and ready for review.

What Happens If I’m Rejected?

If you are rejected, you should receive a reason for the rejection, such as an issue that turned up during the background check.

You should then have the chance to respond to the decision, which may include disputing the findings of the background check.

How Can I Avoid Rejection?

You can avoid rejection by ensuring that you meet the requirements for the job.

For example, drivers need clean driving records.

If you apply for a retail position, you should consider applying during busy seasons, such as the spring and summer.

Is a Rejection Final?

A rejection is not final.

You can try re-applying for the same position at a later time.

However, you may want to resolve any issues that contributed to you not getting hired, such as getting your criminal records expunged.

Appealing a Rejected AutoZone Background Check

If you face rejection due to the details of the background check, you may appeal the decision.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Request a copy of the background report. The employer is legally obligated to provide a copy of the report before choosing not to hire you.
  2. Check the report for errors. Identify any errors that may have negatively impacted the hiring decision.
  3. Contact the background check company. Most background check companies offer dispute forms. You can request a form and file a claim.
  4. Consider hiring a lawyer. If the background check company refuses to let you dispute their findings, consider working with a lawyer to review your options.

Why You Should Dispute a Rejected Background Check

You should dispute a rejected background check if you believe that it contains factual errors.

Disputing these errors could make the difference between gaining employment and needing to continue your job search.

The Chances of Getting AutoZone’s Decision Reversed

You have the right to dispute any errors in your background check, but you may not reverse the hiring manager’s decision after it has been made.

The chances of getting the decision reversed depend on the need for workers in your region.

For example, if an AutoZone retail outlet is desperate for workers, you may find them more willing to reconsider the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Do AutoZone Background Checks Happen?

AutoZone background checks happen every time that someone applies for a job.

A background check is performed on every candidate, whether they are applying at a retail outlet or the corporate office.

Does AutoZone Hire Felons?

Yes, AutoZone hires felons.

However, the company may choose not to hire individuals convicted of violent or sexual crimes.

The manager of the location where a felon applies may also give preference to candidates without criminal records when considering multiple applicants.

Is an AutoZone Background Check Confidential?

AutoZone background checks remain confidential outside of the parties involved in the hiring process.

AutoZone hiring managers and human resources (HR) staff may view the details of the background check.

No other individuals are permitted to view the background report.

Does AutoZone Also Drug Test Employees?

Drivers and other transportation jobs require a drug test.

Managers may also need to pass a drug test.

AutoZone also has the right to drug test its employees if they suspect they are using drugs or were involved in an on-the-job accident.

Wrapping Up

The AutoZone hiring process typically includes one or more interviews and a background check.

An AutoZone background check reviews your criminal history and credit history.

If your job involves driving a vehicle, the company may also check your driving record.

You can dispute errors on a background check but getting a hiring manager to reverse a decision is not always easy.

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