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AutoZone Hiring: Jobs, Requirements, Salary and What Work Is Like

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AutoZone is one of the most recognizable auto shops in the United States.

AutoZone serves customers at more than 6,400 stores in the nation.

There are various positions at each AutoZone that encompass different tasks and responsibilities.

Fortunately, the AutoZone hiring process is simple and direct.

There are some key things applicants should know about starting their career with AutoZone and how they interact with the company.

Here’s everything you will need to know about working with AutoZone.

Why Would Somebody Want to Work at AutoZone?

Jobs with AutoZone cover a range of different skill sets and abilities that you may have.

With the proper training, you’ll probably find your job engaging and fulfilling.

Most jobs with AutoZone aren’t overwhelmingly difficult, making them a great option for many people.

Is AutoZone Hiring?

AutoZone is always hiring for new positions.

There’s more than likely a store near you looking for new applicants.

What Positions Does AutoZone Usually Hire For?

The company is always looking for drivers, clerks, associates, managers, shift supervisors, and maintenance technicians.

These positions are necessary at almost every location, and a job opening should be available nearby.

Does AutoZone Offer Remote Positions?

Yes, AutoZone offers remote positions.

Software engineers, technicians, and other positions are available to work from a remote location.

However, these positions aren’t as common, so it might be best to apply as soon as you find them.

Where To Check To See if AutoZone Is Hiring

There are various website listings and online portals that show AutoZone positions near your location.

You can also check the yellow pages.

You can also check the AutoZone careers page on their website, where they list new openings.

Other websites, like Indeed, will show similar work opportunities, depending on where you live.

How Hard Is It To Get Hired at AutoZone?

It’s not very difficult to obtain a job at AutoZone as long as you fulfill certain obligations.

You must be at least 18 years of age to work at AutoZone.

Likewise, you may need a valid driver’s license.

You must be able to meet the company’s expected driver requirements to show you’re safe and up to the standards of the job.

Requirements to Apply at AutoZone

There are some things you need to know before beginning your application.

Hiring agents will look at several things on your resume.

Before applying, make sure you meet these basic requirements.

Do You Need Experience to Work at AutoZone?

Most positions don’t require prior work experience, though it will look better on your application if you do have it.

However, prospective managers and other more technical roles must have three years of previous work experience in their field before AutoZone will hire them.

Most positions also have training courses, including for management.

How Old Do You Have To Be to Work at AutoZone?

Anyone applying must be at least 18 years old by the time they send their application in.

AutoZone accepts adult employees of every age group and background.

As long as you’re a legal adult with the correct skills, you can work with AutoZone.

AutoZone Education Requirements

AutoZone employees need a standard high-school diploma at least.

College degrees are unnecessary but are certainly helpful for obtaining most positions with the company.

AutoZone Hiring Process

Here’s a breakdown of the Autozone hiring process:

  1. To start your process, create a resume.
  2. Note in your resume any prior work experience related to the field.
  3. Note in your resume any education relevant to the job you want.
  4. Contact a regional AutoZone location.
  5. Set up an interview and check your phone and email.
  6. Conduct an interview in person or online.

How Long Does It Usually Take To Get Hired at AutoZone?

The entire application usually takes around two weeks, thanks to AutoZone’s professional hiring process.

AutoZone Interview Process

Depending on the role you’re applying for, you can expect the interview to cover past experience, motivation, future career goals, and availability.

The interviewer won’t try to trick you with difficult questions, but they will try to gauge your skills and whether you have the necessary knowledge to perform the job.

Some common questions include:

  • Why do you want to work at AutoZone?
  • How has your previous role prepared you for this position?
  • How would you be an asset to the team?

What Should I Wear to an AutoZone Interview?

Office attire is professional, and most managers will prefer polo tops or button-up shirts.

The company has a dress code for workers, so it will impress them if you show up well-presenting.

Does AutoZone Require an Assessment Test?


All potential employees will have to pass an assessment test.

This test shows what skills you have and if you can complete the responsibilities management assigns.

Does AutoZone Drug Test?

AutoZone does drug tests in certain states, but not others.

Applicants can usually find out whether their nearby store will issue drug tests.

Does AutoZone Do Background Check?

Yes, AutoZone runs background checks on all applicants, regardless of the position.

However, AutoZone is an accepting company that will hire applicants with criminal records.

AutoZone Orientation and Training

AutoZone has both orientation and training for new applicants.

Both are timely and comprehensive ways to introduce you to the workplace.

Does AutoZone Offer Training to New Hires?

Yes, AutoZone offers training to the majority of hires they receive.

The company also provides managerial and technical training depending on your application.

What Is New Employee Orientation Like?

Orientation is quite simple and manageable.

The store will teach you the company policies, requirements, and what to expect working for AutoZone.

They will review your benefits and any paperwork going into the job.

How Long Is AutoZone Training?

Training is comprehensive yet speedy.

Managerial training at AutoZone is usually anywhere from 8-12 weeks long.

Other technical training can be anywhere from two to four weeks.

How Long Does It Usually Take To Get Hired at AutoZone?

The hiring process only takes a week or two to complete.

Sometimes, you may receive notification that you have been hired even sooner.

What It’s Like To Work at AutoZone?

AutoZone employees will be active throughout the day in managing their assigned tasks.

It’s not any more physically strenuous nor physically easy than most jobs at automotive repair and accessory shops.

Customer service, maneuvering and lifting objects, and practicing safe driving are all responsibilities AutoZoners have during their shifts.

How Long Are Shifts at AutoZone?

The standard shift is eight hours a day, five days a week.

This shift is the standard 40-hour work shift, and it applies to most positions.

Applicants have the potential to work night shifts and long shifts as well, such as 12 hours a day or more, depending on the role.

What Is the AutoZone Dress Code Like?

The dress code depends on your position and location.

Most AutoZone locations require all-black uniforms with black shoes or red polo shirts with black pants and black shoes.

Some stores may need you to wear khaki or gray clothing as well.

What Benefits Does AutoZone Offer?

There are numerous benefits workers receive when working with AutoZone.

You can expect life insurance, group limited medical benefit indemnity insurance, group dental insurance with vision discounts, and coupon and discount benefits that come with the position.

Frequently Asked Questions

The hiring process can seem intimidating, but try not to be overwhelmed.

These are some answers to the frequently asked questions applicants may have.

What are AutoZone employees called?

AutoZone employees are called AutoZoners.

The term is a way of identifying members of the company.

The employee website refers to this as well.

AutoZoner discounts are available to AutoZone employees.

Is AutoZone owned by Walmart?

No, AutoZone isn’t owned by Walmart or any other franchise.

Institutional investors own over 95% of the outstanding shares that AutoZone has.

Wrapping Up

AutoZone has numerous vacant positions that you may be the solution to.

The company provides benefits and compensation for your work, and the AutoZone hiring process is streamlined and professional.

Feel free to reach out to the company or a local AutoZone in your location to start the application process.

We wish you luck with your application!

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