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Barnes & Noble Hiring: Jobs, Requirements, Salary and What Work Is Like

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Barnes & Noble is the largest bookstore in the world and the leading retailer of content, educational, and digital products.

The company has over 600 stores in the US, an e-commerce site, BN.com, and a NOOK Digital business.

The bookstore offers several job opportunities for both entry levels and experienced positions.

In this article, you’ll find information about Barnes & Noble hiring process.

You’ll also find some tips that will help you secure a position there.

Barnes & Noble Hiring Basics

First, let’s get to know about the basics of the Barnes & Noble hiring process:

Why Would Somebody Want to Work at Barnes & Noble?

People looking for entry-level jobs to gain work experience are usually the ones who seek a job at the bookstore.

It’s also great for those looking for a low-stress job that offers plenty of benefits.

The working environment is casual and fun with great teamwork.

Is Barnes & Noble Hiring?

Barnes & Noble usually offer job positions all year round.

However, you might not find an opening at your local branch.

In this case, try looking for job opportunities in other branches near you.

What Positions Does Barnes & Noble Usually Hire For?

You can find several job opportunities for retail, corporate, and distribution jobs.

For retail jobs, they usually hire for:

  • Bookseller
  • Barista
  • Cashier
  • Cafe manager

As for corporate jobs, you can find job opportunities for:

  • Member services specialist
  • Senior IT auditor
  • Cash management analyst

Last, they offer openings for distributions jobs, including:

  • Operation supervisor
  • Cleaner
  • Supervisor Maintenance

Does Barnes & Noble Offer Remote Positions?

Yes, it offers remote positions and even freelance jobs.

Keep in mind that those remote jobs are only for corporate positions.

There are many benefits to working from home jobs, including flexible working hours, gym reimbursements, and sponsored company events.

Where to Check to See if Barnes & Noble Is Hiring

The best place to check if Barnes & Noble is hiring is on the website.

The Careers page provides all the information you need.

You can filter the job vacancies based on your zip code and the position you’re looking for.

Another option is to ask at your local branch.

However, you still need to apply online.

How Hard Is It To Get Hired at Barnes & Noble?

This depends on the type of job you’re applying to and the branch.

For retail jobs, it’s not hard at all to get hired since they’re considered entry-level jobs.

Of course, it’s more competitive to get hired at corporate and distribution jobs.

Keep in mind that the competition might be higher at one branch than at another.

Applying to Barnes & Noble

If you’re thinking about applying to Barnes & Noble, this section we’ll help get to know about the requirements:

Requirements to Apply at Barnes & Noble

Here, we’ll talk about the work experience, age, and educational requirements for applying.

Do You Need Experience to Work at Barnes & Noble?

If you’re applying for a retail job, experience isn’t needed.

Though, it’s preferable.

As for distribution and corporate jobs, you’ll most likely need to have experience depending on the position.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Barnes & Noble?

The minimum work age at the bookstore is 16 years old.

If you’re a high school or college student, it’s important to inform your interviewer or hiring personnel about your schedule.

This way, you can land more flexible shifts.

Barnes & Noble Education Requirements

Applicants who lack formal education still have a chance to seek a career at Barnes & Noble.

However, experience in retail, distribution, or management jobs, will most probably make you stand out from other applicants.

This can vary for corporate jobs and other positions, which need specific skills and knowledge.

Barnes & Noble Hiring Process

The typical hiring process at Barnes & Noble looks like this:

●         Apply online from the company’s website

●         Wait for an interview call in which you also set up an in-person interview

●         Do one or two interviews

●         Wait for a call to inform you that you’re hired

This can vary according to the position and the branch you’re applying to.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Get Hired at Barnes & Noble?

It takes about 1 to 3 weeks to complete the entire hiring process at Barnes & Noble.

Some people might get hired right away and others might have to wait for a couple of months.

Barnes & Noble Interview & Hiring Process

We gathered info about the interviewing process so you can be fully ready for what is on your way.

Barnes & Noble Interview Process

Interviews are usually easy, not too formal, and take about 20-25 minutes.

Interviewers ask simple questions about your interests, work experiences, and how you’re going to approach a customer or handle work conflicts.

The process is different for corporate and managerial positions.

The interview is longer, about 45 minutes.

They might need to ask deeper questions about your qualifications.

What Should I Wear to a Barnes & Noble Interview?

You should wear professional clothes, such as:

●         Khaki or dress pants

●         Professional skirts

●         Button-down shirts

●         Blouses and semi-formal tops

For corporate and managerial positions, it’s recommended to wear a suit with a tie or business professional dress.

Does Barnes & Noble Require an Assessment Test?

There are no assessment tests required for retail jobs.

There isn’t any information available regarding that for corporation and distribution jobs.

However, if you’re really worried about the assessment test, you can ask your local branch about it.

Does Barnes & Noble Drug Test?

No, Barnes & Noble doesn’t require a drug test pre-employment.

During employment drug tests aren’t common either.

However, random drug testing during employment is possible.

Does Barnes & Noble Background Check?

Yes, Barnes & Noble does background checks.

This is usually after the initial employment offer.

The bookstore may hire felons on a case-by-case basis.

The chances for felons to get hired depends on the position they’re applying to, besides the nature of their convictions.

Barnes & Noble Orientation and Training

Now, let’s imagine that you got the job.

What does the orientation and training process look like?

Does Barnes & Noble Offer Training to New Hires?

Yes, Barnes & Noble offers training for their new employees.

They train you to use their software and get you familiar with your job duties.

The whole training situation might be different for managerial and corporate jobs.

What Is New Employee Orientation Like?

They gather all the new employees together and talk about the company and the work environment.

That’s pretty much it!

You start your training after that right away.

How Long is Barnes & Noble Training?

This training lasts for about a week’s worth of shifts.

There’s no pressure on you to finish your training within a week.

You can take all the time you need to feel comfortable with the job.

What It’s Like To Work At Barnes & Noble

To know whether you really want to work at the bookstore, let’s take a look at the work experience at Barnes & Noble:

What Is It Like to Work at Barnes & Noble?

Retail jobs at Barnes & Noble are pretty low-skill.

However, you can be on your feet the whole shift, except for breaks, of course.

In some cases, you might need to rotate shifts between the cafe and the bookstore.

The work environment is friendly and the employees are diverse in age, education, experience, and background.

How Long Are Shifts at Barnes & Noble?

Full-time shifts are about 8 hours, while part-time shifts range between 4 to 6 hours a day.

Part-timers are basically fillers for the leads and managers.

So, there are no guaranteed hours, which usually range between 10 to 18 hours per week.

What Is the Barnes & Noble Dress Code Like?

Barnes & Noble employees have to dress in business casual.

This means no jeans, open sandals, or sneakers.

However, some branches might be a little easygoing with this rule.

Collared shirts, collared blouses, khaki or dress pants, and closed-toe shoes are all recommended.

What Benefits Does Barnes & Noble Offer?

Barnes & Noble offers several benefits, such as:

●         Employee discount at the store and online

●         Holiday pay and vacations

●         Life insurance

●         Business travel plan

●         401(k) retirement plan

●         Paid time off

●         Tuition assistance

●         Dental insurance

●         Vision insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Barnes & Noble a good first job?

Retail positions at Barnes & Noble are great for first jobs.

They’re low-skilled jobs with plenty of room to get experience in dealing with people at a professional level.

The management is flexible with work hours for students and part-timers.

Plus, working in the bookstore setting is nice and fun.

Is a Job at Barnes & Noble or Best Buy Better?

Best buy leads when it comes to career growth, management, and benefits.

However, working at Barnes & Noble is more fun, and flexible, besides you get to balance your work-personal life.

Wrapping Up

Here you have it! all the information you need about Barnes & Noble hiring process.

It seems that its hiring process isn’t difficult.

It’s the high competition that you might have to deal with.

Previous workers recommend contacting the hiring personnel to ask about your application status.

This increases your acceptance chances.

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