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Costco Hiring: Jobs, Requirements, Salary and What Work Is Like

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If you are looking for a job, you may want to consider working at Costco.

Costco is a unique supermarket because it offers a membership-based warehouse retail experience.

They are committed to bringing their members the best prices for quality brand-name goods.

Costco is the third largest retailer in the world, with more than 800 locations.

With its widespread success and numerous locations, Costco usually has a variety of jobs available at any given moment.

In this post, we will go over the details of Costco hiring, including general requirements, average salary, and what working at Costco is like.  

Why Would Somebody Want to Work at Costco?

Costco offers many benefits, including a higher average wage than other retailers.

They also support further learning, and the company has many opportunities for growth.

Is Costco Hiring?

As I write this post, Costco is hiring and has more than 300 open positions nationwide.

What Positions Does Costco Usually Hire For?

The job openings most advertised are front-end assistant, cashier, food service assistant, food court worker, and customer service representative.

Does Costco Offer Remote Positions?

Yes, some higher roles are advertised as remote.

You can confirm the details during the interview process.

Where To Check To See if Costco Is Hiring

Check Costco’s official website.

You can also search the web for any advertised positions on job sites.

Another option is to walk into the nearest Costco and ask about open positions available. 

How Hard Is It To Get Hired at Costco?

Getting hired at Costco is not unusually hard.

Entry-level positions are the easiest to land, and there is little you can do to mess up your interview.

Requirements to Apply at Costco

To apply to Costco, you must:

  • Be eligible to be legally employed in the United States
  • Have a computer or access to a computer to fill out the online application
  • Have a valid mailing address
  • Have a valid email address
  • Have a telephone number

The online application asks for a resume.

If you don’t have one to upload, you can fill out your employment history and other personal information via the employment portal.

Do You Need Experience to Work at Costco?

Not for all roles.

Most roles in Costco are open to those lacking specific job experience.

However, higher positions may require job-related experience.  

How Old Do You Have To Be to Work at Costco?

The minimum age requirement to work at Costco is 16 years old.

Costco Education Requirements

You can work at Costco without a high school diploma.

Costco Hiring Process

The typical hiring process includes:

  • Sending in your application
  • Undergoing two to four interviews, depending on the role
  • Taking and passing a drug test
  • Orientation

How Long Does It Usually Take To Get Hired at Costco?

The entire hiring process will typically take two to three weeks.

You can go through the application and interview process in a week if you are applying for an entry-level position.

Costco Interview Process

If you apply to work at Costco, expect multiple rounds of interviews.

These include one-on-one interviews, panel interviews, and group interviews.

What Should I Wear to a Costco Interview?

Wear something nice, neat, clean, and tidy.

Anything business casual will be great.

Does Costco Require an Assessment Test?

It depends on the store region and what open position you applied for.

Some require an online assessment test.

Does Costco Drug Test?

Yes, expect a drug test when you apply to work at Costco.

If you refuse to take one or test positive for drugs, you will not be hired and will have to wait a year to reapply.

Does Costco Background Check?

Yes, Costco conducts a thorough background check on all prospective hires.

Costco Orientation and Training

Here is what you need to know about being a new Costco hire:

Does Costco Offer Training to New Hires?

Yes, as of 2022, Costco mandates training for all new hires.

What Is New Employee Orientation Like?

Orientation as a new employee at Costco is a great experience.

The entire process is detailed and done online at your own pace.

You are compensated for your time spent in orientation.

How Long Is Costco Training?

The Costco orientation process is not very long.

You can complete training in under six hours.

It is important to note that different positions require different training.

If you are stepping into a managerial position without merchandising experience, you will undergo a 12-week training.

What Is It Like to Work at Costco?

According to current and previous employees, working at Costco is fantastic.

There are numerous benefits for both part-time and full-time employees, and the pay is incredible.

Employees of Costco can shop after hours and enjoy free samples.

However, it is important to have thick skin and be physically active as customers can be rude, and there are a lot of heavy things to move.

How Long Are Shifts a Costco?

Full-time employees of Costco work the standard 36 to 40 hours a week.

Costco considers anything longer than eight hours a day overtime and will compensate you as such.

If you work a full day, you get two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch break if you work a full day. It is rare to work a shift of 12 hours.

What Is the Costco Dress Code Like?

Costco corporate employees adhere to a business casual dress code.

Store uniforms are provided, including a waistcoat-style vest and a name tag.

Employees have to get their own shirts and pants.

As a Costco employee, you must wear closed-toe shoes and tie long hair up to uphold hygiene standards.

Additionally, any jewelry apart from stud earrings is not allowed.

What Benefits Does Costco Offer?

With an average pay of $17 per hour, Costco is one of the best retail employers in the USA.

Costco also offers paid time off, sick pay, and paid breaks, making it one of the most humane employers in the USA.

Another benefit of working at Costco is getting the coveted Costco membership for free.

Employees also get health insurance, including dental and vision insurance, a 401k, and parental leave.

Costco can also pay for your education and life insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the two most common questions asked about Costco:

Why does Costco pay so well?

The simple answer is that Costco can afford to pay well.

They sell memberships which give them a higher profit margin than other retailers.

Additionally, Costco does not employ as many people, which means the employees can be paid very well.

Is it better to work at Costco or Sam’s Club?

Costco has a long-standing reputation for being one of the best employers in the USA.

They offer a wide range of benefits, a friendly working environment, and job security.

This trifecta makes a better employer, in my opinion.

While working at Sam’s Club has certain perks, I believe Costco is the better option.

Wrapping Up

There is no better retailer to work for than Costco.

From great pay and health insurance to a 401k and paid time off, the benefits are endless.

Costco is a friendly workplace, and there are many opportunities for growth.

Whether you are a teen stepping into the job market or an experienced worker, Costco has a place for you.

The Costco hiring process is pretty standard, so if you’re interested, check out Costco’s current openings here or visit the nearest Costco to ask about open positions.

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