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Does DoorDash Hire Felons?

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With the modern gig economy, many felons are relying on alternative job opportunities, such as driving for DoorDash.

So, does DoorDash hire felons?

DoorDash stands out as my preferred food delivery app, but drivers typically need a clean criminal record.

However, a felony conviction may not automatically disqualify you from getting a job at DoorDash.

The following article provides a comprehensive breakdown of how DoorDash treats felony convictions during the application process.

Does DoorDash Hire Felons?

DoorDash hires felons. However, certain criminal offenses and driving infractions can result in your disqualification.

As with most businesses, DoorDash completes a background check on each applicant.

The background check looks for arrests and charges resulting in a conviction within the last seven years.

Older charges do not impact your ability to get hired as a felon.

The background check starts with a search of the National Sex Offender Registry.

If an applicant appeared on the registry within the last seven years, they are disqualified from working at DoorDash.

Does DoorDash Have a Second Chance Policy?

As DoorDash does not explicitly state its policy on hiring felons, some criminal charges may not automatically disqualify an applicant.

Convictions for violent crimes, property damage, sexual offense, and other crimes that result in a prison sentence of one year or longer are more likely to result in disqualification.

Convictions involving a vehicle, such as driving under the influence, are also disqualifying factors.

DoorDash Policy on Hiring Felons

DoorDash does not appear to have any policies restricting the hiring of felons based solely on their status as felons.

According to the DoorDash requirements for hiring, you need to be at least 18 years old and have the following:

  • An Android or iPhone smartphone
  • A vehicle
  • A driver’s license
  • Car insurance
  • A clean driving record

Along with these requirements, applicants need a clean criminal record for the past seven years.

Can You Dispute the Results of the Background Check?

DoorDash provides the opportunity to dispute any errors. You are entitled by law to review the contents of the background check report. You can review the report for errors and submit a dispute with the company that completed the background check, Checkr, within 30 days.

Has DoorDash Previously Hired Felons?

DoorDash has previously hired felons.

Various YouTube channels, Reddit discussions, and social media posts revolve around felons delivering food for DoorDash.

However, these individuals likely had criminal convictions that occurred at least seven years ago.

DoorDash drivers with past convictions may also have misdemeanors instead of felonies on their records.

What is the Chance of Getting Hired by DoorDash with a Criminal Record?

If your felony record is more than seven years old, it should not impact your chances of getting hired by DoorDash.

A background check may reveal convictions from more than seven years ago.

However, the company claims that convictions older than seven years old do not impact the hiring decision.

Can You Drive for DoorDash with Misdemeanors?

A misdemeanor may result in your disqualification when applying at DoorDash.

The company does not typically hire individuals with three or more criminal charges in the past three years. These charges may include misdemeanors.

Does DoorDash Run a Background Check?

Yes, DoorDash completes a background check before hiring a driver.

DoorDash enlists the help of a company called “Checkr” to run background checks on job applicants.

The background check typically takes about five to seven business days.

You can view the status of the background check using an online portal.

What Does DoorDash Look for During Background Checks?

DoorDash uses Checkr to review your criminal record and driving record.

DoorDash is looking for any criminal convictions from the past seven years, multiple misdemeanors, and driving infractions that may disqualify a candidate.

Types of Convictions That Make It Harder to Get Hired at DoorDash

Convictions for violent crimes, sexual offenses, and driving offenses are most likely to keep DoorDash from hiring people.

However, any criminal conviction may make it harder to get hired, especially for convictions that occurred within the past seven years.

Criminal charges involving a vehicle are also more likely to negatively influence the hiring decision.

DUIs, driving without a valid license, and driving with a suspended license are issues that may keep you from getting hired.

Does DoorDash Hire Felons with Burglary Charges?

DoorDash may hire felons with burglary charges if the charges are older than seven years.

More recent convictions are more likely to disqualify a candidate.

Does DoorDash Hire Felons with Theft Charges?

Theft charges alone are not likely to keep someone from driving for DoorDash.

Again, the main consideration is the age of the conviction.

Convictions from more than seven years ago should not impact the application.

However, pending charges may keep you from driving for DoorDash.

The company may not hire individuals facing charges.

Does DoorDash Drug Test?

DoorDash does not require a drug test before hiring a driver.

Drivers are independent contractors instead of full-time employees.

DoorDash also has over 6,000 employees that work at its office locations.

Most office positions do not require a drug test.

What Does the DoorDash Drug Test Look For?

DoorDash does not complete drug tests when reviewing applications.

However, criminal convictions for drug offenses may prevent you from getting hired, especially if the charges resulted in a prison term of one year or longer.

Applying at DoorDash

You can signup and start driving for DoorDash within minutes and earn money within a few days.

The signup process starts on the company’s website and requires just a few details, including your zip code and email address.

After signing up, you must download the mobile app on an iPhone or Android device.

You also need to ensure that you meet the driving requirements, which include possessing a car in most cities.

However, DoorDash allows you to deliver with a bicycle or a scooter in select cities.

What is the Best Time to Apply at DoorDash?

The best time to apply is early in the week.

Applying early in the week increases your chances of receiving an update on the status of your background check before the end of the week.

Does DoorDash Interview Applicants?

DoorDash does not conduct in-person interviews with applicants for driver positions.

The company only completes in-person interviews for in-office positions, such as software engineers.

The main consideration when applying to drive for DoorDash is your driving status.

You need to have a license to drive and a suitable vehicle.

Does DoorDash Have Special Programs for Felons?

DoorDash does not have any special programs for felons.

The company allows people with felony convictions to apply for positions as drivers and within the office locations.

However, the company does not provide special training or initiatives to assist with the hiring of felons.

Average Salary for Felons at DoorDash

Felons receive the same compensation as non-felons.

Most DoorDash drivers earn an average of $15 to $25 per hour for the time that they put into the job.

The amount that a driver earns depends on their availability, the number of orders in their area, and the number of other DoorDash drivers in the area.

Tips for Getting Hired at DoorDash with a Felony Record

The following tips may help individuals with felony records get hired at DoorDash:

1. Try to Get Your Felonies Expunged

Every state has laws related to the expungement of felonies from public records.

Depending on the state where you live, you may try to get your felonies expunged, which can result in a clean record and a better chance of getting hired.

2. Dispute Errors in the Background Check

If you feel that you were wrongly turned down after the background check uncovers your criminal record, you can dispute the results within 30 days.

However, disputing the results is unlikely to reverse the company’s decision unless you can prove that an error occurred.

3. Consider Consulting with a Lawyer

A lawyer can help review your options if you want to dispute a background check or try to get your felonies expunged.

4. Wait At Least Seven Years After Getting Out of Prison

As a final tip, you can try waiting at least seven years after your release from prison before applying to drive for DoorDash.

Older convictions should not impact your chances of having your application approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

You now know that DoorDash hires felons, but you may still have a few more questions about the hiring process.

Does DoorDash Hire Immigrants?

DoorDash hires legal immigrants given social security numbers (SSNs).

An immigrant needs a valid visa from the US Department of State (DOS) to work in the United States.

This may include a temporary or permanent work visa.

What Pays Better – DoorDash or Instacart?

DoorDash tends to pay better compared to Instacart. DoorDash pays more for deliveries.

Instacart also uses customer ratings to assign deliveries to drivers, which can lower a driver’s earning potential.

Wrapping Up

Does DoorDash hire felons?

Felons often face difficulties when looking for work, but DoorDash is one of several companies that offers job opportunities to people with criminal convictions.

Felonies are typically considered any criminal conviction that results in a prison sentence of one year or longer.

Felonies from the past seven years may disqualify you from getting a job at DoorDash.

Multiple misdemeanors can also keep you from getting hired.

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