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Does FedEx Drug Test? Everything You Need To Know

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If you want to apply for a position at FedEx, you may wonder “does FedEx drug test?”

These days, many private companies drug test to ensure a safe and healthy work environment, especially companies where employees drive and operate heavy machinery.

Keep reading for more information on FedEx drug testing.

Does FedEx Drug Test?

Yes, FedEx does drug test its employees.

They perform drug tests for potential and current employees, depending on the situation.

Keep reading for a closer look at the FedEx drug test policy and what it means for potential employees.

FedEx Drug Test Policy

FedEx will not drug test you at an interview, but a mandatory drug test is part of the hiring process.

After this initial drug test, they typically do not test employees again unless there is a suspicion of drug use or the employee moves to a new position.

Occasions for drug testing include promotions and moves to a new location.

While no official FedEx policy says so, you will likely not be hired or will be terminated if you fail a drug test, especially if it indicates you use illicit drugs.

FedEx operates with a zero-tolerance drug policy.

Can I Refuse a Drug Test At FedEx?        

Legally, you have the right to refuse a drug test presented by an employer or potential employer.

So, if when asked to take a drug test for FedEx, you refuse, you will likely not get the job.

So, refusing the drug test is usually equivalent to withdrawing from the position.

What Does FedEx Test For?        

Before you head in for a drug test, it’s helpful to know exactly what drugs they’ll be testing for.

FedEx tests for any illicit drugs, alcohol, and certain prescription medications.

The drug test will apply to:

  • Methamphetamines
  • Amphetamines
  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Tranquilizers
  • Heroin
  • PCP
  • Opioids
  • LSD
  • Other hallucinogens

What Type of Drug Test Does FedEx Use?

FedEx either uses a urine test or a saliva drug test.

Current employees report that most of the time it’s a urine test.

It is unclear what determines the kind of test you receive, but in general, it seems they vary by location.

So, every employee at X location will take the same kind of test, but employees at Y location may be given a different kind.

Both tests are trusted, but urine tests are often more accurate and can test for a wider range of drugs, making this the preferred option for most agencies and employers.

In some cases, you can refuse a urine test and ask for a saliva test, but there’s a high chance you will be told that you don’t have a choice.

Very rarely, FedEx will administer a breath or blood drug test, but this is far less common, and few employees report taking one of these tests.

What Panel Drug Test Does FedEx Use?

FedEx typically uses a five-panel drug test.

The five-panel drug test is the standard drug test used by private employers and government agencies.

It detects THC, opiates, PCP, cocaine, and amphetamines.

Who Does FedEx Drug Test?

Overall, it seems FedEx drug tests all employees.

Whether they will be handling heavy machinery or not, they drug test to ensure a safe and drug-free working environment.

So, if you thought maybe only the drivers need to pass the drug test, you would be mistaken.

Does FedEx Drug Test Drivers?

Yes, FedEx 100% drug tests all of their drivers.

You cannot be a driver for FedEx unless you pass the five-panel drug test.

Drivers seem to be the only FedEx employee consistently drug tested.

Drivers report receiving a random drug test approximately every six to eight months.

Because drivers operate heavy machinery and must be alert during their shifts, FedEx enforces this drug testing policy strictly.

They want to keep both their drivers and the public safe.

Does FedEx Drug Test Corporate Staff?

In addition to drivers, FedEx also tests corporate staff and print office employees.

Unless they suspect drug use, they only administer this drug test during the hiring process.

Even though these employees do not operate machinery, they do interact with customers, and FedEx wants to ensure a 100% drug-free workplace.

But most corporate employees only must worry about a drug test when they get hired and if they receive a promotion.

Does FedEx Drug Test Package Handlers?

Interestingly, package handlers seem to get drug tested the least out of all FedEx employees.

Technically, all package handlers should be drug tested during the hiring process.

However, some employees report that smaller FedEx locations or locations desperate for employees may skip this drug test.

After the initial drug test, they are usually not tested regularly.

How Often Does FedEx Drug Test?

Some companies drug test once and never do it again.

But because some FedEx employees fall under the Department of Transportation, they must drug test periodically.

This section discusses how often and when FedEx drug tests employees.

Does FedEx Drug Test at Orientation?

No, FedEx does not drug test at orientation.

The drug test for new hires is typically administered before the orientation, as this is the last part of the hiring process.

Background checks and drug tests occur before the orientation, so if you received an invitation to the FedEx worker orientation, you passed all the necessary tests and checks.

Does FedEx Drug Test After You Get Hired?

Yes, FedEx will drug test employees before a promotion or relocation.

Most corporate employees and package handlers do not take a second drug test unless their role or location changes.

But drivers are typically tested quarterly, meaning once every three months, according to Department of Transportation guidelines.

Does FedEx Do Random Drug Tests on Employees?

FedEx will only perform random drug tests on employees if they suspect drug use.

If there is an unexplained accident or another issue, they’re likely to drug test all employees involved.

While FedEx drivers take drug tests quarterly, they’re usually administered without much notice, so could be considered random.

How Long Does a Drug Test at FedEx Take?

Urine and saliva tests take less than ten minutes, so the process won’t take long.

Some FedEx locations perform drug tests on-site during the hiring process, often after an interview.

But larger FedEx locations outsource the drug testing process to third-party companies.

If you have to go to a third-party company, the time it takes to complete the drug test can last a bit longer.

How Long Does It Take for FedEx Drug Tests To Come Back?

Most drug tests yield results within five to seven business days, but FedEx uses efficient testing companies and protocols to help streamline the hiring process.

After completing a FedEx drug test, you’ll receive your results within 48 hours.

What Do The Drug Test Results Determine?

So what do the drug test results mean for your employment?

This section explains what different FedEx drug test results mean concerning your position at the company.

Overall, only a negative drug test will allow you to work for FedEx.

Does FedEx Have a Zero-Tolerance Policy?

Yes, FedEx has a zero-tolerance attitude toward all substances they drug test for.

No substances they test for can show positive if you want to work at FedEx.

What Happens If a FedEx Drug Test Comes Back Negative?

If a FedEx drug test comes back negative, then the test did not detect any drugs in your system, and you passed the test!

At this point, applicants will be invited to the orientation to complete the hiring process.

What Happens If a FedEx Drug Test Comes Back Inconclusive?

If a test is inconclusive, FedEx usually asks the applicant or employee to take another test.

If the test continues to come back inconclusive, they often view it as a positive result, and it may disqualify you from employment.

What Happens if a FedEx Drug Test Comes Back Positive?

If the FedEx drug test comes back positive, it found substances in your system.

A positive drug test will disqualify you from FedEx employment.

Can You Still Get Hired if You Fail a Drug Test at FedEx?

No, if you fail a drug test at FedEx, they will withdraw any employment offers or terminate you.

FedEx will not employ anyone who cannot pass one of their five-panel drug tests.

However, you can get hired if you wait six months and apply again.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on drug tests and delivery companies, refer to the frequently asked questions and answers below.

How far back will a mouth swab drug test go?

A saliva drug test will only show drug use in the past two days.

They won’t show substances farther back than two days, but a urine test shows drug use up to five days before the screening.

Does UPS drug test?                 

Yes, UPS does drug tests.

Both drivers and package handlers must pass a drug test before and during employment.

Their drug test policy is similar to FedEx, using a five-panel test for all employees.

Wrapping Up        

Because FedEx employees deal with customer packages and operate heavy machinery, the company prioritizes drug testing, especially for drivers.

Since drivers fall under the Department of Transportation, they have no choice but to take drug tests.

But FedEx also tests other employees to promote a safe, drug-free work environment for everyone.

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