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DoorDash Background Check: How They Work & How to Pass

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Are you looking for a fast-paced job that allows you to work wherever and whenever you want?

Working for DoorDash might be the right thing for you.

People above the age of 18 are welcome to apply for DoorDash and become members of a growing team that includes more than 2 million DoorDashers.

However, the DoorDash hiring process can be confusing, especially for a first-timer.

In this complete guide, we’ll answer every question you might have about working for DoorDash.

Keep reading to learn how to prepare for the hiring process and how to get accepted.

DoorDash Background Check Basics

One of the perks of working for DoorDash is that you don’t need to have a Master’s degree or any special skills.

The background check is a crucial part of the DoorDash hiring process. Yet, most applicants have questions about how it works.

Do You Need to Do a Background Check to Apply at DoorDash?

Background checks represent a crucial part of the company’s contribution to the community.

Through these checks, the company can hire good Dashers.

The company requests background checks to minimize the risk of theft, violence, or abuse. They also guarantee that the right applicant will get the job.

Can You Work at DoorDash Without a Background Check?

It’s not possible to work for DoorDash without a background check.

This is how the company ensures the safety of the community, including merchants, users, and other Dashers.

An applicant will only be granted access to the platform after passing a thorough background check.

After the hiring process, the company will periodically screen Dashers for any violations.

Only Dashers from California and Massachusetts will be screened once after applying for the job.

Who Runs the Background Checks?

Checkr is a third-party agency that collects and verifies applicants’ information.

It also runs all DoorDash background checks.

When Checker clears someone, DoorDash will consider hiring them.

What Does the Background Check Look For?

The background check aims to ensure that you’re in alignment with the company’s values.

Managers hire people according to these checks.

If you don’t pass the screening process, you’ll receive a notice from DoorDash.

Here are the factors included in the background check.

  • DoorDash will verify your age, as you must be at least 18 years old.
  • You should have a valid driving license to be able to receive and deliver orders.
  • You should have a smartphone to access the DoorDash app.

DoorDash will check criminal records for national and county records.

A criminal charge in the past seven years will have your application form flagged.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that you’re immediately rejected.

As a matter of fact, DoorDash is a great opportunity for felons who are trying to join the workforce after serving time.

The company takes some criminal charges more seriously than others, though.

Misdemeanors will appear on your background check, but don’t usually affect your application.

Vehicle and driving records represent a crucial part of your background check.

Unfortunately, DoorDash will reject your application if you’ve had more than three traffic incidents in the past three years. This is true, even if it’s not your fault.

DoorDash doesn’t look for information like your medical records, marital status, or credit score.

How Far in the Past Does the Background Check Go?

Criminal background checks can show criminal violations decades after the conviction date.

DoorDash will limit the check to seven years before the date of the application.

Here’s what Checkr will look for in the previous seven years.

  • Any DUI incidents.
  • Any drug-related violations.
  • It will screen County Criminal Searches for any incidents.
  • Property damage crimes.
  • National Sex-Offender Registry Searches for the past seven years.

DoorDash’s primary concern is to hire safe and compliant drivers. As a result, they will check your vehicle and driving records for any offenses committed in the past three years.

Here’s what might affect your application.

  • In California, the background check will detect any violent violations in your records. These include the ones you committed more than seven years ago.
  • Speeding tickets.
  • Collision incidents or other accidents.
  • Driving without a license.
  • Incidents of driving without insurance.
  • Stoplight violation accidents.

What Do I Need to Supply for The DoorDash Background Check?

DoorDash needs access to your personal information to be able to run a background check.

Without these documents, Checkr won’t be able to run a thorough inspection.

Here is what you need to supply.

  • Full Name: Including your first, middle, and surname, as it appears in your license or ID.
  • Date of Birth: As it appears in your license or ID.
  • Social Security Number: You can get your social security number from tax or bank documents. If you can’t find it, you can contact your local SSA.
  • Address: You can use an app like this one or find your address on any government letters that you’ve successfully received. You can also head to the local post office to get your address.
  • Contact Information: You should provide a valid phone number and email address to be easily contacted when needed.
  • Consent Form: You need to sign a consent form.to give Checkr permission to access your motor vehicle and criminal records.

Do DoorDash Background Checks Cost Anything?

DoorDash doesn’t charge applicants for their background checks.

The company pays for all the paperwork and manpower.

This is true even if your application gets rejected.

People sometimes feel that they need to run background checks on themselves.

This will help you see how their DoorDash background will turn out.

If you, a family member, or a friend is currently applying for a job at DoorDash, you can conduct a private background check.

In this case, you’ll have to pay a fee.

How Long Does a DoorDash Background Check Take?

Third-party consumer reporting agency, Checkr, receives hundreds of applications to check every day.

Unfortunately, this means that your background check might take more time than expected.

Of course, this is bad news if you need to get hired as soon as possible. However, it’s necessary for everyone’s safety.

Average Waiting Time

Checkr usually takes between 5 and 7 business days to check all your information.

Yet, in some cases, your application might take more time.

In general, most DoorDashers agree that the average waiting time is between 5 and 10 days.

You might wait a little longer because DoorDash still has to decide whether to hire you or not.

Reasons DoorDash Background Checks are Taking So Long

Checker should complete your background check within 10 days after receiving an application.

This period can significantly increase in the following cases.

  • There are too many applications at the same time or if you’ve lived in multiple states.
  • Your criminal record background check takes time with more than 3100 counties in the US.
  • Your background check can also take more time if it’s a busy time of the year, like the holidays. A shortage of employees will also affect the speed of the screening process.
  • Wrong information , like your shortened name, nickname, or incorrect date of birth, will delay your background check.

Different Statuses of Background Checks

If you feel your background check is taking too long, you can contact DoorDash to check your background check status.

If you live in the US, you need to click this link: https://candidate.checkr.com/view#login

Then, you should fill in your phone number, email, social security number, and date of birth.

Click get status at the bottom of the page to know your status.

If you live in Canada, you can directly send an email to [email protected] to ask about the status of your background check.

What Each Status Means

In the US, your background check might have one of these eight statuses.

Here is what each one means.

  • Complete: Checkr has successfully collected all the information needed for the background check.
  • Pending: The background check is almost done but still waiting for your County Criminal Record.
  • Clear: Congratulations because your background check is done. It doesn’t contain any information that might cause your application to be rejected.
  • Consider: Your background check contains some information that isn’t accepted by DoorDash. You will wait until DoorDash rejects or approves your application.
  • Dispute: This is when you find some wrong information in your application. DoorDash gives you 30 days to dispute it.
  • Suspended: Your information isn’t complete. Checkr asked you to provide more information.
  • Invitation Sent: Checkr sent you an invitation link to provide some extra information, but you haven’t responded yet.
  • Invitation Expired: Checkr sent you an invitation link to provide some extra information, but you haven’t responded on time. As a result, the invitation link has expired.

What Happens If I’m Rejected?

You’ll always receive a copy of your background check.

However, if there’s any wrong information, you have a 30-day period where you can dispute the check and ask for a new one.

How Can I Avoid Rejection?

There are a few things you can do to avoid rejection by DoorDash.

  • Make sure that you’ve provided all the correct information.
  • Run a background check on yourself to see how it will appear.
  • If you have a DUI violation on your record, you can request to have it expunged.
  • You can remove a conviction from your record. This requires filing a petition, appearing in court, and serving a waiting period without reoffending.
  • Contact your local DMV and see how to remove points from your driving license. Ask about your eligibility and the necessary classes to take to improve your driving record.

Is a Rejection Final?

You have a period of 30-days to dispute your background check.

If, however, you still get rejected, you can still reapply.

You can file an appeal if you’re sure that your background check is clear.

If you’ve committed some violations, we advise you that you try to expunge some of them before reapplying.

Appealing a Rejected DoorDash Background Check

This is how you appeal your rejected DoorDash Application.

  • Contact DoorDash through their help portal.
  • DoorDash will then connect you with Checkr, which runs the background check.
  • If there are inaccuracies, request to see a copy of your background check. You can provide a check you’ve done privately if you have it.
  • Contact the government office responsible for the inaccuracy. Try to get a paper that proves that your background is clear.
  • Ask about your eligibility to expunge any offenses from your criminal or driving record.
  • Take steps to remove these violations.
  • After you’ve cleared your name, reapply to DoorDash.

Why You Should Dispute a Rejected Background Check

DoorDash might reject your application because of a small piece of information you forgot to disclose.

You don’t want to lose a hiring opportunity because of something insignificant.

The Chances of Getting Uber’s Decision Reversed

Unless there’s a huge mistake in your application, chances are that your dispute won’t be accepted.

Nevertheless, if you try to clear your name and improve your record, DoorDash might eventually hire you.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more questions regarding DoorDash’s background checking process, check out the following frequently asked questions.

How often do DoorDash background checks happen?

If you live in California or Massachusetts, DoorDash will run a background check only when you first apply.

In other states, DoorDash runs regular random background checks to ensure the safety of its platform.

A new background check might reveal an offense that you committed after getting hired.

Does DoorDash Hire Felons?

Yes, DoorDash is one of the most convenient ways felons can join the workforce after their release.

However, the company has a policy that allows for some offenses and strictly refuses others.

Is a DoorDash background check confidential?

Yes, your DoorDash background check is confidential.

The company won’t share it with any other public or private organization.

Does DoorDash also drug test employees?

DoorDash doesn’t drug test employees as part of the hiring process.

However, past drug-related charges will appear in your background check.

Wrapping Up

When you apply for DoorDash, the company requests a background check.

This check will determine your application’s status.

So, you need to provide accurate information to facilitate the process.

Some of your past offenses might appear on your background check.

Fortunately, DoorDash has a lenient policy towards some legal offenses.

Others will immediately cause your application to get rejected.

However, there’s sometimes a way to allow you to expunge past offenses and clear your name.

After this, you can reapply for DoorDash.

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