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How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Dollar General? (Company Age Requirement)

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Looking for a job can be challenging for first-timers and teens. Whether you’re fresh out of high school or trying to get part-time work, it’s a nerve-racking experience we all can relate to.

Dollar General is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a short or long-term retail career. They offer several opportunities for teens, from sales associates to office aids.

But how old do you have to be to work at Dollar General? And what other requirements do they ask of their aspiring applicants? Let’s talk about the age qualification and the hiring policies of Dollar General below.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Dollar General?

Generally speaking, you have to be at least 18 years old before you can work at Dollar General. It’s a strict business policy as they sell alcohol and tobacco products.

Some states permit hiring 16 and 17 years old applicants. But they require other documentation ensuring that they’re legally allowed to work.

For instance, Dollar General branches in the state of Michigan and Pennsylvania would ask for a working permit before they hire applicants under the age of 18. So, if you’re a minor, you may need to ask for this document from your current school or your guardians.

Does Dollar General Hire 14 Years Old?

The minimum age for employment in the US permits hiring 14 years old. Because Dollar General sells a wide range of products, including alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, they don’t hire 14 years old applicants.

Does Dollar General Hire 15 Years Old?

Surveys revealed that most young Americans experience employment at age 15. Unfortunately, this age doesn’t fit the requirements to work for Dollar General. So, you might need to consider other businesses and research how to get a work permit at 15.

Does Dollar General Hire 16 Years Old?

There are many businesses and companies out there offering full or part-time jobs for 16 years olds. And some departments of Dollar General in some states provide various opportunities for teens that are 16 years of age and above.

Does Dollar General Hire 50 Years Old?

Finding a job you love may be challenging for older applicants. Fortunately, modern businesses, especially retail, are more than willing to employ senior workers for their extensive experience. If you’re 50 years old and above, managers are more likely to hire you.

Other Dollar General Requirements

Most retail businesses hiring for entry-level positions would ask for your work experience and a high school diploma or similar certifications. So what does Dollar General ask of applicants?

Does Dollar General Hire Without Experience?

Job requirements will depend on the role you’re trying to apply for. But entry-level jobs for first-timers usually won’t require experience or technical knowledge as it involves simple tasks.

However, the company does prefer candidates with prior retail or related experiences. So, don’t forget to highlight if you have these experiences in your resume.

Apart from your experience, you also need to pass other qualifications to get a job at Dollar General. You should be able to stand for extended periods, carry heavy materials, possess customer service skills, and have an available schedule.

Does Dollar General Hire Without a High School Diploma?

It’s best to have your high school diploma or GED when applying for any position at Dollar General. Hiring managers prefer candidates with evident educational backgrounds.

Aspirants below 18 and are currently enrolled in high school should include work permits for a chance of being hired. Management jobs also require college experience.

If they hire you without a diploma or GED, Dollar General offers services to get one. This program ensures all their staff and workers possess the appropriate credentials for employment.

Teen Jobs at Dollar General

Dollar General is an attractive choice for teens looking for part-time jobs. The company offers a flexible work schedule and a friendly environment for employees and shoppers.

As a teenager or first-timer, you may apply for roles involving simple tasks. Examples of these positions include sales associate, assistant manager, and warehouse worker.

1. Sales Associate

A sales associate is responsible for providing fast and friendly customer service to shoppers. They guide and help customers find the products or services they need.

These employees are the faces shoppers see while strolling inside the store. They deal with customer questions, merchandising, cleaning the floor space, and maintaining the products.

Jobs Requirements & Skills

Age Requirement:

  • 18 years old and above

Typical Pay:

The sales associate job is perfect for teenagers and first-time job seekers. The work is simple and doesn’t need extensive training to familiarize. But it does require several soft skills for smoother customer interaction, including the following:

  • Listening Skills: As a sales associate, you’ll deal with people’s concerns and inquiries. As such, listening skills would prove an asset to this role.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Dealing with customers means you initiate conversation and facilitate friendly interactions. It’s a crucial element for excellent customer service.
  • Emphatic Attitude: Another must-have quality for sales associates is an empathic attitude. Employees that genuinely care for the customers foster trust and confidence.

Assistant Manager

Assistant managers support the store manager in numerous tasks. They assist in supervising, training, scheduling, and managing store employees.

They also perform stocking, cashier, customer service, and store manager work. They help with presenting, managing, and organizing products inside the store.

Jobs Requirements & Skills

Age Requirement:

  • 18 years old and above

Typical Pay:

The role of assistant managers is essential for the workflow of every store. It’s an excellent job choice for teens with considerable experience in retail. Here are some of the necessary skills an assistant manager should possess:

  • Communication Skills: As a staff dealing with customers, employees, and managers, assistant managers should have superior oral and written communication capabilities.
  • Leadership Skills: Assistant managers are the spearheads of the store. As such, they should exhibit qualities and leadership skills to manage store employees.
  • Strong Listening Skills: The ability to actively listen to customer and employee concerns is vital to addressing issues and solving problems in the store.

Warehouse Worker

Warehouse workers handle products coming in and out of the store. They ensure the safety of all the merchandise so that customers receive products in the best condition.

They’re also responsible for general warehouse duties. They identify, verify, label, audit, and palletize merchandise into flats for delivery and distribution.

Jobs Requirements & Skills

Age Requirement:

  • 18 years old and above

Typical Pay:

The role of a warehouse worker involves lifting and moving heavy objects. It’s perfect for teenagers as they’re physically fit and active. Plus, given the physical nature of its tasks, it only requires minimal skills, such as the following:

  • Communication Skills: Despite the physical labor, warehouse workers should have sufficient communication skills to communicate with co-workers for a smooth workflow.
  • Literacy Skills: As the handler of merchandise, warehouse workers should be able to read instructions, write notes, and perform basic math operations.
  • Listening Skills: Warehouse workers work under supervision. So, they should be able to listen and carry out instructions to the letter.

Is Dollar General a Good First Job?

Retail jobs offered in Dollar General are a fantastic choice for first-time job seekers. Entry-level positions don’t require experience and high-education credentials to get hired.

As you’ll be working closely with people, you’ll have an opportunity to create high-quality resume skills, such as communication, interpersonal, and cooperation.

The company also provides benefits for all its employees. You’ll receive health insurance, wellness programs, retirement plans, and rewards, like annual bonuses and paid vacations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

As an applicant, researching the company is part of your responsibilities. So, here are some frequently asked questions about Dollar General:

What is the Dress Code of Dollar General?

The dress code of Dollar General employees depends on the position. Retail workers wear black collared shirts with the Dollar General logo and black pants, while corporate employees wear casual business attire.

Where is the Largest Dollar General Store?

As of March 2023, Dollar General has over 19,000 retail store branches in the US. You can find the largest Dollar General store in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Alternative Companies to Consider

We understand the difficulties of not knowing how to get a job. So, here are some alternative companies you can apply for work aside from Dollar General:

  • Family Dollar Age Requirement: Family Dollar is one of the largest variety store chains in the US, offering work for over 60,000 employees.
  • Walmart Age Requirement: Walmart is a multinational retail corporation providing opportunities for full and part-time workers.
  • Target Age Requirement: Target is a retail giant that’s also an excellent option for students and job-seekers with minimal experience.

Wrapping Up

Retail work provides opportunities to improve and foster your soft skills. It’s a fantastic way to gain experience and knowledge to include in your resume.

That said, you have to be 18 years old to apply for entry-level jobs at Dollar General. And although it’s not a requirement, they prefer applicants with retail experience and a diploma.

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