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Creative Resumes: Types, Best Practices & How To Create In 2023

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Creative resumes are becoming more common in the job search market, making creative workers stand out and find work.

However, some may find it hard to implement a creative resume or decide if it’s professional enough to employ.

Creative resumes can be unprofessional in some industries, but they can work well in the art and writing industries.

For example, creative resumes can help showcase writing and art skills by allowing the employer to see a little of what you can do.

Read on to learn more about using creative resumes and if they are right for you.

What Are Creative Resumes?

Creative resumes are those that employ creative themes in their presentation. For example, creative resumes for writers may include short anecdotes or witty phrases that help showcase how the employee can craft sentences and write catchy copy.

Who Are Creative Resumes For?

Creative resumes can work for many people – even if these employees are not in a creative industry.

Sometimes, a creative resume can help a possible employee stick out and show they are dedicated to getting noticed and unafraid to try new things.

People in Creative Industries

People looking to get a job in a creative industry, like writing or illustration, may use creative resumes the most since they want to showcase their skills.

People in graphic design may do the same thing, preferring to show what they can do on their resumes.

People Who Want To Stand Out

Employees who want to stand out from the sea of applicants on an employer’s radar may use a creative resume to help them get noticed.

These candidates may be applying for usual desk jobs that don’t require much creativity but can help them get hired.

People Applying for Non-Traditional Jobs

Non-traditional jobs may include assistant work, traveling work, or other jobs that don’t conform to an office or typical role.

These jobs may require creativity and flexibility to ensure the candidate can perform the job.

Are Creative Resumes a Good Idea?

Creative resumes can be a good choice depending on the industry you are trying to apply for and the position’s needs.

If the position requires someone adaptable and flexible, a creative resume may be able to showcase that.

Different types of resumes can be seen as professional and creative resumes are quickly becoming professional and sought-after.

These resumes show personality and wit that isn’t easy to find. Using a creative resume is usually not seen as unprofessional.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Creative Resume

Creative resumes can come with a wide range of advantages and disadvantages.

While your prospective employer will be able to see your skills up close and personal, the resume may not work well in more formal industries.


Creative resumes are perfect for those who want to wear their skills on their sleeve while including interesting keywords.

These resumes can emphasize skill and help candidates stand out among the crowd.

Allow People in Certain Industries To Display Their Skills

Certain industries require portfolios and physical proof of skills. For example, writers, artists, and web developers will need a portfolio to showcase their skills.

However, a creative resume will help these candidates display essential skills for the position without the employer having to dig through a portfolio.

Allow Candidates To Emphasize Skills

Candidates can emphasize their skills through a creative resume by designing it in a certain way or using their words to get their message across.

These resumes are an employer’s first impression of the candidate and should mirror their character and talent.

Allow Job Seekers To Stand Out

One of the biggest advantages of a creative resume is that it allows candidates to stick out from the crowd and make themselves seen.

Although this can be uncomfortable for many candidates who want to follow standards and a common structure, this can be a perfect opportunity to show employers you aren’t strict and inflexible.


Creative resumes can have some disadvantages with tracking systems and tone.

Doesn’t Work With Applicant Tracking Systems

Some creative resumes may only come in a special format that some computers or tracking software can’t read.

If the software can’t read the resume, many employers likely won’t bother taking a look and simply move on to easier candidates.

Might Come Across as Unprofessional to Some

Most resumes use resume-related buzzwords to help them stick out and get noticed.

Creative resumes may lack these buzzwords and standard formatting, coming across to some employers as childish and unprofessional.

What Should Be Included in a Creative Resume?

Your resume will still need to look and read like a resume. Ensure you have all your work experience, requirements, and skills listed.

Sections That Emphasize Your Skills and Accomplishments

Your skills, experience, and achievements should always be on your resume. However, listing certifications can be done in a fun and exciting way.

Consider how you can creatively list all your accomplishments to ensure you get noticed.

The Necessary Information Required in the Job Posting

You’ll need to have any required items on your resume, or you likely won’t be an ideal candidate.

For example, if the job requires a bachelor’s degree, you should have your degree and date of completion on your resume.

Work Experience

All relevant work experience should always be on your resume somewhere. This section can also be done creatively but needs to be clear and straightforward.

How Do I Make My Resume Look Unique?

Making a creative resume can be simple and may only require minimal touches to make you stand out from the crowd.

For example, adding visuals, changing the standard layout, and making unique content are good first steps.

Add Visuals That Stand Out

Visuals aren’t typically on resumes, but small visuals that catch the eye can make an employer spend more time on your resume.

Little bits and pieces of visual aids can make for a unique resume but stray from using clipart or free content online. Try to make personalized visuals.

Change the Layout Around

Changing the layout can be a game-changer for your resume.

For example, most resumes will have your name and contact information at the top, but moving this information to the bottom can give an employer pause and may look stunning.

Make the Content Unique, Too

Instead of using typical resume jargon, you can be more personal and witty in your approach to showcase yourself.

Add some personality to your resume and use this file to speak to your employer like a person instead of a robot.

How To Make a Creative Resume

Thankfully, there is no shortage of ways to start making your creative resume.

However, these options are simple and easy to use. Consider trying a new template, playing with color, or using new software.

Creative Resume Templates Google Docs

Google Docs has plenty of resume templates you can use and modify to make your resume catch an employer’s eye and help them see your talent.

Consider playing with a resume and seeing what creative styles you can come up with.

Use Design-Friendly Apps or Software

Design-friendly apps and software can help you make a resume with plenty of visuals and the ability to download it in a universal format.

These apps can help you add borders, virtual textures, and little details to your resume.

Play Around With Color

Color is a simple change that can make a huge difference. Changing the colors of the font or other aspects of your resume can help it stand out and make it easier to read.

For example, making the font slightly transparent on alternating lines may boost readability.

Don’t Go Overboard

Don’t be afraid to try a combination resume that holds some components of a typical resume while allowing you to express some creativity.

At the end of the process, your resume should still look like a resume.

Make Sure the Font Is Readable

Always ensure your font is readable. Consider making your font larger, darker in shade, or contrasting color with the background to ensure your employer can see all the words.

Be Original

Originality and authenticity are significant values that employers look for when considering candidates.

If you can showcase your personality and originality in a resume, you’re already leagues ahead of the competition.

Wrapping Up

Creative resumes are an effective way to help you stand out and make an employer take a second look at your experience.

These resumes are used most by those in creative industries, including the arts or writing positions.

Some employers may think creative resumes are unprofessional, but with the growing demand of people needing work, they are often seen as ambitious and edgy enough to cause employers to consider them.

Creative resumes can be crafted in a few ways, including templates or visual designs. Consider using some of your creativity in your resume to help you get noticed.

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