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Dance Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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As a dancer, you’re no stranger to the fact that the performing arts can be a highly competitive environment.

If you’re pursuing a career as a dancer or applying for an audition, one of the first hurdles you’ll have to conquer is the creation of an eye-catching dance resume.

The following examples will give you a better idea of how to showcase your experiences as a dancer, highlight the skills you worked so hard to acquire, and convince recruiters and talent managers that you’re the right person for the job.

Dance Resume Examples

These dance resume examples illustrate how you can highlight a wide range of experiences and backgrounds.

Entry-Level Dance Resume Example

Entry-level dancers have limited professional experience, but they can make the most out of their dance training and other experiences in fields unrelated to dance by focusing on skills that translate well to the world of performing arts.

Entry-Level Dance Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

The applicant does not have much formal experience with performing arts, but this resume draws attention to the impressive background as an amateur performer by listing their awards and dance training.

  • Type of Resume: Entry-Level Dance Resume Example
  • Best For: Dancers applying for the entry-level dance trainer jobs


Passionate college graduate with 15 years of jazz and contemporary dance training. Looking to transform my passion for dancing into a rewarding career as a dance fitness instructor.

Work experience

Dance Gear Retail Sales Associate at Dick’s Sporting Goods (2021 to present)

  • Practice active listening to recommend dance gear and other items to customers.
  • Answer questions and share knowledge of dance gear to guide purchase decisions.
  • Engage customers to learn more about their needs and consistently meet upsell quotas.
  • Provide a positive and cheerful shopping experience.
  • Stock shelves and learn about new products.

Court Monitor at Altitude Trampoline Park (2019 to 2021)

  • Supervising children of all ages and ensuring they follow safety rules.
  • Demonstrating how to safely use trampolines, zip lines, and other equipment.
  • Engaging children and guiding them as they try the equipment.
  • Greeting guests and representing the Altitude Trampoline Park brand.
  • Hosting fun and memorable birthday parties.


  • Performed at the Dance Into Spring May 2021 and 2022 events at the Holland Event Center.
  • Danced at the 2019 Elevating the Arts performance Showcase at DeVos Place.
  • Writer and content creator at www.dance-passion-blog.com


  • Physical fitness
  • Perseverance
  • Team player
  • Communication skills
  • Motivational skills


  • Jazz and Contemporary Dance Training at Dance United Studio (2018 to present)
  • Contemporary Dance Training at Dance Expressions Studio (2007 to 2018)
  • Holland High School Graduate (2016 to 2020)

Awards and Achievements

  • Excellence in Technique at the 2017 Springfield Showstopper Dance Competition
  • Platinum Award at the 2018 the Groove Regional Dance Competition
  • Holland High School Honor Society

Why It Works

This young dancer doesn’t have much formal experience with performing arts, but she is drawing attention to her impressive background as an amateur performer by listing her awards and dance training.

The summary clearly states her goal is to find a position as a dance fitness instructor. She then selected skills that reflect what a gym or fitness studio would look for, including her ability to motivate others, become part of a team, and clearly communicate what she expects of her students.

Her work experience is limited, but she focused on job duties that reflect her ability to engage with others and share her knowledge of everything dance-related.

Her position as a trampoline park monitor is also an opportunity to show that she is detail-oriented and can make sure fitness students follow a few basic safety rules to prevent injuries.

The use of action verbs and the impressive list of awards and projects come together to convey the impression that this person is highly motivated and dynamic, which are two personality traits a recruiter would look for in a dance fitness instructor. Mentioning her dance blog is another excellent way to show that dancing is something she is deeply passionate about.

 Professional Dance Resume Example

As a professional dancer, your resume should tell recruiters or talent managers what makes you stand out from the rest.

You can focus on recognizable projects, highlight a unique performance style, or draw attention to the skills that show your commitment at the professional level.

Professional Dance Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it showcases the applicant's impressive background by focusing on two positions they held for years. The project section is an excellent example of how you can list different performances to demonstrate that you’re comfortable with different dance styles.

  • Type of Resume: Professional Dance Resume Example
  • Best For: Dance trainers with more than 5 years of experience


Professionally trained dancer with eight years of stage experience. Trained under Syd Jioti. Looking to expand my horizons and perform with a dance troupe that tours at the national level.

Work Experience

Professional Dancer at Blazing Stars (2020 to present)

  • Performed in front of 200 people twice a week.
  • Rehearsed four days a week to achieve perfection.
  • Wowed audiences and told stories through mobility and facial expressions.
  • Learned various choreographies, including solos, duos, and group dances.
  • Contributed to the troupe’s artistic vision with creative ideas.

Aerial Arts Performer at Ringling Bros. Circus (2015 to 2020)

  • Developed six unique aerial arts numbers throughout the years.
  • Performed four nights a week for an audience of 250 to 300 patrons.
  • Designed improved aerial arts gear to increase safety while performing a 16’ drop.
  • Represented the circus during and between performances through interactions with patrons.
  • Assisted with backstage duties, including handling props, checking safety gear, and adhering to a performance schedule.


  • Dance Lead in The Wizard of Oz at the Fonda Theater (Summer 2014)
  • Background Dancer in Dua Lipa’s ;Break My Heart; Music Video (2020)
  • Background Dancer in the musical drama In the Heights (2021)


  • Advanced experience with contemporary, jazz, and hip hop dance
  • Choreography
  • Mobility and strength
  • Commitment
  • Team-oriented


  • Dance Training at Shining Stars Studio (2008 to 2012)
  • Aerial Arts Training at 57th Street Fitness Studio (2007 to 2009)
  • B.A. in Performing Arts at King University (2004 to 2008)

Achievements and Certifications

  • Science of well-being course via Coursera and Yale University
  • National CPR Foundation First Aid Certification

Why It Works

This experienced dancer showcases her impressive background by focusing on two positions she held for years. She shows how these experiences gave her an opportunity to grow by mentioning how she created aerial arts numbers or made creative suggestions.

The project section is an excellent example of how you can list different performances to demonstrate that you’re comfortable with different styles or mediums. This professional strategically selected a mix of stage and movie experience. Name-dropping a celebrity or famous choreographer is a plus!

Listing skills like commitment shows this professional is ready to work hard. The physical skills listed also tell talent managers that she is able to perform at the national level.

Concrete skills that refer to specific dance styles or experience with choreography are making this dance resume stand out.

Another element that makes this candidate different from the rest is her experience with safety and backstage rules, illustrated by her ability to make aerial arts gear safer, help manage a circus performance from backstage, and her first-aid training.

Dance Student Resume Example

As a dance student, your resume can unlock further training opportunities or help you get your first job as a dancer. Even if you lack experience, you can highlight the hard work you put into your training and tell recruiters about your professional project.

Dance Student Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

The skills section of this resume shows that this applicant has a thorough knowledge of the technical skills required to dance. In addition, the skills listed create an impression of a candidate who is able to listen and grow through mentorship.

  • Type of Resume: Dance Student Resume Example
  • Best For: Students interested in dance student jobs


Classically-trained dancer under Rosemary Jefferson looking for an entry-level corp de ballet position.

Education & Training

  • San Diego Academy of Ballet (2018 to present)
  • Align Ballet Method Studio (2015 to 2018)
  • FOCUS Dance Center (2010 to 2015)

Work Experience

Assistant Dance Instructor at San Diego Academy of Ballet (2020 to present)

  • Assists with developing ballet curriculum and lesson plans
  • Engages and motivates students of all ages in private and group lessons with up to 12 students
  • Explains and demonstrates various ballet techniques
  • Assesses students’ performance and recommends changes and improvements to technique
  • Organizes group outings and dance competitions

Receptionist at San Diego Academy of Ballet (2018 to 2020)

  • Greeted students and their parents
  • Educated parents and prospective students about ballet training
  • Managed the class schedule
  • Set up payment plans and processed payments for classes
  • Created a positive environment where students of all levels feel welcome


  • The Firebird with the San Diego Academy of Ballet – Prince Ivan, principal (2022)
  • Giselle with the San Diego Academy of Ballet – Albrecht, soloist (2019)
  • La Sylphide with the Align Ballet Method Studio – James Ruben, soloist (2018)


  • Movement memory
  • Active listening
  • Hard-working
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork

Awards & Competitions

  • 1st place at the California Dance Classics, classical ballet solo category (2021)
  • High Gold at the Icon Dance Awards (2019)
  • 2nd place at the Youth Ballet Masters, pre-competitive classical category (2016)

Why This Resume Works

This dance student chose to include his ballet training at the top of his resume. The three ballet studios where he trained immediately stand out and echo the training mentioned in the first sentence of the summary.

This student also included the name of his dance teacher in his summary, which can help if you trained under someone who is recognizable in the dance community.

The skills section shows this student has a thorough knowledge of the technical skills required to dance, but they’re also aware of how their training has made them receptive to feedback.

The skills listed create the impression of a candidate who is able to listen and grow through mentorship, which tells recruiters this dancer has potential.

The work experience section focuses on job duties that show this person is a good listener and patient instructor. It tells recruiters this student strives to excel in everything they do, and the impressive awards section echoes this impression.

This resume also highlights multiple stage experiences with the shows listed under the project section and the awards this student won in ballet competitions.

Even though this dancer has limited experience, this dance resume tells a story and shows this dancer is ready for their first position in a professional setting.

Dance Audition Resume Example

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dancer and choreographer positions could grow at a rate of 27% in the near future.

Even though there is a growing demand for performers, landing an audition is often the first obstacle that stands in the way of a dance career. The right resume can help if you highlight your training and technical knowledge and leverage your stage experience.

Dance Audition Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because the summary states the strengths of the applicant by mentioning their stage and screen experience. The skills section includes hard skills like singing, acting, or specific dancing styles that show that the applicant is suitable for this role.

  • Type of Resume: Dance Audition Resume Example
  • Best For: Dancers with at least five years of stage and screen experience


Hip hop and Bollywood dancer with five years of stage and screen experience, including lead roles in two musicals. Highly energetic and talented performer, accustomed to working in high-pressure and fast-paced environments.

Dance Experience

Crew member at the BB Squad (2021 to present)

  • Lead roles: Bring It On (2021), Enterprise (2022)
  • Festivals: Hip Hop Goes Theater (2021), Rolling Loud Cali (2022)

Dancer at the Taare Dance Company (2018 to 2021)

  • Repertoire performed: Taj Express (2018), Bombay Dreams (2019), Come Fall In Love – The DDLJ Musical (2021)
  • Events and highlights: Miami Bollywood Festival (2018), Bollywood Party with Manj RDB at the Chicago House of Blues (2019)


  • Neelam’s Bollywood Dance Academy (2016 to 2018)
  • Private singing lessons (2015 to 2017)

Key Achievements

  • 1st place at the Legends Bollywood Dance Championship (2018)
  • Walk-on part in the 2019 movie Long Shot
  • Cast member in a 2018 Pilgrims Choice commercial


  • Hip hop, Bollywood, and contemporary dancing
  • Singing and acting
  • Strong work ethic
  • Quick learner
  • Great social and communication skills

Why It Works

The summary immediately states the strengths of this performer by mentioning his stage and screen experience. This short section also tells talent managers this person can work in a stressful and fast-paced environment, which shows he has experience with large productions and knows what to expect.

We can imagine this resume will accompany a tape that shows highlights from his lead roles in the two musicals listed first under the dance experience section.

With this resume, the candidate focuses on what talent managers need to know about his dance background and stage experience.

Note that the resume doesn’t list any formal work or education experiences, even though it’s likely this person obtained a degree and worked different jobs before becoming a full-time dancer and performer.

A dancer with less stage experience might want to include a section that highlights traditional work experiences to demonstrate they have a strong work ethic and team-building skills, but this candidate has enough stage experience to convince talent managers that they are diligent and hardworking.

The skills section includes a mix of hard and soft skills. The hard skills like singing, acting, or specific dancing styles tell talent managers that this person read the casting call and can physically do what the role entails.

The candidate selected a few soft skills that illustrate his ability to follow instructions and adapt to a fast-paced environment.

Including the movie and commercial roles under the achievements section is a great way to show that this dancer is proud of these projects and is highly motivated to audition.

High School Dance Resume Example

As a high school student, you might possess limited work experience. The key is to leverage other types of experiences to create a profile that stands out.

High School Dance Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it highlights the applicant's experience as a volunteer English tutor. This shows the employer that the candidate is comfortable around children and knows how to take on the role of a teacher and a leader.

  • Type of Resume: High School Dance Resume Example
  • Best For: A high school student who is looking for an entry-level position as an assistant dance trainer


Enthusiastic high school student with seven years of jazz training and stage experience. Eager to use my passion for dancing and cheerful attitude to work as an assistant dance coach.

Dance Training

Student at Spotlight Dance Academy (2017 to present).

  • Performances include the annual Spotlight Dance Academy show and Winter Festival of Dance
  • Competition experience includes KAR Dance Competition and Turn It Up Dance Challenge

Student at Dance United (2014 to 2017).

  • Highlights include playing the lead in our annual show

Volunteering Experience

English Tutor (2021 to present)

  • Assist a group of four 8th and 9th grade students with homework twice a week
  • Go over concepts from English class
  • Discuss novels and texts with them to help them develop analytical skills
  • Engage and motivate students
  • Teach best practices for writing compelling essays


Student at Lake Forest High School (2020 to present) – GPA: 3.7

Extracurricular Activities

  • President and Co-Founder of the Lake Forest High School Dance Club
  • Member of the Lake Forest High School Drama Club


  • Patience
  • Leadership
  • Technical knowledge of jazz dancing
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Instructing and presenting

Why It Works

This high school student is looking for an entry-level position as an assistant dance coach. Even though she has no formal work experience, she leverages her dance training to show she has a solid background and masters the technical aspects of jazz dancing.

She also draws attention to her experience as a volunteer English tutor. Highlighting this experience tells potential employers she is comfortable around children and knows how to take on the role of a teacher and leader.

The extracurricular activities section supports this impression by listing the Dance Club she helped created at her high school. It’s a noteworthy highlight that establishes this high school student as a leader and as someone who gets things done.

The skills section reinforces the impression that she has an extensive technical background thanks to her dance training, and it also focuses on the skills she has acquired thanks to her tutoring experience and project to create a dance club at her high school.

Common Skills & Action Verbs to Include on a Dance Resume

Recruiters will scan your resume for skills that indicate you understand what the position entails and that you can meet these requirements. It’s also important to use action verbs to make your resume feel dynamic and engaging. Action verbs also help recruiters picture you in action.

With a growing number of recruiters relying on applicant tracking systems, skills and action verbs can also help your resume stand out as software analyzes this document and looks for specific keywords.

Before submitting your resume, take the time to read the job posting in detail and look for key skills that reflect what the recruiter or talent manager is looking for. The job posting can be a helpful starting point for creating a list of skills and action verbs to use on your dance resume.

Here are a few examples.

Common Skills for Dance ResumesCommon Action Verbs for Dance Resumes
  • Dance skills (Include one or more areas of proficiency, such as jazz, hip hop, contemporary, ballet, tap dancing, folk, or ballroom)
  • Choreography
  • Singing
  • Acting
  • Musical instrument
  • Physical fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Balance
  • Facial expressions
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Posture
  • Duet or trio performance
  • Rhythmic content
  • Spatial awareness
  • Safe execution
  • Incorporating feedback
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Perform
  • Dance
  • Rehearse
  • Train
  • Choreograph
  • Learn
  • Demonstrate
  • Communicate
  • Collaborate
  • Create
  • Manage
  • Lead
  • Participate
  • Teach
  • Achieve

Tips for Writing a Better Dance Resume

Whether you’re auditioning for a new project or applying for a position at a dance studio, you need to craft a resume that stands out.

Grab the Reader’s Attention Right Away

It’s difficult to assess a dancer’s talent and skills without seeing them perform. To get a chance to show what you can do in person, you need to grab the recruiter or talent manager’s attention right away with your resume.

Be strategic about what you include and where you include it. Avoid long sentences, columns, and elements that could make your resume look cluttered.

List the most important information at the top of the page. Write a great objective or summary that immediately tells the reader what makes you different from other dancers.

Next, list a key experience that makes you qualified for the role, whether it’s your training or a specific performance.

Any Stage Experience Is Good Experience

Showing that you have stage experience tells recruiters you can handle the pressure that comes with performing in front of an audience.

You could have an extensive background that includes training with the best dance teachers, but a lack of stage experience can leave you unprepared for a dance career.

Any stage experience will make your resume stand out, even if it’s a school show or a local event with your dance studio.

When listing stage experiences, include the name of the show and event, the date, and the role you played if applicable.

You can organize your stage experience by creating a separate section for your projects or achievements, or simply list the shows you performed in under the name of a dance studio or troupe.

Always be on the lookout for an opportunity to get on stage and add something to your resume, whether it’s a local dance competition or a community theater show.

Include a Mix of Hard and Soft Skills

It’s common for ballet dancers to train six to seven hours a day. Dancing is an extremely technical art and recruiters will expect to see some advanced skills listed on your resume.

Include the most relevant hard skills for the type of dancing you specialize in. You can list flows, pathways, choreographic intent, expressive skills, alignment, control, travels, floor work, and more. Make sure to pick the skills that reflect what talent managers are looking for, and showcase these skills during your audition.

Soft skills are just as important. A dance resume should include some soft skills that reflect your ability to handle pressure, learn, and become part of a team.

Dancing and Life Lessons

If you have limited dancing experience, look for ways to leverage other elements by highlighting how they relate to dancing.

For instance, a job in retail can enhance your team-building skills, teach you how to pay attention to details, and make you more mindful of your demeanor and facial expressions.

Most work experiences can illustrate your ability to handle stress, take on a leadership role, or apply your strong work ethic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read on to learn more about crafting a dance resume.

How long should a dance resume be?

In most cases, a one-page resume will be sufficient to showcase your skills and list your most important experiences.

At a higher level, professional dancers often use two pages or more to provide talent managers with a comprehensive overview of their careers and key performances.

What is a good example of a dancer’s resume objective?

A good resume objective should be short and straight to the point. Highlight one or two things that make you stand out and tell the reader what you’re after.

For instance: ‘Energetic hip hop dancer with three years of experience, mostly with events and street shows.

Looking to grow and turn dancing into a professional activity with a first music video experience.’

Similar Resume Types to Reference

Every dancer has a unique background. Whether you dabble into acting, singing, or playing an instrument, make sure to highlight the talents and experiences that make you a unique performer.

These resume examples will give you a better idea of how to showcase your varied experiences:

  • Acting Resume: Whether you’ve played the lead in a musical or have strong expressive skills, showcasing your experience with acting can be a plus.
  • Theater Resume: From high school drama club to improv training, find out how to highlight your experiences on the stage.
  • Tutor Resume: Do you have experience as a dance teacher or assistant? These tutor resume examples will help you turn these experiences into something that makes your profile stand out.

Wrap Up

These resume examples show what dancers with varied backgrounds and different levels of experience can highlight to get an audition or job interview. Every profile focuses on what makes this dancer unique, whether it’s their training or stage experience.

It’s true that recruiters and talent managers will look for technical skills and performance experience when reviewing dance resumes, but you also need to show your unique personality by listing a mix of soft and hard skills, including some highlights you’re proud of, and drawing attention to the experiences that tell your story as a dancer.

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