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How To Download Resume From LinkedIn In 4 Easy Steps

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LinkedIn is a great way to connect with recruiters, but not every prospective employer will check this platform.

Plus, a majority of companies use an online recruitment process that requires you to upload a traditional resume rather than simply sharing your LinkedIn profile.

If you find yourself in a pinch or need an outline for a new version of your resume, you can download resume from LinkedIn. Here’s how.

Can You Download Resume from LinkedIn?

The answer is yes. LinkedIn has a convenient feature that allows you to download your profile as a PDF.

There are a few limitations when using this feature, but it can be a quick and easy way to generate a resume or at least get an outline you can build on.

Should You Download Your Resume from LinkedIn?

Putting LinkedIn on a resume has become a common practice and many recruiters use this platform to connect with job seekers.

However, turning your LinkedIn profile into a resume and submitting this document as part of your application isn’t a good idea.

For starters, LinkedIn uses an automated tool to turn an existing profile into a resume. The PDF you generate might have formatting issues or truncated sections.

Adding a LinkedIn URL to your application allows a recruiter to explore your profile and expand the sections that are relevant to the position you’re going after.

Using LinkedIn’s resume tool will create a document with all the information from your profile. It can be difficult for a recruiter to identify which experiences or credentials are relevant to the position.

With 875 million members, LinkedIn has become a popular platform. Recruiters will instantly recognize the resume format generated by LinkedIn.

Your resume will look generic, and the recruiter will likely get the impression that you didn’t want to put time and effort into applying.

Why Download Your Resume from LinkedIn

Downloading a resume from LinkedIn is generally not a good idea, but there are a few exceptions.

You Need a Last-Minute Resume

If you’re applying for a job minutes before the deadline and find yourself in dire need of a resume, downloading your LinkedIn profile can be a possible solution.

Ideally, you should have a resume saved to the cloud that you update once every two or three months to avoid finding yourself in this situation.

You’re Building a Resume and Need an Outline

Submitting a LinkedIn profile as a resume can look unprofessional, but there is nothing wrong with using your profile as a starting point.

Once you download your resume from LinkedIn, you can use the main sections as an outline or even keep the job descriptions you created for your LinkedIn resume.

How to Download a Resume from LinkedIn

Downloading your resume from LinkedIn only takes a few seconds.

Step 1: Access Your Profile

Visit LinkedIn.com and log into your account. Next, click on Me in the top right corner of the page.

A menu will open. Select View Profile underneath your name and job description.

Step 2: Open the Resume Building Tool

Now that you’re on your profile, look for the More button located in your header. Click the More button and a small drop-down menu will open.

This menu gives you access to two options, Save as PDF and Build a resume.

Step 3: Save Your Profile as a PDF

If you select Save as PDF from the More menu, your browser will automatically download a PDF file with all the information from your profile.

You’ll get a simple but functional resume with your work experience and education along with a side section that highlights your skills and achievements.

Step 4: Build a Resume

The Build a resume option allows you to access resumes you have uploaded to LinkedIn in the past and to generate a personalized PDF file based on your profile.

Adding a resume to LinkedIn is easy, and recruiters will have access to this document under the Featured section of your profile.

If you don’t have any existing resumes uploaded to your profile, you can select the Create from profile option to generate a resume from your profile.

A new window will open where you can enter your current job title. Next, you’ll have access to a page where you can edit or delete the different sections of your LinkedIn profile.

Once you have added some details and removed off-topic sections, click Save as PDF at the top of the page.

How to Make a Resume from Your LinkedIn Resume

While LinkedIn allows you to download a PDF version of your profile, we don’t recommend submitting this document as is.

1. Download Your LinkedIn Resume

Follow the steps above to turn your LinkedIn profile into a PDF file. Use the Create from profile option so you can make a few changes if you haven’t updated your profile in a while.

2. Find a Template

LinkedIn resumes look generic. Look for a resume template that will help your application stand out, or create your own by thinking of ways to organize the information in a logical way and making the most important sections stand out.

3. Insert Information from Your LinkedIn Resume

Once you have a template, you can fill in the blanks with the information from your LinkedIn profile. You can use your LinkedIn resume as a reference for your work history and you can copy and paste the job descriptions you created for your LinkedIn profile.

Your LinkedIn endorsements can also help you identify your top skills.

4. Edit for Length and Clarity

Before submitting your resume, take the time to proofread and edit it. Watch out for typos, get rid of unnecessary sections, and shorten your descriptions by using strong action verbs.

Wrapping Up

You can download resume from LinkedIn in a few easy steps, but submitting a PDF generated by LinkedIn won’t help you stand out in the eyes of a recruiter.

However, downloading your resume from LinkedIn can be a great starting point for crafting your resume since your profile should have all the information you need.

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