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Driving Instructor: Job Description, Info, & Job Openings 2022

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Do you enjoy driving? Are you someone with enough on-road experience to help new drivers pass their exams for a license?

If so, then you might qualify to become a driving instructor.

Continue reading this article to learn about the basics of being a driving instructor and the steps to becoming one.

What is a Driving Instructor?

A driving instructor is a teacher who shows people how to drive cars and other vehicles.

They can be found at the DMV or in schools with their own class to cover hands-on and textbook knowledge about driving.

What is a Driving Instructor Called?

A driving instructor is also known as an educator and teacher because of their educating role in their position.

What Does a Driving Instructor Do?

A driving instructor prepares his students for driving tests and exams for a driver’s license.

The first half of the lessons involve a classroom-based study with videos and a textbook about the rules and driver safety. The second half puts students behind to wheel to help apply their knowledge with experience.

Driving Instructor Job Description

A driving instructor’s job includes prepping lessons for students to understand safe driving skills.

There is responsibility in instructing students about how a car works and all the on-road rules you can expect to see.

Educators monitor the student’s progress throughout the course and give motivation and feedback. They must also remain level-headed and practice patience with students learning a new skill.

Above all else, an instructor should give students the confidence to drive a vehicle.

Top Driving Instructor Jobs and Careers

The following list covers the types of jobs available for a driving instructor in 2022:

  • Driver Examiner
  • Driving School Instructor
  • Motor Vehicle Lecturer

Where Can a Driving Instructor Work?

A driving instructor has many options to choose from when it comes to where he wants to work.

If the instructor wants to educate about commercial vehicles, he can apply to teach at training programs for truck and bus drivers.

Most high schools offer programs for students to learn how to drive with educated professionals.

Is Being a Driving Instructor Hard?

Becoming a driving instructor is more challenging than most people think.   Only about 15 percent of people who start qualifications get through it to become an approved driving instructor.

Anyone who applies has three chances to pass the required tests, and failing would mean waiting two years before applying again.

Is a Driver Instructor’s Job Stressful?

This job can be very stressful when going out on the road with students.

They may become nervous and lose focus halfway through the lesson, which can cause tremendous stress.

The instructor must remain calm and reassure the students without losing patience and keeping a cool head throughout the course.

Common Driving Instructor Work Day

The day of a driving instructor varies with every student or classroom but generally starts around 10 AM.

The dress code is business casual or clothing that makes the educator look presentable.

A regular session involves going over the lesson from the previous day and start practicing the day’s current lesson plan.

Does This Career Field Embrace Like/Work Balance?

Being a driving instructor offers flexibility to operate on a self-made schedule and choose the lesson plan.

In many workplaces, the program is set to a specific schedule, allowing the instructor to enjoy their time off after completing the day’s tasks.

Do Driving Instructors Make Good Money?

The money a driving instructor makes is enough to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Depending on the number of hours and the type of job, instructors won’t have to struggle with making income. Many employers compensate well because they know how stressful the job can be.

How Much Do Driving Instructors Make?

The average salary for a US driving instructor is roughly $56,000 annually or $27 per hour.

Driving instructors in New York, Massachusetts, Alaska, New Jersey, and Vermont make a higher salary than in other locations. Areas with a high population density or rural areas require driving services to function.

Driving Instructor Field: Career Progression

Driving instructors begin their careers immediately after completing all the tests and certifications required.

The instructors will focus on refining their teaching techniques to provide an experience for promising students. They will continue to improve and motivate drivers with coherent lessons.

Is a Driving Instructor a Good Career?

The field of driving instructors is a promising career. The world will always need commercial and non-commercial drivers.

For some teachers, it’s rewarding to act as a role model for new students and teach them the proper rules and protocols for on-road traveling.

Driving Instructor Facts

There has been an increased demand for driving instructors after the COVID pandemic.

Many jobs and workplaces have turned to remote methods, requiring drivers to emerge and fill driving positions.

This opportunity opened up new job positions in search of potential driving instructors.

Jobs Related to Driving Instructor

The following list covers jobs related to a driving instructor:

  • CDL Driving Instructor. This job teaches drivers how to maneuver trucks for commercial use.
  • Drivers Education Instructor. This job hires an instructor to host a classroom and teach student drivers.
  • Drivers Examiner. This job monitors applicants through the driver’s exam.

Who Should Consider a Driving Instructor Career Path?

People who enjoy driving and have the patience to teach new drivers should consider a career as a driving instructor.

This position is not a job for people who have minimal driving experience, lack patience when teaching something new, and lack the proper education to run their own business or classroom.

Is it Hard to Become a Driving Instructor?

The initial process of becoming a driving instructor is easy to start but hard to accomplish.

Three tests explore the applicant’s driving knowledge and how to educate new students. The applicant has two years to pass and earn a certificate between tests.

What Do I need to Become a Driving Instructor?

There are basic requirements to become a driving instructor.

Requirements for Becoming a Driving Instructor

The applicant must be as least 21 years and holds a valid driver’s license.

What Skills Does a Driving Instructor Need?

Anyone who follows this career path already knows how to be patient and is knowledgeable about traffic law and driver safety.

What Education Does a Driving Instructor Need?

Instructors also need proof of passing high school with a diploma or GED certificate. Additional education depends on the job position. Drivers without an education background are not able to apply.

What Experience Does a Driving Instructor Need?

Employers want to see proof of experience in driving and teaching.

Who is Taught in a Driving Instructor Course?

Any adult who meets the requirements can take a driving instructor course. Any educator who receives a suspended license would need to retake a course.

How Long Does a Driving Instructor Course Take?

Depending on the course and specialized job, the driving instructor course can take between two days to a couple of weeks.

Driving Instructor Education Options and Degree Programs

There are currently no bachelor’s or master’s degree programs required to become a driving instructor.

After two years of teaching experience, a driving instructor is eligible to apply for a provisional driving certificate.

Schools for Driving Instructors

Driving Instructor training programs exist in colleges, vocational schools, and government agencies. Any program with a credited source can teach driving instructors and offer them a proper certificate.

Steps to Becoming a Driving Instructor

The first step to becoming a driving instructor is having a driver’s license, a clean background, and prior driving experience.

After obtaining a high school diploma or GED, the next step is getting a certified instructor’s license and additional courses based on the pursued career.

Current Career Job Openings

There are current job openings for driving instructors throughout the US. From CDL driving instructors to Law Enforcement educators, there are several companies inviting teachers to apply.

Wrapping Up

Becoming a driving instructor is a desirable career in today’s world. There is a demand for drivers and teachers who are willing to educate them.

The learning path is only set for those with the dedication to teaching people how to drive and obey the laws.

The salary is worth the training, and there’s satisfaction in training new students to drive.

Meta Description: Do you enjoy driving and have a knack for teaching? Learn how to be a Driving Instructor and find the latest job openings!

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