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Entry-Level Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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You have gone through school and internships, paid for everything with your time and money, and now you urgently need a job.

Maybe you have tried writing different entry-level resumes but have yet to land a single interview. You even fear they got trashed when they landed in HR’s inbox.

You are not alone. Thousands of fresh college graduates go through the same thing. It is anxiety-inducing. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a surefire way to create an entry-level resume that gets your foot in the door?

You are in luck. We have created this guide plus samples to empower you to create resumes that make your hiring manager eager to call you.

These samples will do the trick if you are an entry-level business analyst, software engineer, project manager, or accountant.

Entry Level Resume Examples

When you are fresh out of college, one thing is for sure – you have minimal or zero experience. So how do you write a resume that gets noticed to land you that first job? The big secret is strategically marketing your education and experience from internships.

Here are a few resume samples that do a great job of marketing an applicant’s skills, personality, and internships to make a splash in the candidate pool.

Entry-Level Accountant Resume

Writing a terrific entry-level accountant resume is the most crucial step at the start of your career journey. Always customize your entry-level resume to the employer’s needs by referencing and thoroughly reviewing the job description. Check the below sample.

Entry-Level Accountant Resume

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it has a captivating summary that reveals the candidate’s passion for accounting. The hiring manager would want to know more about their achievements in this early career stage.

  • Type of Resume: Entry-Level Accountant Resume
  • Best For: Accountants applying for entry-level jobs

Joseph Mayer

Seattle, WA | (123) 456-7891 | [email protected]


I am a motivated bachelor’s degree holder in accounting and skilled in deductive thinking. Committed to building strong client relationships and improving business operations. I assisted Payson Schools with payroll disbursement and two consecutive company audits.

Work Experience

Assistant accountant (Volunteering), Payson county schools: 2020- 2021

  • Updated payroll faculty’s operations through payout restructuring and innovative computer applications
  • Worked with the auditing team on internal audits
  • Managing accounts receivables and payables
  • Managing vendor and banking relationships

Intern staff accountant, Novogradac:  2022- Present

  • Managed tax activities for Fortune 500 corporations under director supervision
  • Forged 20+ working customer ties through a professional approach
  • Identified and gave feedback on potential problematic zones regarding compliance, which eventually saved the company $4k in penalties

Project Experience

  • Evaluated the functioning efficacy of the internal controls as related to financial reports and improved accuracy by 15%
  • Recorded the risk vulnerabilities related to the client and the organization’s management
  • Reorganized and streamlined the payout operation with new software
  • Actively engaged in internal auditing


Harvard University 2017–2020

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

GPA 3.5

Relevant Coursework

  • Financial management
  • Business law
  • Accounting principles
  • Regulations
  • Strategic planning
  • Small business management

Colorado University 2020 to present

CPA Certification


  • GAAP
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Financial writing
  • Auditing
  • Expense writing
  • Accounts payable and receivable

Licenses & Accreditation  

  • Certified financial analyst
  • Certified fraud examiner
  • Certified internal auditor

Why This Resume Works

This resume has a captivating summary that reveals the candidate’s passion for accounting. The hiring manager would want to know more about their achievements in this nascent career stage.

The education section lists several relevant course subjects that showcase the applicant’s skills and understanding of accounting subject matter understanding.

Still, under the skill and experience section, this resume details the applicant’s relevance to the accounting role with GAAP, excel, and financial report writing skills.

Additionally, it highlights the accreditations which depict the candidate’s commitment to accounting.

Despite limited experience, the resume highlights the internship and volunteering work, which shows their sense of responsibility and collaborative personality.

Entry-Level Business Analyst Resume

An entry-level business analyst resume is a one-page document that shows employers whether you have what it takes to excel in the role. Be sure to highlight your skills, subject matter competencies, and achievements.

Entry-Level Business Analyst Resume

Why We Suggest this Resume

The resume highlights the candidate’s soft skills that could benefit the employer. These include multilingual skills and team play. Further, this resume highlights the candidate’s ability to work with data, which is a core requirement in business analyst jobs.

  • Type of Resume: Entry-Level Business Analyst Resume
  • Best For: Business analysts applying for entry-level jobs

Agnes Hagen

Denver, Colorado | 123-456-789 | [email protected]


A team player and critical thinker who has worked as an intern and possesses undergraduate education knowledge, and is multilingual.

Eager to work with a group of experienced business analysts or multi-operation teams at {company name}, where I can grow and have the chance to leverage my abilities for client success.

Work Experience                                        

Beitbridge, Inc. Pennsylvania, PA Business Analysis Internship:  October 2021– 2022

  • Performed data compilation with Excel and worked with three skilled business analysts to create forecasts
  • Improved organizational processes for several companies, which saved a total of 90 person-hours per month
  • Undertook 200+ hours of workshops and national conferences to bolster knowledge within the industry
  • Offered insights on presentation preparation and attended client meetings
  • Wrote reports under senior analysts’ watch
  • Obtained 100% positive responses related to client goals

Money Planning Inc Finance Intern:  March 2022– Present

  • Performed project analysis under the supervision of financial analysts to improve cost efficiency
  • Performed administrative tasks such as data collection, writing reports, and creating presentations
  • Explained business strategies to clients 

Project Experience

  • Collected and compiled market data and created reports
  • Monitored company investments and tracked portfolio changes
  • Created and presented year-end financial reports


University of Colorado: 2016- 2021

B.S in Finance

GPA: 3.5

Relevant Coursework

  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial econometrics
  • Venture capital
  • Private equity
  • Banking and financial institutions


  • Team player
  • Flexible
  • Good with data
  • Programming
  • Probability and statistics
  • Econometrics
  • English, French, and German

 Licenses & Accreditations

  • Certified Analytics Professional
  • IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional
  • IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis

Why This Resume May Work

The resume highlights the candidate’s soft skills that could benefit the employer. These include multilingual skills and team play. Further, the resume underscores the candidate’s ability to work with data, a core requirement in business analyst jobs.

The education section showcases the candidate’s achievement in school, including a 3.5 GPA. The applicant further clearly outlines key course experiences from their college program that could be useful in the role.

Apart from being to the point and easy to read, it’s tailored to typical entry-level business analyst job descriptions. As for the language and licenses, they show the additional skills and credentials that some hiring managers may be interested in.

Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume

An entry-level software engineer resume must emphasize technical skills, including competencies with programming languages, tools, and frameworks that you can work with. Always keep it organized and concise.

Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it has has listed the applicant's diverse coding skills and expertise in programming languages. It also highlights personal projects demonstrating their passion for this field and desire to build skills.

  • Type of Resume: Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume
  • Best For: Software engineers applying for entry-level jobs

Roselyn McKenzie

Dallas, Texas | 111-222-3333 | [email protected]


I have been a software engineer for almost seven years, prioritizing writing and testing code. Although I prefer working in teams, I am also capable of handling projects on my own. I am excited to work for a firm that delivers leading business solutions to meet clients’ needs.


Ann Stone Corp Software Engineer Intern: 2021

  • Liaised with the payroll team to save time and improve flow by developing a client response program
  • Oversaw the AWS to private cloud shift, which reduced cloud cost by $ 3300k per year
  • Reconfigured invoice processes and saved 120,000 monthly manual working hours

 AMR Apps New York Intern: 2022 – Present

  • Took part in creating the in-house UI library to form reusable components aimed at saving about 130 monthly development hours
  • Formed the web MVP app for a supply managing platform with over 300 business customers, which helped to monitor and create timely deliveries
  • Remodeled a meditation app feature for audiovisual uploads using redux

Project Experience

  • Built websites for fellow students in my free time
  • Collaborated in building a database management system for a local charity organization
  • Currently building a minority-focused e-commerce platform in collaboration with a few friends


Delaware University: August 2013- May 2016

B.S computer science

GPA 3.7

Relevant Coursework

  • Java, kotlin, and data assemblies
  • Object-integrated designing
  • Database management
  • Data security
  • Assembly and HTML language coding
  • Computer assembly  and construction


  • Python
  • SQL
  • Cloud
  • JavaScript

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP)        
  • AWS Certified Developer

Why The Resume May Work

The candidate has listed their diverse coding skills and expertise in programming languages. They have listed personal projects demonstrating their passion for this field and desire to build skills. Their AWS and software development certifications also second these.

This resume is also concise and well-organized. Although the applicant has minimal experience, they have used the relevant industry keywords, which helps them stand out in the applicant tracking systems (ATS). These are keywords that every hiring manager is looking out for in software engineering job applicants.

The profile shows their goals and experiences, such as their abilities to work in teams or independently for the company’s benefit. The experience section shows the candidate has worked as an intern and gained some project experience wherein the candidate nurtured skills in programming and a willingness to learn new skills.

Entry-Level Customer Service Resume Example

This resume must highlight your dedication to delivering seamless experiences and the people skills that set you apart from other applicants. Emphasize your language and communication skills and flaunt your CRM aptitudes.

Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it has has listed the applicant's diverse coding skills and expertise in programming languages. It also highlights personal projects demonstrating their passion for this field and desire to build skills.

  • Type of Resume: Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume
  • Best For: Software engineers applying for entry-level jobs

Jack Daisy

Brooklyn NY | 123- 456-7891 | [email protected]


Dedicated individual with the capability to relate well with customers. Eager to get the opportunity to work with a flexible team that continually innovates and pushes the limit to deliver the best services to their customers. 


Rivertex Customer Care Agent Intern: Jan 2021- 2022

  • Helped maintain a strict schedule to help customers efficiently
  • Received training on efficient and empathetic customer communication
  • Talked over the phone with clients and helped answer complex questions

Joysoft Communications Customer Representative – Jan 2022 – Present  

  • Transferred customer calls to the relevant departments for technical support.
  • Learned how to service and direct a customer over the phone, chat platform, and email
  • Reduced the time taken for responses and wait times
  • Developed a chatbot on the organization’s web to help in answering basic customer questions

Project Experience

  • Helped in creating a framework for customer service efficiency regarding telephone responses
  • Developed default responses related to customer queries to reduce the response time
  • Upgraded customer data in CRM


University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Relevant coursework

Customer service

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Business communication
  • Public relations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Branding


  • CRM data maintenance
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Transcribing
  • Omni-channel marketing
  • Fast typing
  • Adaptability
  • Sales and upselling
  • Conflict resolution
  • Listening skills

Why The Above Resume May Work

This resume extensively lists the candidate’s soft and hard skills. Even though the applicant has limited experience, hiring managers can see that they have immersed themselves in spaces where they can learn and master the techniques for effective customer service.

The applicant has completed the related coursework and has skills in CRM data maintenance, omnichannel marketing, transcribing, and call forwarding. The experience section shows the candidate has worked as a customer care intern and representative and understands the work environment.

Entry-Level Project Manager Resume Sample

Project management resumes should capture your strong interpersonal skills like leadership, communication, and team collaboration. Use action verbs and tune the resume to meet employer needs captured in the job description.

Entry-Level Project Manager Resume Sample

Why We Suggest this Resume

Besides being a team player, the resume shows the candidate is academically qualified. That is, possessing an applied science degree and a master’s in software project management. The hiring manager knows you are just starting, so include volunteer work.

  • Type of Resume: Entry-Level Project Manager Resume Sample
  • Best For: Project managers applying for entry-level jobs

Tommy Nixon

Chicago, IL | 123- 456-7891 | [email protected]


Project manager with skills in forming task schedules, monitoring progress, tabulating cost approximations, and disbursing project material to workers.


TLD Software Solutions Project Manager Intern 2019- 2021

  • Oversaw the development of e-commerce retailer tools for automated product recommendations
  • Liaised with the data science team and software developers on project implementation
  • Performed 200 user interviews, formed a schedule, and managed the development to the end
  • Forged client and stakeholder interactions and used the feedback to help improve retailer earnings by 14%

 ABC Nonprofit Volunteer Team Lead 202- Present

  • Led a team of 8 volunteers in a wide range of activities, from IT to fundraising and budgeting
  • Organized fundraiser events
  • Maintain positive vendor and sponsor relationships

Project Experience

  • Liaising between IT and sales employees to champion customer satisfaction
  • Managing project schedules and meeting schedules by effectively mitigating all the roadblocks.
  • Developing internal tools for optimizing the onboarding process for vendors


Colorado University: 2015 – 2019

Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science (Majors in Project Management)

Northwestern University 2019 – Present

MSC in Software Project Management

Relevant coursework

  • Risk management
  • Testing and assurance
  • Software metrics and measurements
  • Leadership and team management
  • Configuration management
  • Cost analysis
  • Scope analysis
  • Integration analysis
  • Capstone


  • Agile methodologies
  • Project management software proficiency
  • Budget management
  • Risk management
  • Resource allocation
  • Schedule management
  • Quality control

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Why the Above Resume May Work

Besides being a team player, the resume shows the candidate is academically qualified. That is, possessing an applied science degree and a master’s in software project management.

As with the resume above, you must customize yours to match the project manager’s entry-level job description. Highlight your communication and shareable skills if you don’t meet the technical expectations.

Assuming you lack the relevant project management experience, it’s still okay. The hiring manager knows you are just starting, so include volunteer work. Remember to mention proficiency in project management methodologies and software, mitigating risks, and allocating resources.

Common Skills to Include on an Entry-Level Resume

At any career level, your resume must be tailored to the employer’s needs, as in the job description. You must identify the skills employers seek to create an effective resume.

And even if you have a select list of entry-level skills, you still must choose the most relevant ones regarding the position you are applying for. Always add a mix of technical and soft skills to show that you are an all-round candidate who understands processes and people.

Skills to include in your resume

  1. Empathetic with customers
  2. Data-savvy
  3. Flexibility and the ability to learn quickly
  4. Communication
  5. Punctual
  6. Organizational skills
  7. Team leader and team player
  8. Critical thinker and problem solver
  9. Bilingual
  10. Innovative
  11. Organizer
  12. Keen to detail
  13. Able to multitask and work under pressure
  14. Honest
  15. Flexible and constantly moving with technological trends
  16. Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel conversant

Common Action Verbs for Entry-Level Resumes

Does your resume have zero impact? It may need the appropriate action verbs. Action verbs can make it stand out, giving your potential employers an impression that sticks in their minds throughout the hiring process.

It also ensures that the readers of the resume capture the key details and comprehend your history better. However, action verbs have to be used correctly.

So even with these phrases, you still have to select the ones that match or describe your skills, experience, and credentials. These are the techniques successful applicants use to create memorable impressions with hiring managers.

Action verbs to include in your resume

  1. Managed
  2. Examined
  3. Applied
  4. Deputized
  5. Upgraded
  6. Prearranged
  7. Counseled
  8. Supported
  9. Refined
  10. Engaged
  11. Approved
  12. Guaranteed
  13. Implemented
  14. Steered
  15. Forecast
  16. Fixed

Tips for Writing a Better Entry-Level Resume

Do you need help writing your first job application resume? Yes, this process is always daunting. But worry not. There are a few tips that you can couple with our template above to come up with an effective resume.

1. Highlight Your Educational Qualifications

You must emphasize your academic qualifications and skills if you have nothing to show regarding experience. Keep in mind some of the entry-level interview questions the recruiter may ask.

The Education Section

This section is critical for recent graduates with little or no work experience. Place it at the top of the resume near your contact information. Ensure this section showcases your school, major, and year of achievement.

Highlight Relevant Coursework

You can include relevant coursework in bullet points. The goal is to show the hiring manager that even if you don’t have experience, you have an in-depth immersion in the subject matter and the golden skills to execute the role successfully.

Add Key Achievements

Mention your grade point average and other achievements, including scholarships and awards. These achievements demonstrate your dedication to excellence.

Include Certifications

Mention the certifications you have completed or are in the process of achieving that could be relevant to the job.

If you have a single certification, list it under the education section. If you have multiple certifications, put them under a dedicated “Certifications” section on your resume.

2. Add Internship and Volunteer Experience

This section of your CV shows the hiring manager you have participated in community work. Be sure to quantify your achievements and mention the responsibilities you handled in the role.

Internship or Part-time Employment

If you have skills from an internship or entry-level work-from-home jobs, tell your potential employer about it. You may have tutored, managed the family business, or worked in your community – including all those details in the resume can strengthen your application.

Showcase Those Transferable Skills

You may have worked in internships or entry-level jobs that don’t directly relate to the role you are applying for. However, you can quickly identify critical transferable skills, whether soft or hard skills, that you can include in your resume from these positions.

General transferable skills typically include communication, problem-solving, team playing, and data management.

Emphasize Collaboration and Teamwork

Today many organizations prioritize candidates that can work well in a team environment. Skills include collaboration, emotional intelligence, time management, and delegation. You can mention these capabilities when discussing the internships and volunteer jobs you did in the past.

Mention Awards and Recognitions

Talk about any achievements, including commendations and employer recognitions. Quantify what you achieved for your employer in your internships or volunteer roles.

Showcase Your Networks

Talk about how the volunteer or internship positions you took expanded your professional networks. Talk about how these networks can help you execute your responsibilities better if you get the job.

3. Include Your Skills

Your experience is low at entry-level, but you may still possess some abilities that match the job description. All you have to do is go through the job description and try to understand it.

Start by listing your hard and soft skills and identifying the most relevant ones for the job. Hard skills include technical skills such as software proficiency and data analysis.

Soft skills include communication skills, teamwork, and leadership skills. Once you find the most relevant skills for the job, list them using bullet points.

When writing the skills section in your entry-level resume, use the keywords from the job description. The key is showing employers that your qualifications match what they seek.

Include a Professional Summary

Given the probable high number of people applying for the same job, some managers may make hiring judgments based on professional summaries in resumes. Create a summarized section where you can talk about your personality, your achievements, and your career objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about entry-level resumes and examples.

Is entry-level the same as having no experience?

No. No experience means totally zero experience concerning the job. It’s like a medical doctor applying for a chief engineer role in a space company.

On the other hand, entry-level experience means the applicant has some experience matching the job experience, but they are just new in that field.

What is an excellent example of an entry-level resume objective?

The best entry-level resume summary should capture your passions, accomplishments, and career projections. Here is an example:

“I am dedicated and keen on detail in search of an entry-level position in your well-reputed firm to gain expertise in an environment that will help expand my experience. I am searching for a position where I can use my skills, knowledge, and exposure and contribute to helping the company reach its growth potential.”

Similar Resume Types to Reference

Learning from the best is one of the best tricks for quick success. Before you write your entry-level resume, browse online to see how others have written theirs in the past. Learn from their strengths and weaknesses and use those insights to craft a resume that ignites supersonic career success.

  • Customer Service Resume: The customer service resume is more like the cashier’s resume, and sometimes the job responsibilities overlap. It also has the aspect of retail, so if you have worked in retail, tailor the resume to show how helpful you were to customers.
  • High School Student Resume: This resume should have work experience, a volunteering section, academic qualifications, and extracurricular skills.
  • Student Resume: This type of resume covers your ongoing academic and other accomplishments and details your coursework. It should also document your work history if you have any, and what you have achieved. Finally, you must explain how your studies relate to the job description.

Wrapping Up

You should find a guide when applying for an entry-level position. Reviewing some entry-level resume examples and guides can help you get your dream job.

A well-structured and detailed entry-level resume could make a difference even if the skills or experience slightly do not match the job description.

Just be sure to review the job description thoroughly. Then, proceed to craft an entry-level resume that highlights all of the skills and experiences you have, keeping in mind the needs of your potential employer. Highlight your education and internships, and preach about those excellent project experiences to nail it.

Do you have any thoughts on entry-level resumes?

Comment below with your questions or experience on this subject.

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