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10 Funny Interview Questions: [With Sample Answers]

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Have you been tripped up by odd questions at past interviews?

It’s not easy to prepare for those funny interview questions, but you’re not the only one struggling to decipher the best way to answer them.

Many companies are starting to use questions like these to learn more about candidates.

Fortunately, they’re not hard to answer as long as you know what you’re doing.

In this guide, you’ll learn more about what funny questions look like and what types of answers interviewers want.

With a bit of practice, you’ll be ready to respond to any funny question with wit and charm.

10 Common Funny Interview Questions

Here are some of the most common funny interview questions that companies ask.

  • What song would play every time you walked into a room?
  • Are you a hunter or a gatherer?
  • If you could eliminate one state, which would it be and why?
  • Tell me about your most unusual talent.
  • If you were a bicycle, what part would you be?
  • You have two bottles, one with 4-gram pills and one with 5-gram pills, and a scale that can only be used once. How do you determine which bottle has 4-gram pills?
  • Who would win a battle between a ninja and a pirate?
  • What part of the human face is your favorite?
  • What will you do if you have a time machine?
  • What kid’s movie is scary to you?

Funny questions can cross over into other areas, so you may also want to check out our guides to tough interview questions and culture fit interview questions.

What Should I Say in a Funny Interview?

The ideal responses to funny interview questions are those that take the question seriously while providing a thoughtful answer.

Many employees have to deal with strange or unexpected situations at work, so keeping your head is important.

What Skills Are Funny Interviewers Looking for in a Candidate?

  • Creativity: Interviewers like seeing creative answers that apply to the question but also circle back to the candidate’s strengths.
  • Flexibility: Most interviewers also like seeing candidates who have flexible thoughts. It’s okay to not know specific trivia as long as you know how to get the answers you need.
  • Humor: Interviewers like candidates who have a sense of humor and can respond well in improv situations, though only when the focus stays on work. Humor is especially important for cultural fit questions.
  • Self-Awareness: Good candidates know the limits of their knowledge without being arrogant about their experience. The more you understand how to behave in different situations, the better the impression you’ll give to most interviewers.
  • Responsiveness: Most interviewers prefer candidates who can think on their feet and respond quickly to unexpected situations.

What Traits Are Funny Interviewers Looking to Avoid in a Candidate?

  • Crudeness: Responses to funny questions should never be rude, crude, or offensive to any group. That can be an instant strikeout for your candidacy.
  • Stoicness: Interviewers ask questions because they want answers. If you only say you don’t know the answer, you’re not giving them a reason to hire you. Always frame your answers in a way that tells an interviewer some important information about who you are and why they should hire you.
  • Poor Fit: A poor fit is anytime an interviewer believes you don’t match the company culture. Humor can be difficult to get right, so the best answers are usually something generic unless you know the person well.

Sample Funny Interview Questions and Answers

Depending on the type of interview, the exact questions can vary, but most funny questions have a similar format to the ones below.

“What song would play every time you walked into a room?”

Why This Question Is Asked

Interviewers ask this to try and get a sense of how you think about yourself. Something suggesting confidence and arrogance is quite different from a song saying the party’s just started.

What to Focus on When Answering This Question

Pick a song that reflects well on your personality and the company’s values. It also helps to respond quickly because that implies you have a clear sense of self.

What To Avoid When Answering This Question

Avoid picking any songs that are too obscure. If you suspect your interviewer won’t know the song, consider playing it on your smartphone.

Example Answer

I think it would be great if Pumping Iron Power played. Here, let me play it for you real quick, and you’ll see why it has the kind of passion and energy I hope to help everyone around me feel when I’m in the room.

“Are you a hunter or a gatherer?”

Why This Question Is Asked

Interviewers ask this question to understand your priorities. Either option can work, although hunter is usually better for leadership positions while gatherer is best for detail-focused jobs.

What to Focus on When Answering This Question

Emphasize your reasoning for the choice. The reason matters far more than your selection, especially if you can apply it to the role you’re applying for at the company.

What To Avoid When Answering This Question

Don’t say one of the options and leave it at that, and don’t tell an interviewer that you’re not sure.

Example Answer

As an accountant, I see myself as a hunter. I know many people see this job as a boring information-gathering role, but most of what I do focuses on looking for problems and resolving them to ensure the company’s books balance properly.

Even one problem is too many in accounting, so I hunt it down as soon as I can.

“If you could eliminate one state, which would it be and why?”

Why This Question Is Asked

This is another question about priorities and values. You can give almost any answer as long as you have a way to explain or justify it to the interviewer.

What to Focus on When Answering This Question

Like the previous question, emphasize the thought process behind your choices. If possible, try to tie it to the company’s values. You can get sneaky here and provide answers that don’t necessarily match the original question.

What To Avoid When Answering This Question

Don’t give any answer that’s offensive to a group of people. For example, saying you want to get rid of California because it’s full of liberals won’t be a good answer for most companies.

Example Answer

I’d love to get rid of the state of confusion. This company makes great products, and if people recognize that, I think they’re far more likely to buy here instead of going to a competitor.

As a marketer, one of my main jobs is communicating that information to get rid of confusion among potential customers and help them buy with confidence.

“Tell me about your most unusual talent.”

Why This Question Is Asked

Interviewers like to use this to find out more about your priorities and what you’re capable of.

What to Focus on When Answering This Question

A good answer here is related to your job. If you don’t have anything that matches, a good alternative is something that reflects well on your leadership capabilities or your willingness to learn.

What To Avoid When Answering This Question

Avoid any talents that are crass or have no relation to your job. Remember, this is an opportunity to promote yourself, not a time to chat about things with no relevance to the company or your position.

Example Answer

I’m a certified parachuting instructor. I’ve flown around the world, so one day I figured I should learn how to parachute just in case.

Planes are one of the safest forms of travel by objective measurements, but I always like going the extra mile and taking precautions into my own hands instead of relying entirely on existing systems to do it for me.

“If you were a bicycle, what part would you be?”

Why This Question Is Asked

Interviewers ask this question when they want to know more about your teamwork skills. Like some of the other questions on this list, the answer is far less relevant than your reasoning and judgment.

What to Focus on When Answering This Question

Explain how the bike part you choose applies to your job and benefits the company.

Try to recognize some other parts and tie them into your position, showing that you understand their value without diminishing your strengths.

What To Avoid When Answering This Question

Don’t choose a part and act like it’s irrelevant to the whole operation. Bicycles have many parts, and the interviewer wants to be sure you understand how teamwork applies.

Example Answer

As a CEO, I’m like the handlebars on a bike. You can have as many gears and as much input power as you want, but if the team doesn’t have any direction, you’re not going to get anywhere.

By directing everyone’s efforts correctly, I make sure we can get to our destination in the most efficient way.

“You have two bottles, one with 4-gram pills and one with 5-gram pills, and a scale that can only be used once. How do you determine which bottle has 4-gram pills?”

Why This Question Is Asked

This question is about thinking outside of the box. It also has aspects of creative thinking and situational awareness, which can apply to your answer to prop up your candidacy.

What to Focus on When Answering This Question

Try to discuss a rational basis for your answer. If relevant, you can also tie it to the expectations of your industry and show some factual knowledge.

What To Avoid When Answering This Question

Try to avoid the obvious answer. If you don’t sound like you’re putting thought into your answer, you won’t be impressing the interviewer.

Example Answer

While I could weigh a single pill from one bottle, the first thing I’d do is check the labels. Pills are highly regulated and should clearly indicate their contents.

It doesn’t make sense to ignore the information regulations demand and add extra steps for finding a solution when a simpler, better answer exists.

“Who would win a battle between a ninja and a pirate?”

Why This Question Is Asked

Interviewers use this question to understand your values and what you prioritize in different groups.

You can use it to showcase your understanding of them, but as usual, the correct answer is in your reasoning instead of your choice.

What to Focus on When Answering This Question

Try to indicate that you understand each side’s strengths, which suggests that you understand the big picture.

What To Avoid When Answering This Question

Avoid a one-word answer. The interviewer wants to know your reasoning, not your choice. The more you can explain your thoughts, the better.

Example Answer

Real-life ninjas disguised themselves to look like normal members of a population. Pirates were more about intimidation than violence most of the time, so I think a ninja’s training would ultimately win out.

However, ninjas are often lone operators, so they might have a challenge getting away from the rest of the crew if they try to beat a pirate at sea.

“What part of the human face is your favorite?”

Why This Question Is Asked

Asking about the human face is really about values and priorities. The more you clarify your values, the easier time an interviewer will have while deciding if you’re a good fit for the company culture.

What to Focus on When Answering This Question

Emphasize the practical aspects of your choice, but try to show awareness of the values that other people may have.

What To Avoid When Answering This Question

Try to avoid a nonsensical answer. Make sure to avoid talking about your interviewer or coming across like you’re flirting with them.

Example Answer

I like the eyes the most. The mouth is essential for food and breathing, so it’s probably the only must-have for living, but I don’t think we could create anything resembling modern society without a way to see what we’re doing.

“What will you do if you have a time machine?”

Why This Question Is Asked

A time machine is a powerful tool with theoretically-unlimited possibilities. While the question is far-fetched, it can come up in informal interviews as a way to evaluate your priorities and understand what matters most.

What to Focus on When Answering This Question

Answers that focus on the big picture tend to go over well here. You can use this opportunity to demonstrate maturity, creativity, or familiarity with pop culture.

What To Avoid When Answering This Question

Try to avoid any answer that suggests you aren’t putting thought into it.

Example Answer

As tempting as time travel can be, it has far too many unintended consequences and can quickly spiral out of control. I think I’d dismantle it since I want to take responsibility for my actions instead of trying to cover them up and pretend they didn’t happen.

“What kid’s movie is scary to you?”

Why This Question Is Asked

Interviewers use this to understand your judgment and what you find to be the most important.

Like questions about songs and music, this may require showing them a clip or two from the movie to explain your position.

What to Focus on When Answering This Question

Emphasize why you think something is scary. The more you can tie an answer into responsibility and what you focus on while working, the better.

What To Avoid When Answering This Question

Don’t elaborate on anything that casts doubt on your judgment. Tying a fear to something that sounds mature and responsible is better.

Example Answer

I always found Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a little unnerving.

Gene Wilder did an excellent job as Willy Wonka, but the concept of haphazardly handing over control of a world-renowned business full of mystical dangers to a child who hasn’t even had decent schooling is the height of irresponsibility, and that’s not even counting what happened to the other kids.

Other Questions You Could Be Asked

Here are some other questions you may hear if an interviewer uses a funny interviewing technique.

  • If You Were an Animal What Would You Be?: Interviewers use this question to figure out what personality traits you think are most important.
  • What are Your Pet Peeves?: This is usually a culture fit question where interviewers are trying to figure out if anything about the work environment will set you off.
  • What Are Your Hobbies?: Hobbies can be a good indicator of what employees value, as well as a good measure of how much they’re going to focus on the life part of work/life balance.
  • What Are You Passionate About?: This can be a trick question, so the best responses usually involve something you can tie to your job.
  • Do You Have Any Questions for Me?: A great question for the interviewer can tell them something they don’t already know about you, along with allowing you to find out more about a potential working environment.

Additional Tips for Funny Interviews

Here are some other things to think about if you’re expecting a funny interview.

How Do You Prepare for a Funny Interview?

You don’t need to go out of your way to prepare for funny interview questions.

Most employers work these into the other interviews as surprise questions, rather than telling you to come in so they can ask you many strange and seemingly off-topic things.

As long as you understand the idea is to look at the reasoning for each question, you’re fine.

What Should You Wear to a Funny Interview?

Wear a standard interview outfit. Professional clothing is usually suitable, and if you’re unsure, it’s always better to slightly overdress for the position.

How Should You Introduce Yourself In a Funny Interview?

Introduce yourself normally for an interview.

A solid format is starting with a polite greeting, then giving your name, highlighting your connection to the company, and saying what you’re hoping to accomplish in the interview.

What Questions Should You Ask at the End of a Funny Interview?

Here are some questions you can ask when you have a chance to learn about the company.

“How has this job changed in the last few years?”

This question can help you get a good sense of how a company is going and what you might need to succeed in the role beyond the normal things listed in a job description.

“What’s the biggest challenge facing this company, and how do you think this position could help solve it?”

This is a sneaky question that encourages an interviewer to think about you as a problem-solver. It can help raise their opinion of you and make it easier to move forward and get the job.

“This interviewer has been much more interesting than most I go through. I like what it says about your culture, so how do you think I could break the ice with everyone if you think I’m the best fit?”

Like the previous question, this encourages the interviewer to consider how you interact with others. If they see you getting along well and doing your work, that significantly boosts your candidacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some other questions that people often have about funny interviews.

What is the most unique interview question that commonly gets asked?

“What would you bring to a deserted island?”

That’s easily one of the most common weird interview questions because it’s open-ended and can tell interviewers a lot about a candidate’s priorities.

From there, it’s easier to decide if they match the company values.

What is the most underrated interview question?

“What is your biggest failure, and what did you learn from it?”

Most candidates don’t like talking about their failures, but the truth is that no candidate is perfect, either.

If people show they can learn and improve, it’s okay to ignore past failures.

Wrapping Up

Funny interview questions aren’t about comedy so much as helping interviewers get a better understanding of your thoughts and reasoning.

As long as you keep that in mind, you can answer practically any question they give you.

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