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Holistic Therapist: Job Description, Info, and Job Openings 2022

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Western medicine has taken control of the healthcare system in the United States.

Many people in western civilizations are unfamiliar with holistic healing, but this science existed at least 5,000 years ago.

Too often, we overlook a career as a holistic therapist.

Even while studying psychology, I was unaware of many fields in holistic therapy.

Nonetheless, these jobs are vital to the well-being of people worldwide.

What Is a Holistic Therapist?

A holistic therapist uses traditional and non-traditional techniques to heal the whole person.

They believe that mental, physical, and spiritual aspects are important to health.

What Is a Holistic Therapist Called?

There are many possible titles for holistic therapists, including:

  • Holistic therapists
  • Clinical psychologists
  • Marriage and family therapists
  • Complementary therapists
  • Holistic practitioners
  • Alternative therapists

Some therapists with these titles do not practice holistic therapy.

However, many holistic therapists enter such fields.

What Does a Holistic Therapist Do?

Holistic therapists combine many treatments as they work with their patients.

They may use typical treatments such as talk therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and psychoanalysis.

They also incorporate less traditional treatments.

Hypnosis, breath therapy, meditation, mindfulness, and bodywork practices are common.

Holistic therapists work with patients suffering from a variety of conditions.

Some common conditions are:

  • Muscular and joint pain
  • Spinal and nerve injuries
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Infertility
  • Weight loss
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addiction

Work Opportunities in the Holistic Therapy Industry

Many different practices use holistic therapists.

The therapist’s focus is determined by the specific field they enter.

Holistic Therapist Job Description

On a typical day, a holistic therapist incorporates talk therapy and movement-based therapy.

Some may teach yoga, while others may provide aromatherapy or reiki.

All holistic therapists must listen to their patients and devise a treatment plan.

Top Holistic Therapy Jobs and Careers

Holistic therapists have many options for careers.

Three of the most popular are:

  • Massage therapists: use touch to ease pain and stress and promote health.
  • Reiki practitioners: heal patients using energy.
  • Kinesiology or movement therapy instructors: guide clients to express themselves through movement.

Where Can a Holistic Therapist Work?

Different environments suit the needs of each holistic therapist.

Many work from home, while others rent an office.

Still, other therapists work within a hospital or at a health club.

What It’s Like to Be a Holistic Therapist

Choosing a career can change your way of life.

Consider the following aspects of being a holistic therapist before making your decision.


Is Being a Holistic Therapist Hard?

Practicing holistic therapy is taxing on the emotional and physical well-being of therapists.

Therapists are very empathetic people.

Listening to others’ struggles daily can weigh heavily on anyone, especially therapists.

Holistic therapists also involve movement in sessions, which can become exhausting.

Is a Holistic Therapist’s Job Stressful?

It can be very stressful to listen to others’ problems all day.

Progress can seem slow, which adds stress for both the therapist and patient.

Additionally, therapists who own their own practice must coordinate business aspects.

This can be very stressful for those without experience building a company.

Common Holistic Therapist Work Day

Holistic therapists balance countless activities daily.

Some of the most common aspects of being a holistic therapist are below.

Holistic Therapist Tasks & Duties

Most holistic therapists will complete the following tasks and duties with each client:

  • Listen to patients a make a treatment plan
  • Find alternative options for treatments
  • Consider preexisting medical conditions to avoid harming patients
  • Apply a range of therapies
  • Ask the client if they are comfortable with their treatment throughout the session

Holistic Therapist Work Hours & Schedule

Most holistic therapists will work evenings and weekends.

Some  may find employment opportunities with companies that schedule only weekday sessions.

In either case, their hours are usually long.

Holistic Therapist Dress Code

The dress code will also depend on the environment.

Most holistic therapists dress in clothing that allows for movement during therapy.

Does This Career Field Embrace Work/Life Balance?

Therapists who work evenings and weekends can struggle to maintain a social life.

They may need to schedule specific times to connect with friends and family.

Luckily, therapists can find the right balance with some practice.

Do Holistic Therapists Make Good Money?

Holistic therapists make a reasonable living.

Unfortunately, they will not profit as much as many medical other professionals.

Those with private practices receive little to no profit in the beginning.

The cost of equipment and room decorations adds up quickly.

How Much Do Holistic Therapists Make?

The annual salary of holistic therapists depends on their specialty.

The average salary for holistic therapists across different fields is:

  • Massage Therapist: $43,000/year
  • Acupuncturist: $97,000/year
  • Ayurvedic Practitioner: $40,000/year
  • Energy Healer: $43,000/year
  • Herbalist: $85,000/year
  • Life Coach: $62,000/year
  • Midwife: $115,000/year

Overview of the Holistic Therapy Industry

Being a holistic therapist is hard work.

Those considering this field may be pleased to learn that the industry is growing.

Holistic Therapist Field: Career Progression

Most holistic therapists remain in the same role throughout their careers.

They gain knowledge and experience and add new techniques to their treatment plans.

Some may choose to specialize in one treatment, while others may begin teaching.

Is a Holistic Therapist a Good Career?

Being a holistic therapist is great for those who want to work closely with people and help them.

The job is very rewarding, but the strange schedules can be overwhelming.

This is a great career for people who love to learn and are flexible.

Holistic Therapist Job Outlook

The holistic therapy field is on an uptrend.

Many careers are declining due to an increase in technology that can carry out certain tasks.

However, technology cannot provide empathy, which creates job stability for therapists.

Demand for Holistic Therapists

The demand for holistic therapists is growing.

Many people want natural remedies for physical and emotional issues.

Holistic therapy is the perfect solution.

Holistic Therapist Facts

  • About 65-80% of people use holistic medicine as their main form of healthcare.
  • Since 1992, the federal government has spent about $22 million on alternative medical research at the National Institutes of Health and Public Health Services.
  • 70-90% of people around the world use holistic medicine. Only 10-30% use traditional medicine.

Jobs Related to Holistic Therapist

Those looking at careers in holistic therapy may also consider becoming a:

  • Music therapist: uses music for managing mental disorders. Many patients suffer from substance abuse, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, and brain injuries.
  • Physiotherapist: treats patients with musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Craniosacral therapist: promotes healing and relaxation. They listen to the rhythms of the patient’s body.

Requirements, Skills, and Education Required for Holistic Therapists

Many people hope to make a career in helping people.

Unfortunately, holistic therapy is not for everyone.

Who Should Consider a Holistic Therapist Career Path?

Holistic therapy is perfect for those who aim to heal the whole person.

They should also believe in the use of natural methods.

People who have busy schedules should also consider this as a part-time job.

They can work weekend and evening hours, which provides time for a preexisting job or to raise a family.

Who Should NOT Consider a Holistic Therapist Career Path

You should not consider becoming a holistic therapist if you want to earn a high salary.

Additionally, holistic therapy is not for people who want to work a 9-5 weekday job.

Is It Hard To Become a Holistic Therapist?

It is not hard to become a holistic therapist.

Many specialties require only a certification.

You must research the qualifications for each field.

What Do I Need To Become a Holistic Therapist?

Requirements vary for different types of holistic therapists.

Requirements for Becoming a Holistic Therapist

To become a holistic therapist, you will need to:

  • Receive a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Find relevant training, such as college courses or job opportunities.
  • Receive licenses or certifications for your prospective specialty.

What Skills Does a Holistic Therapist Need?

Holistic therapists should be able to listen and have strong interpersonal skills.

They must be empathetic.

They should also think critically and be willing to learn new techniques.

What Education Does a Holistic Therapist Need?

For traditional healthcare credentials, you will need a degree or certification.

Alternative job opportunities will list the education requirements for the specific role.

Can You Become a Holistic Therapist Without a Degree?

Certain careers in holistic therapy do not require a degree.

What Experience Does a Holistic Therapist Need?

Qualifications matter more than experience for prospective holistic therapists.

They build experience once they enter the field.

Holistic Therapist Education and Schooling

Those attending school for holistic therapy will notice certain trends across education systems.

What Is Taught In a Holistic Therapist Course?

Most holistic therapy courses include education on anatomy and physiology.

Students will also take courses related to their intended career path.

How Long Does a Holistic Therapist Course Take?

Most courses can be completed in less than one year.

Holistic Therapist Education Options and Degree Programs

Depending on your field, you may need to complete a degree.

Bachelor’s Degree

These fields require a Bachelor’s degree:

  • Dieticians and nutritionists
  • Ayurvedic practitioners
  • Midwife

Master’s Degree

Acupuncturists must obtain a Master’s degree.


Individuals pursuing these fields require certification:

  • Massage therapist
  • Energy healer
  • Life coach

Schools for Holistic Therapists

Some of the top schools for holistic therapists include:

  • The College of St. Scholastica
  • Everglades University
  • Oakton Community College
  • The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • Paradise Valley Community College.

Steps to Become a Holistic Therapist

To become a holistic therapist:

  • Earn your high school diploma or equivalent
  • Get a certification or degree
  • Start a business or find an employer
  • Develop skills and research new techniques as you go
  • Consider post-graduate training

Current Career Job Openings

As a holistic therapist, you will have many options for employment.

Some current job openings in this field are …

Frequently Asked Questions

There is so much to learn about careers in holistic therapy.

Some frequently asked questions are answered below.

Do Holistic Therapists Treat People With Mental Health Disorders?

In 2009, the International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health found that holistic therapy effectively treats chronic illnesses, including mental health disorders.

Can Holistic Therapists Start Their Own Practices?

Many holistic therapists start their practices.

It can be expensive to rent an office, so many work from home.

They advertise themselves and build a steady client base over time.

Wrapping Up

We all want to make a difference, but we are unsure how to do so.

We know that careers in therapy benefit many people, but there are countless specialties to consider.

Careers in holistic therapy are very rewarding.

As a holistic therapist, you know that your patients will not be over-medicated.

Your techniques are natural, safe, and beneficial.

However, you will have to cope with long hours and strange schedules, which are not for everyone.

Consider the daily life of holistic therapists, the industry, and the training before choosing your career.

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