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Hostess Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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Obtaining a leg up in the hospitality world can be tricky, especially when looking for hostess jobs. If you struggle to convince employers that you will be a worthy addition to their waiting staff, you are not alone.

In most cases, what fails many job seekers is the quality of their resume.

Are you looking to set yourself apart and prove you can meet the stressful demands of a fast-paced environment?

We have researched and tested the best hostess resume templates for various job levels, representing different levels of experience and education. We will go over the varying effectiveness of each hostess’s resume below.

Hostess Resume Examples

Various types of hostess jobs depend on the stage of your career or where you find employment. Hostess roles might include restaurant member, server, and VIP hostess.

Employers are keen to seek skills that best fit their unique job environment. Have a look at the following examples to tailor the appearance of your hostess resume.

Entry-Level Hostess Resume Example

Entry-level resumes give job seekers the most challenging time, mainly because of the little or no relevant experience. However, at this stage, employers seek soft skills such as willingness to learn and effective communication.

Note that any experience, relevant courses, or internships can give you an added advantage when applying for these types of hostess positions.

Entry-Level Hostess Resume Example

Why We Suggest This Resume

This resume template works because it demonstrates to the employer all the required skills and desire for career growth. For many entry-level positions, hiring managers accept high school diplomas.

  • Type of Resume: Entry-Level Hostess Resume Example
  • Best For: Those who have completed high school diplomas and are applying for hostess jobs
An image of Entry-Level Hostess Resume Example


Enthusiastic and highly organized high school graduate seeking an entry-level position in your restaurant. Excited to apply my passionate interest in the hospitality industry toward the success of your establishment, while furthering my education within the field.

RST Soul Foods Hostess

  • Welcomed and seated guests, ensuring they were satisfied with the restaurant ambiance.
  • Enquired as to the quality of customer service to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Managed customer reservation records with the restaurant management software system, accelerating guests’ waiting times.
  • Ensured smooth coordination with the kitchen staff to ensure that guests enjoy prompt service and meals.
  • Assisted team with all relevant cleaning duties at the end of the night.

Fast Foods Server Assistant  

  • Helped in inventory control and restocking of supplies.
  • Communicating with other servers while they were busy to minimize the guest response time, ensuring no long waits or discrepancies.
  • Served guests food and beverages, ensuring they received their orders promptly.
  • Ensured compassionate and enthusiastic responses to customers, providing a clear understanding of potential allergens or restrictions while offering substitutions.
  • Maintained presentation of the establishment to the highest degree of cleanliness.

Project Experience

  • Catered to small corporate functions. Primary duties involved welcoming and serving the guests with refreshments.
  • Worked with a non-profit charity foundation to feed homeless youth and families. Helped prepare and distribute large batches of food to the homeless.


  • Great communication skills
  • Warm, people-pleasing personality
  • High degree of communication skills and social intelligence
  • Highly organized
  • Proficient in restaurant management software/POS like Posist, OpenTable, and SpotOn
  • Thrives in a busy, high-stress work environment


  • High School Diploma

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Food Handler License

Why This Resume Works

This resume template works because it demonstrates to the employer all the required skills and desire for career growth.

While academic qualifications can make up for the need for more relevant hands-on experience in the industry, for many entry-level positions, hiring managers accept high school diplomas.

Employers are more interested in checking whether the experience matches the skill set needed for the entry-level hostess job. The hostess is the face of the restaurant and this resume shows a person that is always looking to improve their image and that of the company they work for.

It shows a person who is not only focused on their presentation and maintaining a clean environment, but is also willing to stay late and focus on other labor that’s not specific to her role. A team player.

Restaurant Hostess Resume Example

In this hiring field, the employer is keen on your performance at previous jobs. They want to assess your past experiences and better understand how well you would integrate into their business.

They will also want to know about the skills you acquired through your previous work experience. It is paramount that they understand what sets you apart from a high school graduate.

Restaurant Hostess Resume Example

Why We Suggest This Resume

This resume works mainly because it shows a person who is easily adaptable to portray the image of the company and its values. Previous work experience within restaurants gives the candidate an advantage over those with limited experience.

  • Type of Resume: Restaurant Hostess Resume Example
  • Best For: Those applying for restaurant hostess jobs
An image of Restaurant Hostess Resume Example


Friendly, customer-oriented individual seeking a position as a restaurant hostess in an environment where they can effectively utilize my sophisticated social skills and background in hospitality. Always keen on providing the best customer service, which is tailored to the individual guest and client.

Hogtown Vegan Restaurant Hostess

  • Answered guest phone calls with the restaurant’s signature style. Managed reservations with in-house POS software.
  • Interacted with all patrons while maintaining a welcoming, helpful, and professional demeanor.
  • Hosted hundreds of guests per night, at their reserved tables.
  • Proactively introduced a rewards system to honor long-term customers.
  • Communicated clearly and effectively with kitchen staff and servers to ensure prompt service for the guests.

Annabelle’s Bed & Breakfast Hostess

  • Front-of-house team member, handling all aspects of payment – via credit card, debit, cashier’s check, and cash. Processed payment and provided a receipt.
  • Represented the ‘face’ of the brand, providing accommodating and compassionate service to several elderly patrons.
  • Handled the use of the hotel’s POS software for checking in guests, and ensuring appropriate bookings and reservations.
  • Assisted team members with cleaning duties, upkeep, and sanitation after the departure of all guests.

 Project Experience

  • Volunteered to distribute refreshments and attend to the staff at a local blood drive.
  • Served on a local mom & pop catering team, Susan’s Refreshments, for outdoor events. Attended to the needs of various guests. Created attractive displays and themed set pieces for the tables.


  • Compassionate and caring customer service
  • Collaborative
  • Adaptable
  • Excellent communication
  • Ability to thrive in a team setting
  • Proficient in different POS software and management systems
  • Can work in a fast-paced environment, under high-stress situations


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management
  • Penn State University, PA 2019-2023

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Food Safety Certification

Why This Resume Works

This resume works mainly because it shows a person who is easily adaptable to portray the image of the company and their values.

The previous work experience within restaurants gives the candidate an advantage over those with limited experience. This demonstrates to the employer that can work in a fast-paced environment under high stress.

A hostess must always remain cordial and accommodating to guests even after long hours or difficult situations. This resume works because it is keen to outline soft skills that underscore these qualities.

This will prove more fruitful in applications than someone who worked in the restaurant industry as a line cook or cashier.

Server-Hostess Resume Example

This resume is distinct because it demands the hostess also have server experience. Only a few job applicants understand the difference between server and host, namely those working for years within the industry.

The latter’s primary duty is to make the guests feel welcome and cared for. Comparatively, a server’s primary duty is to present the guests with their food. However, some restaurants often give the two roles to one person (or label them interchangeably) leading to confusion.

Server-Hostess Resume Example

Why We Suggest This Resume

This resume example works because it outlines the most critical things that the employer needs to know. The applicant has experience in both server and hostess positions, which is important when applying for server-hostess jobs.

  • Type of Resume: Server-Hostess Resume Example
  • Best For: Those applying for server-hostess jobs
An image of Server-Hostess Resume Example


Charismatic hostess with three years of experience working in popular restaurants, who is now seeking a position as server-hostess. Highly skilled in customer reception and navigating restaurant software (POS) systems; fully confident in front-of-house reception and delivering dishes to patrons as a server.  

ABC Bar and Grill Server

  • Handed out menus to the guests as soon as they settled in, explaining specials, and menu items, and highlighted chef’s recommendations.
  • Worked closely with the kitchen staff to present guests with meals in a timely fashion, coordinating timing when guests and patrons had finished their prior dishes.
  • Collected payments from customers and issued receipts.
  • Championed feedback from guests, and incorporated it into better customer retention for the entire establishment.

ABC Bar and Grill Hostess

  • Welcomed guests with a friendly and professional demeanor.
  • Managed reservations and led guests to their designated tables promptly.
  • Took orders from guests while ensuring prompt service and engaging with them playfully.
  • Proactively trained seasonal employees and recent hires.
  • Processed payments, reservations, and special accommodations with POS software.

Project Experience

  • Participated in a hospitality workshop as an usher, gaining insight into customer retention and best hospitality practices.
  • Served beverages at team-building events for ABC Bar and Grill, working directly with management to coordinate and champion staff events.


  • Excellent communication and people skills.
  • Proficient in using POS systems.
  • Great at handling balance of payments
  • Can work well in a busy environment
  • Have a deep knowledge of food and beverage menus.


  • Associate Degree in Hospitality Management
  • Bunker Hill Community College, Boston Massachusetts
  • May 2017 – September 2019

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Food Handling License
  • Alcohol Service Certification

Why This Resume Works

This resume example works because it outlines the most critical things that the employer needs to know. The applicant has had experience in both server and hostess positions. That’s the central point to highlight.

Applicants looking for a server-hostess position with experience in only one field will likely be passed on compared to those with a dual employment history.

A history of bartending or serving helps the applicant to promote menu items and provide a more engaging experience.

The skills emphasize a strong knowledge of POS systems. The resume demonstrates all the skills necessary to thrive in a server-hostess position.

Fine Dining Hostess Resume Example

Guests at a fine dining restaurant seek more than the average dining experience. Casual dining spots might focus on the food, or provide service as quickly as possible to turn over tables for the night. However, fine dining establishments focus on providing a more refined experience.

Fine dining requires an extra degree of decorum and elegance from the hostess.

This is because the guests expect the food to be served formally. Experience at distinguished or luxury establishments will give applicants an added advantage over the competition.

Fine Dining Hostess Resume Example

Why We Suggest This Resume

This resume is great because it shows that the applicant understands food science, food handling, safety, and restaurant etiquette well. The highlighted certifications prove the individual has top-notch training.

  • Type of Resume: Fine Dining Hostess Resume Example
  • Best For: Hostesses with fine dining training applying for jobs
An image of Fine Dining Hostess Resume Example


Highly experienced individual working in the hospitality industry for the last decade, seeking a hostess position at a fine dining establishment. Eager to apply my refined and formal customer service skills and academic training to a luxurious environment, serving various clientele.

Pastiche Noshery Fine Dining Hostess

  • Greeted guests with a welcoming and professional demeanor.
  • Managed online and call reservations through the restaurant management software (POS) system.
  • Accompanied the guests to their tables while engaging in conversation.
  • Demonstrated a clear knowledge of the menu recommendations, by thoroughly explaining dishes and drinks to guests clearly.
  • Essential team member, who worked best as a part of a team with the kitchen and servers to provide excellent service.

Il Covo Restaurant Hostess

  • Helped in maintaining the established look of the establishment.
  • Worked directly and proactively with the kitchen staff to ensure flawless service.
  • Organized live music and bookings on Friday nights to attract a wider scope of clientele and increase revenue.
  • Handled major complaints and concerns from the guests and provided on-the-spot solutions without bias or argumentation, offering alternatives or substitutions.
  • Managed client reservations, bookings, and accommodations.

Project Experience

  • Attended beverage workshops on wine tasting, production, and the etiquette of serving wine.
  • Oversaw catering events and reservations for high-end clientele and guests at Pastiche Noshery.


  • Warm, engaging personality
  • Highly adaptable
  • Familiarity with POS systems
  • Conflict resolution
  • Effective communication skills
  • Efficient team player
  • Highly organized
  • Fine dining etiquette


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management
  • University of New York, 2010

 Licenses & Accreditations

  • ServSafe Food Handler Certification
  • TIPS Alcoholic Safety Training Certification

Why This Resume Works

The resume showcases the applicant’s high degree of education from a recognized institution.

The individual has shown to understand food science, food handling, safety, and restaurant etiquette well. Its certifications prove the individual has top-notch training, which is paramount when hosting any fine-dining restaurant.

The experience listed in this example shows that the job seeker has worked successfully in a fast-paced, luxury restaurant. This informs the hiring manager that the applicant is suitable for the job, and won’t need a lot of training to acclimate to the role.

A formal, refined presentation is of the utmost importance when applying for a fine dining position. It is wise for your resume to reflect that by showcasing communication skills and intelligence.

VIP Hostess Resume Example

VIP and fine dining hostess positions aren’t the same. The two are similar in that they demand an extra degree of decorum from the hostess. However, VIP hosting includes catering to high-profile guests. It helps if the applicant is used to interacting with high-profile people without getting intimidated, stressed, or anxious.

The hiring manager will be looking for someone with a sharp, refined appearance. More than that, the applicant must be a good communicator. The ability to work under a high amount of stress without sacrificing organization is essential.

VIP Hostess Resume Example

Why We Suggest This Resume

This resume showcases the job seeker’s experience interacting with VIPs or high-profile customers. It also showcases the individual goes out of their way to plan and communicate effectively with others.

  • Type of Resume: VIP Hostess Resume Example
  • Best For: Those applying for VIP hostess jobs
An image of VIP Hostess Resume Example


Friendly hostess with more than ten years of experience in the hospitality industry seeking a position working with high-profile guests.

Relevant strong suits include a high degree of problem-solving and excellent communication skills. Experience managing large crowds and high-profile individuals would make me an ideal candidate for this role.

Head Hostess at Green Party Planners

  • Management of massive inventory for weekend events. Frequent communication with partners such as food and drink vendors.
  • Led the team in segmenting the event space into VVIP, VIP, and regular sections.
  • Greeted and escorted high-profile individuals.
  • Communicated with servers, bartenders, and security to ensure excellent service.
  • Handled guest complaints on the spot to ensure the high standards of the establishment were met or exceeded.

 VIP Lounge Hostess

  • Welcomed guests and led them to their seats.
  • Screened for underage guests at the bar entrance.
  • Handled inquiries from guests through online and face-to-face channels.
  • Helped in maintaining the polished look of the establishment.
  • Arranged over fifty reservations per night and oversaw table arrangements. Utilized restaurant management software to confirm or book reservations.

 Project Experience

  • Helped in the planning and production of corporate events or seminars.
  • Welcomed guests and directed them to their destinations.
  • Liaised with the kitchen and waiting staff to ensure the guests had the best possible dining experience.


  • Ability to multitask in high-pressure situations
  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Proficient in POS and restaurant management software.
  • I have deep knowledge of the hospitality industry.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management, University of New York, 2019

 Licenses & Accreditations

  • Food Safety Certification
  • Certified Food and Beverages Executive  

Why This Resume Works

This resume showcases the job seeker’s experience interacting with VIP or high-profile customers, which hiring managers are cautious when screening VIP hostesses. This is mainly due to the strong sphere of influence that high-profile individuals have.

It is essential to highlight this because the hiring manager wants to know that you can serve certain clients without getting intimidated, anxious, or stressed.

A bachelor’s degree in hospitality management also gives potential job seekers an added advantage.

The resume also showcases the individual goes out of their way to plan and communicate with the other areas to ensure the guests have a pleasant experience.

Common Skills & Action Verbs to Include on a Hostess Resume

When screening hostess resumes, there are certain words hiring managers look for that can help you stand out from the crowd. Here are some skills and action verbs that can be implemented when outlining duties in the experience section.

Common Skills for Hostess Resumes

  • Communication skills
  • Language skills
  • Customer relations
  • Organizational skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Inventory management
  • Detail oriented
  • Teamwork
  • Highly collaborative
  • Conflict resolution
  • Compassionate
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management
  • People management
  • Proactive
  • Event planning

Standard Action Verbs for Hostess Resumes

  • Welcomed
  • Engaged
  • Coached
  • Directed
  • Scheduled
  • Reserved
  • Organized
  • Assisted
  • Informed
  • Coordinated
  • Communicated
  • Managed
  • Informed
  • Accommodated
  • Monitored

Tips for Writing a Better Hostess Resume

Even with the great resume examples above, it is possible for one to feel stuck when writing their resume. Impressing a potential employer can be difficult, especially when the interviews are conducted online or over the phone.

However, there are tips that you can follow that will set you apart from the other applicants.

1. Focus on Great Communication and Social Skills

When you fill a hostess position, you will be required to listen and rely on information all the time. You will work with the guest and coworkers to ensure a smooth flow of daily events.

Employers will scan the resume for this quality and relevant keywords.

Outline how you have worked in positions that have required you to communicate clearly with various staff and patrons to meet the highest standard of service.

Engagingly providing accurate and precise information is also a sign of great communication skills.

2. Outline Your Organizational Skills

Hostess roles involve managing reservations and seating guests at designated tables in a high-stress environment.

It also demands a lot of coordination with the kitchen and waiting staff. Thus, the applicant must have a high level of organization across their work. Otherwise, mixups can become extremely problematic.

Your employer needs to know that this won’t happen. They can’t worry about micromanaging employees. You can mention your ability to schedule events or coordinate tasks in a stressful environment.

Outlining past work experiences where you applied these organizational skills successfully will help. You can mention any relevant experience in an assistant or team lead role.

3. Emphasize Your Ability to Work in a Team

As a hostess, you will work closely with the waitstaff and management team to ensure smooth operations.

Make sure to emphasize your ability to collaborate effectively to achieve the daily goal(s) or daily targets. It’s wise to use specific examples of when you worked in a team as a hostess or server.

State your ability to actively lead a team or contribute to a smooth workflow. It is helpful to mention that you find you work best in a team environment.

4. Customize Your Resume Each Time You Apply for a Job  

Various establishments have unique needs. You need to market yourself as the best possible fit for the role.

Review the job description while selecting primary action verbs and required skills most relevant to the specific establishment or restaurant you apply to.

Highlight the experience that is most relevant to the role. It is wise to keep it concise.

Straightforwardly communicate your top skills and always relate them to the job description.

Always remember that the visual appearance of the resume is part of the presentation. You don’t want a resume that is several pages in length or difficult to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many frequently asked questions when it comes to preparing for the role of hostess.

How Do I Prepare for a Hostess Job?

Performing your due diligence will help you best prepare for the job. Do research on the establishment.

It would even help to visit the restaurant before the day of the interview. This will help you prepare specific answers in advance.

Always identify and highlight the main skills needed for the job.

What Is a Good Example of a Hostess Resume Objective?

It will help to mention common hostess skills and a few action verbs in the objective.

You don’t want to write strictly in the first person.

Remove any instances of “I.” For example: “Self-driven and compassionate hostess with over four years of experience in hostess positions. Motivated to apply my proficient communication and organizational skills to enhance the quality of customer service in your establishment.”

Similar Resume Types to Reference

Other related job positions demand a similar skill set. Job seekers for hostess positions can consider these jobs as stepping stones in their career paths.

  • Customer Service Resume: The hospitality industry places high value on the quality of customer service. Going through a customer service resume helps you outline the skills needed in a hostess position.
  • Server Resume: A server and a hostess have similar job descriptions. It is wise to skim through a server resume to better understand how to express your skills on paper.
  • Waitress Resume: Servers and hostesses form part of the waiting staff. In some establishments, the two roles are assigned to one person. A waitress’s resume is a great reference point when writing up a hostess’s CV.

Wrapping Up

Writing a hostess resume can be nerve-wracking. The problem lies in expressing your skills on paper.

As many of the skills needed for this job are soft skills, applicants may fail to mention them. However, the primary role of a hostess is to make the guest feel welcome.

The hospitality industry is diverse, and each unique position will demand more specific skills.

Using standard action verbs and skills highlighted for the job will give you an added advantage and appeal to a wider range of positions. Communicate clearly and concisely. This will create a powerful first impression to help make it to the interview round.

If you have any thoughts on hostess resumes or found this useful, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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