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How To Accept A Job Offer

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Outside the nerves that come with applying and interviewing for a job, there might not be a worse feeling in the world than simply waiting for a response for that same job.

Hours, days, maybe even a few weeks if there’s a lot to consider from other applicants.

With little to no updates on the employer’s part, and with nothing but your thoughts and memories to try and gauge how that interview went, you quickly find that you start interrogating your memory, and bringing that into question. ‘

Did I say that thing I meant to say?’

Were there any details I forgot to mention?

Did I ask enough questions?’

All these thoughts do nothing to soothe our nerves.

Fortunately, most employers will make sure to get back to their most likely candidates in a pretty short amount of time, no more than a few hours or days.

And all that anxiety washes away when you hear the news back: You’ve got the job!

If this sounds like it has happened to you, firstly, congratulations!

There’s nothing like that feeling of being recognized and seen for your qualities, and selling those well enough to get hired is a quality in and of itself!

The next thing you should be considering, however, is exactly the next steps that you need to take in the application process.

And, whilst the worst has almost certainly come and passed, there are still a few steps that you’ll need to take to make sure that you have your dream job position secure and in the bag.

Those next steps are what we will be covering in this article. We will be discussing how exactly you may be offered the job, both in an informal and written sense, and how exactly you should respond to these.

An Informal Job Offer

The first thing that you will likely have to go through, and also how you will probably be notified that you have been given the job offer, is through some kind of informal offer.

This is mainly to let you know that you have been offered whatever position you are applying for in the first place, and this can happen in several different ways.

How Will This Look?

For instance, one of the most common ways that you will be notified is that you may receive a phone call from the employer to let you know that you are being offered the job.

Alternatively, you may be sent an email letting you know that you have been offered the position, which means that regularly checking your in-box is a must in the hours and days after your interview.

Another way you may receive an informal notification is through a secondary, shorter interview.

This can be done in person, or sometimes through an online face call.

If you do receive an informal offer of one of these types, then there are a few steps that you should take as soon as possible

  • First, thank them for the position. After all, manners cost nothing!
    Plus, it will help cement the first good impression that you made in your interview!
  • Next, make sure to get as many details for finishing the application process with them.
    Things such as when to expect a written or official offer (more on that later), as well as establishing things such as salary, if there are any benefits, any training that you may need to take before starting, as well as the number of hours you are working.
  • If you feel like you need a little extra time to make sure that you want to job, make sure that you ask for it. You want to make sure that this is the right job for you, and it is better to make a clear-thought-out response than to brashly accept it without thinking.
    Most employers will give you the time.
    Just make sure to establish a time frame when they can expect a response back from you.

Once you have accepted their offer, your employer will then need to gather the necessary materials you’ll need to officially recognize your new position.

This can take anywhere from a few hours today.

The Official Offer

So, you have accepted the offer, and have now been sent an official job offer.

How To Accept A Job Offer (1)

This can either come as an online document that you may need to sign or if you were given the initial informal offer over the phone, you can ask for a written document to be sent to you.

You must have as many, if not all, the details for your new role, both to make sure that the offer has had an appropriate response from you, as well as to make sure that you understand what responsibilities you will be taking on in the role, and what the companies other policies are, in regard to things like an official company code of conduct and dress code, as well as confirming your work hours and salary.

You may also find that your official offer document will contain some notes of other benefits of the role, such as if you need to pay for other work equipment, such as a laptop or phone.

Responding To The Offer 

During this process, you should be making sure you know how you want to respond.

Once again, expressing your appreciation is a great step to keeping up a good impression before starting.

You should also establish a time frame that is appropriate for you to respond, both for the informal offer, as well as for the official document.

You want to make sure that you aren’t wasting your new employer’s time, after all!

Final Thoughts

Once you have finished signing your final written offer, congratulations!

Make sure you have everything ready for your first day at your new job!

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