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How To Ask For A Raise?

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There is often a stigma in the workplace over the concept of asking for a raise.

It can feel awkward to simply ask for money and sometimes your work environment will not feel like the most friendly space to make requests like these.

However, getting over this stigma is one of the best ways to become successful as well as know your self worth.

It can be incredibly draining to go to your job day in day out knowing that you are worth more than what you are getting paid, and if you let your boss know this there is a good chance they will reciprocate. 

This is the best way to progress your career and is a great way to avoid getting into a slump for years.

There is very rarely any downside to doing this as well, it may feel awkward in the moment, but you either end up with a raise or find the information that it may be time to look for a new position. 

With the current economic state it is more important than ever to make sure you are working with an upwards trajectory and will get what you are worth. 

But this process can make anyone anxious, so we have some of the best tips collected here to inspire the confidence you need to ask for the raise you know you deserve!

Know How Much You Should Be Getting Paid

If you go in knowing how many similar positions to the one you are doing are getting paid, it puts the decision maker in a very hard position to reject you.

There are plenty of online resources to let you know what your target salary should be as well as job listings giving good examples of what other companies are willing to pay.

It takes very little research to find this information, but it really pays off knowing what your work is worth and will give you the confidence you need to ask for a raise.

This also helps with if you see you are getting paid the same amount as a different level of your job.

For example, if you are a senior in your position and see you are still getting paid a starter level salary this is great information to help bolster your case.

You can also use platforms like LinkedIn to communicate with people in a similar situation to you so you can evaluate how much you should be getting paid.

If you go into a meeting confident that you should be getting paid more and with evidence of this, your boss will have a very hard time rejecting you!

Have The Meeting On Your Terms

Know the ways in which you will get the best results means you have the power to control your circumstances.

While it may seem tempting for the more anxious workers to want to ask for a raise over email this very rarely gets results.

This is because it gives the person you are asking ample time to put together a rejection which can manipulate the situation and list off every excuse that makes them look justified. 

However, if you put the person you are asking under more pressured circumstances like a face to face meeting (or the sometimes more achievable video call) you are able to get a live reaction, but what is more important being a live response.

If you come in prepared this is an even better approach, and if you know how to respond to any dismissive statements, even better!


Another aspect of controlling the circumstances is choosing good timing.

For example, asking in a time strategic to when company budgets are being assigned means that you will have to get a quick response.

You can also choose times when your usefulness to the company is most important, for example if you have a large responsibility which you know you are irreplaceable in, this is great leverage for a salary raise.

But also do not wait too long for the absolute perfect timing as this gives you the opportunity to procrastinate and accept your current pay.

If your company get under the impression that you are easy to please and unwilling to stand up for yourself they are much less likely to be willing to give you a raise. 

Timing is very important but waiting until the perfect time will leave you waiting forever.

Planning And Preparation Is Everything

While this point is related to the previous ones, knowing what you are going in with is incredibly important.

How To Ask For A Raise (1)

For example, many people find it useful to write a script, while some think it is more appropriate to just bring some notes to make sure that every main point is covered.

Also take into account the type of person you are dealing with.

Try and accommodate their feelings and schedule as much as possible, so they will be in the most receptive mood to be willing to accept your offer.

This works even better if you have a good relationship with the person you are requesting for a raise.

If you know what they will respond well to, lean into this, and make sure to avoid anything you know they will not.

While you do not want to sacrifice your self respect, knowing what someone will respond well to is a great way to get results.

This can be as simple as quickly summarizing your points for a boss who is efficient and does not like blathering.

Or painting a picture of how much you contribute to the boss who is much more willing to hear you out.

If you know what you are going to do, you are in a much better position to respond to unexpected twists.


While some of this advice may seem simple, make sure to consider everything mentioned to get the best results possible.

Knowing when to ask, how to ask, and why you are asking is the best way to convince yourself and the person you are asking that you are worth the raise.

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