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How To Find a Job Without a Recruitment Agency: The Eight Ways

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Working with a recruiter can be a great way to find a job, but note that it’s just one avenue. There are other ways to advance your job search and land your dream position. Below is an expert-recommended guide on how to find a job without a recruitment agency.

How To Find a Job Without a Recruitment Agency

Finding a job without the help of a recruitment agency is possible through the following:

1. Start With Your Network

The best place to start your job search is through your network. If you’re looking for a job, it helps to let your friends and relatives know about it.

Many employers prefer receiving referrals from a trusted staff member. Most jobs get filled internally from referrals before they get advertised, so there’s a big chance you’ll find a job soon by reaching out to your network.

Your professional network is also an excellent resource for your job search. That includes your colleagues in your previous jobs.

Aim to build a closer relationship with these people. Hence, they think of you first when they hear about a job opening.

2. Join a Freelance Website

If you prefer working from home, you can search for jobs through freelance websites. UpWork, Freelancer, Toptal, and Guru are just some of your choices.

The freelance workforce is powerful and growing. According to statistics, a third of the American workforce did some freelance work at some point in their careers.

If you like working with different companies or employers and handling short-term projects, you’ll easily find a job on freelance websites. In most cases, joining these websites is free.

Initially, you have to create your profile or online resume and take skill tests. Then, you can start applying for jobs.

However, do note that once you start earning or receiving payments from your clients, that’s the time the freelance website will charge you.

Fees vary by platform, but usually, it’s 10 to 20 percent of your project income. That’s not bad, considering that freelance websites provide you with the tools you need, such as a time-tracker and training resources.

3. Go Social

Most of us use social media for entertainment, but did you know you can use it to find jobs too? Social media is a powerful venue to find potential employers.

That said, even if you’re not an avid social media user, you should consider creating a profile on various networking sites. Social media offers many advantages to job seekers like you.

First, it helps build your personal brand. In case you didn’t know, a whopping 70 percent of employers use social media to screen applicants. Second, it lets you contact and network in ways you can’t in person.

Many companies post job advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Simply sending them a message allows you to get more information about the role and send your resume.

Third, joining such networking platforms makes you more visible to hiring managers that mine social media to find top talent. Here are ways on how you can use social media in your job search:

  • Share an online portfolio or CV. You can add a link to your resume to your bio.
  • Actively search for jobs on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Put your profile on public so hiring managers and even recruiters can see you.
  • Engage in debates and discussions. 
  • Show your personality.
  • Keep up with the industry news by liking or following industry leaders.

4. Apply Directly on Company Websites

If you have a specific list of companies to approach for job openings, consider going directly to their websites. One significant benefit of this job search method is you’ll compete against a smaller pool of applicants. That means you have a bigger chance of getting your dream job.

There are many ways to find company websites. Of course, the easiest is through Google. Just type the company’s name, along with relevant keywords like “jobs” or “careers” so you end up landing on the exact page where you can submit your application.

Alternatively, you can find company websites through their social media profiles. Jobs are usually listed under the Careers section, but they can also fall under the Human Resources or About Us sections.

tips on how to find a job without a recruitment agency

5. Check-In With Your School

Whether you’re a fresh graduate, a graduating student, or an alumni member, there are many ways your school can be of great help to your job search.

  • Career Counseling Services: Campus career centers help students explore their professional options through counseling.
  • Job Placement Programs: Many schools offer job placement and recruiting programs. They allow students to pursue employment or internship opportunities with big companies and organizations.
  • Job Fairs: Unis also typically conduct job fairs where students meet prospective employees.
  • Alumni Association: As part of the alumni association, you can easily network with professionals and companies that can help you land a job.

6. Let Jobs Find You

Joining professional social networking sites like LinkedIn is a highly effective method for finding a job. LinkedIn has 133 million users in the USA alone. It’s a great place to showcase your portfolio and make potential employers notice you.

Chances are, you already have a LinkedIn account. However, if you’re only updating your profile now and then, you’re not fully getting the most from this social networking site.

You want to make sure you keep your profile updated. Create comprehensive yet brief skills and objectives, highlight your experience, and build your network to the first degree. It is important to grow your connections, which ultimately increases your exposure and access to other connections.

Once your profile is polished, you can either search for a job using the search field on the LinkedIn homepage or access the Jobs Page directly. Millions of jobs are posted on this platform every day. Make sure to apply for jobs that fit your expectations and requirements.

7. Leverage Job Search Platforms

When you’re in the market for a job and don’t have a specific target company list, you can streamline your search using job sites. You can start with job search aggregators.

These sites gather job postings from different job boards and other websites and consolidate them into a single searchable place.

Apart from job search aggregators, you can use specialized job search sites if you’re looking for industry-specific positions. Using job search platforms can save you a lot of time and energy hunting jobs.

8. Join Networking Events

At least 70 percent of people got their current jobs through networking. That said, joining networking events can significantly boost your job search.

Whenever you can, you should attend networking events in your industry. These events can be in the form of conferences, forums, happy hour meetings, career fairs, roundtable discussions, expositions, and seminars.

Don’t forget to prepare your professional business cards and copies of your resume when attending these events.

Job-specific virtual groups are also becoming commonplace these days. They’re an excellent venue for meeting potential employers if you’re unable to travel or you prefer networking online.


Working with a recruiter can have many benefits for job seekers, but you shouldn’t rely solely on them. To exponentially boost your chance of getting hired ASAP, you should consider exploring other options too.

There are several ways on how to find a job without a recruitment agency. These include asking friends and relatives for referrals, joining a freelance website, and leveraging social media and job search platforms.

You can also apply directly on company websites, check in with your school for career guidance, and join networking events.

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