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How To Get A Job With No Experience: A Complete Guide

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If you’re wondering how to get a job with no experience, this article is for you!

Our guide offers you a list of the easiest and highest-paying jobs you can get without previous experience.

You’ll also find out some ideal responses to interview questions regarding your lack of experience.

Additionally, we’ll share the best strategies you can follow to land a job whether you’re a fresh graduate or looking for a career shift.

What is the Easiest Job to Get Without Experience?

If can’t determine what you want to do yet, here are some careers that require virtually no experience to get started:

  • Assistant Jobs: Assistant-type jobs don’t necessarily demand previous work experience. Good organizational, communication and problem-solving skills are enough to get you started.
  • Internships: These positions are designed for learning, so they’re perfect if you’re short on experience. Many businesses offer paid internships as they prepare you for the job ahead.
  • Sales Rep: If you have good communication skills, a friendly attitude, and a knack for persuasion, you can land an entry-level sales rep job with ease. You don’t need previous work experience, but you should be ready to approach a lot of people.
  • Delivery Driver: If you’ve got a driving license, you’re pretty much set to become a delivery driver. You already got all the work experience you need if you can simply drive and navigate the streets!
  • Flight Attendant: Previous experience isn’t a must for most entry-level flight attendant positions. Excellent interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills coupled with a presentable image should land you this job.
  • Restaurant Worker: There’s a reason restaurant jobs are popular among students, those trying to settle into a new town, or anyone looking to save up some cash for a financial venture. Waiting, cleaning, taking orders, and preparing fast food are all examples of restaurant work that doesn’t need work experience.

What Job Pays the Most With No Experience?

Finding a job with no experience sometimes takes time, so you should make sure you’re looking in the most rewarding fields.


Without experience, an entry-level in the United States can expect to make around $22 per hour.

This is the national average, which is already pretty high, but some no experience plumbers earn as much as $39 per hour.

Sales Rep

An entry-level sales representative in the United States can expect to earn an average salary of $61,200 to $74,500 per year. That’s an average of $29.5 to $36 per hour.

While the low base salary is around $20,000 to 40,000 a year, non-experienced sales representatives can make as high as $131,000 per year.

Construction Worker

A non-experienced construction worker can expect to earn an average salary of around $44,500 per year in the United States. That’s an average of $21 per hour.

The low base salary is around $20,000 a year, but can also end up making around  $86,000 per year.

Although a construction worker isn’t the best career in the industry, it’s one of the best jobs across the country. If not for the money, at least you’ll find opportunities wherever you go.

Administrative Assistant

According to more than 400 reported salaries, an entry-level administrative assistant can expect to make an average of $17 per hour in the United States.

This means if you don’t have much experience in the job, you can end up earning a salary of about $52,000 for your first year!

Insurance Claims Adjuster

Without previous experience, an entry-level insurance claim adjusted can expect to make around $22 per hour working in the United States. As such, your annual salary would be around $52,000.

That’s the national average, with most wages for the job ranging between an hourly rate of $17 to $30.

Why Should We Hire You With No Experience Answer

Here are some sample answers to help you respond as effectively as possible in a job interview and prove you’re the right person for the job:

Although I didn’t work as X before, I believe that my set of abilities is an excellent match for this position. Despite my lack of experience in this particular role, I’m motivated, I always come in with a positive attitude, and I thrive in environments that push me to learn and grow.

This answer highlights your confidence in your skills even though you acknowledge you don’t have enough experience. You’re also throwing in strong keywords that employers like to hear.

I believe that excelling in this position doesn’t require previous experience. I’ve done my research about your company and the training program you offer for new hires, and I truly think that your guidance coupled with my level of determination and intelligence will amount to me learning the job in record time.

Incorporating this answer into your response shows that you’re not afraid of facing your lack of experience with real-world solutions that the potential employer provides. It also highlights your ability to take the initiative and proves that you invested time in getting to know the establishment.

I actually don’t see my lack of relevant experience as a disadvantage, but rather an edge. I believe that this position can benefit from the fresh perspective I’ll be bringing to the table so you can count on me for out-of-the-box solutions.

This answer emphasizes your ability to turn shortcomings into strength points to fix problems at hand.

How to Get a Job With No Experience

Here are the main steps necessary to get a job opportunity without related background:

1. Look for Entry-Level Positions

Narrow down your job search to entry-level positions because they’re meant for applicants with minimal experience.

Free job sites sometimes cater towards beginners, so add them to your job search ist. But be aware of scams such as phishing email ploys.

2. Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letters

Refine your resume and cover letters so you can attract attention to your application right from the get-go.

Make sure to include your most interesting achievements and skills to score some unique points.

3. Highlight Your Relevant Skills

Try to pinpoint some relevant skills to the job title you’re applying for and emphasize them in your resume and interview answers.

For example, good communication skills are beneficial to a sales representative job even if you don’t have previous experience.

4. Highlight Your Education

Don’t shy out from shedding the spotlight on your education. Include any additional courses and diplomas besides your main degree.

This can be a differentiating factor between you and other applicants.

5. Build Experience By Interning, Volunteering

You can gain job experience in the career you’re aiming for by doing some volunteer work or doing relevant internships. This will look fantastic on your resume.

6. Build a Network

Networking is essential to furthering a career or even starting a new one.

Put yourself out there, get in touch with managers/owners at local businesses, and be sure to project a professional image.

7. Get References

Gather as many references as you can from professional mentors, direct supervisors, or even managers.

Even if your previous job is irrelevant to the one you’re applying for, references are a great testimony to your competence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Job For Somebody With No Experience?

If you don’t have much or any experience in the practical world, your best bet for a job would be an assistant-type position, a sales representative, a delivery driver, a restaurant/hospitality worker, an intern position, or a flight attendant.

Is It Okay to Apply for a Job Without Experience?

It’s totally acceptable to apply for a job without previous relevant experience. But keep in mind that you’ll need to work harder on other aspects like polishing your resume, aiming for the right roles, building a network, and proving your motivation.

Wrapping Up

Today’s guide on how to get a job with no experience offers you a list of the easiest and highest-paying jobs, ideal responses to interview questions, and the main steps necessary to land a job without related background.

As always, make sure to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Getting a job without previous experience involves applying for the right positions, refining your resume, and highlighting your education/skills.

From there, you need to build a strong network and get supporting professional/character references.

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