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How To Get Someone Fired [The Ethical Way]

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Everyone has worked with people who have toxic personalities, and most people out there have had a horrible boss.

It is more than just being annoying.

These people are doing or saying things that affect the company and other employees.

Sometimes you wish you had the authority to decide to fire them.

In this article, you will learn how to get someone fired the ethical way.

Is it Legal to Get Someone Fired?

In most states, employees work at will.

That means that either party, the employer or the employee, can choose to end the working relationship at any time.

Employment can be terminated for any reason as long as it is legal.

For instance, no one can get fired because of their race, gender, age, or disability.

If you go to management and give accusations that result in termination, that is the choice of the company.

However, if the person fired can prove you lied, you could face a civil lawsuit.

Most of the time, it does not go that far. You should understand the severity of taking that kind of action.

Is Trying to Get Someone Fired Harassment?

If the person you are accusing has done something wrong, you are well within your rights to bring it up to management.

What they choose to do with the information, including termination, is entirely up to them.

However, if you repeatedly file reports against someone, they may say you are harassing them.

Many companies will fire employees based on only one harassment incident.

So if you are accusing someone, you should be sure you are not the only one who witnessed the behavior.

And if the company decides not to let them go, move on and do not take it upon yourself to gather more evidence.

Should You Get Someone Fired?

Whether or not you should get someone fired depends on a few things.

What did they do?

If you witnessed them doing something illegal, or something that could put another person in danger, you would be right to bring it to the attention of someone in authority.

It also depends on your moral compass.

Are you reporting the office jerk that is not nice to anybody because you feel they did something wrong?

Or do you dislike them and it is driving your judgment?

Pros of Getting Someone Fired

You reported someone and the company let them go.

It could be a positive thing for you and the other employees.

Several good things could result from a toxic person leaving your workplace.

1. The Workplace Will Become Less Stressful

The main difference you will notice after they are gone is that the workplace will be less volatile.

Removing the person causing issues will make everyone relax, and the mood will be much calmer.

2. Productivity Will Increase

When someone is doing something that affects other workers, it is hard for everyone to concentrate on their tasks.

Once that person is gone, everyone will be more focused on their work. Effectiveness will go up.

3. Faith in the Company Will Go Up

Once employees feel that the company did the right thing and removed a toxic person, they will have faith that they are supported.

It will also make it more likely that bad behavior will get reported in the future.

Cons of Getting Someone Fired

There is a chance that a few negative things could result from your involvement in a situation that gets someone terminated.

Take all of the possibilities into account before you decide to move forward.

1. Your Co-workers May Not Trust You

If some of your co-workers disagree with your decision to take the matter to management, they may not trust you anymore.

They may become guarded with what they say or do when you are around and fear you might report them for something.

2. Less Trust in Management

If the employees did not see what the terminated person did as all that egregious, they could lose faith in management.

Many employees see their managers as having an attitude that they are out to get them for any infraction, leading to some signs of a toxic workplace.

3. Management May See You as a Troublemaker

Even if the information you gave to them was accurate and a valid reason for someone to lose their job, some managers could look at you as someone who likes to start trouble.

Being labeled as “pot-stirring” could cost you advancements and opportunities at some companies.

What Are Reasons Someone Gets Fired?

Employment being at will, a person could be fired for any reason as long as it does not break discrimination laws.

However, most companies will only go as far as terminating an employee if they have done something illegal or broken a policy.

Many employers will give people multiple chances before letting them go, but there are a few reasons they may choose to do it.

1. Poor Work Performance

If someone is constantly late turning in work, stays behind on production goals, or has a consistently substandard performance compared to other employees, they may be a negative influence.

1. Doing Anything Illegal

Doing anything illegal on company property is grounds for immediate termination.

It sets a bad example to let it go and could cause the company to have legal repercussions later.

2. Insubordination

Defying authority or refusing to obey orders puts the entire business structure at risk.

It can not be ignored, or it will lead to more instances. Condescending people are very easy to spot.

When that condescending manner leads to insubordination, you have a problem on your hands.

3. Being Unethical

Ethics training is a big part of the business environment.

Any company that expects to do business has to have a reputation for being ethical, and any employee that threatens that is a liability.

4. Being Late or Not Coming to Work

Productivity relies on everyone being at work on time every day.

If someone is repeatedly late or does not show up, it causes everyone’s performance to suffer since that gap has to be filled.

5. Violating Policies

Most companies have a policy handbook that they either provide employees with when they are hired.

It covers a multitude of rules for everyday business.

You should be very familiar with it and review it often.

6. Inappropriate Social Media or Computer Usage

What is posted online or accessed from company computers can affect the whole business.

If someone posts inappropriate content or downloads something questionable, it could put the company at risk.

Many employers limit internet access for that reason.

7. Lying on a Resume

If a person puts false information on their resume and gets the job, they could be subject to being terminated at any time if the truth is discovered.

8. Violence

Any act of violence on company property will usually result in the termination of everyone involved.

9. Sexual Harassment

Failure to act on sexual harassment allegations can result in lawsuits against the company.

These types of situations are handled carefully, and training is required of all employees.

10. Theft

Stealing company property or stealing from another employee is among the things that usually will result in immediate termination on the first offense.

11. Discrimination

People can not be discriminated against by law based on race, gender, age, or disability.

Other discrimination accusations are handled seriously to avoid legal action.

12. Illegal Substance Use

Many companies conduct drug screens on their employees.

If an illegal substance is detected in their system, they will be let go.

This protects them from an incident if someone comes to work under the influence.

How to Get Someone Fired

If you suspect someone of doing something that violates a law or company policy, you have to be sure of it before moving forward.

Accusing without knowing what you saw will only backfire and jeopardize your job.

Ask a few of your co-workers if they have seen the employee doing the act.

If you can find someone to back you up, it will go a long way toward validating your complaint.

Once you have that, you can take it to management.

Go to your human resources department and file a formal complaint.

Tell them what you know and provide any evidence that you have.

Give the names of other employees that are willing to corroborate your statements.

Most importantly, let the manager deal with it.

Once you have taken it to them, it is out of your hands.

Getting involved any further will only put you at risk.

When it Can’t Wait

Sometimes it is wise to wait until you have evidence or someone to refer to as a witness.

But there are times when you should immediately report an employee to management.

This is usually when it involves the welfare of someone else.

If they are doing something that threatens safety, like disabling safeguards or tampering with emergency equipment, you should find someone to tell right away.

And if they are doing something illegal, such as tampering with another employee’s vehicle or destroying property, that would require immediate attention.

When you witness another employee being harassed or bullied, it would be irresponsible not to report it.

Many cases like that can escalate, and if you do not make a report, it could lead to an injury or worse.

How to Report on Condition of Anonymity

If you want to report something and ensure that your name will stay out of it, you can usually report on the condition of anonymity.

That means that the company agrees not to let anyone know that you were the one that brought it to your attention.

You should be sure the HR representative you take your complaint to is someone you can trust and have them put the condition in writing.

After that, you can file your official report without worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions that are asked the most about how to get someone fired the ethical way.

How do you get rid of an employee without firing them?

If you are a manager or supervisor and you suspect someone of being toxic, there are legal ways you can get rid of them.

Sometimes simply moving them to another department or changing their schedule will take care of the problem.

If not it may cause them to quit on their own.

Just be sure that anything you choose does not break any ethical rules and does not violate the law.

What is the #1 reason to get someone fired?

The biggest reason that people get fired is poor work performance.

That is a blanket term that means they were not doing the job well enough even after being given multiple opportunities.

Wrapping Up

If you witness an employee doing something that puts someone at risk or is considered harassment or bullying, you should report them immediately.

Other situations should be reported as well, but be sure you have documented proof or other employees that can back up your statements before you escalate it.

If you have ever been involved in a situation where you had to report someone, leave us a comment and tell us about it.

And if your company has a list of rules and procedures, be sure you are very familiar with them to help protect yourself from situations like this in the future.

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