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How to Write a Job-Winning Cover Letter

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If you are currently in the process of applying for a job, it is likely that you are applying for more than one job at the same time; however, this does not mean that the same cover letter should be used for all. Each and every job is different and so by tailoring your cover letter to suit, you are showing the potential employer that you understand the role that you are applying for as well as your ability to do well in that role. If possible, you should address the letter to someone rather than ‘Sir/Madam’ as it shows that you have taken the effort to do some research; a simple phone call or check online should get you the required information.

1) Who are you? (Keep it short) – This opening paragraph can often make or break a cover letter so it needs to grab their attention from the off. If you know someone who already works in the company, make sure you write their name early on so the reader will be more inclined to read on. You should also mention any key qualifications that relate directly to the vacancy.

2) Why have you chosen them? (A little longer) – This is where the cover letter requires the most adjusting as you will be explaining exactly what it is about the company that has made you want to apply for the position. If you fail to include this part in your cover letter, the reader will think that it is just a generic layout that you send to every company. You could be the most qualified person that applies but without explaining why you want to work for the company, the reader will struggle to look further than the cover letter. Make sure you do your research so you can find out exactly what the company does as this will help with this section but it will also save you from applying for a job that you aren’t actually that passionate about.

3) Why are you the best candidate? (Longest) – You have to remember that the market is fierce in every single industry so you have to reveal why you are THE best candidate out there. A good tip is to pick keywords from the job description and use examples of why you suit that particular skill that they are looking for. Many people will be just listing off their skills but be unique and describe how you have the skills that they have mentioned.

4) Ending (Shortest) – Here, you want to politely end the cover letter and summarise your qualifications into an easy-to-read section. You should be friendly and offer to answer any questions that they may have as well as being willing to provide them with any references should they require. Finally, state that you look forward to hearing from them.

These simple tips sound simple enough but they are things that many people miss so by keeping each and every cover letter unique, you will be setting yourself apart from the crowd and putting yourself in pole position for the job!

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