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Infographic Resume: Objective, Sections & What To Include

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Infographic resumes are a popular type of resume that can get you into the interview pile upon review. These resumes mix creativity and statistics or numbers to help you get noticed and grab the attention of potential employers.

Infographic resumes typically have a variety of infographic material to show and may include multiple graphs or charts to show your accolades and achievements.

Read on to learn how to use an infographic resume to help you get hired.

What is an Infographic Resume?

An infographic resume uses a resume outline that uses graphs and charts to help make you more palatable to prospective employers.

This type of resume can be effective when you put it together correctly to highlight your best achievements and qualities.

Are Infographic Resumes Effective?

Infographic resumes are effective and can help you get noticed within the first few seconds of glancing at your resume.

These resumes will quickly highlight your most important abilities and make you look like a capable candidate.

When Should You Use an Infographic Resume?

An infographic resume is best for positions that rely on numbers. Use an infographic resume when you want a role focused on numbers, can make an infographic resume, or want to showcase creative skills.

1. You Have The Skills To Make Infographics

An infographic resume is a great way to showcase any graphic design skills and can enhance your resume by showing creativity. However, this resume won’t work well if you don’t have the skills to make an infographic resume.

2. If It’s Relevant To The Role

Ensure your infographic resume is relevant to the role you are seeking. If an infographic resume doesn’t make sense with the work you’d do in the position, you may want to consider a different resume style.

3. If Creating Infographics Is a Skill You Want To Show Off

Infographic resumes are ideal when seeking roles that require you to make presentations and graphics. This unique layout can help you show employers you know what you’re doing and are adept with graphic design.

What Visual Elements Could Be Used For An Infographic Resume?

An infographic resume includes many different types of elements. This resume type will include large percentiles that draw attention, small visuals representing your accomplishments, and charts or graphs. Many infographic resumes may use a photo of yourself to humanize you and make you more palatable to employers.

How Do You Make An Infographic Resume?

You can make an infographic resume in several ways, including using a template or planning your structure from scratch. You may also use some of the best design tools on the internet to craft visuals to enhance your infographic resume and take your job search to the next level.

Start With a Template

Start your infographic resume with a template that can give you a starting point. A template can help you decide what to add, keep, or delete from the predetermined structure. A template may also give you ideas for which information to make infographic material for. Modify your template as you go along.

Plan The Structure

Whether or not you use a template to start an infographic resume, you’ll still need to plan the structure of your resume. Many structure styles exist and using a template can help you decide which items should go in which places. However, modify the structure until you feel the resume draws attention and highlights your skills.

Get The Right Tools

Use tools to enhance your ability to make infographic charts and graphs. You can use Canva and other design tools like Adobe Spark to create charts that have visual appeal and convey clear messages. Import these graphs to your resume or add them from the infographic resume designer you’re using.

Choose Your Infographic Information and Content

Decide carefully which aspects of your career to showcase on graphs and charts. Consider using social media reach, sales performance, or client feedback to help you make charts that will make you a catch for companies. Other ideas include a graph to showcase proficiency in software or skills.

Create The Infographics

Craft your infographic material separately or on the same program as your resume builder. These infographic charts and graphs will be the focal point of your resume. Make sure they look consistent and match the style of the resume. Consider color schemes and wording to ensure you won’t lose an employer’s interest.

Make Sure You Have a Strong Introduction

Introduce yourself on your resume with confidence to make a decisive impact. Your potential employers should feel that confidence by reading your resume and getting the impression that you are knowledgeable about the skills listed. You may want to humanize yourself by listing personal interests related to the role you want, too.

Download It

Keep your resume downloaded to your computer and your phone. Having this resume on multiple devices can help you reference it quickly in case you are asked about a certain part of the resume. Additionally, you don’t want to lose the resume behind a paywall if anything changes on the site you used to build your resume.

Best Infographic Resume Tools

Dozens of infographic resume tools can offer you a good-looking resume with coherent information and consistent designs. However, some of them may require payment to remove watermarks or other paid-for material. Thankfully, some free programs can help you build a catchy resume without much effort and no payment.

1. Free Infographic Resume Template

You can explore a wide range of sites to find free infographic resume templates. Canva is the most popular choice and has a wide range of templates you can modify and design to suit your personality.

Visme and Piktochart are close contenders that offer similar services.

2. Infographic Resume Builder

Although Canva, Visme, and Piktochart have free content to help you build your resume, you can pay for their subscription service to access more sophisticated infographic material to help your resume pop. Additionally, you can use Adobe products that are crafted to help those interested in graphic design succeed in every industry.

3. Best Infographic Resume Builder

The best infographic resume builder remains Canva since it has plenty of design and modification options. This website will allow you to tweak small things like placement, font size, and font style to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

These answers can help you understand infographic resumes and decide if they are right for you.

What is the best infographic creator?

Canva is among the most used infographic creators and can help you make an infographic resume unlike any other. Other infographic resume builders include Adobe Spark and Venngage.

What are the most important components of an infographic resume?

The most important component of an infographic resume is the infographic material you use and the numbers you use to make them.

Ensure you use the best things about yourself to highlight your skills, like sales numbers and social media reach.

Wrapping Up

Infographic resumes are a creative type of resume and can help you get noticed quickly. Typically, employers may decide to shift you to the interview pile within the first 30 seconds of looking at your resume if they like the easily-presented infographic designs you’ve chosen.

Consider using an infographic tool or resume builder with a template to design your resume and help you get noticed. Always have your resume downloaded to your computer or phone to ensure you have it handy while interviewing.

Infographic resumes should have components of a typical resume but include plenty of other creative material to help you get hired.

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