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Internship Resume Sample

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An internship is a method of job training for professional careers.

Interns are less paid and unemployed college students.

Usually interns are called college or doing higher studies university students.

The intern’s students have practical classes and industry related studies.

Interns do work for sometimes in the supervision of some professor or doctorate person.

Some time it is called work experience.

The main benefit of a student in his internship is exchange of services for experience with an organization.

This is the place where a student learn that all things which they can apply in their working life.

The internship scopes are abundant in all parts of the US and Britain and internship resume is vital for the cause.

How to Write Internship Resume Objective?

Internship Resume
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The objective of an internship resume should be written very carefully.

You must have good knowledge of that industry where you are going to apply for your internship.

Beside this you should be a good learner and a quick adapter in any situation.

You should be creative and you must have a research skill.

You must be careful when writing the objective of the resume; this part should not be very lengthy.

Some Sample Internship Resume Objectives

  • Seeking a internship job where I can explore my knowledge in this industry.
  • Searching a work in internship position to utilize my educational qualification for this industry.
  • Wanting to do my internship under your guardianship.
  • To secure a responsible position in this industry after completing my internship course.
  • Looking for an IT organization where I can process my internship easily.

How to Write Internship Resume Skills?

The skill part of an internship resume is very important, by which you can gain recruiters attention from others.

You should have a good skill in computer basics and good knowledge in that industry in which you are going to do your internship.

You should have a good communication skills and technical skills also.

Beside this you should have teamwork skills and leadership and management skills.

With this you have to be creative and good research skills.

Some Sample Resume Skills for Internship Resume

  • Skills in this industry and very good knowledge in IT field.
  • Good communication skill.
  • Time management skill.
  • Very creative and good research skill
  • Power to be a leader in any occasion.
  • Good technical background about this industry.
  • Capability of good teamwork and research management.

After the skills section you can mention the experiences you have had in the industry.

You may have done some miniscule work which you feel should not be mentioned.

But such information can be the margin of getting an internship opportunity and failing in the bid.

Internship Resume Example


XX, Some Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 90004
[email protected], (012) 345-6789


Want to secure a responsible position in your renowned industry after completing my internship course.


  • Good technical background about this industry.
  • Very creative and good research skill.
  • Good communicative skill in both verbal and writings.
  • Body language is very good and capability to be a leader in any occasion.
  • Research skill and memory is very strong.


  • Completed 4 years engineering in computer science from California Technical University (2006-2010)
  • Higher education from California Model School (2010)

Completed Course Work

  • C language
  • C++ language
  • Java
  • Oracle
  • Data base Management System
  • Networking
  • Web Design
  • Web Programming


  • Got student of the year from C.T.U in the year 2008.
  • Elected for the scholarship from C.T.U in the year 2010.


Jason Bekar

Internship Resume Sample [Instant Download]

As an intern great experience in large business names is not expected by the employers, they want to judge your levels of exposure.

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Internship resume sample

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