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Maintenance Technician Resume Sample

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A maintenance technician is a person who is entitled to do the work of repairing and also he does the work of maintenance of the machine or equipments.

The role of maintenance technicians are very much worthy of mention.

In our society we find them in every common place like hospitals, hotels, and factories.

In such places they are employed to do the work of constructing something or any repair work.

Their duties are related with some works, like welding, boiler making, pipe fitting, insulating, carpentry, repairing electrical instruments and fixing up floor.

Some times as a helper they work and get knowledge to do work in any other organization, they are seen also to do working in the constructional or industrial sector.

As for qualification, some one has technical qualification.

Generally diploma or passing high school is taken as the level of qualification.

According to the report of BLS, the middle range salary for maintenance and repair workers is between $26,720 and $45,740, as of May 2012.

The growth rate predicted by BLS, of this job is 11% from 2010 to 2020.

In 2010, this industry held close of 1.3 million jobs.

So, make a good maintenance technician resume and be prepared for the interview.

How to Write Maintenance Technician Resume Objective?

Maintenance Technician
Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In this section one applicant should be very careful and conscious about what he is going to apply for.

One of you who are going to take up this profession must be aware about your aim.

Your aim is rather your goal, ultimately which is your purpose also.

It should be very transparent and clear, up to the mark.

The recruiters would select you after going through your resume objectives.

Some Sample Maintenance Technician Resume Objectives

  • Wishing to perform in the organization to explore the aims and to do the constructional work perfectly.
  • Desiring to do heavy repairing work especially of electrical equipments.
  • Having the capacity of welding work so can do the work of welding. if necessary.
  • Having the knowledge of computer, so with the use of it accurate result can be achieved.

How to Write Maintenance Technician Resume Skills?

Skills are one of the catchy portions that attract the recruiters.

It is the very part which helps the authority or the recruiters to select or reject the particular one.

Undoubtedly, it is the essential part, through which you will have to express your aptitude or quality.

In the organization you will be working if selected, based upon your qualities.

Some Sample Maintenance Technician Resume Skills

  • Able to expert in multi tasking duties.
  • Can disburse as an expert of repairing electrical equipments.
  • Expertise in heavy work like setting up boiler or any other instrument at high level.
  • Well communicative.
  • Can operate different machines in constructive sector.
  • Can take decision at trouble shooting moment.
  • Able to use computer and apply it in the repairing work.

Maintenance Technician Resume Example


45, Hutchison Road, Francisco
[email protected], (543) 278-8877

To get in the job of technical field, like repairing of equipments and to carrying out heavy multitasking works, I wish to serve in this field, I firmly believe that, my service will help the company to grow up further.


  • Can do the heavy task like repairing the equipments in the factories.
  • Can keep well time management.
  • Having leadership quality to organize a team.
  • Take quick decision at trouble torn time.
  • Expertise in the pipe fitting and electrical wiring works.
  • Can do welding work.
  • Well communicative both verbally and in written.

Professional Experiences

Royal Heavy Electrical, Washington
Assistant Maintenance Technician, (2008-2014)


  • Worked as a chief technician in electrical staff section.
  • Designed the electric bulb that consumes low energy.


  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • College of Diploma Engineering, Washington, (2005-2008)

Training on Welding Servicing
Ohio Technical College, 2006

Other Activity

  • Interested in net surfing.
  • Deeply interested in movie.
  • Special interest in travel and tourism.
  • Interested in aquatic life.
  • Often attends the social charitable works.


(John Mccallum)

Maintenance Technician Resume Sample

Maintenance Technician Resume Sample

Download Maintenance Technician Resume Template

Going by the trend, as per the job prospect in the global arena today the common place job is maintenance technician.

It is a challenging job today so job aspirants are coming to this slot.

A well written maintenance resume can get your desired job.

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