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Manager Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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Do you want to get a job as a manager? A lot of people want to take that next step in their careers. Whether you want to step into a management role for the first time or have experience as a manager and want to switch jobs, you must have the right manager resume.

If this is your first time applying for a manager position, you may find yourself wondering about the best way to showcase your skills without much experience. Conversely, if you’re looking to develop your career, you’re not alone in trying to figure out what skills to include in your resume.

Luckily, creating an exemplary manager resume is a straightforward process if you follow clear examples. We’ve come up with five types of resumes for managers and detailed why they work. Keep reading to learn how to craft your resume to land a role as a manager.

Manager Resume Examples

Crafting a manager’s resume is simple if you know what hiring managers are looking for. We’ve highlighted 5 of the best manager resume samples and why they work to help you

With each resume, you’ll understand what to list on a resume, what to include to get through ATS, and what makes it stand out from the others.

Project Manager Resume Example

Project managers are essential to all industries with demand expected to rise as the years go on. A project manager is a team leader, supervisor, and team player at the same time.

They aren’t fully managers but need managerial skills to navigate their roles. Project managers also need technical skills in several platforms. Here is an example of an excellent project manager resume for someone looking for a project manager or senior project manager role.

Project Manager Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

A project manager is a team leader, supervisor, and team player at the same time. This resume does a good job of highlighting these skills and how they are transferable to project management.

  • Type of Resume: Project Manager Resume Example
  • Best For: Junior project managers looking for project management jobs
graphic showing project manager resume example

Work Experience 1:

Junior Project Manager, Feedzai

September 2021 — Current

Manchester, Britain

  • Assisted two senior project managers in managing 15 projects for Feedzai
  • Managed a successful team of 4 developers to create innovative software solutions for 6 clients
  • Improved project submission times by 12% by increasing support and access to needed frameworks for each developer in a project
  • Implemented a training program for our developer apprenticeship program that allowed Feedzai to retain 11% more apprentices at the end of the program
  • Oversaw major system updates and restructuring to ensure faster turnaround time for all projects

Work Experience 2:

Executive Administrative Assitant, Feedzai

June 2019 — August 2021

London, Britain

  • Assigned tasks and projects to 30 administrative assistants in the office
  • Organized projects in terms of urgency and importance for tech and marketing teams for efficient project handling
  • Managed client interactions by scheduling meetings, ensuring note-taking and assigning tasks to the relevant departments
  • Provided clerical support to the CTO and CMO to ensure proper documentation of shared projects
  • Facilitated interdepartmental communication by managing calendars and maintaining a filing system

Project Experience:

Customer Enablement Project: FireStart, Software Certification Program


  • Outlined objectives of the entire program, highlighting certification steps and levels in Google Docs
  • Identified a beta test group and testing parameters in Google Docs
  • Outlined customer journey using ClickUp Whiteboards
  • Created tasks for course content development and assigned them to team members in JIRA
  • Submitted a design request for certificates to UX designers and help center article to copywriters in JIRA
  • Collaborated with the Dev Ops team to develop website design
  • Ran tests with the beta test group and collected feedback
  • Adjusted the course program as defined by test results
  • Submitted the project for review by stakeholders
  • Launched certificate program


  • Agile Methodologies
  • Budgeting
  • Effective communication
  • JIRA
  • Attention to detail


B.A Business Administration

University of Leeds

2012 – 2015

Licenses & Accreditations:

PMP Project Management Institute —September 2021

Why This Resume Works

As a junior project manager, you have led a few projects with the help of senior project managers. You understand the details of what makes or breaks a project and how to make each part work for a better result.

Junior project managers may not have a lot of experience as lead project managers of any project but they understand the role well. This resume highlights this knowledge.

Likewise, experience as an executive administrative assistant allows you to understand how people and systems work together. You understand financials, calendar scheduling, handling client expectations, and balancing volatile personalities.

This resume does a good job of highlighting these skills and how they are transferable to project management. A Bachelor’s degree in business administration and a certificate in project management only boost this resume.

Product Manager Resume Example

A good product manager must be able to talk to customers, balance feature requests, and translate conversations between engineering and marketing teams.

These skills should reflect in any product manager’s resume to ensure you land an interview. A product manager’s resume should also emphasize product assessment and leadership abilities.

Here is an example of a well-organized and ATS-friendly product manager resume for someone from a product design background.

Product Manager Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

A good product manager's resume must highlight people skills and emphasize product assessment and leadership abilities. This is a well-organized and ATS-friendly resume helping you stand out from the rest.

  • Type of Resume: Product Manager Resume Example
  • Best For: Someone from a product design background looking for a product manager job
graphic showing product manager resume example

Work Experience 1:

Product Manager, Barclays

December 2021 — Current

London, Britain

  • Built a team to resolve customer complaints about their banking app and reduced the complaints by 65%, increasing customer satisfaction with the app by 77%
  • Reduced overall development costs by 15% through merging and streamlining products
  • Conducted evaluative testing with 50+ participants using UserTesting.com and used the feedback to enhance user experience on the website
  • Led a team of 10 developers and designers to create a new product, launching successfully with a 55% subscription rate within the first three months
  • Spearheaded pricing restructuring for several products, increasing profits by 12%

Work Experience 2:

Senior Product Designer, Quilltitative

January 2020 — December 2021

Berlin, Germany

  • Designed the user interaction for a B2B web product that won the European Innovation award in 2021
  • Provided technology-based innovation, design, and consulting services to multiple e-Commerce businesses
  • Drove the research, development, and production of a secure, encrypted, decentralized banking system for e-Commerce businesses
  • Partnered closely with a cross-functional team to understand e-commerce business needs and generate meaningful product ideas
  • Collaborated with UX and Software engineers to see interface designs through implementation and launch

Project Experience:

Product Management Project


  • Conducted survey and quantitative analysis to understand e-commerce business needs versus online purchasing trends and outlined recommendations for where banks can step in to make a profit to the Senior Business Development Consultant at Barclays


  • Product management
  • Product design
  • Competitive analysis
  • Agile methodologies
  • Data analysis


B.SC UX Design

Norwich University of Arts

2015 – 2018

Licenses & Accreditations:

Certified Product Manager, AIPMM – September 2022

Best UX/UI Innovation for e-Commerce, European Innovation Awards – November 2021

Agile Certified Practitioner, PMI  — November 2021

Why This Resume Works

Product managers must have key technical competencies such as UX/UI or product design, data analysis, Agile, and Scrum.

They also need to display leadership and knowledge of accounting and budgeting. They must show they can work with engineering, design, and marketing teams well as the job requires it.

This resume displays how to put your best foot forward as a product manager. It uses data to emphasize key accomplishments and highlights a significant award.

You can see the straightforward career path from product designer to product manager. Transferable skills like product design and user research and well-outlined with a focus on the impact of these skills.

With key work experience, certifications, and competencies, education is not really highlighted but it is mentioned.

Social Media Manager Resume Example

You can get a job as a social media manager without previous experience. A well-crafted social media manager resume can highlight relevant transferable skills from other roles.

You’d need experience developing or planning social media content or a portfolio of successfully managed social platforms as a freelancer. Here is an example of a social media manager resume you can use:

Social Media Manager Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This is a well-crafted social media manager resume highlighting creative and analytical skills from previous roles. It also focuses on percentages to showcase significant accomplishments.

  • Type of Resume: Social Media Manager Resume Example
  • Best For: Someone looking for a social media manager job
graphic showing social media manager resume example

Work Experience 1:

Social Media Coordinator, Cha-Cha Cosmetics

January 2022 — Current

Dubai, UAE

  • Developed and published content on brand social media pages to support campaigns and product launches
  • Managed social media content production schedules and calendars
  • Analyzed social media engagement across platforms, adjusting content and posting schedules for optimum reach and increased reach by 55%
  • Created social media reports for stakeholders to notify them of significant fluctuations and developments for better business planning
  • Collaborated with the Content Development and Design teams to develop creative and on-brand social content for all social platforms

Work Experience 2:

Social Media Content Developer, Cha-Cha Cosmetics

January 2021 — December 2021

New York, USA

  • Increased brand awareness and conversions by writing, editing, and publishing SEO articles for the brand’s website
  • Wrote, edited, and published content for brand social media platforms including post captions on Facebook and LinkedIn posts
  • Increased Facebook conversion rate by 45% with a new copywriting strategy.
  • Identified a more accurate target audience on TikTok and Instagram, increasing brand reach by 60%
  • Curated TikTok and Instagram video content to match the brand voice and reach target customers, increasing conversions by 66% on both platforms

Project Experience:

Social media management

2020 – 2021

  • Created, edited, and published video content to TikTok and YouTube for various brands
  • Wrote SEO articles for better online engagement
  • Built a social media following on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok
  • Developed concepts and plans for social media growth and audience engagement


  • Social media engagement
  • Creativity
  • SEO expertise
  • Google Analytics
  • Community building


B.A. Marketing and Communications

New York University, New York, NY

2018 – 2022

Related Coursework: Paid Advertising on Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Analytics, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing.

Licenses & Accreditations:

Social Media Marketing, Hubspot Academy– November 2022

Social Media Strategist Certification, NISM – June 2022

Digital Marketing, Google Academy – November 2021

Why This Resume Works

As a social media manager, you spend the majority of your day on social media platforms. You understand the intricacies of different algorithms, community guidelines, and audiences.

Social media managers must be creative and analytical and understand how to build online communities. They should also know how to create content for different social media platforms including videos, pictures, and written content. Knowledge of editing is an added advantage.

This resume highlights all these skills and focuses uses percentages to showcase significant accomplishments. It also lists relevant certifications and coursework due to the lack of significant work experience.

A management role is a big step, especially for a recent graduate. Showing that they have trained in the relevant competencies on top of highlighting experience increases the chances of getting an interview.

Office Manager Resume Example

Office manager job postings usually receive hundreds, even thousands of applications. It’s a management position that requires little technical proficiency and has fewer educational requirements.

The key is to highlight managerial soft skills such as experience delegating work, managing teams, and handling conflict. You also should prepare for office manager interview questions to ensure you land the role. Here is an example of a well-crafted office manager resume.

Office Manager Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume highlights proficiency in Microsoft Office, excellent communication, and organizational skills. Highlighting these skills will help you stand out from the rest.

  • Type of Resume: Office Manager Resume Example
  • Best For: Someone looking for office manager jobs
graphic showing office manager resume example

Work Experience 1:

Office Manager, DeVry Communications

February 2021 – Current

Chicago, Illinois

  • Monitored the progress of daily activities of administrative staff and volunteers, offering assistance to ensure smooth and peaceful workdays
  • Built and managed daily work schedules that improved productivity by 14% and reduced turnover by 33%
  • Coordinated office operations in a high-volume business and oversaw 20 office assistants to ensure organizational efficiency
  • Ensured adherence to organizational procedures and guidelines for all tasks
  • Managed office resources to ensure projects ad programs were completed on time

Work Experience 2:

Office Assistant, Delinois Electronics

August 2019 — December 2020

Chicago, Illinois

  • Monitored office expenditures with the help of the office manager
  • Analyzed and organized project specifications for informed presentations
  • Screened and prioritized phone calls and emails to the department
  • Managed plans for a variety of assigned activities regarding off-site meetings, workshops, and other events as needed
  • Prepared report and contract-bid summary documentation to company standards for easy referral

Project Experience:

Digital Filling System


  • Created a simple and efficient way to digitize old and current files for organizations that are yet to go digital
  • Created a digital archive of files that is easily accessible with employee login IDs


  • Data entry
  • Microsoft Office
  • Effective communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Training


Associates Degree in Business Administration, Loyola University Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

2019 – 2022

GPA 3.7

Licenses & Accreditations:

Certified Bookkeeper, AIPB – 2021

CPR, St.John’s – 2020

Why This Resume Works

As an office manager, you need proficiency in Microsoft Office and excellent communication skills. You may also need accounting or secretarial certifications or experience. However, knowing how to schedule shits, monitor progress, prepare documentation, and handle people is vital.  

The resume above showcases the required office manager skills in a simple and organized way. It focuses on highlighting relevant accomplishments from each role.

The education is also listed, including certifications. However, it is easy to get an office manager job without a degree if you have experience and applicable certificates.

Restaurant Manager Resume Example

A restaurant manager is a person who is social, responsible, practical, and resourceful. Regular responsibilities of a restaurant manager include hiring personnel, ordering supplies, facilitating an inviting environment, and maintaining a budget.

It’s a trying job that requires a person to juggle numerous responsibilities and communicates with hundreds of people a day. The right restaurant manager’s resume shows a hiring manager that you can do this. Here is an example you can follow:

Restaurant Manager Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume properly highlights all the relevant skills like interpersonal skills. It focuses on showing customer service skills and uses performance to indicate accomplishments.

  • Type of Resume: Restaurant Manager Resume Example
  • Best For: An experienced manager looking for a job in the hotel industry
graphic showing restaurant manager resume

Work Experience 1:

Assistant Bar & Restaurant Manager, Giovanni’s

December 2021 – Current

New York, New York

  • Supervised a diverse team of over 30 bar and restaurant staff, ensuring peaceful and collaborative efforts
  • Handled all administrative tasks including bookkeeping, inventory, and auditing the stockroom
  • Ensured the restaurant adhered to local health and safety codes for a safe dining experience for all patrons
  • Guaranteed food quality by auditing menu items and food service performance, increasing customer satisfaction to 98%
  • Connected with local food and alcohol vendors and negotiated a price 8% below budget

Work Experience 2:

Lead Server, The Marquis

August 2020 — December 2021

New York, New York

  • Greeted and served 100+ customers daily, ensuring seamless and friendly service
  • Increased customer satisfaction in restaurant service by 22% through better service
  • Handled customer complaints diplomatically without losing patience and quickly resolved most issues
  • Earned a 97% customer satisfaction rate in both years of service
  • Attended all voluntary tasting opportunities to learn more about menu pairings and make better food recommendations

Project Experience:

Customer Experience


  • Collaborated with other franchise restaurant managers to create a customer experience survey
  • Considered customer critics and complaints
  • Implemented customer-focused solutions to improve the dining and ordering experience, resulting in an 18% increase in customer satisfaction and a 30% increase in sales


  • Collaboration
  • Accounting
  • Negotiation
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making


B.A. Hospitality Management

Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration, Ithaca, NY

Expected graduation date: 2023

Completed Relevant Coursework: Hospitality Leadership, Business Administration, Restaurant Management, Accounting, Hospitality Business Management, International Cuisine, Tourism Management, and Business Analytics.

Licenses & Accreditations:

CPA, AICPA – 2021

Why This Resume Works

A restaurant manager needs to have budgeting, management, customer relationship, and effective communication skills.

They need to demonstrate the ability to negotiate and handle conflict. Daily tasks will include stock-taking, dealing with food vendors, handling customer requests and complaints, and managing staff schedules.

This resume properly highlights all the relevant skills. It focuses on showing customer service skills and uses performance to indicate accomplishments. Each bullet point highlights interpersonal skills which are crucial for a restaurant manager.

Common Skills & Action Verbs To Include On a Manager Resume

Using the proper format and structure is only the first step to writing a manager resume. You also need to optimize your resume for ATS to ensure you get the chance to interview for the role.

Different jobs will have varying requirements, meaning they will look for different keywords. However, most manager positions have common skills and action verbs. Ensuring you list these skills and use the specific action verbs increases your chances of getting an interview.

Common Skills for Manager Resumes

Below are the common manager hard and soft skills. You should have at least six listed on your manager resume, regardless of the industry.

  • Negotiation
  • Budgeting
  • Effective communication
  • Microsoft Office Proficiency
  • Attention to detail
  • Risk management
  • Goal setting
  • Statistical analysis
  • Leadership
  • Organizational skills
  • Management Software Proficiency
  • Collaboration
  • Decision making
  • Prioritization
  • Resourcefulness
  • Evaluation of performance metrics
  • Creativity
  • Vendor management
  • Scheduling
  • Strategic planning

Common Action Verbs for Manager Resumes

Action verbs show your ability to manage, delegate, and supervise. They also support your technical qualifications by highlighting results. Here are the most popular action verbs to use on any manager resume.

  • Implemented
  • Developed
  • Tested
  • Led
  • Designed
  • Built
  • Conducted
  • Mobilized
  • Created
  • Drove
  • Increased
  • Curated
  • Adapted
  • Handled
  • Organized

Tips for Writing a Better Manager Resume

Using the examples above as references can help you write a good manager resume. However, if you want to be considered for an interview, your resume needs to stand out. Here are some tips to help you craft a better manager resume:

Focus on Keywords

Use the job listing to note what specific management skills an employer wants for a position. Your skills and experiences should closely match those listed in the job posting. Ensure you use action verbs to highlight your competencies and experience.

Quantify Achievements

Quantifying your achievements can set you apart from other candidates with similar resumes. Use performance metrics such as percentages, dollar amounts, and numbers to highlight your accomplishments.

Accomplishments include an increase in profit, customer satisfaction, or system efficiency. You can also use decreases in complaints, turnover rate, or errors.

Tailor Your Resume

You are probably applying to tens or hundreds of jobs if you’re actively looking for a job as a manager. Do not write one manager’s resume and submit it with every application. Instead, tailor your resume to every job.

Consult the job posting to know their key requirements and preferred qualifications. You can also research the company to understand what resume templates they like and what type of people they hire.

Use the information you gather to tailor your resume for a better chance to get the job. Don’t lie, but find a way to tailor your qualifications and experiences to fit their expectations.

Proofread Your Resume

Hiring managers never consider carelessly written resumes. Grammatical, spelling, or syntax errors suggest you don’t care about professionalism or quality of work. Hiring managers are not willing to risk hiring a person who will become a liability because they don’t proofread their work.

Don’t rush to submit your application. Take your time to read through your resume and correct any errors. Use spell and grammar-checking software or extensions to countercheck your resume to ensure there are no errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people want to get a job as a manager. Here are some commonly asked questions about management roles and resumes across the web.

How would you describe a good manager?

Good managers have excellent people skills. They are empathetic and attentive listeners who want to understand their team members.

They know how to negotiate and resolve conflict without inflicting fear. Good managers are good delegators and trust their team members to handle their tasks. They do not micromanage their team. They also defend their team and keep their best interests in mind when communicating with senior management.

What is a good example of a manager’s resume objectives?

A good manager’s resume objective is a concise statement that highlights three or four management skills, relevant experience, and career goals concerning the job requirements.

For example, “Restaurant manager with over three years of experience seeking a new challenge in a large restaurant where I can use my effective conflict resolution and communication skills as well as my strong knowledge of employee development and customer relations.”

Similar Resume Types To Reference

It’s important to understand how to structure your resume and what to include for each management role.

Having a point of reference allows you to curate an ATS-friendly resume that will get you interviews and jobs. Here are some similar, detailed manager resumes you can reference.

  • Project Manager Resume: Landing a job as a project manager can be tricky. Learn how to craft a perfect resume to get more project management interviews and get your dream job.
  • Social Media Manager Resume: Learn what hiring managers are looking for when hiring social media managers and how to ensure your resume is ATS-friendly and secures you an interview.
  • Office Manager Resume: Managing offices is a task-oriented and people-facing role that requires a delicate balance. Understand how you can show you are the right person for the job on your resume.

Wrapping Up

A manager in any industry needs to exhibit leadership, effective communication, negotiation, and decision-making skills as well as the needed technical skills.

Keep this in mind when creating your manager resume. You need to make the hiring manager or recruiter see your unique value to get an interview. Focus on highlighting the relevant management skills and use action verbs to bring out accomplishments in each role.

Share your thoughts on how to write a manager resume in the comments. Enjoyed the article? Share it with someone looking to land a manager role.

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