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Marketing Manager Cover Letter Sample

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An applicant for a marketing manager position needs to have some previous experience in marketing, even if it was only an internship or entry-level job.

You will have listed your former positions in your resume, but your cover letter gives you a chance to describe your marketing involvement in a way that will appeal to your potential employer.

Did you come up with a particularly creative idea?

Were you primarily responsible for a specific campaign?

If you have a college degree in a field related to marketing, and any membership in a marketing professional association, these also need to be mentioned in your marketing manager cover letter, so that the person reading your letter is motivated to read your resume for more details and put you on the interview list.

Anyone hoping to secure a position as a marketing manager must nowadays be able to demonstrate familiarity with marketing in the digital age, embracing social media, e-mail campaigns, a dynamic corporate website, and regular blogging.

So aim to emphasize your expertise in these areas in your cover letter, even if your actual experience of them in a business setting is relatively limited.

Read the advertisement carefully for any clues (such as the size of the company or the salary being offered) about whether you will be a one-person team, or a senior executive in charge of a large specialist staff, or something in between.

Then, slant your cover letter appropriately to reflect either your self-sufficiency or your people management skills.

Finally, any position with the word ‘manager’ in it will require applicants to demonstrate some business training or experience in the areas of budgetary control, management reporting, and client communication.

Mention something you have learned or done that will reflect this. You need to strike a balance between creativity and business acumen.

Example of Marketing Manager Cover Letter

XX Versante Street
Bedford, TX 76023
(000) 006-0000
[email protected]

January 10, 2014

Mr. Don Draper
Marketing Director
Smartz Tech Advertisement
XX Versante Street
Bedford, TX 76023

Dear Mr. Draper,

Advertised position for Marketing Manager

I wish to express my keen interest in your recently advertised position for a marketing manager for your new multinational clients division.
You will find my resume enclosed.

I have both the formal training and experience to qualify me for this responsible position, and I can demonstrate the creative flair that will enable your company to retain and expand the business it obtains from existing clients as well as acquire new ones.

My bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies at Smith City University was followed by an internship at Consumer Products Inc., where I rose to my current position as Assistant Marketing Manager.
During this period, I have also completed a Certificate in Advanced Marketing Management.
Topics covered in the course included problem solving, digital marketing, team leadership, and business reporting.

You may be familiar with the Consumer Products ‘Qwika Vacuum Cleaner’ TV promotion.
I was the senior creative producer for this successful campaign, which delivered a 128% increase in sales, year-on-year.

I am available for interview at any time that suits you. Please call me at 555-555-5555.


(Your signature)
John Hall

Enclosures: Resume; Reference(s)

Marketing Manager Cover Letter Screenshot

Marketing Manager Cover Letter Sample

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