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Mechanical Engineer Resume Sample

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Being a part of the oldest and widest branch of engineering disciplines, a mechanical engineer is responsible to plan, design, build-up, edit, develop, and finally ensure the correctness of a product concerning mechanical implements similar to gears, tools, or mechanism

. Equipped with the latest version of computer aided design, CAD unified with CAE computer aided engineering, the mechanical engineers devise the models and evaluate their accuracy level.

As per necessity, they may alter, modify, or edit the design or process and take active part in the manufacturing process.

Some Tips on Writing a Mechanical Engineer Resume

  • Ensure that your career objective meets the necessities of your employer.
    The better your skills and experience blend with the mechanical engineering part to which your employer is involved, the higher possibility you will receive an interview call.
  • Be specific in defining your objective and focus on how your services can be beneficial to the employer, society, and the economy.
  • Particular mention your expertise in one or more areas of ME including engineering, architecture, manufacturing, or research & development that attracts your employer distinctively.
  • Excellent knowledge in design software is an integral part of mechanical engineering.
    Make sure to highlight in detail things like the name of the institute, course name, or duration.
  • Explain the key responsibilities you have undergone with your current, as well as previous, employer.

An Example of Mechanical Engineer Resume

Russel A. Blevins
XX Mutton Town, Road Sequim, WA 98382
(000) 015-0000, [email protected]

As a student of engineering, I desire to employ my creative ideas in the areas of R&D, product designing, or processing.

Integrated with my skills, wisdom, and advanced mechanisms, I am determined to put my best knowledge and effort into making things happen and materializing my organization’s endeavors.


  • Creative mind with an analytic approach.
  • Specialization in computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, and latest computer aided engineering based on 3D mechanisms.
  • Through in research; expertise in numerical calculation and logic based computation.
  • Proficient to oversee phases in a process; evaluate exactness of the end product and assess its deviation from accuracy level; capable to resolve deficient areas in order to bring standardization through necessary changes in process steps.
  • Have a positive attitude to solve problems; capable to work under pressure and produce productivity; great decision making ability with professional attitude.


Asst Product Technologist
KYC Engineering Product Designers, Alabaster, Alabama
2012 – Present

  • Reported to product manager; guided team members, including designers and architects, about the work framework and offered individual assignments subsequent to an in-house meeting session.
  • Ensured that the product mechanism was capable to offer required output or results; sat with the product manager, process advisor, and manager (manufacturing) in order to find out a flawless production array.
  • Fault finding and troubleshooting was an essential component of my job assignment; getting comprehensive support of the advisor and product manager in rectifying the issues to make the process smooth running.
  • Meet foreign collaborators to obtain technology-transfers; basic conversation follows finalization of the deal, accompanied with product manager.
  • Documentation and administrative jobs.

Mechanical Designer
Inprographics (US) International, Benson, Arizona
2010 – 1012

  • Worked as per the instruction and guidelines of the assistant project manager; was involved in designing control panel structures, pumping machine tools used in large scale excavation projects and mining industry by means of AutoCAD, CAM, and 3D software.
  • Worked jointly in a team to find a complete solution, as per approval of APM the thought was undertaken under production. Together with the team leader, surveyed the process phases, evaluated product finishing, and assessed efficacy and productivity.
  • Based on finite element analysis, the assemblies, as well as each of components, were being analyzed to ensure the correctness level in contrast to the client’s requirement; reported results to the project manager or assistant project manager.


Bachelor’s Degree in (MET) Mechanical Engineering Technology
University of Columbia, New York (2010)

Secondary Education
Maxim School, New York (2006)

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Mechanical Engineer Resume Sample

Download Mechanical Engineer Resume Template

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