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Medical Assistant Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for Medical Assistants projects growth by 16%. In turn, competition for landing a position is increasing, making resume writing more tedious.

With everyone trying to create a winning Medical assistant resume, standing out tends to be challenging.

You can write an exceptional resume by implementing tips like quantifying accomplishments. Plus, writing a compelling summary can win you a longer look-over from recruiters.

That said, Medical Assistants have administrative and clinical duties. A successful resume will reflect both aspects of the role well.

How to Write Medical Assistant Resume Objectives?

Many online resources are preaching that objectives are not an important part of the medical assistant resume and it is just a mere waste of space.

This is not right, objectives is as much for the medical assistant resume as it is needed for other professions.

It serves as a type of foreword to your resume and helps the human resources to send the resume to the proper department.

Like all jobs in the healthcare sector, your dedication to caring for people should be aptly represented in the objectives.

It should include a line about why you should be considered for the vacancy.

Some Sample Medical Assistant Resume Objectives

  • To obtain a position of Health Assistant where my understanding of advanced medical processes and excellent skills in administration will help the operations of the healthcare facility.
  • Looking for the post of Medical Assistant which will utilize skills of administrating tasks and patient care aptly to smooth processes in the healthcare organization.
  • Want to work as a Medical Assistant in a highly competitive working environment where my commitment to preventive care will be employed.
  • Want to be employed as a Health Assistant with the intention of assisting in healthcare processes and administering tasks to minimize hassles for patients.
  • Like to offer my extensive understanding of medical procedures and terminologies for the betterment of healthcare organization.

How to Write Medical Assistant Skills in Resume?

Physicians and other medical staffs rely heavily upon the services of medical assistants.

As a medical assistant you would have to administrative as well as clinical assistance in a healthcare setting.

You may have to take x-rays and phlebotomy.

The overall management of operational and administrative tasks will be rested upon your shoulders.

You will have to maintain a liaison with the physicians, insurance companies and other parties.

As you can understand versatility is the key skill for a medical assistant.

professionalism and caring nature is also important criteria for the job.

Some of the skills you may furnish in a medical assistant resume are:

  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Accurately filling insurance forms.
  • In-depth understanding of the medical processes.
  • Good understanding of the medical terminologies.
  • Skilled in taking vital signs, height, weight and temperature.
  • Good interpersonal communication skills.
  • High attention to details.
  • Adept at time management.
  • Providing Psychological support to patients.

After the skills section move ahead and furnish your professional experience details.

Try to bring out the benefits your past employer had while you were there.

Last but not the least, give your educational credentials.

If you have completed any special healthcare related course please mention it.

Medical Assistant Resume Examples

People often interchangeably refer to Medical Assistants as Registered Nurses.

The main difference is that the prior undertakes a more clerical and administrative role. In turn, they tackle patient records and appointment scheduling.

That said, Medical Assistants also perform clinical duties such as educating patients regarding treatments and conducting vital sign tests.

Luckily, the job has a positive growth outlook, with over 123,000 annual openings available. You can increase your chances of getting noticed by optimizing your resume and following one of our guides below.

General Medical Assistant Resume Example


415E, Any Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64106
[email protected], (012) 345-6789

To obtain a position of Health Assistant where my understanding of advanced medical processes and excellent skills in administration will help the operations of the healthcare facility.


  • Over 4 years experience working as a Medical Assistant.
  • Good in Coordinating with the cursing staff and healthcare facility management.
  • Skilled in providing general medical assistance.
  • Knowledge about tasking processes and medical reconciliations.


  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Accurately filling insurance forms.
  • In-depth understanding of the medical processes.
  • Good understanding of the medical terminologies.
  • Skilled in taking vital signs, height, weight and temperature.
  • Good interpersonal communication skills.
  • High attention to details.
  • Adept at time management.
  • Providing Psychological support to patients.


University of Kansas Hospital Clinic – Kansas City, Missouri

Medical Assistant

  • Organized all the patient examination processes.
  • Checked the patient’s height, weight and vitals and maintained a record of the same.
  • Took part in the medical examination procedures.
  • Assisted the doctors in many medical procedures.
  • Educated the patients and family members.
  • Acquired all the laboratory samples and prepared the due paperwork.

Kindred Hospital – Kansas City. Missouri

Medical Assistant

  • Greeted the patients, their family members and other guests.
  • Performed x-ray, Phlebotomy and other tests.
  • Maintained a log of all people coming in and going out of the facility.
  • Maintained liaison with insurance companies and checked all their transactions.
  • Assisted in restocking medical supplies.


  • High School Diploma from Kansas City High School
  • Medical Assistant Program from Well Springs School of Allied Health


Signature of Sarah Price

Medical Assistant Intern Resume Example

As a fresh graduate, you’re likely hoping to secure a Medical Assistant internship based on a similar experience. You want to display your readiness for a hands-on work environment under supervision.

Medical Assistant Intern Resume

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it demonstrates the applicant's responsibilities and quantifies their accomplishments. The measures boost the applicant's candidacy since they show that they are a detail-oriented employee.

  • Type of Resume: Medical Assistant Intern Resume
  • Best For: A graduate looking to secure a medical assistant internship


I am a Medical Assistant Intern with one year of professional experience. I have exceptional organizational skills to track all aspects of the role, including scheduled appointments and patient records. I have administrative experience, which can increase file and data management efficiency.

Work Experience 1

Worked at Hope Clinic as a Medical Assistant Intern

  • Managed clerical and administrative tasks, such as receiving and making incoming and outgoing calls. My data entry and filing system reduced the patient wait time by over 20%.
  • Monitored and oversaw medical supply inventory and purchase requests. My keen observations and records saved over a monthly $1,000.
  • Maintained patient records and medical histories. I optimized the filing system for easier file retrieval.
  • Measured patients’ vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation. The examinations were primarily non-invasive and in line with the physician’s instructions.
  • Coordinated with medical billers and coders by filing insurance forms and communicating with providers. I also assisted patients with most insurance-related inquiries and requests.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Fourth Street Clinic as Medical Assistant Intern

  • Acquired patient information through a brief interview regarding their medical issues and records.
  • Scheduled future appointments for patients and later followed up with reminders. My customer service was rated over 95%, according to patient surveys.
  • Tracked the medical supply inventory. I made sure the equipment didn’t exceed its expiration date.
  • Communicated with patients regarding their medical ailments and complications under supervision.
  • Recorded patient vital signs when requested by the medical professional. I monitored heart rate, blood pressure, and overall emotional well-being.


  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
  • Vital Signs
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Administrative Knowledge
  • Customer Service


  • Associate Degree in Medical Assisting at Salt Lake Community College

Licenses and Accreditations

  • “Basic Cardiopulmonary Life Support” (BCLS)
  • First Aid Support

Why This Resume Works

Not only does your resume demonstrate your responsibilities, but it also displays quantified accomplishments. The measures boost your candidacy since they show that you’re a detail-oriented employee willing to go the extra mile.

Additionally, the responsibilities are concisely presented and don’t go into too many details. Hiring managers rarely get a good look at most resumes, so you want to include keywords like “coordinated,” “monitored,” and “supply inventory.” That way, you’ll likely trigger the applicant tracking system.

Senior Medical Assistant Resume Example

Senior Medical Assistant positions are a competitive feat. Gaining recognition from your hiring manager needs authenticity, reputability, and a reader-friendly resume.

Senior Medical Assistant Resume

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume pursues a managerial position sufficiently by demonstrating leadership quality through training. It also provides a constructive background of the applicant's tasks and certifications.

  • Type of Resume: Senior Medical Assistant Resume
  • Best For: Medical assistants pursuing managerial positions


I am currently a Senior Medical Assistant with over ten years of experience. I am passionate about providing quality care to patients through detailed diagnoses and interviews. I hold exceptional team-building and training skills that produce a well-knit department.

Work Experience 1

Worked at St. Carl’s Hospital as Senior Medical Assistant

  • Trained ten Medical Assistants in standard operating procedures. I oversaw them during vital sign retrieval.
  • Directly reported to the attending physician regarding irregularities or patient concerns. I supported them during technical and diagnostic treatment processes.
  • Regularly administered prescribed medication to patients in a 50-bed facility. I refilled authorized drugs and contacted pharmacies with electronic prescriptions.
  • Prepared the examination room with medical equipment and maintained a sterilized space. I disposed of any contaminated objects.
  • Contacted healthcare providers regarding insurance coverage and medical billing assistance. I maintained strict patient confidentiality throughout this process.
  • Used medical software systems to keep track of patient medical records and history. The cloud-based system allowed me to store scheduled appointments, test results, treatments, and professional medical recommendations.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Health Clinics as Medical Assistant

  • Administered phlebotomies and recorded patient vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Communicated with the lab department by sending blood specimens and receiving results promptly.
  • Assisted the physician in surgery preparations by laying out the surgical instruments and maintaining a sterile work environment. I disposed of any expired equipment.
  • Interviewed patients to acquire medical information and records. I directly communicated with the attending physician and assisted in diagnostic procedures.
  • Supported patients pre and post-operation by providing them with detailed recommendations from the doctor. I also offered emotional support and accompanied distressed clients to the examination room.


  • Emotional Support
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Vital Signs
  • Medical Software Competency


  • Associate Degree in Medical Assistant at Monroe College
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at Arizona State University

Licenses and Accreditations

  • “Basic Cardiopulmonary Life Support” (BCLS)
  • CPR Certification
  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)

Why This Resume Works

The resume pursues a managerial position sufficiently by demonstrating leadership quality through training. It provides a constructive background of your tasks and certifications.

The skills presented are also backed up by the responsibilities. For instance, your ability to display emotional support is evident from accompanying distressed patients.

Aside from that, team-building skills are essential in the medical assisting field. Subsequently, the resume summary evokes a sense of enthusiasm when working in a team.

Fertility Medical Assistant Resume Example

Fertility Medical Assistants cater to clinics offering IVF, IUI, and sperm donation services.

Like other assistants, the fertility specialist identifies the patient’s vital signs and advises them of professional care recommendations.

Fertility Medical Assistant Resume

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume comprises target keywords, such as “IVF” and “SHG,” which are critical procedures in the fertility medical field. Aside from that, the resume outlines several responsibilities with diverse skills applications.

  • Type of Resume: Fertility Medical Assistant Resume
  • Best For: Those applying for fertility medical assistant roles


I am a Medical Assistant specializing in fertility care with approximately six years of experience. My skill set includes IVF assistance, SHGs, and andrology care. I primarily supported physicians during operations. My communication skills have allowed me to educate patients regarding the procedures for preparation and treatment.

Work Experience 1

Worked at Family Clinics as Fertility Medical Assistant

  • Assisted clients through the pre and post-operation procedures. I advised them of the physician’s instructions and recommendations.
  • Familiarized patients with the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle start list by educating them on treatment protocols, medications, and scheduling. I ensured that patients met the requirements before proceeding with the IVF procedure.
  • Monitored patient records and scheduled appointments through the medical software system.
  • Communicated with the Registered Nurse and attending physician about any patient complications. I provided inconsistent lab results, ultrasound findings, and patient concerns.
  • Prepared the examination and surgical rooms by sterilizing the region according to clinical standards. I disposed of any contaminated items.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Care Hospital as Medical Assistant

  • Communicated with sperm donor patients. I assisted in sperm preparation for IVF and IUI patients.
  • Supported attending physicians during Saline Infusion Sonohysterogram (SHG) procedures, biopsies, and cyst aspirations.
  • Conducted daily andrology quality control measures to ensure the maximum health of patients. I monitored the procedure through extensive patient records and tracking systems.
  • Coordinated with medical care providers and billers regarding insurance coverage. I responded to patients’ questions about their insurance as well.
  • I communicated with patients through email and phone about lab test appointments and results.


  • Problem-Solving
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Administrative Proficiency
  • Organization


  • Associate Degree in Medical Assisting from the American National University

Licenses and Accreditations

Why This Resume Works

The resume ideally caters to a Fertility Medical Assistant. It comprises target keywords, such as “IVF” and “SHG,” which are critical procedures in the field. Aside from that, the resume outlines several responsibilities with diverse skill applications.

For example, you can showcase your communication skills through patient assistance and updating the attending physician on any irregularities.

Your administrative proficiency is present through tracking records and organizing appointments. The resume is customized and well-rounded to most Fertility Medical Assistant job listings.

Pediatric Medical Assistant Resume Example

As a Pediatric Medical Assistant, welcoming young patients and creating a positive environment is essential.

Fussy patients are nothing new to pediatric specialists and require ample patience and communication skills to de-escalate.

Your resume should display these characteristics to attract a hiring manager.

Pediatric Medical Assistant Resume

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume provides the recruiter with a comprehensive outlook of your responsibilities. It also explains the assets the applicant can provide, such as cost reduction in supply inventory.

  • Type of Resume: Pediatric Medical Assistant Resume
  • Best For: Those applying for the pediatric medical assistant roles


I am a Pediatric Medical Assistant with 11 years of experience. My interpersonal skills extend to childcare and emotional well-being. Plus, I am a problem-solver and prioritize physician orders and specifications. My organizational skills allowed me to reduce error-rate when compiling patient records and scheduling appointments.

Work Experience 1

Worked at Children’s Clinic as Pediatric Medical Assistant

  • Administered vaccinations and immunizations while overseen by an attending physician. I provided emotional support to distressed children during the process.
  • Used electronic medical records to track patient history and treatment. I optimized the clinic’s scheduling system to provide easier access for fellow employees when retrieving appointment details.
  • Prepared examination rooms for medical professionals by sterilizing necessary equipment. I disposed of contaminated objects.
  • Kept a record of clinic supplies and equipment orders using the organized inventory system. I reduced supply costs by nearly $5,000 per year.
  • Conducted vital signs check-ups on younger patients, such as weight and height measurements and blood pressure.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Mayo Clinic Children’s Center as Pediatric Medical Assistant

  • Greeted patients and guided them to their designated appointment areas. I provided nervous young patients with emotional care.
  • Injected vaccinations and treatments, such as bilirubin, for newborns affected by jaundice.
  • Communicated with Spanish-speaking patients and provided translation service when discussing with the assigned physician.
  • Educated parents regarding the pre and postoperative care recommendations as directed by the medical professional. I reassured parents to alleviate concerns and stress points.
  • Obtained patient records and files containing medical history when requested by the physician. I navigated through the electronic medical record software to retrieve the documents.


  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving
  • Vital Signs
  • Medical Terminology Proficiency
  • Venipuncture


  • Associate Degree in Medical Assistance at Herzing University

Licenses and Accreditations

Why This Resume Works

The resume provides the recruiter with a comprehensive outlook of your responsibilities. It divulges into the assets you can provide, such as cost reduction in supply inventory.

Plus, the resume includes relevant certifications catered to the role’s needs. It stresses delivering adequate child care and compassion, which is crucial for the job.

The summary displays your professionalism and emphasizes your compliance with physician orders. Your strong work ethic will likely garner the hiring manager’s attention.

Dermatology Medical Assistant Resume Example

Dermatology Medical Assistants specialize in skin care. Nowadays, dermatologists are in high demand. With a positive job outlook, their respective medical assistants can expect the same growth prospect.

Landing a role in a competitive field can prove challenging, so here’s how you can present a professional resume with all the right keywords.

Dermatology Medical Assistant Resume

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume is great because it exhibits the relevant details of the specialist role. It includes terms like “mole removals” and “eczema” which will help the applicant to gain more recognition during their candidacy assessment.

  • Type of Resume: Dermatology Medical Assistant Resume
  • Best For: Dermatologies aiming at medical assistant roles


I am a Dermatology Medical Assistant with five years of experience. Throughout my work, I’ve gained extensive knowledge of dermatological medical terms. I was involved in multiple procedures to assist dermatologists. I am also well-familiarized with clerical duties, including tracking patient records and receiving and making phone calls.

Work Experience 1

Worked at Skin Labs as Dermatology Medical Assistant

  • Maintained patient records and scheduled appointments through electronic medical records.
  • Collected blood samples and specimens and sent them to labs for testing as requested by the attending physician. I complied with the clinic’s labeling policies to uphold standards.
  • Assisted dermatologists with surgical procedures, such as cryosurgery, mole removals, and biopsies. I prepared the examination room by sterilizing equipment and disposing of contaminated supplies.
  • Communicated with patients through email and phone regarding scheduling appointments. I responded to incoming calls regarding inquiries about treatments or professional medical advice per the physician’s instructions.
  • Updated my knowledge of medical terminologies throughout my participation and collaborative work with Registered Nurses.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Derma Clinics as Dermatology Medical Assistant

  • Answered patient inquiries regarding doctor recommendations and skin care procedures through multiple channels, such as phone and email.
  • Greeted patients and guided them to their appointed dermatologist via the clinic’s cloud-computing record system.
  • Performed phlebotomies and specimen extractions to send them for lab testing. I promptly followed up on the results and sent them to the assigned dermatologist.
  • Navigated through administrative duties, such as filing paperwork and contacting medical billers for insurance information. I responded to patient queries regarding the clinic’s insurance policies as well.
  • Educated psoriasis, eczema, and acne patients on treatment per the dermatologist’s recommendations.


  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Phlebotomy
  • Medical Terminology Knowledge
  • Organization
  • Interpersonal


  • Associate Degree in Medical Assistance at Penn Foster Career School

Licenses and Accreditations

  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)
  • Certified Phlebotomy Technician

Why This Resume Works

The resume delves into the relevant details of the specialist role. Including terms like “mole removals” and “eczema” will help you gain more recognition during your candidacy assessment.

It also integrates multiple action verbs that align with the role’s specifications, such as “assisted,” “complied,” and “educated.”

Besides that, the resume demonstrates several skill applications, such as collaboration, customer service, and organization skills.

The document’s summary ties everything together by including your two prime assets, clinical and administrative experience.

Common Skills & Action Verbs to Include On a Medical Assistant Resume

Your skill section on a resume can play a critical role in your candidacy. Medical Assistants should balance this section with hard and soft skills to ensure their hire.

The prior are technical and need an educational background to hone. Meanwhile, soft skills are traits that you apply in your workspace.

Aside from skills, you should also optimize your resume with action verbs for the position.

The verbs will trigger the application tracking system. In turn, it’ll place you at a higher chance of employment.

Common Skills for Medical Assistant Resumes

  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving
  • Empathy
  • Teamwork
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Multi-tasking
  • Telephone Handling
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Knowledge of Medical Terminologies
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Computer Competence
  • Phlebotomy
  • Life Support
  • Vital Signs Measurement
  • Patient Care
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Medical Coding
  • Venipuncture
  • Persuasion

Common Action Verbs for Medical Assistant Resumes

  • Fostered
  • Cooperated
  • Collaborated
  • Operated
  • Conducted
  • Organized
  • Communicated
  • Prepared
  • Assisted
  • Supported
  • Sterilized
  • Utilized
  • Corresponded
  • Implemented
  • Maintained

Tips for Writing a Better Medical Assistant Resume

Putting together a Medical Assistant resume requires breaking it down into simple sections. Your sections should include the summary, work experience, skills, education, and certifications.

Each part should concisely display your qualifications without going into too much detail. The details are usually for the interview phase of your employment.

On top of keeping an organized set of headlines, you should be yourself. Use an authentic voice to garner more attention from the recruiter.

Create a Compelling Resume Summary

Whether you’re a medical secretary or in between medical coding jobs, your summary needs to state why employers should hire you. The part can briefly include medical achievements, certifications, and work experience.

The resume summary should be below your headline. Think of this part as your hook for hiring managers. It could decide if they’ll continue reading your resume or not.

An example of an unfit summary can sound like, “I’m a Medical Assistant with a passion for helping others. I strive to deliver quality work to clinics.”

The statement offers no backups, such as qualifications, skills, or years of experience. Subsequently, the resume summary will fail to compel your hiring manager to continue reading your resume.

Aside from that, some resume writers tend to lump their summaries with their career objectives. Career objectives are a part of the resume that divulges an employee’s desired position and overarching goals.

Customize Your Resume for the Role’s Specialty

Medical Assistants have a long list of careers and specialties on their path. You could be applying for an intern position within a pediatric unit. Alternatively, your career path may lead you to a managerial role in the dermatology department.

Either way, your resume should reflect your position and specialty. You can do so by adding the relevant keywords. For instance, a Senior Medical Assistant resume should integrate action verbs like “spearheaded,” “trained,” or “led.”

A Dental Medical Assistant should stick to dental terminologies, such as “tooth extraction” or “teeth fillings.”

Besides that, you also want to tailor your resume to the applying organization. A volunteer corporation like the American Red Cross may appreciate more initiative-led responsibilities than standard administrative duties.

Emphasize Your Quantified Accomplishments

While your work experience should describe your day-to-day responsibilities, it should also include quantified accomplishments.

They help substantiate your task efficiency. You may have succeeded in demonstrating excellent customer service.

Quantify your service with surveys and five-star rating counts. You can also mention how you trained a specific amount of recruits.

Support your teamwork skills by discussing the 15-personnel team you collaborated with in the department.

Saving money is also a surefire way to grab your employer’s attention. As a Medical Assistant, you can reduce costs on office supplies by accurately keeping inventory.

Proofread Your Resume

Spelling errors or grammatical mistakes can cause a negative first impression from your employer. A professional resume needs to be proofread and cross-checked. We suggest asking a friend or colleague to review your resume for you.

Thanks to today’s technological advancements, you can use editing and proofreading online tools to assist the process. Apart from grammar errors, remove any repeated phrases or information.

Double-check your resume format as well. Keep the most relevant and recent roles at the top.

Your skills should fall under the work experience followed by your education and certifications. Don’t forget to include your contact information and summary as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides following our resume samples and checking some tips, here are some frequently asked questions.

What Can a Medical Assistant Not Do?

Medical Assistants can’t lead a diagnosis or provide health recommendations to patients. They can’t treat patients aside from the doctor’s protocol. The role also forbids administering anesthesia. Prescription and dose-changing are not a Medical Assistant’s job.

They aren’t under the jurisdiction to operate laser equipment or administer IV medications. Medical Assistants can’t perform a patient evaluation as well.

What is a Good Example of a Medical Assistant Resume Objective?

You can use the following examples in your Medical Assistant resume objective:

“Medical Assistant looking to apply my administrative and clinical knowledge for the position at Care Clinics.”

“I am a Medical Assistant seeking a senior-level role to utilize my leadership skills at St. Bernard’s Hospital.”

“Medical Assistant Intern seeking an entry-level role to apply my associate degree knowledge and grow at Dental Clinics.”

Similar Resume Types to Reference

Like Medical Assistants, the positions below hold similar responsibilities. You can reference their tasks as inspiration when writing about your work experience.

  • Nursing Resume: Nurses primarily deal with clinical duties, such as patient care, exam room preparation, and administering medications.
  • Administrative Assistant Resume: The position reflects the clerical aspect of a Medical Assistant. Tasks include record-taking, filing documents, and scheduling appointments.
  • Dental Assistant Resume: Dental Assistants are specialized Medical Assistants. They undertake jobs like assisting the dentist with equipment sterilization and following up on patient appointments.

Wrapping Up

Medical Assistants tackle multiple roles in their day-to-day. When writing your resume, you wouldn’t want to list all those responsibilities unless you want to end up with a three-page document.

For this reason, you want to target duties you completed exceptionally well. Aside from that, you can highlight your clinical know-how if you’re more interested in applying your medical terminologies.

You can emphasize your clerical responsibilities if you value your organization and time management skills. We also recommend you stay relevant to the job description and company values.

Let us know your thoughts about Medical Assistant resumes in the comments below. Don’t forget to share the article if you enjoyed reading it.

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