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Minimalist Resume: Definition, Types & How To Create In 2023

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Minimalist resumes are a growing trend among employees on the job hunt. These resumes can help get you noticed and make things easier for employers looking for a straightforward candidate who can get the job done.

These resumes are a great way to get noticed without overwhelming an employer with a flashy resume and a ton of content. Minimalist resumes can be easy to make with the right software and help you get hired with little effort.

Read on to learn more about minimalist resumes, why they’re helpful, and how you can make one.

What is a Minimalist Resume?

Minimalist resumes are a popular type of resume that focuses on creating a straightforward and easy-to-understand resume. A minimalist resume will allow the employer to look at your resume to understand what history and experience you have without needing to search.

These resumes can make the job searching and hiring processes go faster and ensure you land a job quicker.

What Makes a Minimalist Resume Different From a Regular Resume?

Minimalist resumes are unique and different from standard resumes because they don’t have any of the flare and frills of a typical resume.

Resumes are not usually creative or visually overwhelming. However, a minimalist resume may forgo all visual appeal or extra elements for simplicity.

Simple Layout

Minimalist resumes have a simple and easy-to-follow structure.

This structure may mean your contact information and name are at the top of the page and all relevant information is in a well-defined space following your contact details. A simple structure can be visually appealing and may give off the impression that you are tidy.

Simple Font

A simple font will help boost readability. Many minimalist resumes include a unique font that is easy to read and gives the resume a boost of appeal.

These resumes don’t typically have any flare or additions, meaning font is one of the only changes and personalized touches you can add. Choose a font that reads well and will help relevant information pop.

No Colors or Designs

Minimalist resumes typically lack all colors and designs. These resumes rely on offering plenty of white space without items that may distract or disrupt the reader’s understanding of the document. All text will usually be black and won’t have alternating styles.

Bulleted Lists

Bulleted lists are one of the most common aspects of a minimalist resume. These lists make reading easy and can break up the monotony that comes with a wall of text.

Minimalist resumes may use bulleted lists to describe skills, achievements, and work experience quickly.

Why Use a Minimalist Resume?

Minimalist resumes are ideal for multiple reasons, including highlighting any special skills, offering white space that makes the document easy to read, and allowing the document to be read by bots.

Those who use a minimalist resume won’t have to worry about bot readers declining their resume and negatively impacting their ability to land a job.

Highlight Your Skills When Just Starting Out

A minimalist resume will take the focus away from the design of the document and put it on your work experience and skills.

This resume style can help you point out the most vital skills and experience you have without it getting muddied in a sea of designs and colors.

Less is More

A minimalist resume can give off plenty of green flags for an employer. A minimalist resume can make you seem tidy, functional, and organized.

This type of resume has plenty of information to list but will make the best use of the blank space to help you focus on the items that matter the most.

Easy for Hiring Managers to Scan

A minimalist resume is one of the easiest resumes for a hiring manager to scan.

These resumes lack distractions and will have your prospective employer knowing enough about your experience in only a few seconds to decide if they want you on their team.

Easier for Bots to Read

Minimalist resumes can be done in many programs, meaning they can be saved in some of the most universal document types.

These types of resumes can be easy for bots to read and land you among the interview pile if your qualifications match those needed by the company.

Which Format Do Most Employers Prefer for Resumes?

Some of the best formats for resumes are universal and can be crafted on dozens of platforms. Consider using PDF or Word Document formats.

These formats are the most common and can be easily read by bots searching for keywords. Consider keeping both formats backed up to your computer for easier application.

How Do You List Minimal Experience on a Resume?

Choose the most essential experience for your resume. You may have plenty of work experience, but some of your work experience may not apply to the role you’re applying for.

When crafting a minimalist resume, focus on work experience directly applicable to the position you want to get.

Emphasize Education and Skills

Keep your minimalist resume focused on education and skills. You should list previous experience on your resume, but employers want to know more about who you are and what you offer to the role. Education and skills sections are essential for getting noticed and can boost your resume.

Add Sections for Awards, Hobbies, and Languages

Any awards, certifications, and achievements can make you stand out. For example, winning an art competition or getting published can showcase your dedication, creativity, and determination – all aspects employers want on their team.

Additionally, put your fluency in additional languages and briefly discuss any hobbies applicable to the role.

How to Create a Minimalist resume

Aside from using resume writing services, you can create your minimalist resume in a variety of ways. Consider using a template online or through Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

You may also want to use an online service to write a minimalist resume that can get you noticed quickly.

1. Find a Minimalist Resume Template

Templates are among the easiest ways to craft a minimalist resume. These templates can help you get your work experience and information popped in and allow you to save time on design.

These templates make building your resume easy and help you focus on what matters most: the content.

Minimalist Resume Word Template

Microsoft Word is one of the best places for resume templates since they have so many available.

You can also customize the template to make the design more modern, minimalist, or personal. You can change font size, style, and color to match the minimalist aesthetic you’re looking for.

Minimalist Resume Template in Google Docs

Google Docs is another top-tier program with tons of minimalist resume templates to choose from and modify.

These templates are saved to the cloud and can be accessed from any device that can open Google Docs files. You can also share the link to make your job hunt easier.

Minimalist Resume in Canva

Canva is an online graphic design tool that is perfect for helping you design the resume of your dreams.

This software is available for free online and can help you craft a minimalist resume with just the right amount of design and structure modification to get you noticed.

2. Fill in All The Sections

When using a template, ensure you fill in each section or delete the unused sections to free up space. You may also swap out the text of a portion if needed.

For example, if there’s a section for languages, but you don’t know any other languages, you can’t change this to certifications, achievements, or recognitions.

Edit For Clarity and Information

Always proofread your minimalist resume to ensure there are no typos or misspellings. You’ll need to read the documents to ensure the text flows naturally and makes sense.

If anything sounds unclear to you, imagine how unclear it will be to your prospective employer.

Frequently Asked Questions

These answers can help you understand more about minimalist resumes and decide if they are right for you.

What is the simplest resume?

A chronological resume is the simplest and requires a small list of accomplishments, achievements, and previous experience.

What is the 30-second rule for resumes?

The 30-second rule for resumes is that your resume should be easy to read and help you stand out in 30 seconds. Within this time, the employer should know your work history and relevant experience.

Wrapping Up

Minimalist resumes are a growing trend that many employees have found success with. These resumes are easy to craft and can help job searchers get hired with little fuss and energy wasted on a flashy resume.

Minimalist resumes can be helpful since they are easy for bots and software to read and remain straightforward.

A straightforward resume is fantastic for hiring managers looking to get to know you quickly. Consider adopting a minimalist resume using a template from Canva, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word.

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