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Netflix Internship: Types, Positions, Pay & How To Apply

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The expansion of streaming services and the streaming industry has opened numerous opportunities for young students seeking to get involved in the technical or business side of the streaming industry.

We all know the largest of these streaming conglomerates is Netflix.

For young people seeking to make an impact as filmmakers, content creators, data analysts, or business analysts, Netflix may be somewhere you want to consider.

Netflix offers several different types of internships for young people getting ready to enter the workforce, and if a Netflix internship sounds like it is for you or someone you know, keep on reading.

Does Netflix Have an Internship Program?

In short, yes, Netflix has an internship program.

But they only really have one type.

Student Internships

Netflix does not currently have student internships for those seeking a work-study or internship during their school term, but they have positions catered toward students.

They post their openings at the beginning of the university terms in the fall and take rolling applications as the year progresses.

Summer Internships

This is the only kind of internship Netflix offers.

The summer internship lasts 12 weeks and seeks to prepare college or graduate students for entering different technical and business functions within the United States.

By the end of August, the start of most university fall terms, Netflix posts its openings for summer internships.

Part-time Internships

The Summer Internships at Netflix are only full-time, so Netflix, unfortunately, does not offer part-time internships.

The reason they place their internships in the summertime is so that the applicants can devote themselves full time to the work.

How Many Interns Does Netflix Have?

The number of interns that Netflix has is not currently publicly available.

Thus we cannot state how many interns the company employs or takes in.

Given the rigorous application process, however, we can assume that the number is low concerning other companies and concerning their number of full-time employees.

Netflix Internship Positions

Netflix offers positions in several departments for those interested in their internships.

ML Netflix Internship

Netflix’s Machine Learning internship operates in their research department, which does most of the work at Netflix.

Machine Learning Interns must be in a STEM doctorate program.

Candidates with algorithm experience and video optimization are preferred.

Machine Learning Interns will help Netflix process its data and personalization algorithms to improve its services and recommend content to customers.

Data Engineering Netflix Internship

This internship places an intern within Netflix’s Data Engineering team, the department that keeps the in-house operations running smoothly.

Candidates must pursue either an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science or other data engineering-related fields.

In this internship, accepted applicants will create data mechanisms to manage the company’s data, and cooperate with other departments to create efficient data pipelines.

Consumer Insights Netflix Internship

Applicants for this internship must study communications, marketing, psychology, or other fields exploring preferences and interaction.

This internship also works in Netflix’s research department and works to improve Netflix’s ability to engage its customers.

A Consumer Insights intern will create reports and memos that evaluate new engagement and gap-closing initiatives according to consumer analytics.

What Does A Netflix Intern Do?

Netflix interns perform data analysis, produce reports, and meet with research and analysis teams to complete projects and tasks.

After the interview process, Netflix will match you with a team to perform analysis tasks meant to refine Netflix’s operations and ability to fulfill its mission.

Those tasks will depend on the department, but candidates can expect intensive research work, analysis, and frequent reporting and evaluation of processes.

What Does A Netflix intern usually focus on?

Netflix interns’ daily tasks will focus on research, data analysis, and refining the company’s mechanisms.

Rather than choosing what content Netflix places in its services or makes available for streaming, most Netflix interns will instead look to improve the user experience and complete appreciative inquiries so algorithms can better recommend content to consumers.

Who Does Netflix Target For Internships?

Netflix tends to design their internships for graduate and undergraduate students graduating soon.

Netflix internships refine skills approaching the end of a degree and prepare one for work in their field, potentially with Netflix.

Students who do well during their summer internship at Netflix often receive a prospective offer of full-time employment.

While they accept students who have already graduated, most candidates are students with a degree in progress and nearly done.

What is a Netflix Internship Like?

Netflix internships are intense, but provide good office perks and experiences for an entry-level position.

Netflix offers a significantly higher degree of freedom for both employees and interns, with no clock-in/clock-out system, but instead a project-based model.

Before now, interns worked exclusively at offices in Los Angeles and Los Gatos, California, but interns can now work remotely on projects and research.

Netflix Internship Process

Netflix’s interns go through a thorough application process.

The process goes into three rounds of interviews.

Presuming the candidate makes it past these three rounds, they will either travel to one of the office locations, where the company will board them, or stay in their location to work remotely.

They will then function in their role for 12 weeks.

Is It Hard to Intern At Netflix?

Former interns report that it is difficult, and very competitive, as workers are all highly skilled.

Interns typically come in with internship experience and training in algorithms and coding already, which means that the company expects a lot of its interns.

Netflix also tests its interns by trusting them with the same type of workload and projects that they trust to their full-time employees.

Though they are very few, this proves too much for some interns, while it prepares others for their own future work life.

What Notable Projects Can Interns Potentially Work On?

Netflix’s ambition is to expand to 500 million users globally, an initiative the company encourages its interns to participate in.

While interns will not get to work on content creation, they will likely be able to participate in content acquisition projects and one of the most crucial parts of Netflix: its algorithm.

Data and Software-oriented interns will analyze the faults in the algorithm and try to make the company’s predictions of customers’ preferences more efficient.

How Many Hours Do Netflix Interns Work?

There are no set hours that Netflix Interns complete each week.

Treated as full-time employees rather than just interns, Netflix offers interns the same freedom it offers employees for their twelve-week internship.

Interns can attend to personal matters or take time away from the office as long as they complete work, and are even encouraged to take care of themselves so they can keep working for the company’s best interest.

Netflix Internship Benefits

Netflix’s internships provide several benefits for their interns such as housing and transportation if you travel to their office, health insurance, food, and competitive pay.

The freedom they afford interns and treatment as full-time employees can also be considered benefits as many internships fail to transfer skills to their interns or treat them as future workers in their field.

What Do You Learn In A Netflix Internship?

Netflix Interns will learn to work efficiently and well in teams.

They will also learn to adopt skills outside their specialties and to work with other departments to solve problems that affect the entire company, such as faults in the software, data pipelines, or gaps in customer engagement.

Are Netflix Interns Paid?

Netflix Interns are paid and paid better than many other internships.

While no exact data exists, it seems that interns are paid the entry-level salary of full-time employees for the 12 weeks they are with the company.

How Much Are Netflix Interns paid?

According to Glassdoor’s estimate, Netflix interns’ salary would make them $40,103 in a year, so in three months they may make up to $10,000.

But this estimate does come from Glassdoor and not the company itself.

So, we cannot say how much Netflix interns are paid, though we can say that they are paid.

Requirements for Getting an Internship at Netflix

Netflix cares most about its interns having experience.

As opposed to an introduction to the workplace and the candidate’s field of study, Netflix’s internship is meant to turn a budding professional into a full professional.

It also helps to have an updated resume and an understanding of Netflix’s policies and workplace culture, as both will be asked about extensively during your interview.

Netflix Internship Acceptance rate

There are no available statistics on the acceptance rate of Netflix’s Internship program.

Therefore, it is impossible to state with certainty how rigorous the application process is. It is safe to assume, however, that the acceptance rate is quite low, as the company is ranked among the most desirable in which to work in the country.

Suggested Areas of Study for Netflix Interns

The suggested area of study for work at Netflix will depend on what sector you seek to enter at the company.

If you are entering on its data and analytics side, Netflix suggests STEM fields such as:

  •      Computer Science
  •      Statistics
  •      Data Engineering

If you seek to enter its consumer insights sector, then degrees in the following should prepare you for an internship at Netflix:

  •     Psychology
  •     Marketing
  •     Business

Does Netflix Care About GPA?

There is currently no information on how heavily Netflix weighs GPA in evaluating applicants for internships.

Given that the company’s internships target students near graduation, it is likely a safe assumption that Netflix gives considerable thought to a candidate’s GPA.

Recommended Skills for Netflix Interns

Netflix interns should be excellent at working in teams, flexible in availability, but also assertive and accountable.

Netflix interns must also have hard skills in programming and coding, and software, and know how to use common data analysis tools and algorithms.

Does Netflix Background Check Their Interns?

As a company that operates in California, to keep its license, Netflix must background check its interns.

As younger students, most interns will likely have a clear criminal record, but Netflix is also an equal-opportunity employer.

Does Netflix Drug Test Their Interns?

At the moment, there is no available information to find out if Netflix drug tests its interns.

Given the practices of most California-based companies, it is likely that Netflix may drug test its interns initially, but this is also no certainty.

We advise to always be prepared for a company to drug test prospective employees.

With less certain questions related to information that is not publicly available at the moment, contact Netflix to find answers.

Do Netflix Interns Get Hired?

In short, yes.

Netflix considers its interns for full-time employment throughout the length of their internship, almost like a probationary period with a new job.

If an intern does well and fits with the team well, Netflix will often offer them a full-time position.

How Likely Is It For An Internship At Netflix to Turn Into a Full-time Job?

Once again there is no certain answer to this question and it depends on the intern.

Some interns may believe a job at Netflix is their dream and find out it is not.

Interns who excel are very likely to receive a full-time offer.

If one is not offered a full-time position, it is still possible to apply for full-time employment, though the company may ask you to gain further experience or work on specific skills.

How Do I Get An Internship at Netflix?

To find out how to find Netflix internships, keep reading.

Where to Find Netflix Internship Opportunities

The best place to find Netflix Internship Opportunities is on their career portal.

This is the most reliable source and is featured on the company’s website.

Netflix typically adds its internship opportunities to this page at the end of August each year and continues to update it throughout the year.

Interview for a Netflix Internship

Netflix internships have three rounds of interviews.

The first will start with an hour-long phone call where they will ask about your interests, experiences, and why you want to work there.

The second will be another phone call asking about your technical knowledge and will end with an assignment: a trial project.

You will have a week to complete this skills assessment, and based on it Netflix will decide whether or not to invite you to the final interview, which is at their office (if you are in the United States) and includes two 45-minute sessions.

What to Wear to Netflix Interview

Given that the first two interviews will take place over the phone, it will not quite matter what you wear, but just like all other interviews, for the in-person interview, you will need to dress modestly and conservatively.

How to Answer “Why Do You Want to Work at Netflix?”

Netflix will expect you to read and thoroughly understand their company culture memo before you apply.

This question will likely not be asked directly, but when they ask something similar, your answer should be something telling them that your mission in entering your career field aligns with their core values and beliefs, and you will demonstrate that by describing past experiences.

How Do I Prepare for A Netflix Internship?

This is a relatively simple answer.

You can prepare for a Netflix internship by completing previous internships that introduce you to work in your field, and by dedicating yourself to your studies.

Is Netflix a Good Internship?

Netflix’s internship program has overwhelmingly positive reviews from both former interns and current employees.

Those who work there at the moment report immense appreciation for the workplace culture and that the company encourages healthy self-care and individual passions and interests.

Is A Netflix Internship Worth It?

If it is your dream to work for a company like Netflix and have flexibility in your career with good pay and benefits, then the Netflix internship is worth it.

Even if it does not get you a job at Netflix itself, it will make you great connections and set you apart from applicants at other jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though we have explored many questions regarding Netflix’s internships, others remain unanswered and still must be addressed, such as:

Does Netflix Hire International Students?

Yes, Netflix hires international students.

You can work remotely as an intern if needed.

Does Netflix Require a Cover Letter?

Yes, Netflix requires a cover letter.

Wrapping Up

Netflix internships may be intensely competitive, but they seem to be rewarding experiences with great benefits for accepted applicants.

They offer a real-world look at life in the tech industry, help refine skills learned in previous experiences, and potentially lead to full-time employment.

If you are a student in one of the recommended fields for this opportunity, do not be the first to tell yourself no, and apply once you find the opportunity.

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