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All You Need to Know About Northwestern Mutual Internship

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Northwestern Mutual is an insurance company based in the United States.

Anyone wanting a career in finance would’ve probably heard of the Northwestern Mutual internship.

The business offers different internship programs, the most famous of which is the financial advisor internship.

In this article, we’ve explained everything regarding internships at Northwestern Mutual, and how to successfully land one.

Let’s dive in.

Does Northwestern Mutual Have an Internship Program?

Yes, Northwestern Mutual has multiple internship programs company-wide, hiring over 10,000 interns in various departments.

Though this number might seem huge, the company has over 300 offices across the United States.

The most popular one is their financial representative internships.

Those might lead to a future career at Northwestern Mutual.

First, they have their student summer internships.

Additionally, the company recruits interns throughout the year as part of its financial advisor team.

You might also find openings for trainees and interns across multiple departments during unspecific times.

Northwestern Mutual Internship Positions

There are many internship programs at Northwestern Mutual.

So, no matter your major, you’ll probably find a position.

The most popular positions at Northwestern Mutual are:

Financial Advisor

Northwestern Mutual is known for accepting interns in their financial representatives program.

This program is open throughout the year, not just in the summer.

It doesn’t require prior experience or even a university degree, which makes it the best way to kickstart your sales career.

As a financial advisor, you’ll earn your license and start meeting with clients right away!

Corporate Internships

Northwestern Mutual also offers internships at a corporate level across multiple departments.

These include:

  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Data Analytics and Research
  • Accounting
  • Operations

Tech Internships

Tech internships are widely popular at Northwestern Mutual.

Though this is a finance company, the tech team is an integral part of it.

That’s because the tech department ensures smooth, and safe operations.

What Does an Intern at Northwestern Mutual Do?

Interns at Northwestern Mutual are an essential part of the team.

Depending on the department, the intern will have to work on specific projects and attend department meetings.

Interns at Northwestern Mutual can work on various tasks that their department and manager require.

Financial advisors, in particular, first need to study to obtain a license.

This license allows the intern to start formally working at Northwestern Mutual.

Who Does Northwestern Mutual Target for Internships?

Northwestern Mutual hires interns from all different demographics.

Usually though, the summer internship program targets university students who are graduating soon.

However, to intern at Northwestern Mutual as a financial advisor, you need to be a fresh graduate.

Additionally, you can get hired soon after the internship.

Northwestern Mutual is among Forbes’ list of top employers for fresh graduates.

What is a Northwestern Mutual Internship Like?

Unlike most other internships, interns at Northwestern Mutual don’t work on mundane, unwanted tasks.

Instead, the intern works alongside the department staff to learn and add valuable input.

Most internship programs at Northwestern Mutual last for about ten weeks.

During the internship, you’ll have a formal mentor to guide you through the day-to-day tasks.

You’ll also be required to attend development workshops and social events.

Is It Hard to Intern at Northwestern Mutual?

Interning at Northwestern Mutual can be quite hard, especially as a financial advisor.

It isn’t your typical internship.

You have to put in the hours, attend workshops, talk to clients, and achieve your sales quota.

Still, the culture at Northwestern Mutual is incredibly positive.

Most managers at the company value work-life balance.

So, while the internship might include more responsibilities than usual, you can adjust the workload according to your capabilities.

Interns at Northwestern Mutual are a part of the team.

They get to work on all projects within the team under the supervision of their manager.

As for financial representatives, they’ll get to generate leads, attend sales meetings, and obtain their own clients.

How Many Hours Do Northwestern Mutual Interns Work?

Interns at Northwestern Mutual usually work just as much as full-time employees, which is over 40 hours per week.

However, as a financial advisor, you might be required to put in more hours so you can achieve the sales target.

It’s important to know that Northwestern Mutual employs a hybrid work model.

So, the intern’s in-office hours are incredibly flexible. You can work from home or on the field.

Northwestern Mutual Internship Benefits

Interning at Northwestern Mutual has many benefits.

Not only will you get to intern at one of the most reputable companies, but you’ll also learn many skills, especially in the finance field.

As a financial advisor, you’ll obtain your license.

Then you’ll get to build your client database and obtain leads for future sales as well.

Are Northwestern Mutual Interns Paid?

Northwestern Mutual offers paid internships.

Though you shouldn’t expect a huge salary as the company mainly recruits students.

Still, interns at Northwestern Mutual get housing and travel support if they’re relocating.

All Northwestern Mutual interns get paid a weekly stipend.

This can be a few hundred dollars, depending on the internship.

However, what makes the financial advisor program stand out is that, as well as the stipend, the internship is commission-based.

Requirements for Getting an Internship at Northwestern Mutual

There are almost no requirements for internships at Northwestern Mutual.

The company recruits U.S. students who are graduating in a semester or less.

The intern should be able to relocate to Milwaukee, Franklin, or New York and be available for the 10-week program.

As for the financial advisor program, Northwestern Mutual strongly encourages applicants with all experience levels and all educational backgrounds.

Though, this makes the internship incredibly competitive.

The financial representative internship acceptance rate at Northwestern Mutual is almost 100% if you meet the requirements.

Suggested Areas of Study for Northwestern Mutual Interns

Northwestern Mutual recruits interns with various degrees.

However, you should note that Northwestern Mutual works first and foremost in financial planning and insurance services.

For this reason, you’ll get the most out of the internship you’re studying:

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Actuarial Science
  • Risk Management

Does Northwestern Mutual Care About GPA?

Since Northwestern Mutual hires undergraduates and fresh graduates, you don’t need to have any previous experience. However, your GPA matters greatly.

Usually, Northwestern Mutual interns should have a GPA of 3.00 or higher.

Alternatively, in case you’re applying for a financial advisor internship, your GPA wouldn’t matter as much if you demonstrate the appropriate skills.

Recommended Skills for Northwestern Mutual Interns

As an intern at Northwestern Mutual, you’ll need to have the basic skills that allow you to work in a corporate environment.

Moreover, you should make the most out of your internship by efficiently managing your time.

Simply put, you should have the following skills:

  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Public speaking
  • Time management
  • Ability to work within a team

Does Northwestern Mutual Background Check or Drug Test Their Interns?

Yes, when you apply for an internship at Northwestern Mutual, the hiring manager will likely run a background check.

This way, the company will ensure the information in your resume is correct, and that you don’t have any relevant criminal record.

Additionally, Northwestern Mutual doesn’t drug test interns before getting accepted or during their internship.

However, if you get a job offer from the internship, you might have to get drug tested.

How Likely Will an Internship at Northwestern Mutual Turn Into a Full-Time Job?

Interning at Northwestern Mutual could get you potentially hired.

Not only can you get a full-time offer at Northwestern Mutual, but the experience you gain can also get you job offers at other companies.

It’s incredibly likely that your internship turns into a full-time job, especially if you show promise as a financial representative.

You’ll acquire a client list that’ll make you valuable to Northwestern Mutual.

Alternatively, if you’re interning in a corporate or tech position, the connections and the impact you make will be one of the first candidates when there’s an open full-time position.

How Do I Get an Internship At Northwestern Mutual?

Getting an internship at Northwestern Mutual is quite simple.

The reason is that the company continuously offers new internships, especially during the summer.

These internships rarely require prior experience or skills.

Where to Find Northwestern Mutual Internship Opportunities

There are many different ways you can find Northwestern Mutual internship opportunities including:

  • Northwestern Mutual Career Portal: Usually, you’ll find summer internships at the Northwestern Mutual career portal.
  • Job Fairs: Most university job fairs will have hiring managers from Northwestern Mutual.
  • Social Media: Social Media websites such as LinkedIn and Indeed will also have internships.
  • Company Website: If you’re applying for an internship as a financial advisor, there are always openings at Northwestern Mutual. All you need to do is upload your resume to their website.

Interview for a Northwestern Mutual Internship

Once the hiring manager views your resume, you’ll likely be scheduled for a three-step interview process.

The first interview will be a virtual or a phone interview.

Then, you’ll have two face-to-face interviews with the hiring manager and the department head.

What Should I Wear to a Northwestern Mutual Internship Interview?

You should opt for formal wear at any interview, especially one at a big financial firm such as Northwestern Mutual.

For males, a formal suit and a solid tie would be great.

As for females, you should go for an appropriate suit or formal dress with heels, minimal accessories, and natural makeup.

How to Answer “Why Do You Want To Work at Northwestern Mutual?”

This is the most common question hiring managers at Northwestern Mutual ask.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t lie at interviews.

So, the best way to answer this question is to express your interest in finance, and your eagerness to learn.

You should also add a fact you liked about the company to show that you’ve done your research.

For example:

“I’ve always wanted to advance my career in finance, and I think an internship as a Financial advisor would be a great way to start.

Once I learned that Northwestern Mutual was Forbes’s top employer for fresh graduates, I realized that there’s no better place to intern than here.”

How Do I Prepare For a Northwestern Mutual Internship?

To successfully prepare for an internship at Northwestern Mutual, you should first thoroughly research the company.

You should also know the names of the CEO, the department head, and your future manager prior to the interview.

Additionally, doing some research on financial planning and risk management is a must.

Is Northwestern Mutual a Good Internship?

An internship at Northwestern Mutual can be quite beneficial if you’re planning on a career in finance or insurance.

There’s a reason why Northwestern Mutual’s internships are sought after.

It isn’t just a filler for your resume.

This internship is a great opportunity to learn and advance your career through development workshops, connections, and various formal mentors.

Moreover, this can be a way to earn money during your internship through sales commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some common questions you might have about Northwestern Mutual internships:

Does Northwestern Mutual hire international students?

Unfortunately, Northwestern Mutual only recruits students enrolled in an accredited U.S. university.

However, if you’re an international student studying at a U.S. university, you might have a chance at landing an internship at Northwestern Mutual.

Does Northwestern Mutual require a cover letter?

Northwestern Mutual doesn’t require a cover letter. Your resume is sufficient. However, adding a cover letter to your application might greatly improve your chances of being accepted.

Wrapping Up

A Northwestern Mutual internship might be the one thing you need to start your career in finance.

Furthermore, there are many summer internships at Northwestern Mutual in different disciplines, including tech and corporate internships.

Northwestern Mutual recruits students who are graduating in a semester or less.

Though Northwestern Mutual employs a hybrid workplace, the intern should also be willing to relocate near their head office.

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