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Nursing Resume Examples: 5 Best Samples & Why They Work

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Writer’s block doesn’t only come when crafting essays and papers but resumes as well. Trying to fit all your working experience on one page is a challenging feat.

Well, the nursing community agrees. Creating a nursing resume requires a lot of thought, especially when trying to stand out among hundreds of applicants with the same qualifications.

You can increase your chances of getting a callback by following a standard resume template. It’s all in the keywords and action verbs you use. Plus, creating a well-rounded structure that showcases all your skills is crucial.

You wouldn’t want to state you have communication skills without mentioning how you garnered that skill from your experience.

Nursing Resume Examples

In the nursing field, there are multiple positions to fill, from practitioners to students. Each role varies in the keywords you choose.

Each role also differs in project experiences. For instance, you’ll want to highlight your research topics presented as a nursing student. A registered nurse could mention programs they’ve led.

Nursing Resume Example

The nursing resume below presents a proper layout of what employers expect from a standard nurse. The registered role requires you to display ample clinical experience and educational background.

Nursing Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This is a general resume that any nurse can build on, especially ones that are entry-level or have minimal experience.

  • Type of Resume: Nursing Resume Example
  • Best For: Nurses with little to no experience, or with a non-experienced resume

Work Experience 1

Worked at Abbott Northwestern Hospital-Pediatrics

  • Educated patients’ parents regarding medical diagnosis and instructed them on appropriate care steps for treatment.
  • Provided bedside care for young patients afflicted with chronic diseases and injuries in the pediatrics unit.
  • Efficiently organized patient records and medical history. The records include current medications and symptoms to guarantee an accurate diagnosis.
  • Executed throat cultures, catheterizations, nasal swabs, and lab requirements successfully.
  • Cooperated with a multidisciplinary team to create and apply individualized care plans; in line with hospital standards and patient needs.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Children’s Minnesota Hospital at St.Paul-Pediatrics

  • Supported child patients in need of bathing, feeding, and other activities of daily living. I also emotionally supported vulnerable and disabled children who needed specialized care.
  • Followed safety protocols appointed by the hospital by conducting sterilization, cleaning, and disinfection procedures.
  • Effectively communicated with the registered nurse team; to care for young patients in a 40-bed pediatric unit.
  • Supervised essential medical documents and provided them promptly to the assigned doctor.
  • Assisted doctors during major surgical procedures, such as Hernia repairs and correctional spine abnormalities.

Project Experience

  • Conducted research on a nurse’s role in preventing infant and under-five child mortality.
  • I wrote a paper regarding nursing intervention on exclusive breastfeeding habits for pregnant women. The supervisor gave a positive response.


  • Empathetic
  • Organized
  • Posture assessment
  • Blood lab value interpretation
  • Can conduct PERRLA


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing-University of Minnesota, School of Nursing

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Certified Pediatric Nurse
  • NPR certified
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Registered Nurse: License #12345678

Why This Resume Works

The resume presents a clearcut list of your work experience and competencies. The format prioritizes your past roles.

It displays a proper resume layout of your education, licenses, and accreditation to build your credibility. The points in the work experience area align with the skills mentioned.

The resume also mentions your project experiences to draw from examples of your achievements. It presents the employer with your work ethic and research skills as well.

Plus, the research studies conducted during your education illustrate your analytical thinking.

CNA Nursing Resume Example

Certified nursing assistants primarily face registered nurses and patients in their line of work. Subsequently, your resume needs to show your efficient communication and flexibility.

CNA Nursing Resume Example

Why We Suggest this Resume

This resume does a great job of highlighting a CNA's experience and credibility. Use this as a starting point for highlighting your own experience.

  • Type of Resume: CNA Nursing Resume Example
  • Best For: CNAs who are looking to stand out from the crowd

Work Experience 1

Worked at Hawaii State Hospital-Nursing Assistant

  • Routinely worked the night shift and adapted to several duty placements. I have also assisted in 8 to 16-hour rotations.
  • Supported patients and provided them with flexible care regarding their hair, clothing, and personalized options.
  • Helped registered nurses in measuring and recording patients’ vital signs. I assisted with interpreting lab results and creating individualized treatment plans.
  • Guided patients to the communal dining area and monitored caloric intake. Made sure the food was nutritious and catered to their dietary requirements.
  • Kept track of bedridden patients by repositioning them periodically to avoid bedsores.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Queen Medical Center-Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Communicated with six nurses to track programs such as restorative care and emotional support provision.
  • Formulated spreadsheets to track supply shortages in level. Then, I informed the necessary department to restock when needed.
  • I managed essential medical documents for doctors. I used an efficient filing system to prevent mishaps.
  • I maintained strict sterilization procedures according to hospital standards. I prepared, wrapped, and organized the supplies on medical trays for specialists conducting surgeries.
  • I assisted during the onboarding process by training three new certified nurse assistant personnel.

Project Experience

  • I conducted a project during my learning experience regarding psychoactive substance use among youth.
  • In a team project, we turned in a paper discussing the attitude of nurse staff toward relapse prevention among psychiatric patients.


  • Adaptable
  • Cooperative
  • Vital sign recording
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) competency


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing awarded by the University of Hawaii

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Certified Nursing Assistant #12347659
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)

Why This Resume Works

The resume provides your potential employer with details of your experiences. It concisely presents your competency in the given accreditations. It also showcases your educational values from your project experiences sections.

The resume demonstrates teamwork as well. The work skills are supported since your adaptability shines through your taking night shifts. Speaking of which, the skills mention both hard and soft skills to sell your competence.

Keeping the skills list short adds more value to your resume. If your list is too long, the hiring manager may assume that you’re not excelling at all at once.

Aside from that, your certification is crucial to add to your resume to gain a chance at candidacy.

Nursing Student Resume Example

As a nursing student, your primary target is entry-level roles that provide enriching experiences.

Employment is exceptionally competitive since you’re up against multiple graduates for the same nursing position.

Nursing Student Resume Example

This resume example is an excellent choice for nursing students seeking entry-level jobs that provide enriching experiences.

  • Type of Resume: Nursing Student Resume Example
  • Best For: Nursing students looking for relevant field experience

Work Experience 1

Worked at AdventHealth Altamonte Springs-Student Nurse Technician

  • Safely moved patients to several treatment centers. I accounted for patient specifications when transferring them from their bed to wheelchairs. I also followed proper hand sterilization and identification protocol when handling the patients.
  • Skilled in placing catheters and intravenous lines for patient care. Before administration, I carefully reviewed the assigned physician’s requirements.
  • Tracked demographic information, such as weight, height, and other vital signs. I’ve performed this action on over 30 patients daily.
  • Assisted certified nurses with removing urinary catheters, collecting stool and urine samples, and emptying drainage tubes or receptacles.
  • Assessed patients’ physical well-being through observations, interviews, and additional examinations.

Work Experience 2

Worked at HCA Florida West Hospital-Patient Care Technician

  • Provided patient support for the daily living activity. I made sure to use easy-to-understand body language and quiet tones to assist the patient.
  • Oversaw cardiac, oncology, and diabetic patients. I supported the registered nurse during treatments, diet planning, and medical oversight of the patients.
  • Offered emotional care, supervision, and companionship to senior patients affected by Alzheimer’s.
  • Complied with safety sterilization protocols through disinfection procedures. I also maintained records of the sterilization procedures, items, equipment, and supplies for better tracking.
  • Knowledgeable with abscess drains, nasogastric tubes, rectal tubes, and JP drains. I monitored patients who required this procedure for symptoms of sepsis in the ongoing process and kept the medical team notified of any irregularities.

Project Experience

  • I collaborated on a research piece targeting infection control among midwives. The paper covered developing nations struggling with widespread Malaria infections.
  • Staying in theme with the previous project, I presented a final project regarding the practice of standard precaution among healthcare workers.


  • IV Administration
  • Collaboration
  • Restorative Care
  • Knowledgeable of medical terminology


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing-Utica University at Florida

Licenses & Accreditations

  • CPR
  • Licensed practical nurse #23456789
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)

Why This Resume Works

The resume offers diverse experience in the nursing field, such as providing emotional care and companionship.

Likewise, the document presents critical knowledge of sterilization procedures, which are paramount in today’s climate.

Your resume will also provide experience with patients, from cardiac to Alzehimer-affected individuals.

Besides that, the document has a bunch of target action verbs that’ll pop up in applicant tracking systems, like “Oversaw” and “HIPAA.”

The document also highlights your communicative nature when assisting registered nurses or patients.

Registered Nurse Resume Example

A registered nurse differs from other positions. This kind of nurse has completed their examinations and education phases.

In turn, you’ll have better chances of filling up your resume with value-added experiences to set you apart for candidacy.

Registered Nurse Resume Example

This is a great resume example for those who have completed their examinations and education phases. This resume is to highlight the details of your nursing practice.

  • Type of Resume: Registered Nurse Resume Example
  • Best For: Registered nurses with relevant field experience

Work Experience 1

Worked at Alliance Hospital-Registered Nurse

  • Serviced over 50 patients ranging from those affected by diabetes, chronic illnesses, and other diseases.
  • Trained up to 40 nurses on pre and post-test counseling for HIV patients. I led the program through intensive participation approaches.
  • Administered medication, IV treatments, and injections. I performed these procedures on over 20 patients daily.
  • Efficiently tracked patient medical statistics, EKG, and other indicators. Promptly after, I reported irregular findings to the necessary personnel team.
  • Maintained a satisfactory rating among 99% of patients who conducted post-care surveys.

Work Experience 2

Worked at Anson General Hospital-Registered Nurse

  • Encountered conflicted patients and advised them to seek support groups and community resources.
  • Instructed patients on post-op care to decrease the likelihood of symptoms resurfacing.
  • Provided emotional support to sensitive patients unsure about treatment. In turn. patient “dropout” significantly decreased by over 15%.
  • Used recovery-intensive techniques to reduce the hospital stay timeframe by 10%. I ensured a seamless process with few delays.
  • Collaborated with HIV programs developed to decrease the spread of the illness.

Project Experience

  • I participated in an interprofessional collaborative program aimed at breast cancer patients.
  • I partook in the “Power of Nursing” workshop during my education years. It instilled the core values of the role and allowed me to build more passion for my vocation.


  • Preventative care
  • Lab reading competence
  • Communicative
  • Problem-Solving
  • Medical record organization


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing-Schreiner University
  • Masters in Nursing-University of Mary Hardin Baylor

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Registered Nurse License #12345679
  • CPR
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)

Why This Resume Works

The resume offers detailed insights into your nursing practice. It gives numbered statistical analyses which substantiate your position.

On top of that, your project experiences pose a unique outlook on how passionate you are about the nurse job.

The document also targets specific patient care, such as HIV patients who need community support. The experience also prioritizes patient outcomes by including survey numbers.

Additionally, your work experience directly aligns with the skills presented. For instance, your action of reducing in-patient timeframes correlates to your problem-solving attribute.

Nurse Practitioner Resume Example

As one of the highest positions on the nursing ladder, finding a job as a  nurse practitioner requires a solid work background.

How you present it can make all the difference to your chances of employment.

Nurse Practitioner Resume Example

In this resume example, the most senior positions in nursing are represented with a detailed work history.

  • Type of Resume: Nurse Practitioner Resume Example
  • Best For: Experienced nurses who have a solid work background

Work Experience 1

Worked at Cache Valley Hospital-Family Nurse Practitioner

  • Regularly gave counseling sessions to over 35 patients each month. The sessions encompassed nutrition requirements, prevention methods, exercise routines, and health risks.
  • Tended to patients experiencing hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia. I provided medication available in urgent care departments.
  • Oversaw diagnostic tests, electrocardiograms, and MRIs to indicate the nature of the illness in the patient.
  • Administered joint injections and pharmacological, non-pharmacological, and orthotics interventions.
  • Transferred patients to appropriate medical specialists when needed. In addition, I cooperated with case managers, psychologists, and social workers to provide the patient with well-rounded care.

Work Experience 2

Worked at American Fork Hospital-Nurse Practitioner

  • Probed an average of 15 patients daily. Each examination involved checking medical history and making preliminary diagnoses.
  • Assisted medical specialists by preparing equipment promptly when required.
  • Meticulously recorded patient records and treatment administrations.
  • Advised patients to refer to rehabilitation centers by providing them necessary contact information.
  • Provided emotional care and companionship to vulnerable patients who may reject critical treatments.

Project Experience

  • I volunteered in a program overseen by Doctors Without Borders that lasted over a year. During that time, I assisted in surgery operations overseas.
  • I applied as a Health Care Volunteer to conduct HIV and AIDS education in the African region. The program allowed me to visit schools every month. Each lesson involved leading a discussion on disease awareness.


  • Telemetry care
  • Listening
  • Antibiotic administration
  • Chemotherapy assistance
  • Seizure monitoring


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing-Platt College
  • Masters of Nursing-University of Utah

Licenses & Accreditations

  • Registered Nurse Practitioner License #12334788
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)
  • CPR
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Why This Resume Works

The resume provides a fruitful account of your work experiences by mentioning numbers and stats. Your project experiences, which include volunteer work, evoke a sense of initiative and passion.

Aside from that, the document goes in depth regarding your patient care tactics and approaches. It also dives into your experiences with drug administration. The resume mentions your work habits, which evoke a strong work ethic.

The skills listed present an ideal balance between hard and soft skills and give you better value.

Common Skills & Action Verbs to Include On a Nursing Resume

Employers aren’t the only ones checking your resume. They use an applicant tracking system to target action verbs and common skills. The resume systems pinpoint keywords that stand out most to your hiring manager.

Common Skills for Nursing Resumes

  • Urgent and emergency care
  • Patient safety
  • Preventative care
  • Restorative care
  • Monitoring vital signs
  • CPR knowledge
  • Prescribing medication
  • Administering intravenous medications
  • Interpreting diagnostic tests
  • IV administration
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Confidentiality and privacy
  • Collaboration
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Critical thinking
  • Physical stamina
  • Detail-oriented
  • Adaptability

Common Action Verbs for Nursing Resumes

  • Assisted
  • Communicated
  • Analyzed
  • Developed
  • Created
  • Maintained
  • Operated
  • Instructed
  • Counseled
  • Increased
  • Served
  • Aided
  • Oversaw
  • Managed
  • Organized
  • Led
  • Collaborated
  • Participated
  • Negotiated
  • Improved

Tips for Writing a Better Nursing Resume

While you can use a resume writing service nowadays to ease the process, it could be short on authenticity to give you a step ahead. The resume tips can help you deliver an individualized and winning document.

Give Details

When writing your resume, you’ll want to avoid being too vague about your experiences. Rather than mention you provided patient care, specify what kind of patients you encountered. Were they diabetic or affected by a chronic illness?

Hiring managers will be more impressed if you include numbers in your resume. A nurse resume can mention various statistical outputs such as the number of patients tended to per day or month. You can add the number of nurses you collaborated with or trained during your experience too.

It’ll come off as a professional resume. In addition to numbers, you need to highlight your certifications and accreditations. They should be in line with the job posting provided.

Include Keywords

You need to add keywords, whether it’s in your technical skills or professional experience.  Hiring managers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in nursing employment due to the abundance of resumes submitted.

The system picks out keywords that the employer has their eyes on. More often than not, you can locate these keywords in the job description. You can optimize your resume by including the action verbs in your work experience section or common skills.

Keep it Concise

Long-winded resumes meticulously describing every work detail may negatively affect your chances of being hired. Employers spend an average of seven seconds looking at your resume. For this reason, you want to be as concise as possible.

You should keep your experiences in bullet points. One page should be sufficient unless you’re a registered nurse with over ten years of experience.

Don’t Forget to Add Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is a strong indicator of a desire to enhance community well-being. You can highlight your values toward healthcare in this section.

It lets employers know that you’re not only money-motivated but driven by your career’s purpose. Additionally, volunteer work displays an undisputed work ethic, which earns you more points in candidacy.

Volunteer work isn’t a necessity to get accepted. The main focus of your resume is to be yourself and display individualized qualities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from resume samples and tips, here are some helpful, frequently asked questions.

Do Nurses Need a CV or a Resume?

Nurses applying for entry-level positions should stick to submitting resumes. They provide a brief account of your experience in a page or two.

CVs are more associated with senior and academic roles since they detail your career pathway. It’ll give you more opportunities to list your long list of qualifications for the competitive position.

What is the Strongest Skill a Nurse Can Have?

Communication skills are one of the most critical characteristics nurses need to have.

A nursing career necessitates communicating with patients regarding their pre and post-treatment recommendations and medications. Plus, nurses need to follow directions enlisted by the medical specialist.

Similar Resume Types to Reference

Nurses have similar job descriptions to other medical personnel, like medical and dental assistants. Here’s a brief run-down of how each role looks.

Wrapping Up

Creating a nursing resume doesn’t need to be complicated. You can craft an attractive proposition by focusing on your main experiences drawn from the job description.

Focus on optimizing the document and keeping the resume succinct to the crucial details. That way, your hiring manager will appreciate your resume’s readability.

Don’t forget to add statistical value to your paper as well. It’ll showcase your detail-oriented personality and earn you more points on the callback ladder.

Apart from that, let us know what you think about nursing resumes in the comments below.

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