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Offer Acceptance Email: Definition, Guide, and Samples

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You go about your regular day and check your email, only to be met with a pleasant surprise.

You received a job offer for a role you’ve been anticipating for a long time.

With all your hard-to-contain excitement, it may be challenging to organize the right words when writing the offer acceptance email.

In this situation, people may nervously think, “What should I say? I want to make a positive first impression of my employment.”

Fortunately, simplicity wins the game.

Writing an offer acceptance email involves splitting the passage into a thank you, formal acceptance, and inquiries if you have any.

What is an Offer Acceptance Email?

An offer acceptance email is an official response for accepting employment.

Both parties agree to a specified salary, start dates, and working hours.

Candidates respond to a job offer letter when crafting their offer acceptance email.

The offer letter provides employees with a glimpse of the employment contract.

As a successful candidate, you’ll receive the offer letter and reply with the acceptance email.

Upon sending the offer acceptance email, you’ll likely receive the employment contract and, if needed, a non-solicitation agreement.

What Do You Say in an Email Acceptance Offer?

Before writing the email acceptance offer, you’ll want to read the job offer letter in detail.

Ensure your awareness of all the stipulations, especially your salary and working hours.

Take your time to browse through the company’s website and information. You’ll also want to double-check that the start date doesn’t clash with your last company’s end date.

1. Start By Thanking Them

As with most acceptance emails, you’ll want to start by thanking the employer. Extending your gratitude displays professionalism and respect.

Not only do you have to thank the hiring manager, but any person involved in your employment process.

If you have a friend that used their referral bonus to introduce you to the company, thank them as well.

That said, you can thank them for taking the time to interview you and providing you with an opportunity to work for their company.

2. Express Your Excitement to Get Started

As you express your gratitude, you’ll also want to add an enthusiastic tone to your email.

The employer should feel your excitement to work for their company. It offers a positive impression of you and displays your ambition toward the career.

You can do so by stating, “I am delighted to accept the offer,” or “I look forward to starting my employment at Company A.”

3. Formally Accept

The formal acceptance of the role is the most critical part of the email. Clarifying to your employer that you’re accepting the job role is necessary.

For this reason, we suggest including this part in the first paragraph of the email.

When accepting the offer, you can list out the details. For instance, you can mention that you agree to the offer’s benefits, salary, compensation, and start date. It can look like this,

“I would like to formally accept the offer, including its benefits packages and salary amount. I am looking forward to the role’s start date.”

4. Mention Your Starting Date

The offer letter may not mention the start date since you didn’t verbally confirm it with your employer. In this case, the email will likely ask you to clarify a formal start date.

After accepting the offer, you can add your preferred start date.

You can say something like:

“I would like to confirm that my starting date would be (date). Please contact me if you require any information or documents before this date.”

5. Ask Any Last Questions

Now that you’ve reviewed the offer letter, you can mention any last questions at the end of the email. You can contact your employer separately if you notice any issues with the letter.

There might be discrepancies with the benefits, salary, or start date. Either way, schedule a call to mitigate these queries before signing the offer.

How Do You Send an Offer Acceptance Email?

After discussing how to accept a job offer, it’s time to understand how to send it.

It should include an appropriate subject line, gratitude, enthusiasm, and confirmation of the details listed.

Afterward, send it to the relevant party.

They could be the hiring manager or head of the department. You can send a direct reply email to the offer letter.

How to Write an Informal Job Acceptance Email

An informal job acceptance email response depends on the unofficial job offer. The latter may come verbally after an interview or via email.

The email may only mention your acceptance. It may refrain from discussing the salary and benefits package details.

In this scenario, you’ll talk about your positive experience during the hiring process. Next, tell the employer that you require more information regarding the role.

You can accept the offer if the offer email discloses the details needed.

Respond to the email by stating your interest in taking the upcoming steps while expressing your gratitude and enthusiasm.

How to Write an Offer Acceptance Email With Joining Date

The joining date is also known as the start date. You might not have discussed the start date with your employer before the offer letter’s issuance.

We recommend mentioning it in your offer acceptance email. You can add this information after formally accepting the offer.

Then, you can write,

“My start date is (date). I would like to confirm that the probationary period extends to three months.”

Confirming the probation details will keep you on the same page with your employer.

You can also convey your enthusiasm further by expressing your interest in meeting the team before the joining date for a proper introduction.

Offer Letter Acceptance Email Reply Sample

Rather than writing the acceptance email from scratch, you can use one of our samples below to get started.

Samples can range from ones with a joining date, detailed options, and simple responses.

Sample #1

Subject Line: Acceptance of Job Offer

Dear Mr./Mrs. (Hiring Manager),

I would like to thank you for extending an opportunity to work for (Company Name). I am delighted to accept the offer as (Job Title) for (Company Name).

As mentioned in the job offer letter, I will be present to work at (start date). I look forward to this day and engaging with the team. Please contact me if you require any needed information or documentation.

Once again, thank you for this exceptional offer.

Kind Regards,

(Your Signature)

(Your Name)

Sample #2

Subject Line: Acceptance of Job Offer

Dear Mr./Mrs. (Hiring Manager),

Thank you for offering me the role of (Role Title) at (Company Name). I am pleased to accept the offer and would like to proceed with the employment process.

I have wanted to work for your corporation for a long time, thanks to its esteemed presence in the market and reputable work culture.

I wish to confirm the offer’s salary amount is (Salary Amount). As understood from the letter, the amount will increase after quarterly appraisals.

I would also like to confirm that my start date is (Start Date). If possible, I would love to schedule a meet-up with the team before this date.

I appreciate the time you have taken to review my employment.

Kind Regards,

(Your Signature)

(Your Name)

Sample #3

Subject Line: Acceptance of Job Offer

Dear Mr./Mrs. (Hiring Manager),

I am responding to your offer letter email dated (offer letter send date) with the reference number (offer letter reference number). Thank you for providing me the chance to work for your esteemed corporation. I would like to formally accept the offer for the (Role Title) position at (Company Name).

In full accordance with our last interview, I am accepting the offered salary of (Salary Amount) and compensation package. I will report to work on the agreed-upon date (Joining Date). I am thrilled with this opportunity and look forward to meeting the team.

Thank you for your time and trust.

Kind Regards,

(Your Signature)

(Your Name)

Sample #4

Subject Line: Acceptance of Job Offer

Dear Mr./Mrs. (Hiring Manager),

Thank you for your offer to work as the (Role Title) at (Company Name). I would like to formally accept the job offer along with the specified terms of employment.

I look forward to reporting to work on (start date). Please contact me if there is any required documentation.

I hope to offer your company exceeding value with my skillset and experience in the industry.

Kind Regards,

(Your Signature)

(Your Name)

Wrapping Up

After the initial exhilaration of getting a job offer, it’s time to buckle down and write a respectful offer acceptance email. These emails need to incorporate enthusiasm, gratitude, and clarity.

You can add confirmations to the offer’s benefits, salary, and start date. Plus, don’t hesitate to ask any last questions.

Speaking of which, let us know if you have questions about writing an offer acceptance email.

Creating a winning response, including the essential components, will put you one step ahead at building a well-respected and credible reputation.

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